it is 1109 on a Saturday night all my friends are at the bar and I am in my apartment by myself improving a YouTube video because I waited until the last possible minute because I'm straight out of content and I just build toilet water all over my legs and brand-new carpet please don't ask me how the toilet water got outside of my toilet how's your weekend going welcome back I just want to take a second to be a cliche and rant about high school and I know what you may be thinking hey Gavin even as you graduate like seven years ago but the other day and if you follow me on snapchat you already know this because I just struck a chord that day there was a teacher who used to say something almost every day that still eats away at me seven years after graduation I still am so annoyed by this man and his teachings and this dumb ass philosophy that he tried to spew onto us every day but first of all let me just start by saying that I hate high school so much and I'm not just saying that to be relatable like a lot of people think I'm sitting around when I say there's no I sucked at high school like I hated it so much I did well I got all A's that makes you really cool which by the way since when does being smart make you not cool but that's like a different topic for another day people think I'm lying and they think that I was actually like this really cool popular kid in high school and then I just try to create this character of I was such a loser no I was such a loser I wasn't just not elected for homecoming court I wasn't even asked to homecoming four years in a row I've never been asked to a dance that's a true story my senior year my friend like kind of pitty took me I sort of asked him first my prom I took a junior who was dating my junior friend because she was going with a senior and she wanted him to go to like I've never had a real date to a dance this is my high school t-shirt the run and run hurricanes we had a dance team and it was called the candy chains because para canes how cute is that I was an alternate my first year yeah so high school wasn't my sport also sports weren't my sport and I had a lot of really shitty weird teachers because I went to a really crappy inner-city public school so let me just talk about this one teacher okay this is my junior year I'm not gonna say his name but it was my calculus class and he always assigned the most absurd amount of homework and we would always complain the same complaint every time we don't have time to do this you can't assign us problems one through two hundred five times a week like we can't do it and none of us would complete we would come in and we'd be like hey dude I didn't have time to do this and you know what else you would do every single person when I say every single person I'm not exaggerating you would give us a test and every single person in the class will have missed the same question and instead of as a teacher thinking hmm maybe a there's a problem with the problem B maybe I didn't teach this problem sufficiently that's it I don't really have I was trying to give a see I don't have one but he would just mark us all off and I'm just like you're the teacher hey you're a math teacher if you have 27 students and every student mixes the same problem that is 100 percent of students misses the same problem pull here's a little math problem for you let's call him mr. Gilbert mr. Gilbert has 27 students of those 27 students 27 got the wrong answer if every student in the class got the wrong answer what is the probability that mr. Pushkin Gilbert is a duck who doesn't know how to teach his class that you blame himself instead of his 27 students and he knows the fact that he is the failure as a teacher and not his students and calculus you learn about equation and there's constants and variables in equation our students we are the variables we have 27 variables in our equation you know what the only constant is you know X is in this equation mr. Gilbert my calculations show that there is a 100% chance that you can't suck but that is not even what I'm talking about the thing that he always said that drove me up the actual wall when we would say this is too much homework we have to do we are human being we're not gonna be able to finish this physically we are incapable of finishing this he would always say there are 24 hours in a day don't tell me you don't have time there are 24 hours in a day this is the part that killed me this is the wish that I would have had the nerve to say this when I was in high school okay there's 24 hours in a day doctors recommend that you get eight to ten hours of sleep per night but I'm gonna be generous and I'm gonna say that most students get six hours tops if they're lucky so now that is six hours of our 24 hours already gone let me get my humor follow along with me I wish that I was left-handed so that I could show you my good side while I was doing this we have 24 hours I've discussed we're going to subtract six for sleep it's 18 hours of those 18 hours for six of them we are stuck in this institution so that's minus six which gives us 12 so hello half of our day is already gone from school and sleep that is not even including the time that it takes to wake up get ready in the morning and actually get to school and leave so let's be really generous again and just give ourselves two hours for all of that we are down to ten hours in a day ten hours left what are we gonna do with those 10 hours okay let's talk about after-school activities all right so if you have practice for some type of sport we're gonna take two hours out of the day for practice if you have an extracurricular activity now we're down to eight hours now god forbid you're involved in any type of club volunteer work school committee so I'm just gonna take a miscellaneous hour for all those people who are doing good and we're down to seven hours so we have these seven precious hours and our day do we want to eat maybe buddy you can eat while you work so that doesn't count come on I'm not even gonna take time away for that do you have chores your parents want you to do you have to pick up your little sister from the bus stop let's give ourselves an hour we're down to six hours now how many classes do you have in high school I think it's six math science history English usually have to have any elective that's not including gym lunch and free period so let's just say I'll say you have five classes okay five classes now say all of those classes give you homework every night because believe it or not a lot of times that's true so five classes usually homework takes about an hour class that leaves you with one hour one hour of your day should you spend it relaxing should you spend it with your family should you maybe try to socialize or have friendships work out should you use it reading a book that you aren't required to have a book cover on you have one hour one precious hour you know how you're gonna use it doing calculus homework but you're probably not going to finish and you're gonna get a bad grade on anyways because guess what there's only 24 hours in a day buddy I'm not a big fan of homework I am a firm believer that kids should spend a lot of time socializing creating painting playing sports meeting new people going outside playing Pokemon like do something when you're sitting in a prison for six to seven hours a day the last thing you want to do is go home and do more than that you were doing all day you want kids to learn you want kids to succeed let him do they want to do there is one thing that teacher told me that I always disagreed with and I have to admit I may have been wrong I always felt like a lot of the stuff that I was learning was stupid I thought math was stupid and he always said you're going to need math in your real life and he was right leave your least favorite parts about school in the comments below please let's rent about this because I'm relatable make sure to subscribe to my channel if you have not give this video a thumbs up and check out my blog channel thanks for watching as always I love you very much thank you for being a part of my family and I'll see you next oh yeah