WWE Confront AEW Fans At Royal Rumble 4 Horsewoman Tease

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will Warner from what culture and I'm Suzy roof and yes we haven't gone to bed yet finally Royal Rumble pay-per-view I've been up for about 36 hours this sucks but worry not because this is the news man it's comfortable on this couch I could fall asleep no right we start with Z fallout from the Royal Rumble match and that is two title changes and the winners spoilers actually if you're watching wrestling YouTube video after the Royal Rumble you can't compose anyway so shut up two title changes are you two winners of the or mendelian Jerome will matches have been revealed of course Seth Rollins won the men's Royal Rumble match last eliminating braun strowman a year when him pretty early putting a good showing got put through a table by bobby lashley the final four were seth rollins braun strowman and brad a and Dolph Ziggler it's fun when he came out with number 28 yeah number 30 so after braun strowman got rid of Andrade and Dolph Ziggler it was down to the to me good little back and forth battle and ended up with Seth Rollins hitting a curb stomp on broad strowman on the apron water on filthy outside so Seth Rollins issue one of the men's Rumble match and surprisingly the women's Royal Rumble match was won by Becky Lynch but who were you thinking uh amore wait she wasn't in the match no she replaced an injured Lana who got injured on the pre-show we'll get to that in a second who came out of number 28 Becky Lynch came out and went can I have a spot and apparently Finlay has the authority yes yeah yep Royal Rumble general manager Emily in you go the final three were nyah jacks Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair Becky rich eliminated Nige actually then attacked her on the outside it all looked like it was gonna be nigh Jack's injury and Becky yet again a Becky for way back in and eliminated Charlotte Flair she wins the women's Royal Rumble match and I'm cannot wait to see who she challenges challenge someone after the match that asked her did last year but then I guess they didn't have a road the Rosie Davey segment to colonic probably should have been the last match of the night but anyway the other two things you need to know about from the Royal Rumble in the two title changes that was the smackdown tag team titles yes it actually the Me's and Shane McMahon defeated at the bar and beam is wearing his own Shane McMahon t-shirt my we're to love it not only that but a 49 year old man hit a chute quite good see the good job on Ceaser ooh for the victory for me and Shane my man they all celebrate it on the outside crowler's popping and they celebrate with mrs. dad's that was a nice little touch and the other target range he needs about happening on the pre-show Shinsegae Nakamura defeated rusev to become Oh to reclaim his United States Championship rusev had a coming together with Lana and knocked her off the apron scooted her ankle in which led to the injury later on and yeah for his troubles he got a Kinshasa to the back of the head for the one-two-three your update on the rumble goings on you are up to date on the Royal Rumble goings on so we've just spoken about titles that changed hands here's one that did not change hands are under Ozzy successfully defending Lee role Women's Championship against Sasha banks match of the night fin versus Brock was really good but March of the night I'm saying yeah so Ron died one of these little fall our interview spoke after the successful defense and she had a few words to say about a potential four horsewomen of wrestling versus four horsewomen of MMA match this is obviously something that has been rumored before but has not come to fruition but here's what she had to say and I will quote her I just think the four horse woman is the only real point of contention for me me and my friends were the four horse woman before we came to WWE it's just something that is so personal and near and dear to me and my friends that if they help the fours up in the same regard that we do I would have respect for that but for them it's nothing but marketing so certainly sounds like she's trying to pick a fight before the beginning bailing Charlotte Danielle one that one sasha was the what was the one who sort of reiterate at the end of the match by doing this yes or sign and I thought she's just saying forget it was my birthday on Saturday Wow all right no I I thought I think it's a match we all love to see obviously but I can't have a feel they should just sit on this to a survivor too early it's way too early like with all due respect right Ron does amazing Shana's great the other two aren't ready if you saw I don't know if you saw there our next team ouch they are them TV a couple of weeks ago there are nowhere near the level of Sheen and polished required to do a magic specially a match of this size they need more time in the performance and their otherwise a worst-case scenario someone might get hurt I am sure sure fear and you can transform into great wrestlers with time but come on don't put them out to dry like that I realized we fantasy book and we look forward a lot is it wrong of me to say that as a matter I'd love to see considering what we've heard about Ronda Rousey possibly going away and starting a family