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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will born from what culture and I'm the inspirational Andy Murray from what culture and remember if you're not flugel your frog something an update on the ongoing issues between Sasha banks and WWE two huge new matches for money in the bank and backlash first anyway we've got a big big story to kick things off it is here finally almost two decades after the conclusion of the Monday Night Wars the new wrestling war is upon us that's right Vince McMahon is in the trenches he's getting bloody he's getting gangrene and all that other good stuff and he's not coming up until he has Tony Khan's head in his grasp because WWE and AAW are definitely not at war but this story kind of suggests that there's a lot going on between the two so basically and the long-winded introduction was to lead to this Kurt Angle and The Undertaker have pulled out of their scheduled appearances at starcast / WWE's edicts now this is down to new contracts that the dual signed with WWE quite recently that had clauses in them greatly restricting what they can do outside of Vince McMahon's promotion and ta W contract that's called I mean that's basically what they are so obviously well we started with a big jokey spiel about Wrestling Wars and all this other silly nonsense and that's kind of what this is like this is a response to what Vince McMahon feels is growing competition and the potential future of flair they're not fresh at the moment but they might be later down the line at conrad thompson the event organizer broke this news when he was speaking to Sports Illustrated of course big friend of the channel and and he basically said I've got the direct quote here I had a friend discussed the situation with Vince McMahon and I was assured that the heat wasn't on me or my event but rather than the Undertaker shouldn't be doing personal appearances outside of WWE he was assured that damages will be covered and then that a potential replacement would be offered he suggested Vince McMahon which would be hell interesting Triple H or Stephanie McMahon and so forth but he hasn't had anything back he also just yet suggested Shawn Michaels Shawn Michaels didn't want to do it because of starcast closeness to aw now there's a lot to unpack here and WWE are obviously well within their rights to do something like this whether you think subjectively it's the right thing to do or not what do you reckon if this whole thing on mr. Wilborn [Music] yeah I get it it makes a lot of sense for WWE to go that's a nice convention you've got there be ashame is the one really star cast who is gonna be incredible regardless of whether or not Kurt Angle yes it is there but you know it's completely within WWE's control if they've got these people Sonny's and you've got they didn't force them to sign these new contracts if they sign a new contract and they have this restriction placed in them then it's fair enough that they remove them but it is another sign I know people keep arguing about it in the comments that WWE are the very least concerned about the attraction of aw yeah I mean it's competition like you can argue all you want but it is competition that's what competition is one of the definitions of the word is they're forcing an outside entity to do other things that's what WWE are doing they've been forced to change their signing policy they've been forced to lock talent up to these crazy big-money contracts they are now going out of their way to deliberately shut down things like Kerr angle and the Undertaker appearing outside events there they have changed the way they do business because of a ewz existence that is competition if you're denying it well you probably should buy a dictionary or something but look none of this is nice it's pretty underhand but it's business is what Vince McMahon does it's what he's always done the people I feel sorry for here are Conrad of course because he's been kind of screwed over pretty big time and people who were buying tickets to go and see Kurt Angle and the Undertaker at this thing that I mean there's gonna be countless plenty great guests at star casters give me one hell of a thing by imagine a lot of people were really looking forward to seeing the Undertaker in this one-of-a-kind scenario and now it's kind of gone the other side of this good news for starcast is that they are preparing to announce a Bay big big name that has never done anything like this before which is extremely interesting and should be another big selling point in itself but it's just a shame for Conrad and the fans the taker and Kurt won't be there yes but this is surely the start of something much much bigger moving on speaking of actually someone who's been involved in w/e and linked with aw Sasha banks as reported on shagging a Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer radio very recently WWE and Sasha banks are apparently now at a stalemate they've been working on obviously bringing Sasha banks back in she had very big fallout with WWE in the immediate aftermath of WrestleMania 35 in her and Bayley losing the Women's tag-team titles and it was rumoured that she was gonna be going to aw maybe leaving her contract so ever there's still a faint hope apparently from some people within WWE she will return in time for the money in the bank pay-per-view next month but as of right now it's not really getting anywhere yeah this whole thing has just turned into a big awkward political soup hasn't it all this talk the WWE might actually be willing to let her Whang down her contract but they will freeze it for X amount of time