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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will born from what culture and I'm the inspirational Andy Murray from what culture and remember I ain't got time for that today we've got so much news to tell you about including the host city for Wrestlemania 37 may have been revealed the latest on the Leo rush situation Saudi Arabia has caused another WWE pay-per-view to be rescheduled Impact Wrestling stealing a top-level free agent from WWE an impact wrestler has been rushed to hospital Vince McMahon's reasons for WWE's financial swamp and a first time ever match coming up on Smackdown live this week this is the new story number one it is an absolute belter so money in the bank is only a few weeks away less than three now it's on May 19th and the card is really starting to come together we have four matches and I'm so far I won't run through them you should know them already but a number of potential matches have leaked online over the weekend this comes to us via a wrestling news.com who claimed to have acquired images leaked through the local advertising market so I won't run through every single one here because there are six matches but for most in seven new ones inside but the four most interesting matches are a WWE Championship triple threat doing Kofi Kingston Kevin Owens and Rowan interesting and the men's Money in the Bank ladder match of which of course we know is gonna take place but why not for that they claim it's gonna be dramatic entire Cesaro Rey Mysterio ricochet Alistair black Andrade and five Star Wars Sullivan and the woman's Money in the Bank ladder match and this one's a bit weird Tamina Sasha banks whose m.i.a and Natalya Naomi Bailey carmella amber moon and Sonya develop a new man tiros the most interesting match of all on this lineup and this is a particular red flag because they've never done this before and NXT Money in the Bank ladder and get this lineup Jackson Riker and but the rest of it keep Matt riddle Adam cool pink done Tyler breeze returning to the NXT brand and Dominic by jaga which now spent a long time running through those quick cliff no spots unlike his calm way I love money bank and I would love to see nn-xt Money in the Bank ladder match it's one hell of a lineup pinch of salt it's only one source the things like Sasha banks appearing in the NXT ladder match sound quite insane but if they happen we won't be complaining no idea what Rose doing the WB down there but fine whatever right moving on story number two WrestleMania 36 as you know he's gonna be taking place in Tampa Bay but WrestleMania 37 according to Dave not on wrestling observer could be taking place in Los Angeles he said on wrestling observer radio I think is gonna be Los Angeles the city wants it in 2021 WWE wants it in 2022 but it looks like the city of Los Angeles is probably going to get its way when WWE are gonna go there they're gonna try and claim the record for the AT&T Stadium which is like a hundred thousand people so that probably game about a hundred and two thousand yeah they'll make a bunch of rubbish up and then the true number will come out the next week out 72,000 yes and ready for a lot of Michael Cole shouting WrestleMania goes Hollywood's Oh that'll be fun how many alley I guess is the cool location and I can't wait to go there because we will definitely be going there absolutely see you there under percent so the latest on the Leo rush situation shall wait so his new report from fight fell obviously last week and was fresh reports of backstage heat only a rush prompting the wee man to upload quite a strong social media rebuttal now this new report from fight ball this suggests one of the reasons the WWE's locker room are so frustrated with him is an insistence on having his wife present at all times backstage rehearsals which is apparently very very unusual now there are two specific incidents quoted in the article number one is time when Finn Balor apparently to Cleo to the sides and said look Vincent probably isn't appreciate you having family members around backstage Leo blew him off the second one revolves around Leo bragging about him and his wife getting a reality show which led to management getting involved now apparently according to fight fall these issues are so strong the leo will be very very lucky if he ever appears on a main roster show ever again given the Ross tonight so we'll kind of find out a little bit more about that if he's hanging out with Bobby Lashley then perhaps these issues have been resolved but maybe Leo rush is gonna be just restricted to two or five live yes it's difficult to cover this because I you know some people something whose relationships are different in others and maybe it's a sort of security blanket to have his his wife there and that's kind of fair enough but the rules are what they are WWE is what it's like we know what to expect there and it's one thing to just be like do you mind if my missus is sort of painting about it's a another thing altogether to either yeah shun people when they want to organize whether it be matches or storylines or whatever and also to be showing off