[Music] me my entire and I'm just here to remind you that I'm going back on to one and I added another date to want people exeunt when I going back on two mornings on so basically so now if you saw my video last week if you didn't you're a hater and I hope you get a paper kind but if you didn't see my video last week basically a little kid hacked my channel and let you all know that I'm going back on a tool now the one thing he did not mention is why I'm going back on tour so this is actually a really serious topic that I need to discuss with you guys as some of you know I was with child last year I was the Virgin Mary and I had a child and it turns out he's a huge brand he makes it hard to film videos so he's trying to eat my chesticles which is cannibalism and illegal if I'm not mistaken and he's basically just really annoying so I decided that I don't really want him anymore and I try and take him to the pound or as I like to call it the free zoo well Pam would not take him which is really annoying and I'm just trying to figure out what to do with him because he's annoying me and cries a lot and also now YouTube is he monetizing videos with kids in them so obviously I can't really you know so I thought maybe I could go on tour and try to find someone to help me with my child take that's why the show is called who wants my shade um so that's the plan so I hope you guys are excited to see me on tour we added an extra day in Paloma which is basically Los Angeles so if you live in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California you can know that show get tickets before it sold out to all the other tickets are basically sold out so hurry up and get your tickets before they're gone and leave a comment and tell me what other cities I should go to this is just five shows that I should probably do more and if there are any authorities watching this video and have concerns don't worry this is just a joke it's just a prank mmm gotcha and leave a comment what other scenes I should go to and also leave a comment tell me what other kind of videos I should mean and then don't forget to follow me on tittle and don't forget to follow me on Instagram and don't forget to push the bell notifications here on YouTube so that you don't miss any videos and don't forget to buy my mum and don't forget to buy my lace thing alright I sing closely poke home no the other thing alright I gotta go I'm really tired [Music]