okay centered look centered I'm very subject oh is that a meditation joke what are you doing I'm working up I got something else that'll warm you up that's a little too big no bend over [Music] hello welcome back to what's safe word hi ma'am I'm mr. Christopher and today my blogs everything but we're gonna be really anal about it yes we are haha I've been dying to do that joke all day yeah well we get to the bottom of it but first when it comes to but things but plugs at what works for one person does not work for everybody everyone's got a different body and different likes and dislikes which is why they come in all shapes and sizes incorrect but while today's topic might be a little bit of a stretch for some people we do want to go for what butt plugs are how to choose right butt plug and how to put them in and keep them in and then also take them out properly without hurting yourself or needing to go to a hospital but first let's talk about what the plugs actually are well they're a type of sex toy that are meant to be used for sexual pleasure they're kind of like a dildo but they're generally shorter have a nice stem and the most important part they have a flared base that it doesn't get into the butt too far and you can take them out easily and they were originally used for therapeutic reasons yeah actually dr. Young's ideal rector dilators was the original butt plug and they were used to stop hysteria and they're actually marketed for intelligent people only use a butt plug you're intelligent very they originally claimed that it corrected diarrhea but also it promoted more refreshing sleep could relieve foul breath bad taste in the mouth acne insomnia anorexia diarrhea hemorrhoids flatulence nervousness and numerous other elements the instructions also said neglect to use your dilators you forgot to mention that they prevented irritability what did you say I'm saying if you want I can go into the plugin you I mean it'll help I've ever irritable and lessen I I mean well multiple holes are hungry it sounds like them well we can't back up all that information because that was kind of an uneducated approach to but plugs back in the day we can sit down perfectly on a butt plug and tell you all the benefits of a butt plug with today's sponsored video by Adam mail so again thank you Adam elf response in this video and we hope you enjoy all this very fulfilling information but why do you want a butt plug I don't know why well first and foremost it's an easy way to ease into anal play it also slowly stretches the subs holes so they can build up to taking larger things some might even say that it takes you to infinity and beyond actually I joke for this what do you get when you mix a space marine with a butt toy but Lightyear like Buzz Lightyear toy story yeah sorry oh my the anus is full of lots of nerve endings specifically one key nerve called a potential nerve and that nerve is specifically for feeling things within the penis and clitoris and keeping erections and having ejaculations yeah regardless of gender makes you feel full which in a way is actually really beautiful because butt plugs don't see gender or sex they just feed buttholes for some women just because the vaginal canal is right next to the anal canal it adds a second point of simulation and for some men those butt plugs can go inside the cavity and hit that pee spot that tiny little acorn known for giving us hands-free orgasms just with a little stimulation up there and we say some men and some women to include those trans body people who might have different anatomies another reason people like butt plugs especially in a domme several Asian ship it can make the sub feel submissive so plugging their hole much like plugging their mouth with a gag gets them into the right daunce of headspace finally plugs are wonderful ways to just try some different sex whether it's discreetly out about in the bedroom with your partner or just wearing it like we said while you're masturbating but wait there's more we want to talk about just the tips to getting those toys in and what boxes you should fill to find the right plug for you first off how do you get a toy in properly so it starts small the smaller the toy is and the more tapered it is the easier it is to get in next always use Lube make sure that you're using Lube that not only is safe for your toy but safe for your body but use Lube on both the toy and your whole equally always have patience with your plugs sure I can't just push it in ease it in have patience with your body and don't force it you don't want to hurt yourself always get into a comfortable position that works for you so if that's on your back with your legs spread if that's donkey position if that's squatting down on the toy slowly and while you're getting comfortable make sure you breathe breathe as it's going in very good puppy noises like that are totally fine to do as well I know and that plug is at that point of no return and your bottom is just like give them a second once that plug is in let them breathe and get centered again and just feel like that hole so that's getting it in what about getting it out after all said and done your body might be super fatigued then you want to get it out right away but you need to do it slow just like you did getting it in at the bottom you need to push slowly as you pull at that tapered face do not pull it Gresley though you don't want to break your plug or hurt yourself if it's better you can go into the shower or over the toilet and do a little squatting position but if it's a metal plug just make sure that you have a good hold over it because you don't want to crack the porcelain and once it's out always clean your toys after use don't let that bacteria build up use antibacterial