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S/Z: Hello Z: Hello S: Hello Z: Hello Hello S/Z: Hello Hello Hello Z: It's enough. Hello S: Hello Z: Today, we're gonna make a Reaction Video S: Yes Z: Because we've released the Teaser, right ? S: Yeah Z: It's the first one. S: Yes Z: Tommy and Jimmy already made a Teaser Reaction Video S: Yes S: Yes, for a Teaser Z: And this one is the new one S: Yes S: It's the Teaser that we've post on LineTV Z: Yes, and there is some editing S: Yeah Z: I haven't watched it yet, Z: so today we're gonna watch it together. S: Yes, actually, we've already watched the former version. Z: Yes S: But today we'll watch the version that rewards us for million views, right ? S: Oh ! No ! Z: No S: It has reached the target views Z: Ahh S: Yeah, and after reaching the target views, the producer will add some extra scenes. Z: Yeah Yeah S: We haven't checked about extra scenes in the Teaser yet. Z: Extra ? Extra what ? S: Extra Love ! Heeee !!! Z: Awww Why R U will definitely give you Extra Love. S: Haha Z: Everyone, Actors put a lot of efforts S: Ah Z: Directors, Acting Coaches put a lot of efforts S: You didn't care about my joke. Hahaha S: OK Z: You have Extra Love for me ? S: Pardon ? Z: You didn't care about my joke either. Z: We'd better watch the new Teaser. S: OK. Let's watch the new Teaser. Z: Shall we watch it through my phone ? The screen is larger. S: Watch it through my phone. S: It has Iron Man. Z: Yeah S: I'm opening Why R U Teaser on LineTV Z: Here, Official Teaser Why R U S: 8 7 6 Z: " Is it because of love ? " S/Z: 5 4 3 2 1 Z: Here we come S: Here we come Z: Rotate it to horizontal. It's Tommy. S: Here Z: It is an extra scene. S: Nah, it's the old one. Z: Huh? S: Huh? Z: The picture in this scene was beautiful. I like it. S: Yeah S: The light was nice. Z: I love the color of the room. Beautiful. S: Foggy a bit Z: Hey ! Why are you serious ? [ Repeating Zol's script ] S: I don't know Z: Vow. Z: Well.. Thunder sound. Z: Toy was startled. So funny. Haha S: Haha S: It's Poppy.. S: Seng Z: Here you come. S: The Gang Z: Saintsup's Debut. Z: The Gang. S: The Gang. Z: Engineering School, my junior S: Nah. This scene was Mr.SaiFah's Debut Z: But I saw you first, Mister. S: Ah yes Z: Pond too S: Here Z: It's Soda Z: Ahhh This is a new scene. S: Ahh Yeah.. S: Or the old one ? Z: The new one. Z: If someone asked us like this, we would help, right ? S: We would Z: Yeah S: If our friend asked us like this, we would help. Z: Ahh Wrong S: Tommy played C Chord, I can see it. Z: Jimmy said it's wrong. S: Wrong Z: Love makes it wrong S: Yeah S: Hahahaha Z: Hahahaha Z: Well..Well.. Jim.. Tommy S: Come on.. He smiled. Z: Smiling. S: Look at you S: I told you. You think too much !!! Z: Not me Z: Aww Hehe S: Hey, who is this? Z: Who ? It's Fighter. S: Huh ? Z: Fighter who is Tutor's boyfriend. S: Yeah ? Z: Hey.. Not yet. S: Not yet for this scene. Z: Here is my girlfriend WhaWha. S: No ! Not yet ! They were just seeing each other. Not in a relationship. Z: Yeahhh ? S: Yes Z: Well..well S: I know. I've read through the script. S: Why are you covering your eyes ? Open them. Z: How did you feel, Tutor ? S: Here S: I want you to pause it and see. Z: OK Pause S: You saw it, right ? S: There was a lipstick mark around my lips. Z: You like The Movie, Joker, don't you ? S: It's Joker Z: What did you say in the scene ? S: What ? Z: Why did you feel like this ? S: And Batman replies " I am Batman. " Z: You didn't care about me again. Z: I told you to be Fighter's tutor. S: No Z: It'll be good. S: I didn't want to be his tutor. Fighter likes to throw money at me. Z: I don't know who throws money at you. S: It's Fighter. Z: He throws something else as well. A hea.... S: A heart Z: Ahhh Z: Oh ! S: I'm concentrating on this scene. ( Maybe because love doesn't have an answer, ) ( so I can't answer it. ) S: I can't answer it. ( Why do I have to love this one ? I don't know. ) Z: Yeah Hahaha S: I don't know Z: But it's a good song. There are a lot of OST. Z: It's Park couple. Jimmy.. Tommy S: Nah, it's Jimmy-Tommy, Park-Seng Z: Yeah S: Yeah Z: Hey ! I was topless. S: Yeah, you were. S: Ahh This one, applying cream. Z: Beach scene. Z: The scenes that we shot at the beach. S: Yes Z: It's really beautiful. S: Yes S: but these beach scenes were the ones shot for Teaser, S: and we already shot the other ones. S: Guys, I'd say all the beach scenes you see here are all for the Teaser. S: You guys haven't seen any actual scenes yet. Ah ! S: A bit spoiler. Z: Not a bit one. S: The corals were so beautiful. Z: Haha Oh ! Not a bit spoiler. S: I like.. Z: The two girls.. S: I like this. Can you see our photos behind ? Z: Yes S: They were the photos we took for each other in Japan. Remember ? Z: I do. S: Yes. Z: I can see them too. S: I like them. Z: Here it shows that the series will be aired in January. Z: Around mid-January. S: I'll pause the video for you guys. S: Here it says that the series will be aired in January. Z: Around mid-January. S: Via these two platforms, Channel One31 S: And the rerun will be on LineTV Z: Uhuh S: Please wait and see when it will be aired. S: Some days around mid-January. S: Let's see what time. Z: Let's see. S: Yes S: everyone should not miss because they will be special for both platforms. Z: And everyone, please don't forget to access LineTV. Z: And press The Fan ( Star ) to subscribe Why R U Team. S: Yes. Z: We've put a lot of efforts into it. S: Yes Z: Everyone in the team. S: And don't forget to follow our Instagram. Z: Yes @saintsup here, and @zeepruk here S: Yes S: You can follow both of us. Z: Yes S: You can see our chaos, enjoyment and feisty here. Z: Huh ? You're the one who is feisty. You're also naughty and you're a big eater too ! S: Nah, I'm not a big eater. S: You can list menu I ate today. S: It's just that I ate everytime I had a break. I was like "Can I eat anything ?" Z: Hahaha S: I was afraid the food would be poisonous, S: and Zee is having diarrhea, right ? Z: Ahh S: If Zee ate the food, his condition would get worse. Z: Yeahh S: So, I tried them for him first like.. Ahh He could eat this. Z: Ahh, you're worried about me.. about everyone S: Yeah Z: so you ate them ? S: So I tried like.. S: Cheesy Baked Potato Z: OK haha S: Everything, I gotta try them all. Z: OK S: I was afraid it would be bad for your health. Z: OK.. About our work. S: OK, please wait for watching Why R U The Series Z: Yes S: " Is it because of love? " It will be aired in January. S: Via Channel One31 and LineTV. Z: Please don't forget to subscribe Why R U Channel on LineTV. S: Yes, see you. Bye. ( Maybe because love doesn't have an answer, ) ( so I can't answer ) ( why I have to love this one. I don't know. ) ( Nobody has ever made me lost my mind like you do. ) ( I want to know why I love this one as well. ) ( How can you suddenly be in my heart ? ) ( The more I consider, the more I am confused. ) ZaintSeeTeamSub Trans Eng @ShipperZS & Thai @Crushon00620206 Subbing @ZaintSeeChannel