oh I like it where boys become for youtubers vs. ninety-six [Music] Locker skins last food challenge no this is we're not doing this because well most of us are overweight here this is strictly because we did a video title I don't want anyone saying more like this aside matter the YouTube comments sounds like right now we're getting into the game and we're winning and if this video isn't delivered 30 minutes or late it's late all the videos are free anyway but if the video is good to drop a like subscribe turn on notifications use our patreon uh buy our merch and these are you do a whole Naruto video how do we do that follow a plan after food gang I got ice cream we got bananas may dot tomato we got pumpkins we got love it on be ice cream chicken we got chicken yeah chicken yeah we got chicken we could be family dinner I'll give me to be banana alright Jack needs to be the tomato wears or burger I'm vegan there we go we got the meat and veggie and then the banana split dessert everything I say it to remind my all my enemies that I'm vegan pizza cutter being tomato huh I'm being tomato I'm going tomato temple play soccer play both going retail or is one of you going tomato Tim I'm gonna go tomato temple retail ice cream shop wait you're you're building you're building an rotate what is it with a katana oh that person right there is gonna ruin this alright boys let's land when they make the sushi it's my song come on on sled team challenge the first ever fast food challenge the playing is our and trying to win the game I can't get over there for us ourselves you were there kill squad they're flying over in a quad now Oh [Laughter] oh my god it is it's the guy in 105 Marcel cutting it for sell Oh [Music] she's so bad she's oh no these people trade myself got one goin goin Paddy's date over don't lost any more corned beef but dis or no if you want to sponsor this I'm getting some great air right now dude oh my ears somebody from this episode I'm gonna turn signs out of the air never was gonna freak out yaii oh you got for the storm he's dead [Laughter] I see an active campfire multiple boats golden bogies and spotted mark though it's done I don't care if this is the stage these people they're trying to cook their own food on the campfire oh yeah they're trying to take us away from our jobs live really pissed nope oh he's washed in he just walks it in the air today he bounced back no it's been like five minutes but today we bounce back the day we deliver our food the day people are gonna get food into Bennet's oh god I got a full team on me tomato it's touch it all you do is touch it I'm just kidding there's no one here come on you have any danger the fish I will as they say a fucking DS what's up [Laughter] Oh sushi master thank you it is my honor to a fight for you today wait wait wait right here right here right here go go go go you didn't hit women doc would you did we deliver them for you what the guy tacos has no shields the no skin no shields Annette go through nice Marcel ones up on Tyler will build in from tacos your pal knock him down buddy don't yell what da Silva la Sylar this girl oh you got one Tommy crack them hard no shield I can't help you hi ma'am all right run it back this is the one this is it a deal it I can feel it right now Wow Christ well now I'm dead this is the one run it back run it back editor cut this out listen happen guys Tom my ultimate hottie I'm on my way Louise and I are riding two dangling testicle boys your help get out of your ball at help they plate three packages concurrency right let's eat pizza fellow delivery boy she's connected to me stiva Beema Beema man red now what I just don't know so fucking hard tell you 1 V 2 Marcel's the easiest one me - of your life ourselves think of the midrash care think of the mid role just think about you know you're gonna you're gonna be delivered here you got it the month for real you've wanted that for so long I'm so scared you can just room you can do this I can do this I can do this no pressure there's just like 10,000 people watching yeah and I'm bad so that's 20,000 eyeball yeah and I'm 20,000 testicles yeah well never mind never mind I think of all the views this video would get to mine but I know our channels you only have a few million people watching no imagine that's too much pressure stop give the good clips I could come out of this that will also get trended on Twitter and Instagram that could go to many many eyes and so many millions of impressions you only have about 25 to 30 million people watching thank you I appreciate that I appreciate that imagine all the people that's gonna be talking about this moment can we stop can we please you not only have the entire population of major European countries watching this yes please like okay I'm just gonna jump off this tree no please don't guys if there's 10,000 people watching that doesn't mean 20,000 testicles not everyone watching is a man thank you female bearish eyes sixteen email viewership thank you very much still a lot of testicles it is definitely still a lot of testicles but some people might have one testicle which is fine too some people have free to make up for the calculation oh my god oh he has no idea they stop they stop seeing when they're in trap his ass oh my god Marcellus he's not a knife is it he's behind come on baby come on baby [Music] [Applause] the fast-food god be so happy [Music]