WESTERN Man in the Saddle 1951

[Music] [Applause] [Music] I hear him [Music] morning beguine [Music] then looking to find you Billy I know I've been seeing your dust for three days I figured it better to let you catch up and have it out and over the others way all these Oh ain't it on ahead I don't might be alone after I buried you get on y'all hopefully we're going back now you know I can't do that anything you can look for Jeanne Pallister ride south with you there's a man see me hang you left a dead man in the street and Santa Cruz you fair fight he was killed from behind like the others I don't know how much they're paying you to bring me in but it ain't enough not near enough alright aren't you free let's go [Music] I guess I gotta make me a liar note it my boys didn't go ahead they're scattered all the rocks oh wait for you to get out of here [Music] the gate I got no quarrel with you I've used to get on your horse and ride out of here I'd forget all about this whole thing [Music] what's one more bounty don't man like you money got blood on it today we going on back you don't understand I give the word your dignity baby but before I hit the ground I'll blow you have into [Music] yeah blushing Am I call them off Billy [Music] hold your fire boy didn't go work I knew I should have done on my way in the back like Charlie Charlie you'll find my brother friend you tell me what's happening then I'm been brigades they can meet a sailor crew you hear me Charlie where you tell me man he'll know what to do now get good [Music] better put him on tied up on [Music] you know my brother Frank do you heard of him yeah then I guess you know you ain't go get me the Santa Cruz [Music] nobody out and about you know his boat Frank boy circle the high around and you're just sitting down there waiting do you let's go see [Music] anybody home I'd hold it right yeah Oh God bitter head while our Big Bend brigade hello boom fancy running into you and all this empty I saw it come up over that rise might make out and can't be too careful in this part of the country yo I'm Way from home so hard you I can go back you must be Billy John so heard a lot about you think near as small as I thought you'd be you're figuring out stayin up tonight I just water and going to Santa Cruz I say I was going to Santa Cruz not outwards I came through that while to go back talk had at the village on here killed a man telling not in the Rope said it was murder station man they're crazy you ain't here and some of his animals loose headed up on that flat went out this morning to gather and pull these bound come through but they beat him to it who's they breeds mescal arrows Sunday School teachers for all I know anyway you went looking to find them left you here attend the station exactly where I want my bring out here never mind now you all get your horses and right out out of here now look lady just do like I say now lady that's no way to act well me and wit has been doing you a service what with your man away okay talk to at Eloise you're the Harmer well yeah boo man needs a reason to ride this country you got a reason don't matter I want you gone all of you man we can't do that just a fried off no telling when you man to find him horses and get back sides woman ain't safe out here alone she won't be alone no no westbound's coming [Music] hurry wit catch up them animals in the corral at least we can make up the team change with the lady before we go I don't need your help no ma'am you don't the folks on the coach do like his nothing had a meal hottest square since they left Santa Cruz how are you I'd look the feeder [Music] I know what you think you're thinking of me and width been sitting here waiting for that coach till then waiting to take off the Fargo box something awful like that are you wrong family [Music] [Music] don't come out here nothing I wanted to see I'll call you got to do a thing like this murder aid that other one of the horses butcher soon that dust boil figure they draw from the side of the station looks that way that was enough dad has called the South before dark what are we gonna do only thing we can bury the dead and wait wait catch us in the open come night we wouldn't have a chance before the station till morning what about Billy what about well them sitting up there between you and Santa Cruz kind of makes the hill higher to climbed on it bigger swing north take Billy to Bisbee ropes are rope he's going to Santa Cruz no matter what no matter what [Music] yes me they Christians companies folks thought three normal know if you hope you set up these whole thing and I of them now yeah weird yeah I shouldn't figured like this boy take it out there or signs well we got a treaty with the Mescalero Sayle there's words on paper with yeah we've been getting along I know a man once got along with his wife one day she up him head shot him dead why got mad let's go arrow I'm mad we ain't done nothin to him your wife