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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will Warner from what culture I'm Andy Murray from world culture do we have a lot of news to get through today for you so can I do it you do it this is the news sure at first up we have a latest update on kenny omega lots of discussion about where he's gonna go and in more and more likely that he's gonna be heading to a e-w shock horror yeah surprise he is recently appearing on this day tokyo sports awards on this job Dave Nelson reporting this and he was on stage saying he wouldn't be on that stage next year but he's still doing matches of the air on an international stage a big in there yeah and it looks like it's gonna be a eww doesn't it well it does but the big question is do we take this at face value this is pretty much exactly what can you make that it in January 2017 when his new Japan deal was up and he teased going to WWE now I would say that going to aew is a lot likelier than WWE was two years ago because all is mate so there's an exciting opportunity and there is still the proposition that they could end up working with New Japan but you know Candy's a cheeky little scamp Meltzer has reported this and there's always talk of Meltzer and the elite may be mean in cahoots a little bitter you share you need really really get that money and but yeah I mean the likeliest destination at this stage for kenny omega is surely 80w they've already got jericho but they need a current guy who can keep up with modern work raise standards on a more regular basis it just seems to fit like a glove and like I said before with Chris Jericho the fact that he's not exclusive to he do you could be the catalyst for more and more people being working both for aew and hopefully new Japan especially when you're as big a star as Kenya exactly exactly speaking of wrestlers moving between companies this is a really rough Segway andrade not an traducción almas has not called back anymore Andrade apparently this cheeky little scamp has been warning free agents against joining WWE now the two free agents in question here are roush and Dragon Li who are brothers who of wrestle for CMLL it makes coluche in particular is one of the biggest stars in mexico dragon he's a big star himself he just spent six months filming a reality show on a TV island somewhere a TV island that doesn't make sense but basically the word is that both of them sought advice from Andrade asking what's it like should we go there blah blah blah when considering your long-term cultures yeah and he went absolutely not it's crap it's terrible it's awful obviously Russia has now signed a one-year deal with ROH so he's exclusive in America to them dragon Lee is still technically on the market while he can be seen wrestling for CMLL and also mlw also New Japan so the big question here is and I've used that sentence twice in this video that's not very good is this the reason WWE are pushing Andrade because Dave Meltzer seems to think it is they think he's frustrated and he might leave and go to another company maybe this little pushes a little carrot Annie please he clearly has a lot of sway over other Mexican wrestlers yeah yeah I I think so I mean I think he deserves it anyway he's constantly there usually when they bring people up have a bit of a staggered push for them it was weird I mean you yourself you do Smackdown ups and down you had a counter regularly on how little he'd been on television I did on my article I had the and rally armless box score and that was pretty dismal he was he was doing a push anyway yes if this has come out it's only gonna be beneficial normally when you hear about this stuff they flip and punish someone the next week yes I think he deserves a push I think he's been putting on stellar matches he's match against Rey this week was amazing much Nana may just get him get him in around pretty much any title picture for me I think yeah I completely agree and I think this is just another example of how competition and this is competition make no mistake how competition benefits everyone because if when driving is getting a push because of this as the example of how it works for WWE and Lucia is now going to bring a violent real he will be pushed as a big star it's great for everyone another update for you now on the contract situation we reported yesterday about Mike and Maria Kanellis asking for their release or talking more about the revival who were to ask for their release while still in their game imagine that scene this apparently asked for his release a few months ago WWE said no Maria tweeted yesterday saying that W Ian Vince very supportive of the pair of them and it doesn't look like W are you gonna be laying anyone and I contribute anytime soon no an update regarding the revival Scott Dawson's dad on Twitter tweeted and it subsequently deleted tweets that they've said give us three months and we will try and work out what earth we're doing with you so that could be positive yeah regardless it doesn't look like anyone is gonna be getting released from their WWE contract especially with all this aw stuff going on right now yeah it's kind of what we expected really isn't it this was all talked about by shagger Dave of course in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and why would Vince let anyone go we talked about this yesterday like there's no point these