WWE News Sasha Banks Teases Leaving WWE Revival Contract Expiry Date Revealed

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam well born from what culture and I'm interchangeable psychic number free from world culture and get rid of those blue Monday blues because now this is the news whoo Mundy blues yeah feel like you should have workshop that one before just doing it on camera so dude people on the bloody news today well it's delivered of some of that news so Sasha banks she's she's definitely leaving WWE mate definitely gone she said she's basically made some tweaks and as we know Twitter is the law this gossip that means she's gone know basically what's happened is that sasha has been working the internet a little bit she has been tweeting back and forth with the revival who we of course knew what to leave and I'll just kind of read the mic so I don't get any of them wrong verbatim basically Sasha she tweeted over the weekend saying I want to be like the revival hash tag WWE San Antonio presumably did something cooler oh sure Scott Dawson fighting doesn't matter where we go we're stealing the show Sasha replied with a gift of a little kid saying take me with you no Adam will board thysen evidence that Sasha banks is definitely on their way i 100% yeah it's interesting because it seems like she's gonna be given there or her and Bailey are gonna be the inaugural that would seem to be a woman's Tag Team Champions and I haven't really did a lot with her for quite some time yes of course she has this match with Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble but aside from that she has been non-existent for the last six months and then there was that weird sort of lesbian angle they did for two weeks on yeah that was odd just to reset that hole which they I'm really blown off the whole Bailey Sasha know it's still ongoing which is kind of weird I think she's going anywhere no she's going nowhere and I think it's easy to see why she might be upset with her position in the okay but like she's a wrestler wrestlers are constantly working on social media and whatever whatever almost certainly just did this to kind of wind people up and get people talking and hey it's worked but that being said if a contract is coming up this year I wouldn't be surprised if one EMW through a couple of million dollars her way she got me she's great she could be like a flagship talent for a absolutely and that woman's division really needs some phases Britt baker's flying but at the moment brandy Rhoads is there as well that's kind of all the hell speaking of people who aren't going anywhere the revival will not be leaving WWE any time soon this is according to shaggy Dave who revealed recently undressing deserve a radio that the revivals contract runs out in April oh not this April April 2020 and if you think WWE gonna release them out that you are in a hurry to burn they can keep them wherever they want they don't allow their ego yeah at the very least until April next year so the thing about this is that even for their contracts are up next April there's no guarantee that even if the revival just sit those though they'll actually be let go if you remember what happens with Neville the Rose his contract because somehow their I like to do that basically they could hold them hostage for as long as they bloody well want I mean the eventually light Neville go and now he's back on the independence and stuff but given how crazy the free agent market is at the moment and given that there are a million dollar offers coming from a variety of different sources and given that the revival versus young box is a potential pay-per-view headlining match that they've been hinting out for over a year there's no way in hell they're gonna let them go April wait wait he's a long time I've read recently somewhere this is this is just a rumor but I read that the revival asked for their release not only because of the way that they've been booked but the way the whole tag position has been booked which wouldn't make a lot of sense do we do we need to do a lot to change things on smack now and it's fantastic yeah it's a bit of a joke it's absolutely dark I mean the there's no one's featured they're not promoted in any meaningful way teams are just victims of 50/50 booking and Cuban 2-minute losses - like the B team and all your other weird favorites it's just uh it's very it must be very frustrating for those guys as good as they are to be stuck in this situation therefore the best some of the best wrestlers in the world and at WrestleMania a referee's child won the belt so yeah and the worrying thing about all of this is that the idea that competition should improve WWE should push them to do better bla bla bla in this case with the tall kid they're gonna double any contract offers that come in from e.w it looks like rather than making the product better they're just giving kind of deriving everyone in a pile of money and that really sucks worse nice together yeah no yeah you know like the beginning Punisher warzone when Dominic West gets killed him oh thanks it's really weird another story a guy who's seemingly going nowhere as well Matt Hardy he claims he's been tweeted back over the weekend as well someone sending you retiring what's going on with you man he basically retired I replied to the effect of I'm not retiring I have no plans on retiring I have just been given the all-clear to return from injury I am whiter than I have been in 20 years and I am in better better physical condition that happened in 20 years which I find quite hard to believe if his spite in his back refusing together as was the rumor but sounds like he's ready to go he's ready to come back he isn't stepping away as has been talked about a lot for a 20-18 what do you make of all this do you think there's a role for Matt Hardy absolutely I think I think there's obviously there's always gonna be a backstage role with some of that creative we were talking the other day on a podcast about him potentially going to aew and being incredibly useful there but I think if dooby-doo really handles this correctly I don't want to see him back wrestling on Raw a week in a week out but as a as a sporadic talent I think he could be ideal one of those people who could just come in have a few with someone for a month or so bill to a paper you have the paper you match and then take a bit of time off it sounds it sounds fantastic a you needed this time off we all could see that you know what he was doing on Monday Night Raw and the obvious issues with his pelvis fusing to his spine and all that I think we pretty also be saying these lighter than it's been in many many a year I think that can only be beneficial for him and for his in-ring work so great news we all remember there the Holly's incredible return at WrestleMania a couple of years ago I just want to see him do do a little bit more I'm not ready yet a goodbye to my heart just yet yeah I think we spoke about this in a Q&A a few weeks ago be cool to see and maybe settle in to like not in terms of the character but like an undertaker air scroll shows up like you said does a who's the guy over comes back does some wacky stuff on the network like that Hardy Halloween mental thing that showed up the other couple of months ago yeah I mean this clearly they're all from I think Matt Hardy's very much a job for a life guy there I think they would keep him on as a producer a road agent uh creative guy