welcome to the greatest YouTube biathlon carting race in South Essex on a Thursday ever the race will take place in the form of a biathlon with six people taking part [Music] I'm quite hopeful my aim is to not crash more than three times in the first lap so you're gonna feel any pressure recent gets your girlfriend any relationship strain there no no no no it's gonna be really easy like every time we go go kai and I pretty much breathe all over what about you Sarah how do you feel racing against Cal confident confident you seem quite confident themselves yeah but his nose was flaring and that's what happens oh yeah inside knowledge yeah last time I came karting I accidentally had my foot on the brake for about 90% of the race I'm just happy to be here Chris okay take the link in description did the head fit and help me okay today's race will include 20 laps of the track as it's a biathlon it's interspersed with shooting sections we'll start with a shooting section followed by 10 laps on the track then another shooting section and finally 10 more laps to decide who makes it onto the podium in the shooting sections the six drivers will line up and try to shoot two targets down the order in which they knock them down determines the order they get back on the track in the complication is we have six different Nerf blasters the pick of the bunch was the new nerf infamous which uses speed load technology with an Auto loading slot at the back this means that when you run out of ammo you can basically lob in the nearest darts at your feet and continue rapid firing again media the noise is also really cool I'm not gonna lie to you for the second shooting section will give the blasters out in whatever order the racers are in but we need a way to decide who gets which nerf glasses at the start one option was by the same way Sarah decides who she dates subscriber count' but we decided on qualifying instead the order being decided by our fastest lap time after a few laps more like six postman Paxman f1 drivers we began to get the hang of things [Music] it quickly became clear where the line was when it came to sportsmanship as we'll took no hesitation slamming human beings out of his path meanwhile the cracks in Cal and Sarah's relationship had started before the actual race even now at the end of the ten laps of qualifying will and his lack of a moral compass sat in pole position I was in second place and although beating Sarah Hauer wasn't wasn't the happiest I've ever seen him well if I wasn't behind a bunch of melts for the whole race Kelly was a little behind them and all he just seemed to be enjoying the day out I don't know what you're doing for those extra two seconds it's really close and then you get to the bottom what's the gravity don't really not not on my side [Music] it was the infamous for first and second place so myself and will had a disgraceful advantage going into the first shooting section [Music] after getting our money's worth with our slow-mo cameras it was time to line up and decide our starting positions on the track me and surprisingly all he came flying out the box but we'll grab Pole to the start of the race I grabbed second place despite all the odds only third place on the road out the babe we compete you failed to get ahead of the target on camera the less said about Sarah and Cal's efforts the best right so here we are we're all on the grid ready to race back here we got Sarah things haven't gone well for her in fifth we got cows to come here pretty pretty bad stare there we got Kelly in fourth Ollie has made his way up to third he had a great shooting session there I'm in second just behind mr. whale any who's at the front I stood will is going down I'm telling you he is going down didn't even need the booster seat [Music] amongst the carnage on the far corner I managed to take well on the inside got it come on Oh Sarah and cowboy also moved up the grid now for the next one right we're ready someone's gonna try and take me on the inside that's not happenin mate that's not happenin even at this point as we came to the end of lap one individual battles began to form on the track at the front myself and will were tussling for poll for the backyard Kellyanne cow and behind that alley and still gravity always the gentleman all he slows down after Karen Serra crash into the tires and I wish I could tell you why he's still not driving away but I have no idea does anyone what was that all about man therefore unsurprisingly car overtakes overlap later and leaves Olli and Sarah behind back at the front the Battle of the cliffs was really beginning to get tasty at the end of the straight will made the best move for Newcastle since they sold Andy Carroll for 35 million and managed to hold onto the lead as we finished the first 10 laps the rest of the races stayed in the same positions for the remaining laps are so meaning after me and will in helle then cow followed up by Olli and finally Sarah in last place those positions now determine which blasters each of us get in the final shooting challenge which are devilishly handsome young man will now present moving into the last 10 laps we're gonna throw a bit of a curveball so the infamous is no longer going to 1 & 2 it goes to 1 & 6 place so Sarah would you like to take the big wider cut the top I'm sorry I didn't make the rules oh that's right I did Holly would you like to come and get er the same ones last time I do apologize they're not great would you like to come and take your choice award yeah I got a choice of one Kelly would you like to come and take number number 4 yeah number four I at this time I've got number three as I thought of Sarah and well gone that's all right and whoever wins this one that's it for the final grid in a miraculous turn of event Sara claims pole position wills target malfunctioned but he did actually head it here if we're going when the target hits the deck though Cal was just before him Ivan got fourth meanwhile Kelly's struggling to load more darts looks like she needs the auto reload function of the Infernus am i right finally the rest of us got bored of waiting and helped Kelly and Ollie knock over their remaining targets meaning the final grid before the last ten laps it looks like this no idea how sarah's managed to get there but fair play calendar will follow her in first place I've slid down the leaderboard to my lowest position of the day at the worst time possible then Kelly and Ollie bring up the rail [Music] it's time to decide the winner [Music] as we rounded the first corner absolute disaster struck in fairness it was totally my fault oh I was hoping cow Hungary is that so our water Chris needs a slap sorry babe no but enough about me Sarah was loving life in first place but back to me the impossible comeback was so on alright I'm Adam again I wrote kalter there were truly awful clipping of the apex tamale but I'm not gonna slag him off too much I don't know if you spotted him ramming Kelly into the side right at the start of this section but he was no longer than nice guy the order then stayed the same until lap four when cow was on all the ropes I'm actually trying to find audio clips from well to use but he was concentrating so much throughout this like he literally didn't say a thing he's been asking credible anyway it paid off yes Oh what is it believe cool Christy office that's well in each a.m. right there I saw it it to my girl another lap went by and it was every man and for the south I want that physician sorry Sarah unless you are Olli come on we're so far ahead then the ferocity of this nerf carsick race begun to claim victims and that's me out of the race Cal was out but not down somehow anyway let's just say you will ne won't be subscribe to the calyx channel for a while Cheers wait wait I can just I can just mess with will I'm just gonna mess with will because I'm in last place right now with Cowell doing truly outstanding work to slow wil down the rest of us had a chance but the weren't many laps left come on come on dawn come on no more in your hair here we go lads this is it no let's go will after a lap of cow parking the bus so effectively the gap I was looking for opened up [Music] [Music] yes [Music] I managed to keep ahead of will and then he started to fall down not all the way down now obviously [Music] I was in pole and just needed to shift calyx and his pot bucks out the way come on yes totally spelling bees done at a cool place tell your done one better than me quietly moving up five places into second but it was yours truly who passed the checkered flag first Kalyn well finished in their own time but if there's anything to take from this slow and steady wins only 4th so third on the podium know some dirty drivin going on but it's Sarah in second place was a it was Kelly Kelly and then for us it was a oh yeah thanks against enough for sponsoring this video please make sure to leave a like subscribe if you're new around here and I hope you enjoyed it [Music]