that's good enough come on Sam brigade yeah you figure he knows why we're here not yet well I guess there ain't no way him fought it out is there only one I'm gonna tell him Dillon tonight but Sam even weird if I were you I'd hold on with that shovel cause likely is not we're gonna be needing it again soon [Music] [Music] I make it three for coffee thank you my husband should have been back by now said he keep after his father's drive fuck if you hadn't picked up the animals by their knee double on bag that would have put him here for Doug he likely got cut off he wouldn't leave me here alone not if he had a choice meaning you think something's happened to him I didn't say that there's any number of reasons for his not getting back even if he found the horses he'd have to lose heard them clear here by himself could take him after night maybe longer he never should have gone well you'd have him loses animals and not go after them I'm talking about animals talking about you mean he left you alone I can take care of myself if you were mine you wouldn't have to me be meaning I never brought you in the first place nowhere for a woman running a swing station is my husband's job mr. brigade he should find a better one like bounty hunting for instance you cook good coffee mr. big you gotta get some sleep mrs. Lane will be leaving first thing come morning Lee three days will put us in Santa Cruz but I if the Ozma's not back we'll swing to a drive fault pick him up on the way good night mrs. Lane [Music] best cooking I had in a long time mad a handsome woman mrs. Lane don't look like they're gonna try it's desert Brigade yeah you were saying man needs a reason to ride this country remember well you were right I don't suppose you heard about the poster they got out on Billy John poster contact an air of a tree and stomp between here and Rio Bravo claims the territorial grant amnesty to anybody that brings Billy in you know you won't believe this but me and wid when they're a week before we found out what that word amnesty meant fella selling Bibles over in Santa Cruz told us it means the laws willing to drop any and all charges it's got against a man all he's got to do is turn the key on Billy no no that ain't the reason you rode him down but well that's why me and whit's gonna sort of tag along with you see we figure that when Billy's brother Frank hears that you were riding him and to hang he's gonna come kill him but if anybody can get Billy's safe to Santa Cruz it's you if I do then there's only one man standing between me and starting life clean over boom make doubly sure where it keeps that Winchester on village on we wouldn't want to lose him would we we sure wouldn't hey take those animals belong chores down but where we slice our way to the next swing stop time comes you can pick them up there cut out that black for you to ride sooner you get on it so we'll get clear here don't look like you miss laying in long too good we'll stay to the stage road to dry for dry fort swing south from there that's the long way in it got to pick up the station man know what's left of him was right then allow that fella be back by now we go into drive for now right away we'd look what do they want they'll get around to it [Music] most at all [Music] stay here [Music] [Music] none of us wants to make it trade for what you said have been seeing you here he wants to take it for his squaw so what do we do now play along with him play along with we don't we have to stir up every fuck in the country come on just do like I tell you for game can't abide to see a woman's hair hanging from a Mescalero war Lance I sure hope you know what you're doing the offer is trade I'll turn it down any luck they'll ride off lay out in the Hills try to figure somewhere else to get you away from us I see no matter what happened just don't break down and follow them you do they'll take it wrong Seamus I don't scare easy mister be gay [Music] that tears it [Music] like you one they'll be back that is if they want to bad enough I thought you didn't scare mrs. weed that was my husband's whores [Music] feel bad about the woman she would taking it hard I tried to tell it wasn't for certain sure a man was dead she wouldn't listen nobody treated him on the coach I don't hardly blame I can't get over the way men just want to trade her for her horse only me I'd give a whole herd I guess she's just about the best all over a good-looking woman I have a scene she ugly sure you got a reason to stay in all this open country sees me you keep a hill close to your back considering way I see it brother Frank game bit too far back talk at him up Valverde way heard about Billy you wouldn't waste any time likely ride out the night do that put it behind us even sooner Dobby Corral's just over that rise we're heading there oh I don't think Frank's gonna come along talking about Frank talking about the muscular hordes medicine country they figured us jump us up it'll