at Survivor Series 2020 I think so I mean these MMA fighters come in and they show a natural aptitude for professional wrestling we get very good very quick you can she feel have only been training for a few months a year and a half from now or a year and ten months why every Survivor Series next year would be they could be really good but they need time it's too early speaking of going head-to-head with competition that's right no sleep the segways are still there and speaking of segues do you know the guy who invented the Segway do you know how he died I do - over Segway off a cliff there you go poetic and the latest update or on the or the latest fallout from the WWE vs. aew war what that's what we're calling there's definitely a war isn't it well goings on there certainly any when we go hiding wrong a tank this is that at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view yesterday there's been reports that WWE have been telling insisting forcing fans even to remove a ewm urge there's a video online from Twitter user at scrump underscore one there's a link to its Crump at what cultured calm if you want to go and watch it which shows a fan being asked to remove his a e W shirt he's on the front row like we've we've long suspected that WWF starting to gain this rule it's not been officially announced but they are specially saying you cannot wear a BB much interesting there because he's surrounded by bullet Club t-shirts they seem to be fire yeah but it's just direct correlation isn't it you know any advertising or accidental advertising for their rivals it seems like WWE already clamping down on that yeah I think it's a bit silly and you can't con people into thinking the aew doesn't exist like I can understand why they might see is not advertisement in the front there sure but like just coming to your show wearing a nice wrestling teacher it's not like they're coming up with you know like a swastika or something you know like it's God's sake why are they so insecure they're the biggest wrestling promotion in the world they've got all this money they're supposedly invincible and they're worried about Stevie 17 years old who just wants to wear his cool shirt you got from pro wrestling teams I would feel if someone did the reverse when iew starts they aren't gonna bat an eyelid oh no Karen oh nice thing it's a lot of negative press with WWE but you know it's their house they're always I suppose it's a weird move it it really is a weird move now just get off hey don't you just get a long angle friends you get along so guess what's back what you know we're gonna get it is it been away for about 20 years it has been a way for exactly 20 years half time heat baby yes okay so what we're getting obviously after well not obviously not all people saw this but after a takeover it was a big big brawl with all the Big Kahuna's in the NXT brand it smelled backstage he was broken up by Triple H Alistair Black was involved Adam Cole Johnny Gargano Tommaso Champa Velveteen dream Who am I missing uncle Adam cool you say dream black jumper look at that ricochet they say you only had the best match to you ever and we're sitting here forgetting his name sleep deprivation is bad soon they had a big brawl and it has led to this it is a six-man tag yeah taking place during halftime Super Bowl this Sunday is gonna be shown live on the WWE Network and YouTube it is going to be babyfaces alistair black Velveteen dream ricochet versus Tommaso Champa Gianni Gargano and Adam Cole that was one hell of a star-studded match it's the first time there has been a half time heat show in 20 years last one was in 1999 that was the rock vs mankind in a wacky empty arena brawl and WWE are kind of funny about this the the commercial this showed said what else are you gonna do a half time watch maroon 5 they're pretty badly Nickelback tear yes I can't wait for this match we all wanted to know what was happening much following the fallout from from takeover and look if we get that much sooner fantastic look we want to see what's gonna happen going forward with gagana with Champa with ricochets Cole with everyone basically involved in this and yeah I'm gonna be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday it's gonna be the LA Rams versus New England Patriots and a half time if you're stuck for something to do that is gonna be a bloody brilliant match I would watch it but I am too stupid to understand the NFL I take your word it will be very good because I don't want to step when he loses sucuri versus Daniel Phil the beats Rock to move on to all resting questions tweet them as at what culture WV let's start with Danny nightmare what is him who do you feel missing from the Royal Rumble oh how about any good surprises and Jeff Jarrett not dude it was fun but it wasn't a game out here was it yeah like I think that was a bit disappointing like I mean there are other people on the roster who could have been thrown in your Chad Gables and Bobby Roode's and stuff but they're not particularly exciting you want to see people you haven't seen in a while and I don't think we really got that did we like Jeff Jarrett was funny but like man surely like I'm not as biggest fan but Bray Wyatt would have been cool Matt Hardy would even fund in some delete chance if Kevin Owens has been cleared I don't know if he has or not if he's been cleared surely he would have been no been yeah I mean I'm kind of torn here because we had some incredible talent in the ring even though it was only a select few that you thought could probably win certainly the men's Royal Rumble but I did like the fact that they gave a lot of spaces to NXT obviously on a media gonna be called as the main roster but they get a lot of exposure in there and annex to UK stars I was complete done look fantastic in there as well but yeah cuz I've done with the odd surprise but like the hurricane last year was really enjoyable yeah yeah maybe just move the comedy spot a little bit later maybe don't open with it but yeah it was a bit of a weird way to start wasn't it I tell you who was how I feel was missing from the rumble r-truth and Lana Alou Dellucci describe just remember that ending to the men's room up here that great how would you guys get Charlotte Flair into the main event of Wrestlemania oh it's got to be Stu G hasn't it because the whole point of this storyline the whole thing that started it was that Charlotte was stealing opportunities away from Becky she kind of weaseled her way into that triple threat match the self the heel turn when Charlotte won the belt and then was like crying's and the fans were like cheering and stuff it was hilarious and I think you used to the exact same thing honestly like a back door a little number one contendership she gets back into Becky's big opportunity again but at this point the story comes full circle and Becky pins Charlotte to win the Triple Threat and that's a nice way to cover just give her like a stupid number one preferential treatment angle yeah I've heard a lot of discussion about something happening perhaps at Elimination Chamber but my concern with that if you if you go that down that route is just gonna cheapen this might not win this championship even more so I think yeah some sort of complaint to the higher-ups let's say could could definitely do something for the her I I think it's the most obvious way to do it and the sadistic look on her face she's made to be yeah she come on yes use that rope but basically she's gonna be the one who's gonna be cheered to the rafters at WrestleMania rile final question comes from Matt Reed who says with that map with how that match when talking about Finn Balor versus Brock Lesnar where does Finn go from here well the really set it up was almost as if cuz he got barred after the match obviously Brock just back to the mid career see you later new Finn and the way they set up was almost like they wanted you to believe that maybe Finn was gonna come back in the rumble as the d win the rumble obviously think we're stupid no time for on that plane yeah no time yeah they got a point but like I just kind of felt like a wet bar maybe I worked myself into a chute when that didn't happen I think it's back to the mid card you know like broke B I'm opting to get whatever he lost from selling for this little fella during the match and now I think he's just gonna be the smiley goofy goof troop loser babyface again I'm gonna say hopeful of a reinvention post WrestleMania I think you maybe have him win the Andre the Giant thing just as a little booster at WrestleMania to give him something to do and then you switch him on to SmackDown because that is where he would thrive and eventually you build and you build and you build you have to bid build finn bálor back up we have to reestablish there not only can each transform into the demon but he is a legitimately fantastic wrestler when he's just being himself and you build to finn bálor versus Daniel Bryan a big pay-per-view that just that before prints money for me right should we wanted today's and finally please do normally with these we have a little bit of a funny news story or but to be honest when I came in here I considered just saying remember that time now Jax got hit with an RKO but the the big news today that we really need to report is the fact that's unbelievably we are going to wrestle me yeah we are sure the whole of the what culture wrestling team will be at WrestleMania 35 yes before you ask that does include of course your friend and nine Simon Miller we are all gonna be there for WrestleMania weekend we cannot wait and most of all we should say we're only be able to do this because of you guys absolutely cuz of you guys watching our videos contributing and helping us out so I want to say thank you so much for that and hopefully we will see you guys a Wrestlemania lots more information on that to come in the coming weeks and months and thank you by the way to titus O'Neil who randomly retweeted our news video for today yeah that was a bit weird wasn't it nice to titus all that's nice thing for him to do man well always always pulling for him just missed out on one of the men's Royal Rumble this year you had a good run Denis well it was me hey Ron it was definitely was a run yep right go to bed not well anyway today's new stories in the comments section below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe and make sure you check out our wrestling podcast including our royal room routine Royal Rumble review by essential for what cause resting on either iTunes or Spotify my thanks to Andy Murray thanks once again to you guys for watching and we will see you soon