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Noelle? where did you get that? You said make yourself at home... what's going on everybody jesse james west here hope you guys having a fantastic day in today's video we're going to be going up hold on one sec um okay boys hey yo you're in l.a yeah i just got here yesterday okay when are we meeting up tomorrow okay all right i'm gonna i'm gonna go tell the boys i'm gonna clean the house i'm gonna get ready um okay i'll uh i'm excited i'll see you soon bye boys boys big news big news whoa... okay uh... Noelle's coming over you know tinder girl okay oh yeah yeah tomorrow she's gonna be here first no she flew she flew in from new jersey all right i've had enough of this all right boys looks like we got one hell of a day ahead of us tomorrow morning so i'll catch you then i'm gonna try to go to sleep we'll see how it goes probably just gonna sit here and stare at the ceiling but no big deal make sure you guys subscribe and hit that like button if you're new to the channel i truly appreciate it see you tomorrow and this my friends is how you start your day when you have a date later french toast baby good morning everybody it is a beautiful sunrise kinda anyways we have a great day ahead of us we got two workouts maybe a third if we're lucky if you know what i'm saying extra cardio and a walk later i don't know what you're saying to yourself come on now we're meeting up with a beautiful girl named noel aka tinder girl aka 50 shades of fitness aka you guys love her more than me so let's get the day rolling we got a lift to hit a beach to beach and a girl to say what's up to let's go what was that i don't know all right everybody today's dopamine and caffeine is falling in reverse and some good old coffee from mickey d's alright everybody we just got to the gym and the first thing we're going to do is get a stupid calf pump because we cannot be seen with our itty bitty calves especially before the single moms get here if you need a workout plan jessejameswest.com is the place to go link down below let's get it hey what are you doing down there don't show them i'm not paying you for that my bad i can hear the that's some good music three two one cooking the bars turn a lab into a living kitchen [ __ ] grimace when i water with it subtle flex into the candy image come from pushing in the ash type with no license gas loaded windows 10 is still cut to see me with the zoom all your little vision all right we are not the same we got different lizards don't snap it like something i got it out of the mud but i'ma go all the way up you already know the rules tarps off for the boys so so to the ones around you all right ladies and gentlemen we've achieved aesthetic physique that's a wrap on today's workout i hope you enjoyed that edit if you did enjoy the edit hit the subscribe button hit the like button i'd appreciate it because it helps me insecurity for my cats that's for another day let's go meet up with noel get this day rolling because i know you guys love her so much i just want to quickly say thank you guys for all the support lately we just hit 150 000 subscribers today i don't know what to say but thank you it means the world to me you guys seriously have changed my life i'm in california living the dream and it's all because of you guys so give yourself a freaking subscribe button pat yourself in the back each and every one of you means something to me thank you hey you know i'm on my way i just i'm leaving the gym right now what you're in new jersey you hate french toast guys i have no one on the phone let's go hello hello i am point three exactly from your place okay how many minutes is that like two about so okay i work out now okay cool i'll see you soon okay bye yeah we're actually 15 minutes out oh hey hello hello i can't believe you came all the way to los angeles simply to be in one of my videos that's it that's right that's exactly why that's why i'm not being paid i'm really excited for this video how is la amazing i love it what are you doing out here doing some modeling stuff what are you right now like 17k yeah what's your instagram noelle leyva follow the girl it's on the screen okay i messed it up once i'll never mess it up again i promise you that are you down to go get some coffee or something first hell yeah let's get caffeinated get cracked out let's do it yeah there's a female within five feet of me yeah all right ladies and gentlemen time to get cracked out are you ready for some coffee do you mean like liquid dopamine liquid don't mean this girl knows she's passed every single test i don't know what to tell you guys and i don't know what test do you know what the test is no clearly there's two different types of people you got the dark and you got the light and sweet yeah i guess you could compare that to me right exactly cheers mate actually cheers mate oh yeah going to venice you ever been there no it's her first time my friends and mine always my first time well that was quick sorry noelle it's okay what you guys don't get changed in parking lots come on now it's a little weird noelle you ready we're doing baywatch style so let's get this workout we're doing a workout on the beach all right give me some skin you got to get ready tick tock it out we're in california you got to do that all right you already know the words what is it tarps off for the boys not the girls get out of here no stay ladies and gentlemen we are going to be doing a beach bod couple's partner workout are we dating no okay what am i not allowed to have friends that are the other sex no we have full body blast because we like to full body blast it i'm ready okay can the warm-up just be like slow-mo running indeed it can just wanna take me all right now that we're all warmed up and all sandy cheeked out thanks for humiliating me you're welcome we're now going to work