be somewhere soon maybe those four wells Junction went for more I know they did how can you be sure because area keep moving you shoot Dobies just over that rise positive are you gonna hire it yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] sure beats all Donna what a man who put himself due to get a pants on woman again say as I blame him though all that the end of the crust of the hill [Music] right you it'll be just fine yes ma'am better get it cleaned up [Music] there's five horse let's filled out early this morning what do we do now Frank we keep after but our animals are near give out said we keep after [Music] keep the chill off I can say thanks [Music] [Music] I just don't seem right what don't j1 stay the night yet since you've been more harder move on get to Santa Cruz well maybe figure said Mescalero more I think that something else what I know it sounds crazy but I think maybe he wants trying to catch it catch up he's been sticking to open country stay into the flat stead of the ridges he's only not to care whether or not he's being followed or not what do you want a fool thing like that I don't no could be you figures because it make it just that much harder on us alright well now we're riding with him the Frank might not hold who kind of that could get us killed oh never thought about that one way the other brigades gotta face it out and he knows it well maybe we should all have forget about that whole thing you can ride away alive no no we can't do that what if Frank's gonna come down here you've been up norther Sakura with so got me a place up there hey we've got a place ain't much not yet I mean got my herd to build quite a stretch and such any trouble is I ride back there there's then we'll see me hang that's of course the territory was to drop the charge all that that word amnesty amnesty so we get overly bored like the Santa Cruz and we got it with just that close that close to never never having to look over your shoulder again and sleep with a gun in your hand going off there inside when you see a man wearing tin on him we just come too far with we can't turn back now we just plain camp [Music] [Music] will he be alright could get him on his feet he would leg isn't broken he can't get up can won't got it his head is down for good H nderstand won't even try there's nothing you can do stay with him let him know he's not alone [Music] mr. brigade I I'm sorry about everything I know I'm in lot of trouble you you took an awful chance out there seemed like a good idea [Music] hi boy [Music] I guess I always knew no that it would end like this my husband didn't want me to come out here put in for a transfer the day we took over this wing stopped at the junction for a town job every month that was supposed to come through it never did I tried to tell myself it didn't matter that my place was with him but I found myself watching for coaches and hoping he must have noticed he asked me to go under Bisbee and wait for him said I'd be safe there as much as I wanted to I couldn't do it I couldn't leave him alone he was a good man yes ma'am he'd have to be they they told me why you're taking the boy to Santa Cruz did they they'll hang him more thing yes ma'am he's so young he killed a man it it doesn't bother you bringing him in I mean no ma'am you just don't seem like the kind that would hunt a man for money I am good night mr. brigade mrs. Blaine I made a place for you inside the wall you'll be safe there to sleep thank you good night [Music] [Music] [Music] he's sure something she said she was married to that station fell in the a year can you imagine having her around all that time all them days nights just think only gives me a way down shiver wonder what you'll do now she's without a man find another when she loved that feller hard enough she'd stay away - wouldn't she take the kind not her sometime someone get along without not her she's the kind of got a need deep alone the need on that man can get it how do you know seen him to rise with in her eyes [Laughter] Brigade still trying to get that animal up busy yeah was that it all night I won't shoot him and just get it over with yeah said he wanted to wait claims animals is like people feel the Morning Sun on and makes forget all the hurt they got make some water started or that's your time he doesn't act like a man that makes his way kill his lead could I have a word something you ought to know my brother Frank he'll be along most any time now won't anywhere be safe once he gets here and you being a woman and all I'd sure hate see anything happen to you is that all oh no no man mom what I was thinking was I'd sure see to it that Frank made it right by you viewers to help me help Eli use me yeah I've been watching Brigade ever since the junction way he looks at you kind of hungry you shouldn't have any trouble or getting yourself close again steam closing up they helped me get Safeway I don't understand oh sure you do