so they're basically gonna Naville her is if she doesn't come back to television they're gonna try and Neville Sasha banks which from their point of view I mean again it's nasty it's kind of underhand it's kind of low but it's business it kind of makes sense for WWE to do that because if Sasha banks calls it elsewhere she's a big big asset for a company like aw I'm incredibly biased I'm a huge fan of Sasha banks and III think this should be used as a catalyst for a hopefully a heel turn within WWE I think if you bring her back as a dominant heel you've got--if defending ball gets what happens with Becky Lynch in a second but let's say she gets past those two hurdles you've got a ready-made huge opponent who ran Ronda Rousey incredibly close to the Royal Rumble creamer and would undoubtedly yeah be a big full pay-per-view match for trabeculae she build her up she runs through loads of people she maybe even have that blow-off feud that we keep wanting with Bailey and put her in there's a huge heel opponent yeah more like a Becky Lynch I think she'd be fantastic I hope that they realize they need to utilize her because she's kind of done nothing outside of the tag and the Ronda Rousey match yeah that's the thing when you when you create a situation via like weird or / Brooking for years and years and years and you have this massive legion of creatively stifled talented people they are eventually going to start rebelling when competition starts emerging and the W's emerging now of course Sasha banks now potentially has the opportunity to go and ply her trade elsewhere and perhaps feel like more of a valued employee more of a promoted star the point you make about turning human WWE is excellent I think that would be absolutely fantastic particularly on Raw at the moment that division has been left very very thin following the superstar shake-up whatever happens with this story I think it's going to be really interesting to see how it pans out and I can't wait to see what's next personally speaking of can't wait to see what's next money in the bank yeah it's a pay-per-view that's happening the card is coming together rather nicely and on last night Smackdown we got two new matches so the perhaps the most significant of these is the Becky Lynch will be defending her Smackdown Women's Championship against Charlotte Flair who won a fantastic little number one contender's match with Bailey so Becky as things currently stands will be defending both of her belt on the same pay per view Charlotte for the smart dumb belt at least he Evans for the raw belt they've cleared up the confusion as to what would be happening Lisa Evans was talking about challenging for both belts which was a bit wacky what you reckon in this match yeah I'm really excited to see it and I think with her facing Lacy and Charlotte on the same night there's various different permutations and different ways that they can block it and I can't see what happens yeah I mean they're always great like these matches I know we've seen it like a thousand times before about what the qualities this high who cares and the second match that we can talk about here is Roman reigns the big dog he came out at the top the show he was Shane McMahon was already in the reigning approaching and he was jumped from behind by Elias so those guys are going to wrestle and money in the bank Elias kind of seems like the perfect stood shield for Roman to absolutely crush on his road back to the top yeah and I really liked the storyline involving Shane obviously with turning up on on Smackdown last week and shinning his dad it makes sense and mike says the perfect first feud for Roman on the blue brand absolutely it heels Shane has been an absolute delight so far him versus Roman at SummerSlam could we see that I mean it sounds like a big bag of bollocks but I'm a hundred percent into that today concerns backlash which has now been postponed only sort of I suppose it's been reported by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer radio it's been postponed until 16 to June yes correct no sorry that's been tossed back to the 23rd unit it's gonna be on the 16th of June but due to w YZ next saudi arabia's show just taking place on the 7th at you they pushed it back a week so we don't just get bombarded with tape use like we did a couple years ago um it makes sense yeah absolutely you've got to give these things room to breathe and there will probably be a lot of huffing and farting coming out of the saudi arabian pay-per-view because it is a saudi arabian pay-per-view people will be up in arms justifiably so in some cases there'll be a lot of press to cover backlash really would have been smothered it's a b-level pay-per-view it's a pay-per-view that doesn't really have the best reputation over the past few years I know it's said not one of your personal favorites Adam world war so pushing it back does make sense here's hoping that leads to a backlash that doesn't suck for one I just hope they don't decide to you know drop big feud for Saudi Arabia and then have to rebook bigger feuds for two weeks after that I think they should just have a feuds are gonna be taking place in Saudi Arabia you big banner matches and then other man other matches that you've been building for the time between money in the bank and black guys just have that backlash exactly do triple h vs sting in saudi arabia and then dude Daniel Bryan versus a no Roman ring yeah Daniel Bryan refresh we ain't going to Saudi Arabia absolutely right run to your Twitter questions over the gate and tweet the matters at what culture WWE first question comes from Sookie Kenshin uncle agent name down Master I think we do nothing for him to do should gable get a manager to help him on the roster and something like a car oh I don't think so like I think the Chad gable is a really fully formed three-dimensional professional wrestler in that he's not only good in the ring I think he's got a good personality and good charisma and he can talk the problem is he doesn't get to show it too often we saw particularly in NXT when he was doing all that backstage stuff with Jason Jordan then transferring into bigger tag-team feuds the guy is fantastic he's a lot like Curt like early Kurt Angle with this goofy sense of like dork charisma it comes off really really well I think that for Chad gable to prosper all they need to do is let him show that and I think that a manager like is particularly Kurt Angle who he's been compared to so many times actually overshadow him yeah that might be a very good point that and I thought maybe it'd be a nice idea with care but that does make a lot of sense just push him give him a push in mabushii same question today comes from the fat man it was to pick a find the phone of the Undertaker who do you think should be tasked to put him out to pasture Baron Corbin bang Colby no obviously not although like if firing carbons beat him in a minute would that not be hilarious it's like legitimately a final opponent for the Undertaker you know you're not probably not gonna get a great match out of the Undertaker ever again even asking for the spectacle is kind of tough now because like the the aura the presence only really transforms why you only really feel it when you're in the building these days it doesn't really come off on TV anymore it's actually a really tough question and while we can say these darker characters like finn bálor and alistair black and all this stuff the appeal if you're watching on tape just wouldn't be there but if you want to use him to put over a younger star then absolutely go for a I mean Finn Balor's not a young man but it'd be a show we definitely yeah I think we put this right in the build to Wrestlemania whoever it was who works here he says just have demon Finn Balor coming and destroying my shaker in two minutes like take what's left of his broken bike mystique and stuff it's it's sad but there's nothing like final question today comes from Big Z on Twitter who Seth Rollins has been teased at getting a little Healy with low blows and such do you see him turning heel properly in the AJ Styles feud leading to Hill Rollins versus face Ambrose take the first half that question question was going so well until the end M yeah I mean I could absolutely see Seth Rollins turning heel I know him winning at WrestleMania was this big crowd pleasing fantasy moment but Seth like man like I might be in the minority with this opinion but I think he's really dry as a babyface I am not convinced by the ants yeah if we can rally injen and here to burn it down all that I just I don't know I find it really unconvincing now when he was a heel he was a sniveling little bell end it was quality so why not turn him against AJ one of them's probably gonna have to do it they can't string this thing on for too long with them both as these kind of babyface characters yeah I think it makes sense we were talking about this on the Aurora view podcast yesterday about the fact that I'm absolutely fine despite the fact we moan about all the time we're seeing three pay-per-view matches between Seth Rollins and AJ stars because they're just bloody they'll be good wrestlers we got yes you need some nuance to it and some changes in between them and I think I like babyface Seth Rollins most people do to be fair but it's just so much more scope for him being a heel and quite a lot of area that he didn't really explore like you said he was a little bit of a bitch you know par the authority whereas now if he was just about get champion that's what you want to see keep the cackle yeah but just have him be a bastard yes and then to find a from you know a victory and him being oh yeah I'm a bastard I'm the still the champion comes Dean Ambrose that's what's gonna bring him back that all Shane McMahon beaten off sir I'm not gonna walk off set those three months days and finally and this was shared on reddit squared circle you might seen this yesterday have you ever wondered what's really written on those contracts that they saw in the ring you know it's like it says oh yeah it's a series Triple H versus Brock Lesnar hold harmless agreement from SummerSlam you've got to have everything bad on that it says you know this will let it this match will take place at SummerSlam that they stay in this venue right but then you know they flip it over and it says triple Eight's brockless and they sign their name underneath it on like majo ever someone has found one and zoomed in and I think this is like pop Isis Part V but as soon as part of okay renewals just going to read this verbatim Paul you have to zoom in World Wrestling Federation is a creative genius the whole kitchen I absolutely know because I can as real oh my god there's no one else you think they ride in those contracts they signed me yes they are just this just gonna be some banners are palpable any banter yeah is there's no your thoughts on that and all of today's news stories in the comment section below and don't forget to like share and subscribe and send us Twitter questions at what culture WWE while she there follow myself and Andy you can follow him at Andy hey it's Maria the H stands for heroic you follow me at Adam world one you can follow us all at what cook UW each other said my thanks to Andy thank you for watching we will see you soon