on some legs let's do some squat jumps to lunges do you set let's go you're going to lunge one two and then you're gonna go to a squat then you're gonna alternate the other way and squat remember the deeper the better take a break it's brutal it actually is really hard in the sand ah that burns dude how you feeling weak it's brutal it is you can do some push-ups right yeah okay we're gonna do partner slap hands push-ups you can go on your knees if you want to i'm gonna go regular push-ups i'll try to do regular push-up slap push-up flap all right ready yeah yeah get the hair flip yeah feel the pecks burn she's dying let's go keep going all right noel time to get dirty yeah grind it out quick pump check noel rate my pump one out of ten ten ten there was no hesitation there dude she's freaking shredded let's see the abs okay these are bruised and a little dirty what can i say i don't know if you can see it but the man and the kilt and the shovels shout out to you bro he just said we look amazing thanks man let's go hair is up that means you know it's go time what are we doing next jumping squats you need to work on your booty all right she's coming at me shot's fired let's do it on your call she's keeping her distance i see that i take a step she takes a step and go down up oh [ __ ] oh she's down she's down for sure literally just stay down go down and then just stay down down up flexible we have booties we all have booties actually but we have better booties i need a rating how thick like a seven a seven we know you know what sevens are always good they have good personalities it's like right there yeah so close so what do you think about jesse's performance right now i'm gonna be honest his stamina it's really lacking but he's really working at it so i'll give him that oh hey hey what are you saying nothing i swear it's nothing i'm doing great amazing as good as my french toast yep keep going okay thank you all right guys next exercise is gonna be partner sit-ups okay if this was a real couple they'd kiss at the top don't even try knees on the feet hand down okay and sit up and you better look me in the eyes there you go he's getting almost in my eyes i don't know how i feel about commitment yet yes come on nice okay and one kiss on the cheek for the people back home i was joking all right no hell you just crossed boundaries did i just make that noise ah hey hey nothing to see here folks get some sand off a nice lady here it's everywhere noel you set yourself up for these things mid workout checking your boys beyond dehydrated two coffees only one cup of water today it is past noon noelle how you feeling you getting a good pomparoonski amazing she's definitely not paying her to say this if you are enjoying today's video hit that subscribe button follow both of us on instagram jessejameswest.com for training programs yes stormy nose yeah noel you're you're doing great right there yup uh-huh this is this is amazing i'm mesmerized next exercise baby get on my shoulders i'm just gonna crush you that's not happening no i'll get to skip on that one last exercise is going to be partner curls what am i conor murphy we're now gonna go cool off and take a quick shower in the ocean we're finally going in even try let's go we're gonna chill for a bit enjoy the sun soak it in we deserve it yeah let's go okay we have finally sat down our stomachs are eating themselves how you feeling after that workout great when you're on a date with someone not saying this is a date not saying that what are some essentials for a guy to do to win you over definitely pull out the seat for me okay yeah next time you want to clean it or does it does or can we just like no you can totally just feed okay we can feast let's go um and then what is your ideal type of food that you want to be taken out to jessie chose a great one boys we did it all right i'll show you what i got and i'll show you what noelle got i'm ready to eat follows actually me yeah how are you real her son follows me that's amazing maria maria maria my girl oh she knows what she's doing do you see that everyone see that oh my gosh noel what'd you get i got a chicken caesar salad meat in the mouth amazing right go i need some meat in the mouth taste test oh wings little wing action oh my god unreal oh that bad boy is looking good let's dig in boys and girls it's time to sit back relax and enjoy wonderful different tasting meats in our mouths i can't get enough of it that's it what a what a gal last bite best bite the woman knows how's your day going with uh jessie it's going good we did a little workout on the beach then we relaxed now we just got food and yeah it's going good this is my room you actually can act like you've never been in it before because you haven't oh my god i am so burnt i'm orange we are about to go out in town yes i took my shirt off and i look like larry the lobster ignore that noelle i need you to pick out my outfit by legend london and they can use code jesse at checkout for 10 off and to support your boy that's the outfit boom and boom all right guys alpha check looking good yeah what why is there a sports bra on the ground uh it's actually it's mine yeah yeah no like dead serious ladies and gentlemen that is gonna be a full wrap on today's video when in doubt rap it out i will catch you guys in the next one make sure you guys hit the like button and subscribe if you're not already follow my girl noelle you already know what she's doing she actually came all the way out to la just to see me and that's definitely why she came here yeah i thought he was here i was like i have to go yeah she actually just like showed up at my house and i was like what the hell are you doing so i figured i had to do a video in return turn on your post notifications if you guys are cool like noel and i'll catch y'all in the next one don't forget to stay relentless you