hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel I'll be you guys so today we are going to be doing a little at-home Olympics I'm out Dom Weybridge I've been training my whole life for this moment so we're going to be competing in a few different events such as gymnastics diving track-and-field lots of things like that and after each event the winner is going to be given at points and at the end of all this we are going to see who wins the Olympics comes out on top be sure to give this video a big thumbs up if you're excited to see this video and yeah let's get this video started you're excited to see me win the swimming portion of our little at-home Olympic let's do some diving okay I'm ready ready okay here are your two contestants get all warmed up rinse all ready to go Ben you're gonna go in in your sweat pants Ben is not messing around okay so I have my or board here and the boys are ready to show me their diamond is up I don't know what that one we're enough I'm gonna give this one in it oh okay alright next diver is Brent and he is all ready to go yeah this goggles on 3:06 all right so it's so far Ben has one point brian has a zero a nice portion of this swimming event is like oh you guys are going to have to swim from that end to that end back to that end and whoever gets back there first wins okay okay so Ben has two points Brent you don't have any but it's playtime to catch up in some more events so okay so the swimming portion is complete and Ben one there are two more events left so let's see if you keep your title he's not okay you guys so before I continue with the video I wanted to quickly talk about something and so I don't know if you guys already saw this but earlier today at Brent cut my headphones while I was working out and gave me these ray con earbuds instead so I decided to partner with them after trying to not because I realized how comfortable they were the sound is amazing and it's all for a great price another cool thing is that they are co-founded by Ray J to make innovative earbuds that don't break the bank so the earbuds that Frank gave me after cutting my old ones don't tell him I said this from I should really happy he did they are the everyday e 25 and they have up to six hours of play time which means that you can listen to music for up to six hours in addition to this the bluetooth pairing is super easy they have more bass and they have a ton of color options and that they come in this little case that charges each earbud four times on one charge ray Connor your bed store and about half the price of other premium wireless earbuds and they found it just as amazing as these other top audio brands so make sure to go to buy ray con-com - Alexa Rivera to get 15% off your order make sure to check out the link below and let's get back to the video whoa all right so next up if you can't tell abide their outfit it is the track and field event the first thing that you guys are going to be doing in this track and field event is running what mile and whoever can run at the fastest at the point you guys like so stupid hey so earlier today I measured out a course that is approximately one mile so you guys are just gonna as far as we go are you ready yeah and three two one go go go ten miles an hour that's pretty fast this is gonna make your time alright Brenda he's gonna sprint the last time oh my gosh next contestant is Ben are you ready back in three two hey can I get your number [Laughter] [Applause] oh no please don't all right Ben is picking up the pace because he's almost at the finish line all right are you guys ready to see your time okay okay so Brent you're up first and your time is seven minutes and 47 seconds yeah pretty good for one mile pretty good now it is time for Ben's time 7 minutes and 54 seconds that one was really really close but brent does win a tea mile Portia now it is time to move on to long jump we have some tape and we're gonna put on the ground and whoever can jump the furthest gets another point all right then you ready on your mark get set go go go whoa okay stay there nice nice work Ben all right on your mark get set go go go okay he was about right here all right so here is a print mark and then there's Ben Wow Brent won this whole track and field portion back okay so there were two round for that track and field events and Brent won both of them so Ben won the swimming event and branches won the track and field event so it is time for the final event which is gymnastics so since you guys are tied right now this last event is the tiebreaker essentially we're not like at a gymnastics gym we're in the garage so there's only so much gymnastic that we can do so with that said we were going to be doing a few challenges that are gymnastics related such as ham stands splits back man that kind of stuff stop that we can't do right yeah okay so the first challenge is the split you guys are going to be doing the right split I'm sorry here so it's time for the right split let's see who can use all they're both really bad yeah so bent bends front leg is then so we're gonna give this one to Brent so now it's time to go to the middle splits I don't like this brands at it okay so Ben has this one okay now it's time for the left foot in front oh wow bad now that one's almost pretty good Oh so Ben's front leg until Ben prints from these pretty straight okay I'm gonna get that one the brain okay so that means that Brent one the split portion of the gymnastics rounds okay so the next part for the gymnastics round is a handstand but lucky for you guys we're gonna be doing a handstand against the wall but we're gonna be seeing who can stay in the hands down at the longest yeah yeah you guys ready yeah alright then is the winner of take a second and then we'll move on okay so it is time for the final part of the gymnastics event so we're gonna see who can do the best front aerial yay what is that actually let's just do you can do the best cartwheel okay okay so just a little recap II for this a final challenge so then one the swimming portion and then Brent one the track and field and then friends one the stretching portion and then vana one the handstand so it is literally up to who can do the best cartwheel a lot of graduating except is Brent I'm really impressed 9 yep ok sure it's off now for this week's video I really hope that you guys can enjoyed it congratulations then you are the winner of the 2020 and home Olympics good job to bright as well yeah ranked on second place but it's also because no one else was competing yeah I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did be sure to give it a big thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel if you haven't already I've only been at Brent's channels down below as you can subscribe to them as well and yeah thank you guys so much for watching you know we'll see you guys [Music]