backstage it sounds like he's making a rod for his own back and I add a bit of empathy for him last week but this is the case then you can't read justify it yeah we we stuck up for the 24 year old piece of gold on our video on Friday but you got play by the rules right let's move on next to another WWE pay-per-view that is going to be rescheduled due to their shows in Saudi Arabia this time it is NXT takeover San Jose which was originally scheduled for June the 8th will because W do we you're going to Terry Arabia I think the day before June 7th according to wrestling the server that NXT takeover is going to be rescheduled not great surprise this they move back so takeover arguably as a lesser pay-per-view at least in WWE's eyes yeah absolutely it's not connect rise as much attention as the Saudi Arabian shoe or a backlash would have so yeah it's quite natural they don't want to have a log jam where they have all these like major shoes just stuck in a row except on weekends where they purposefully plan that like WrestleMania weekend in SummerSlam and so forth and word is that the takeovers new date will be announced during this Wednesday's set of TV tapings so we should have a new update on that later in the week but yeah hardly a big surprise it's just kind of Saudi Arabian Shores kind of throwing a massive wrench in everything else and you can have that all you want WWE gave me my NXT money in the bank imagine how good that man should be until Jackson's right to report it anyway shall we move on let's move on yeah let's move on our next story of the day Empire wrestling's seem to have signed a pretty big name free agent from under WWE's nose so if you cash your mind back a couple weeks ago we reported the WWE were interested in signing Michael ELQ and I think it came from Dave Meltzer in the observer and he had left New Japan Pro Wrestling and was into the free agency market it would make sense for them to find him because he is a big name showed up at the end of last night's impact wrestling pay-per-view spoiler alert three-two-one he attacked the new champion Brian Cage who won the belt from Johnny Impact John Morrison on that very show so Michael Elkin ISM Impact Wrestling he debuted to the the rebellion pay-per-view begin interesting to see how he does yeah yeah absolutely like we said we anticipated he was gonna be going to WWE they've been smashing people oh it's kind of rare to be honest to hear someone getting picked up by someone other than w WAW in the current climate but yeah yeah look he it might be the perfect place for him yeah yeah I mean Mike Logan controversial reputation but a deal I mean there's all such thing as an objectively great professional wrestler it's all subjective but my view he's a great professional wrestler and what's maybe he can be a boon there and more fallout from that rebellion pay-per-view from impact last night to tell you about Brian Cage you mentioned their new champion biggity Ryan rushed to hospital following the event according to impact on Twitter he allegedly suffered a back injury during the match possibly due to a spanish fly the Johnny Impact gave to Cage but he did as you mentioned managed to finish the match and was attacked by Michael Hogan close match we wish him well we wish him a speedy recovery hopefully should be fine but yes Brian cage rushed to hospital following last night's impact rebellion pay-per-view yeah worrying stuff and particularly as he just won the belt at the end of a long story line of Johnny impact a very talented guy very important guy for Impact Wrestling so let's hope he makes east with recovery no matter what the injury is next so some new stuff coming out of Vince McMahon WWE released their latest set of financial reports last week we were very underwhelming revenue is down they actually reported an operating loss for the first time in what feels like forever and live events were down 14% viewership is in the toilet all kinds of bad stuff now Vince McMahon rather weirdly has and I quote attributed this to the loss of 15 top talents due to injury and other reasons now you can certainly say that certain superstars not being around by contributed a little bit to it obviously we woman reigns has been a while away for a while Brock Lesnar is not always there per his the Rosie mrs. shows you in there Seth Rollins missed a few shows when he was injured sometime after the Royal Rumble but 15 top stars wins 15 top stars oh yeah I love Fandango he's been injured for a least he's now top star yeah like and surely and to be fair this is w e've got quite a few of the stars if he just saw me I wish then surely if everyone else was built up as stars as well it would be a problem that's what pro wrestling is when someone goes down injured you have another guy on the bench ready to come up and take the spot so I happen to like as I look to me this comparison cuz people always get mad new Japan schinsky Nakamura left one of the biggest stars in the company AJ Styles no problem here's katsuyori shibata which doesn't work out for injury here's Tatsuya night'll we're good business went up when these guys left and here's Vince McMahon kind of lamenting