soap or toy cleaner you can also boil them or put them in the dishwasher if they're metal silicon or glass but make sure you take them out of the dishwasher before your maid comes home with all the but plays in the dishwasher and when I came home the maid had taken them out and lined them up by size on a little paper towel on the kitchen cabinet I kid you not did you tip her Oh God but what are the must-haves the checklist of but toys well first and foremost it's gotta have a flared face like my mom always said if it doesn't have a flare go stick it up there we should totally make a t-shirt what what was your mom talking about I don't know this is talking about butt plugs are you sure about that my mom's pretty progressive make sure it's body safe so make sure you're using medical grade silicone it's good metal it's good glass action of a story about the first butt plug I ever bought which was just from some random sex shop in Seattle if it starts to smell weird after a while even if you're cleaning it probably not a good body safe material that was another who knows oh my god started to turn green at one point to buy the right lube for your specific toy so if you're buying silicone toys don't buy silicone lube because that will break it down over time if you're using a latex don't use any oil-based and metal or glass all lubes work for those on that checklist make sure this toy is the right size for you don't let your eyes be bigger than your hole and finally on our checklist remember start small and build up oh my god have a firm grip of your butt plugs oh my god [Music] but we also wanted to answer any of the questions that you guys had so we asked on Twitter for your questions so now we're gonna fill all your question holes consensually ecstatic Seder asks so what's the deal with anal hooks they're used well they're very rigid and unforgiving it's more of a bondage toy it useful to hook people into a scene a little fishy catch and release Tracy Barth asks there's a lot of friction when taking my beginner plugs out but there's plenty of Lube when you go in what can I do to make it easier and more enjoyable so you might put more Lube once it's in on the neck of the plug and just apply it with your finger around the hole and pushing in just a little bit so there's Lube for it to come out I had to do this with my chickens okay what well I had one chicken who couldn't get her eggs out because she's very dry so if you put a little olive oil onion finger massage it in the chicken hole because they'll be lubricated she was just a dried chicken the story is fouled durka monster ass what's the best toy you can help loosen my butt well what a great time to plug our sponsor Adam Ale actually sent us a few anal training kits and these kind of kits are great usually inexpensive and they give you a few different options to build up so you can start small and get even bigger and they come in a bundle I used to work for Colt and this one's been around for ever I've used this like a million times on pornstars who couldn't take a big dick I'd have them go size up in the bathroom for a half an hour so they could and it works yeah an animal was kind enough not only sponsor this episode but give discounts to all of you guys if you go to animal calm and use offer code watt at checkout you can get 50% off almost any item in the store and free shipping of $20 or more some exclusions apply we recommend any of those anal training kits I really like their Lube injectors it's a great way to get your Lube in your butt before you even start having sex so what about this Center what would Harry Potter do with this he would probably like some in something I don't know at the a CEO but plug and with a butt plug the beer yep try it ask me a butler Eileen asks I kind of want a clip of you guys saying but stuff over and over again so a question I mean there's no question mark but it was a question in the thread so I mean you kind of have to do it but so but step by step but it has no meaning anymore Pasha asks I always hear lots of advice on how to prevent things from getting stuck in your butt but what should you actually do if a butthole gets stuck first and foremost relax sometimes it's your body getting 210th that causes that plug to get stuck your rectum specifically in your intestines act as a vacuum so if something gets stuck in there it might keep pulling if you start to freak out but if you're alone and you honestly can't get it out yourself go to the hospital they deal with this kind of stuff all the time actually and they've seen it trust me I've seen everything go up people's butt every day Wow what great questions thank you guys for sending those in and letting us fill those queues don't you have something to plug no but if I did it would be go use wot at checkout on Adam male comm again that is why that check out Adam he'll calm for 50% off any items and free shipping over $20 that's the best plug I've ever heard why are you hearing plugs don't put plugs in your ears go to the doctor don't force it out regardless no of plug who's there but toys or just sex in general always have a safe word and today is safer it is flared base because butt plugs much like Meghan Trainor are all about their base because every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top flared baby if this is new information or just a great refresher that you think your friends should learn don't forget to share this on social media and if you like these videos make sure you leave a like down below and don't forget to subscribe to what's a safe word we'll see you guys next time bye also hit that Bell do you know that Bell down bring it like ring my bell don't bring the dog be knowing lowly no base travel up all about the bass with plug at onyx