there's a smudge hey guys to me I am Don and yes it's true this is not quick thing I really did delete all my social media all of them moment like the wind is the wind doesn't really exist I know what you guys are thinking you're very disappointed that I deleted these things is probably really hard on you you probably miss all my pictures on Instagram my incredible thought provoking tweets your Facebook page you probably don't go on Facebook but your mom probably misses my Facebook page obviously Facebook is for moms who like to fight about vaccinating Chin's and Trump but still they probably liked my Facebook page I had to delete them and I know you guys are now wondering why there are so many freaking haters on the Internet I am sick of me so I want to teach them letting all these haters online say marine - I hate you I'm marina you don't have a good voice bring your ugly Oh Randy you're wrinkly ran a follow me oh really I'm pretty sure you're just jealous and that's why you're leaving me call me and you're gonna regret being a jock cuz I'm just deleted all my social medias it's not what you would eat see a lot of haters saying delete your channel well guess what I'm don't even all my social media channels how does that feel you learn your lesson but anyways I don't wanted to see what it would be like to not have social media and teach all the haters all I seen so that's why I am not having social media and you know yourself someone's on a period Burstein sparse gram my Instagram is incredible and a 6.5 million followers lots of incredible painters gonna delete my count Donnelly next tittle is my tinner really incredible that's me stop talking K and oh you're on your period but just stop stop I don't care if you have crepes you're not special every girl gets them my titter gonna delete it done what you think about my Snape shape oh you know what no one needs a snapchat anymore so it doesn't matter it Anna courts only thanks bump sorry board mothers who are sitting at home waiting for their kids to get home from school I'm cleaning my face bunk I'm deleted all deleted so now that they're deleted I can just enjoy my day in peace I don't to deal with anyone being annoying or haters on the internet I can just have a nice relaxing fun stop talking cane I can just have a nice fun relaxing day so Oh what what are people doing when they don't have the internet what do I do who do I talk to I'm not talking you with the only one thing about it I seriously don't want to talk to you it was not I was not talking to you stall it was not talking to stop be nice it's not why are you why I mean they try to show me your penis that's disgusting really don't want to see her to pee right now so can you stop Wayne freaking put in a tampon shop we use pants what's your deal Oh use pants Diva Cup what do people doing it on social media this is freaking boring what am I supposed to do just sit here talk to real people it sounds pretty miserable that's what they do in prison okay what I'm really bored so if anyone wants my social media is to come back on there's gonna be a poll and you can vote you want me to have my social medias back on Ormonde so please tell me because I'm really bored so please just click yes cuz I really want my social medias back I just peel off my entire nail polish my finger poor cool okay bye [Music] Kathy Kathy Kathy Kathy Kathy Kathy Kathy Kathy Kathy Kathy Kathy Kathy Kathy off