she's read you didn't well you can't blame a man for trying that's what you want ready to get for you Billy you could use it we're moving out I'll be riding your guns I supposed to do I don't think so you let me go don't I swear I'll cut you in two no you won't Billy Boy not unless you jacked that saddle gun that's my Winchester you got you pop around into it did you cause you didn't you got a hammer hanging over an empty chamber I shot myself in the leg once right and never carried around under the pin since your line that's one way to find out pull the trigger that's if you think you have time to jack that gun before I blow your brains out now go ahead Billy pull Oh ain't you used to killing a man from the front now you just put it down Billy Boy help I said drop it [Laughter] looks like we don't have to shoot him either [Laughter] [Music] the woman she's fallen behind a bone back there thanks for getting that gun out of my medal oh I couldn't let him do it without a chance why you're the head Billy never would enjoy being a free man done here that way thought maybe it was afraid you might need me was Frank to catch up cross a mine figured it did top that will be in Santa Cruz we look we Gaede you and me going against each other just ain't right huh no I said the weird ones I said I'd give most anything if we can work out something shorter kill it such as well them dollars they've given you to bring Billy in I'll match him double if you say take me a while but I'll get it oh stop and coach's killing well that's all over with is it gotta be man gets halfway can you oughta have something of his own something to belong to be proud of they say that I've got me a place gonna run beat work the ground be able to walk down the street like anybody all I need is village I set out to take him to Santa Cruz I full intend to do it well I just want you to know how it was way I look at it ain't Neer's hard for a man if he knows choirs gonna die [Music] stay here the night can't be more to have to hit that put him in Santa Cruz good morning you could bet it won't huh should have known all along Brigade knows we're after him he's still taking his time moving in the clear he's not covering his tracks it's been playing from the first set plane I couldn't see you now but I don't follow I think Billy wants it's me what Billy's the one with the bounty on him ain't the money Brigade ones not the money at all I did him a hurt once long ago so long I most forgot and all the time I was thinking that was why I was taking billion to hang to get even that isn't it he knew I'd come after him he wants me to catch up and I think I know where I'll let the boys rest the horses there's no hurry lb wait [Music] you [Music] hangtree you could be glad it ain't long ago Billy Boy it was like is not Brigade here to hang you over that jury limb and have it over don't dead now but in its time Orton won dance their last them there ain't that right Brigade Brigade and come to thank a few strung a few there yourself you talk too much will not eat the riverbed [Music] [Music] well it's something to do I said quit [Music] don't you ever get taught holding that gun on me did war belong now have you in Santa Cruz got morning Brigade he figures to split the bounty with you dizzy nope then why you helping him ain't will you hold a gun well I've got a reason such as what amnesty amnesty some word ain't it what's it mean free free that's what we'll go soon as we get you to Cruz me boon you see we had always seen eye to eye to the law we give you next to a rope it'll make us even we can start over Boone's got a place you mean they do that just for Freeman to hang we got a poster on it I guess that kind of gives me a word don't it to us it does what about brigade what about it well he's one to caught me I don't figure he's got a whole kind you take me away from him I thought about that I thought about that a lot really don't matter you ain't go get me to Santa Cruz anyway Frankie's a-coming eat up in here by now maybe Shane back that woman huh go be a lot of killing blankets here not knowing she's alone you can't tell what's what's gonna happen Frank wouldn't shoot a woman would he not only Frank there's a boys I never thought about that what we had we had uh well I don't you have to hammer down nice knees he own that gun and two of us we ride right on out of here yeah you wouldn't want to see a woman all shot up and dead now would you well no well in well then what Billy oh dang you're ever please eat you if he's trying to talk me out of my gun where's mrs. lane down there by the riverbank he tries to talk that gun away from you again let him have it yeah [Music] didn't mean to starve you I couldn't sleep I'm glad we'll be in Santa Cruz tomorrow won't we get an early start we should noon there no trouble at all what then mrs. Lane for you I mean I don't know I'm not sure [Music] this country is nowhere for a woman without she's got a man I'd