guys could be big deals elsewhere there's no benefit to it whatsoever the revival dad thing is interesting because why on earth would - and Dawson trusts them to fix things in three months Shawn Ross I pointed this out on Twitter like what what does that even mean we know what WWE is at this stage are they just gonna completely revamp their product to suit the revival this seems a bit far-fetched or is pretty much the bill to Wrestlemania so yeah i'll win at WrestleMania on the yard stick around yeah but they don't really have much choice regardless no like it seems like a really really weak carrot to dangle in front of these guys but one guy who might be a little bit more enticed by WWE is Kishida I almost called him coup jeera which would be weird be like Godzilla inaugural winner of WCPO world yes he is a World Cup winner like Shane McMahon but I like Shane McMahon COO she does indeed one of the best in the world he's leaving New Japan on January 31st he will go out with an awesome match against Hiroshi Tana Hoshi two days prior to that that's gonna blow the roof off it was apparently one thing he'd had on his wish list for several years and they gave it to him as a nice gesture but there was another thing that was on his wish list that he's not going to get and maybe a reason behind his departure apparently Kishida asked Ghetto who's the head booker in New Japan to turn he'll join bullet Club it was turned down but this may have led to his decision to leave his rumor to go to WWE I can't imagine casinos a heel he's such a nice believable good guy I mean work with him behind the scenes as well he's just a really really lovely bloke yeah he's always there and helpful and you I saw him you know it's organising matches with people backstage he seems such a nice guy what's your friend and mine our new best friend Tama Tonga tweeted about it it was news to him as well I mean it's an interesting one and it's it's intriguing as well with the tumultuous nature of the bullet Club at the moment yeah I thought it'd be a really weird fit he's such as believable sympathetic babyface one of the purest ones in Japan but I can't really imagine him healing up with this rebellious primarily gaijin faction a yuujirou Takahashi and Taiji she Moria the only Japanese wrestlers in Bullitt club and they are too well apart from ghetto and Giada where they don't really count but they're both total scuzz balls like it doesn't make sense from back to the future like you be just bear morph size into big love that is entirely spoils possible right let's move on now is to looking ahead to the royal rumble of course we saw this week Finn Balor is now the new number one contender for the universal championship well deserved and it's not only oh it's come at this not only because Vince upon II didn't want braun strowman to lose a big match but the fact that brock lesner handpick finn bálor to beat his opponent at the Royal Rumble match of course they'll mention face off last year's last year's Royal Rumble and it was deceived by w/e that Finn wasn't think you know what Cara wasn't big enough wasn't over enough no indeed but it looks like Brock Lesnar picked him I wants to work with him I think he's gonna work an incredible match of you judges matched against little yeah little guys littler guys AJ Styles and Daniel it's just mud and I think it can be conducive fantastic work but would seem to suggest spoiler alert yeah now he's not winning he's not winning like apparently the plan is Brock versus Rollins which is fine and all but you know I think it's a victory for Finn in the first place that he's even in this spot like one year after Vince decided he's not popular enough pal can't put him up there and what's really encouraging about this is that the main criticism regarding Brock Lesnar is work ethic related remember that terrible Dean Ambrose - from Romania we just kind of mailed an email - only cult yes yes it is Adam Nicolas was there for that life I only watched it on tape I can only assume it was even worse in person anyway he is a wrestler who picks and chooses when he's gonna work really hard he did that against AJ the fact that he's hand-picked Finn suggests he will do the same should be a really awesome spectacle I think this could be you actually I know people are down on it another well if Finn's gonna lose again but as I look at how elevates it or not I'm not heard of about how people received defeats for AJ Styles and for Daniel Bryan against everyone listen I think this could do wonders for Finn and hopefully the catalyst for him being catapulted out of that mid card shuffling and in around some sort of title picture smiley that means switching geo yeah send him this might done like you said the other day okay last big story of the day we are gonna talk I like the second-best big man in the wrestling business Lars Sullivan obviously his status is in a bit of confusion at the moment and there was talk that he suffered this anxiety attack before Rory was supposed scheduled to do dark match be their new shield smite down the next day apparently so dave meltzer our friend spoke about this in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter this weekend there's good news WWE are apparently being as supportive as they could possibly be they are gonna let Lars basically return when he feels he is ready they're not gonna push him back they're not gonna force him into