the opposite bit weird yeah say blame the talent not your terrible writer who wrote Raw awfully towards the end of last yeah I need to ruin the mystique around McIntyre yeah definitely the time it's the talent its injuries here right our final news story of the day concerns Smackdown live this week and a first time ever match sort of it's gonna be Becky Lynch versus Bailey on this week's smackdown live W do we have promote to this as the first time ever they will face off which is sort of true it's the first time they will ever face off in singles competition on the matter they wrestle quite a few times in NXT yeah but regardless disregarding that first time ever nonsense because we know W reduced makes bollocks up and it's gonna be a great match I think Bailey is well from one week that she had a real resurgent us week the way she acted to a shot of leg got good reaction on the crowd and I'd like to see it in and around the top picture maybe even she should be the person to win the women's Money in the Bank contract yeah I think that'd be really cool and I can definitely see her losing this match or what we do know the Derby W love jobbing out champions and non-title matches either way bailey showed like you said so new Bible in last week's when you spine she stuck up to Charlotte Becky and the powers-that-be field really good in that match hopefully this can be the start of a new beginning for our pan cards on Charlotte being ringing side this or on commentary yes yeah she'll be doing some scamp's dot function right let's move on to your Twitter questions only time at four one today because of all the news don't forget in between the matters at what culture WWE though question today comes from hibiscus on Twitter who says after the Kofi Kingston vs kevin owens vs. rowan match at money in the bank who should feel with character with Kofi Kingston next his pics are and draw day for Ally oh and he says the bullet club he is what culture Shane McMahon well Shane McMahon the best in the world look live this is a semi banger pic because it's Shane McMahon and he's not very good but he has been a super annoying piece of trash he'll and I think him doing his best in the world stick against coffee and kind of like weaseling his own way into a title shot would be really fun they obviously coffee would have to win and it wouldn't be any kind of match now biased thing could be a lot of fun sports I would be sports entertained by that backlash certainly in recent years it's been the home of crap wrestling yeah just really really disappointing pay views we're gonna get a heal Shinsegae Nakamura versus face AJ stars for the first time and they just went to the next pay-per-view and the next really I'm gonna go against Shane McMahon and although I think that his top banner I'm gonna go Randy Orton they've got a great deal of history there you could quite easily see Randy coming in saying it's taking you so long to be w/e champion I was champion within the first few know a few years of being in the company they've got that history when they had that fuse what ten years ago when it wasn't Kofi poured paint over a carpet and I think it'd just be the perfect next step you know you have you have to have Kofi beat a few people that won't be damaged by the loss Kevin Owens will be fine Randy Orton will be absolutely fine money right let's move on to the race no time right and finally and well we've had a lot of new stories to go through today we've got to give a couple up yeah Sasha banks got green here and I'm Sasha bat and Renee Young's got a new tattoo yeah yeah bout more of that what culture icon pick you actually can that's the thing but today's and finally centered around live Morgan if you rub all those things where you go away for a while and you tweet like having a great time with the lads whatever and then you have to like call in sick to work the next day and they all know the real reason behind it well live Morgan it's currently away on vacation in Hawaii with the total divas cast and she tweeted this photo of her chilling out having fun on a stripper pole only to tweet the next day that she's broken a toe on them so unfortunately Liv Morgan may be out of action for a brief period while she recovers from her stupid self-inflicted injury yeah this is the seems like a very with Morgan thing to do yeah yep silly silly Liv but let us know how you've stupidly injured yourself in the comments section below get well soon there'll be O'Shea much because they've just split up the right squad and she could do with a bit of a yeah she could do below fish and they're just for those who know Teddy Monroe there you go that is no idea the Scooby ways that you've injured yourself in the comment section blow and your thoughts on all today's new stories and don't forget to Like share and subscribe and send us Twitter questions or cram some more in tomorrow that's what culture WWE wash their you can follow him at and eh Murray the H stands for hereditary follow me at Adam well when you follow us all at what culture WWE my hair loss that's what it stands for we got it thanks Andy thank you for watching and we will see you soon cuteness me