I'd be obliged to look after you I can manage yes ma'am umph you're sure that I first I saw you at the junction I said the wit as a woman can take care of herself saw it in your face the way you hold ahead where you walk all over proud to be the woman not afraid to let a man look at you think what he wants burn inside to put his arms around you not like some I know always acting like it's Sunday thinking every man looks at him Watson no so man had you mrs. Lane he'd never know a black lawn some night good night mr. Boone mrs. Lane if he can't number gay been any help to you bet I had forget it he won't be going all the way to Santa Cruz I gotta kill him [Music] three so that's what they called mr. brigade I try very hard but there's some things I just don't understand back at Dobie when Billy had that gun on you Boone said your life didn't he yes ma'am then why would he want to kill you now he told you that yes why he wants Billy Billy you mean you'd kill each other for bounty all right two dogs fighting over a bone you could say that I see no ma'am you don't but Billy I won't any of the others I've had to ride down to make my way on the one man I'm after and how much bounty will he bring enough to see you through to your next dead man mrs. Lane long we'll go back I was the sheriff of Santa Cruz wrote Billy's brother Franken for murder the jury found in part killed his son in BO ma swore he got out he'd get even he was young wild I had a wife looked a lot like you mrs. Lane she wanted me to turn and run keep her on and pleaded with me I I couldn't do it word came that Frank was out I waited for him in the street he didn't come when I got home my my wife had going Frank had been there taking a broader here here yes ma'am he hung a [Music] [Applause] [Music] you get up on that rise you see any dust high in it back here yeah what are we gonna do brigade so I've been thinking he in a man you can go straight at I mean you were gonna have to figure a plan find some way to get him between us can't kill a man like a brigade from behind what could stand off I don't know the end in a man with a long gun don't worry with time comes I'll take care of them hope so hate to see you lose your place have Segal way they might have proud to work for you work for me well played when I was young much with chickens but I but I I can slop eggs with the best of weird how long you have me been riding together but two years more like five so so you ain't gonna be working for me you're gonna be a partner partner right down the middle how come cuz I like you with well I never knew that now get up on that rise yes sir [Applause] I'd like to say it again mrs. Lane I'd be obliged to look after you I could help you bury the gate and live happy around is that it some things a man just can't ride around [Music] maybe less seen from top the rib we cut and run a doll we this as far as I go for now figured it was weird look after mrs. Lane should have noted when you would swing north to Bisbee then Frank all along I'm gonna you wait I said shut up hmm last night I heard you tell mrs. Lane why you've been hunting to find Frank so so Billy can wait me and we'll be coming in a brush look Boone this won't change anything never figured it would get up on your animal Billy but I do like I tell you look Brigade now you know you ain't got chance one huh you now what are you gonna do that's up to Frank [Music] that's close enough they're gonna have a little hanging I see thought that tree it'd be dead and down by now cut him loose look brigade you're standing alone I wouldn't count on it he's got to win justice behind Frank that's though so what do we do now sit there what's your brother hang you don't mean that don't I he's only a boy he's always his gun it's me you're after brigade you got no quarrel with Billy what quarrel is you have with her that was a long time ago I must forgot her man can do that no let him do it Frank I done you enough Brigade don't make me kill you Brigade I can't let you do that stop me and he shouldn't that horse will go right out from under Billy Nick don't slip you could cut him down in time that is if you're alive don't leave a man much choice do you [Music] I thought man that you were gonna let him swing so did I the gay I don't suppose there's any way of getting Billy from you aside from going over you come and get him [Music] better get weird to catch up Billy's horse unless you want him to walk to Santa Cruz [Music] you mean I can have it take it I got no more useful [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] yes funny innit our thing can seem one way and then turn out all together something else well you said you wanted to start over I hope so because you don't I'll be the one comes looking to find you I'll remember that good luck mr. brigade do you be going on to Santa Cruz no ma'am I think I understand yes ma'am I figured you would goodbye mr. brigade good night [Music] that Vegas [Music]