something he's not mentally ready to do and that's very very encouraging because there was all this talk that maybe the punishment could come all the speculation which is the last thing you obviously want to do with a guy who maybe suffers from anxiety depression and other issues they're very sensitive topics that need to be handled delicately and it looks like WWE are doing yeah we did the new story they start this weekend judging by the comments everyone was incredibly supportive of last Sullivan and I think do you you're handling this the right way having him come back when he's ready but also maybe get that taste of getting backstage again at roars mana mentally preparing himself that rather than saying right three weeks you're gonna be back your own room or Smackdown you're gonna beat up John Cena we're gonna build this big match at WrestleMania because I think it's a very exciting match two lon earth he's main roster career with facing someone like big match John and I don't think yeah they should just get just get rid of it because of this anxiety attack it's yeah it's a it's an incredibly difficult position for all parties to be in but hopefully I think this is the best course of action and it will be the best for everyone yeah good for WWE for looking out for their man like it's so easy to paint a negative picture of this company in so many situations with how do they treat their talent but this is you know this is great sorry I can just hear some wedding bells we go to Killian Dane and Nikki cross who got married swims he used the posted pictures of their wedding bands yesterday yes on social media and he also posted a picture from 10 11 years ago in 20 2008 when they first met Killian Dane is not the same man he was back then that is quite the transformation yes that is quite the 10 year challenge that we saw there but both in fantastic news for everyone involved Ryan let's move on to your Twitter questions only time for one today we can sneak in if you want to tweet us any more questions over the weekend though we are at what culture WWE very excited in today's quick to a question because we are back to a regular contributor mark Gallagher who's got a little bit of a song for us you ever watch yes sounds good mark Gallagher we today's Twitter question if you [Music] if you this what would your specialist subject be WrestleMania 23 nice shoes big hair like that I don't know whether I pick an event or a restless on it I'm gonna pass it over to you start with the brute no I wouldn't be the brute and man that's really tough I love barred wrestling and I get very obsessive over bad dress than hearing it so I love bad dressing as much as I love good wrestling so with that in mind I think my answer would be WC I talk about this a lot WCWS new blood rising pay-per-view right which was Judy Bagwell on the ball baby it I've watched her but I think it might be my walk most watched pay-per-view ever is hilarious that is a good one that I don't I would be rubbish I can't have to go for the fair for a fairly obvious one yeah well you know I'm a huge fan of the rock but I think that's you doing yourself a mischief there but yeah it's so last vague so vast they could cover absolutely anything they could go we go even into his acting career and I've not seen that many of the rocks movies so I'm just gonna stick with Titus oh of course you are [Laughter] you have his time in NXT you have his infamous moments at the I think it was 2015 no room for what he was meant to get eliminated inside two seconds and that way well balsa and of course he's unforgettable showing good I'm the greatest to Royal Rumble and who could forget anything Titus yeah well you pay for I think I mean I'd love to do I have a secondary one this equal parts banner and very nerdy taka Michinoku is WWF light heavyweight title run back in the day when he was having those great matches with great Sasuke and guys like that and Brian Christopher was sat on Raw with his dad Jerry Lawler because bull wrestlers were Japanese making Pearl Harbor jokes indeed right let's move on to today's and finally and if you are a huge fan of wrestling which I presume you are if you're watching our channel some great news for you there is a new job opening with WWE they are looking for someone to be a professional wrestling watcher for them watch loads of footage log it's all the advert is up at wwe.com right now unfortunately one of our comments X and I do have some bad news good grammar shoot season open just watch WWE I mean five days a week I the amount of wrestling I watch is basically a full-time job already so no I don't want to watch more and I love the content too much yeah the content is calling think about it like five WWE shows a week or ever a pair new Japan the Indies blah blah blah Japanese Indies is absurd and you think your current boss isn't on there can you imagine Vince saying how many hours of wrestling that you watch today he said well it's an hour a our job so eight hours yeah I need to be doing more than that cramming it down with no no possible understanding of how a workday works that is know your thoughts on that and all of our various news stories today and make sure you subscribe by the way so what caught wrestling on either iTunes or Spotify we have lots of daily podcast coming up and an exciting interview with Booker T to come my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon