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hello and welcome to team edge and the blah blah blah where we smash expensive stuff oh yes expensive stuff oh with an asphalt roller we're bringing our employees into the studio today and providing them oh beautiful expensive things it's a very fancy speaker what's that say on it clad cl cliche all right so let me explain how this is going to work all right there's two lanes right here the asphalt roller will be in one of two lanes and the employees that are given the expensive items have to put their item in one of the two lanes there's gonna be a wall in front of them so they cannot see what lane the asphalt rollers in they have to set it down then we reveal the asphalt roller and start chugging away i think they go a little faster than that all right ladies and gentlemen these are the items that our employees have the potential to get they might not i might run it over and you employees cannot be mad at me if you do not get them it's a 50 50 shot bluetooth speaker you can connect it to your phone through bluetooth this is a 4k tv westinghouse personally never heard of that gunner does not come with it we have a google home right it's a google home this is a nest display i think that's a hard display you can ask it questions like what's one plus one we have a disco hoverboard look inside the wheel also oh my goodness my phone is that your phone take it out that's on the table that's my time somebody gets my phone with john's phone who wants yeah wait a second you have the opportunity to get your phone today but it also might get smashed nice headphones we have a head with headphones on it head is not included these are skull candy headphones bobby and a ps5 wow hey don't look too closely don't don't come out okay you're right from like this far i tried to find a ps5 they're all out of stock everywhere so this is the promise of a ps5 and that one is for you john really yeah but i'm hoping to smash it that way i won't have to spend 500. [Music] we put candy inside it's like a pinata all right ladies and gentlemen big big announcement you guys met our like initiative on the unbreakable box video where we promised if you liked our video what was it a hundred thousand times more than twenty and we promised to reach out to the danger bros and challenge them in the unbreakable box video so we did we reached out to them and they declined right right we did our part they didn't want to do it so uh nothing i can do about that sorry guys also guys i forgot to say our merch is one of the items a hoodie and a hat you have the opportunity to win that if you put it in the wrong lane oh and i'm gonna torch it just in case that thing doesn't do the job all right cam you are our first contestant please please join us this is cam he's our step builder hi he's not that short i'm just really tall thanks thank you thank you so can we're changing this up a little bit instead of putting a wall there and seeing where we parked bobby is going to start in the middle he'll have a hat with either left or right one or two he takes out of the hat totally unbiased not choosing a specific one he doesn't know which one he's choosing he's gonna look at it not tell you he's gonna start driving down the middle and as soon as he gets near he's gonna turn one way oh you're hoping he doesn't turn into your item how excited are you oh very excited hey i'll even let you keep the mannequin oh really shut up i'm sorry i'm sorry why do you want another give me a reason why you need this dude why would you not want another one loves teenage man i love team edge obviously i work here who doesn't obviously all right your line is actually yeah i think i'm gonna put it in two that's your second option two the best option no one is the best option oh orangutan arms you don't know which one right i don't know which one don't reveal it to the audience come back here bobby go where is he gonna go i don't know all right here we go i don't know where am i going where am i going oh no why would you do that no all right that didn't work back up oh bobby crushed him oh this is just this is just gruesome this is just not this is that was a noise push the head well you can still keep it yeah just wash it yeah here you go there you go man regrets man thanks oh we're in for it wow it totally ripped this and i took cut the arm too wow look at that look at that dude he's perfectly normal until he looks at you that is a win for us even though i said we were unbiased it's a win there's points i want to smash everybody's stuff all right on to our next contestant oh all right ladies and gentlemen our next contestant is carol she's over here at production and her item that she could potentially win is the google uh nestle i don't know it's like a google home with a screen on it do you already have one of these i do not perfect you can talk to it when you're lonely and it'll respond to you okay place it on either one or two all right i'm gonna place it on one oh she knew that's champion all right jay fred you're gonna be driving the vehicle i just don't know how i feel about it oh i see what you're doing what am i doing [Music] oh i always say that and then it's a siren and then i'm like oh somebody could be hurt that's not good that's true and then i stop and pray one for forgiveness two for the person that's involved two two two for the first time that's not what i meant yeah sure we're not go what's it call me oh where is he going oh no where's he going [Music] you got it you have just one yourself yeah the google home nest duo dub thing don't give us yours that's right champions i don't want to see it ever again out of my sight wait where's the charger oh the charger thank there you go all right for our next contestant jordan come on in tell us your name tell us your hobbies and what do you do for a living security number what do i do oh man i do a lot of business stuff cool all right i don't want to hear it anymore the item that you have the potential to keep today ooh is yes your life lie down oh nice immediately wow you really went for that one the item that you have the potential to keep today yes is a speaker oh i like clips this was a hundred dollars right a hundred dollars let's go with number two oh hey you wanna know why because both times it's gone to two so the odds of it going to two again are pretty low i would say it's pretty high we didn't rig this i will give you four dollars not to pick two you know i can be bribed yeah four dollars he already picked it four dollars wait he already picked it i'm gonna go dude that thing got no it's broken what did you do what have you done what did you do oh that smells bad yeah man get away probably some like batteries this was symbolic of our friendship do you think we can put in rice you can't do everything in life can i get a receipt for this oh thank goodness we kept the receipt we're gonna return it all right ladies and gentlemen our next contestant is marvin marvin okay marvin is the buffett's dude at team edge here and he's been in a lot of videos you've seen him before so marvin um tell me about yourself who are you what do you do and what things do you like i feel like this is a dating show right now uh marvin brian's younger brother tell me what things do you like anything hiking related anything motorcycle related okay did you say vacuum related with those big irritating what i just said surprisingly they are deceiving well marvin uh we have your item picked out we got you a brand new headphone set bring it all out because you like working out nice they've all been number two huh you have a hundred percent success right here why does everybody choose number two going for it no what would you do with those i would use them to work out and take long walks around the park nice okay it's not like a scooter what are you okay that was a i'm sorry no please continue you're kind of you're looking a little sweaty though you nervous huh i mean i can use a nice pair of headsets you know yeah and i'm they're wireless i mean welcome to the new age bless you knowing joey he's still gonna smash it regardless of what number he picked oh no he's heading right forward [Applause] no man oh my sir oh man i've got to go use my headphones around okay still good oh no no no never mind oh they're still okay oh no well that's a shame now you gotta run in silence marvin i have some good news and bad news for you let's hear it with those headphones uh bad news is your headphones are literally destroyed good news is you get to go home with a brand new pair of headphones um oh for two now in three two one it's now time for our next contestant matt come on in and this is not matthias yeah what's up guys i'm the art director here at team edge yeah all the beautiful what you see here in all these giant sets that you see because this guy so i know you like video games so you have the potential of winning a tv today no because you can play video games on a tv yes try and not fake the excitement bring in that tv carol all right that's huge please tell me you don't have a bigger tv at home i don't even have a tv oh really are you gonna keep this if i get it well my best friend sway doesn't have a tv so i was thinking about giving him one uh one baby stop stop stop well i guess he gets to keep it he's gone the one time i pulled one i'm so sorry matt yeah everybody's stuff is getting smashed this way i did not mean to do this it was that random choice dang it could still work oh no one more time oh my gosh wow all right take home your tv all right ladies and gentlemen we're going on to our next contestant dan do you forget my name for a second yeah i've only been here for three years uh this guy um we found him in a bush outside and we're like hey you want a job and he's like all right dan tell me a little bit about yourself what you like and what you hope to win um i'm dan i'm the step builder i matt designs all the stuff that i build so it's pretty cool uh and i'm hoping to maybe win maybe the hoverboard this is and it glows so that's kind of sick oh that's beautiful so i was originally gonna do two because i was like they for sure put two twos in the hat and then matt picked one and then it went one so i'm gonna go with one okay okay yeah all right dad boom right there tell me really quick what do you plan on doing if you win this hoverboard i'm gonna ride it i'm gonna ride around and i'm gonna hoover you know i changed my mind that's what i'm going to do if i get it not that never mind you sealed your fate dan no complaining uh that's all you're going to hear from me dude what if this thing starts covering it it saves itself it wants to get it it wants it wants me to have it it's trying to move out of the way he's going so slow and it's making me uncomfortable oh no jeez oh no oh no yeah yeah man oh okay i thought he was gonna back up whoa i'm bored into the and hover out you can take the rest of the day off oh okay he's never ridden one i'm gonna throw up john come on out buddy dude a ps5 the brand new ps5 dude yes i am that's a big deal who are you what do you do i'm john why are you the way that you are well to start i mean i was born in 1996. not too long ago dude one thing led to another and now here i am editing and now i'm here potentially going to win this cardboard ps5 iou and that scares me about to hit him in the face let us explain here ps5 we can't of course get a ps5 because there's like no more left for sale so we made a cardboard replica because if he does get it then we owe him a ps5 okay john it you have a higher likelihood of getting it if you put in one dude this never ever ever goes well it's just it's got to be one all right does it after the baseball one dude i my luck factor is you want you want a ps5 i would like one you want it it'd be cool you want it so bad are you trying to tell me what i want yeah all right bobby has pizza i recognize those kris kringles i think i just lost bobby has picked his number i've always wanted to destroy a fake ps5 i've always wanted to destroy specifically a cardboard ps5 hey this is your possible christmas bonus all right hey listen john i could be bribed bobby i'll give you dollars four hundred dollars that is one starbucks all right here we go starting up just just get it over with dude i know what i want it doesn't matter and he wants something different it doesn't matter do you have a playstation i got a ps4 i i won one from here i bought a ps4 from here so you want to hit reality here so i think we're fine here we go bobby don't he's trying to go as slow as possible don't do it don't please please don't don't please please don't it's done it's over it's gone i can't you gotta stop it it's done he got it he killed it he killed it he killed it he killed it he killed it he killed it he killed it he killed it he killed it i see you i see you it's fine it's fine go ahead just no way you're free you're freaking with me you're freaking with me oh thank you you just cost me 500 thank you joey thank you joe listen coleman say oh hey listen john i didn't run it over he didn't but i think i deserve to run over that one because it's a cardboard cutout okay can you run over a basketball in its place yeah oh shoot dog i can't it didn't go did it pop no what it did not pop wow it didn't pop all right folks we made true on our promise we're giving john the ps5 i wonder where it is oh my goodness bring it out bobby all right nope there it is the brand new oh this is so cool open it up to prove that we actually got okay you didn't actually win it we're gonna take it from you okay that's fine that's fine this is all just movie magic in it can i rip this this one still isn't real what if there's another cardboard it's like crispy yeah so it is in this video it just wasn't in the video when we were filming it at first did you bait me or is this the real thing congrats oh there she is look how pretty this is america wow beautiful wow that is oh my gosh thank you team edge thank you friends all right ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching i believe bobby and i won don't really know if there's a winner in this game but we won because we smashed the most items more than got through i won nothing you want my gratitude your gratitude give me something that i like would actually enjoy starbucks okay guys if you enjoyed this video make sure to check out don't sledgehammer your friends expensive items also go check out this video that youtube recommends for you to watch check out our merch because we're coming out with new fancy delicious stuff constantly tasty come back next time peace bye