whatever whatever and good for him man I'm glad he's healthy and I'm glad he's got the all clear he's a very likable guy and he doesn't deserve to go out in the way that was rumored last year next up a what culture exclusive oh you now just the other day I spoke to WWE and DC to you and TNA to a certain extent legend Booker T and he was chatting to me all about his thoughts on Seth Rollins his thoughts on this year's Royal Rumble his thoughts on Becky Lynch the whole interview is gonna be available as a podcast released later on today so make sure you search for what culture esting on iTunes or Spotify for that we're also gonna be releasing a clip of it later on today on our youtube channel it's well worth checking out because in it he discusses his thoughts on a W and he said that he doesn't think that aw should try and compete with WWE he's obviously got a lot of experience being in companies that have tried to compete with WEF or WWE and he said that basically the best thing for them to do would be to focus on creating an alternative product toward 2wv rather than going ahead of them he says that he thinks it's better for them to pick up some of the stars of the indie scene and make their own names rather than picking up some of the WWE cast offs so to speak and he has spoken as well about Kenny Omega being able to just basically pick his his own route going forward and as well as all that he spoke to me about Hulk Hogan I asked him his thoughts on the whole Hulk Hogan situation he said look he's back home in WWE he's paid his dues he's hopefully atone for his issues that we all know that's been going on outside of resting and yet he's glad to see him quite rightly in his words back home in the WWE what do you make of that The Hulk Hogan situation is very very tricky interesting to see as someone like his thoughts on yeah it's really interesting like especially when you consider the actions from guys by stage-diving new day and titus O'Neil who weren't so keen on the guy coming back him I think WWE has been very sneaky in the way they've reintroduced him first crying jewel where he was guaranteed a pop because the Saudi Arabian fans don't get seen any wrestlers all the time so they they just love seeing them and then the Mean Gene bang while the trippy was rather touching yes lovely it's very underhand to bring him back you know this controversial figure during a time of mourning there are certain for me several moral questions that still need to be answered with Hulk Hogan is he truly remorseful but Booker T Overstreet it was a heck of a lot more about the situation than either of us to never say oh I found from shad to him as well he didn't see when I asked him the question I thought there was gonna be a little bit of a pause or an awkwardness and him thinking you know I work for WWE but nobody makes my opinion of that he was he was straight out with there he was very open and ice with it I think he's trying to see this as a bigger picture thing and thinking about like Hogan's legacy within the WWE and look if if someone like him perceives Hogan to a sort of paid his dues and and and atoned for it and who are we to argue right exactly like I'm not going to argue if an informed source within the industry but make sure you check out that interview by searching for what port resting on either iTunes or Spotify yes absolutely so a couple of quick fire random news stories to wrap this puppy up before we get to Q&A we'll do this real quick akin offers a pain he's injured knee he is at for a few months undisclosed leg injury chronic chaga Dave if you wonder why the EOP hadn't been on TV that's why full aldrazzar is going to have nothing to do pop by out with pissy Drake maverick oh good yeah Dre keep this anyway final story XFL so all whens daigo dave reckons he knows how much their top star cubies the quarterback the big team player is gonna earn so given that according to forbes aaron rodgers of the Green Bay Packers earned in salary alone 66 million dollars last year top quarterback in the NFL Jarecki News XFL cubies right okay if I have to guess the best money or the average money for a an XML quarterback I'm gonna go slightly more modest I'm gonna anchor don't we do you're gonna be paying quite those exorbitant figures just yet I'll say five million dollars a year three hundred thousand dollars what three hundred back yep how much that's what the salary of like Curt Hawkins through some like how do they think they're gonna compete with thighs anyone's guess but at least I guess they have a financial plan eyes blow me away I've got a guessing game for you a little bit later on and I think you'll be just as surprised right let's move on to your Twitter questions that begin tweeting the matters at what culture its WWE let's start with just dough on Twitter who says with the implementation implementation of NXT UK do you think they're gonna go to any other regions to start up another NXT I think that's inevitable it seems to be was the global localization that glocalization that yeah that one they use that term every time they have one of these little Aryans reports they're definitely gonna do it they could do Latin America they could you Germany now that they're in that relationship with wxw I will do Japan but I think Japan will be very difficult for them because loyalty is a very big thing in Japan unless contracts are coming up they're not going to be able to attract the same level of town as they would in these other nations but they'll probably give it a try Australia it's probably one Allah hey I'm tired to go why not handguns and stuffing hey what'd you write I think it's yeah I do agree I think it's inevitable I think they're just gonna slowly start spreading more and more and I think I mean NXT UK was the most obvious place to stop but there are other areas like you say like Germany where they could pick up some incredible talents that we've we've seen we've worked with in different cash money Erica indeed yeah everyone second best big man in this business let's just hope W do he doesn't go around and I don't know sign people up so that they can't be used for local promotions like oh you're draggin off okay let's move on to another question let's go with Sam Glover who's there seeing as it's Royal Rumble week what will Kofi Kingston's non-elimination spot be this year how do you get inside the mind of a creative genius like Kofi Kingston when it comes to these things well he did pancakes last year the axe has barely evolved since then I don't know maybe he lines on oldest doza bitches big belly and like just trampolines back in I'm gonna go with some sort of table likely gonna put one tape one table that you maybe gets thrown out there in ghosts through it but it's both feet don't hit the floor and then they take the top of that table balance it on another table this ringside maybe he looked as a bridge walk back to the ring that could work I don't know there's gonna be something except always on this really exciting things to look forward to it's not been that great yeah couple years but they were the first few were amazing and I'm hoping it's better than that time you just sort of hung on to the ring post about a bit garbage yeah the pancake last year was awesome yeah spring jinder of it but I'm very excited to see what that is a final question of today then it comes from Danny Nightmare great name it says what women of what woman sorry I've do we do E's Pass do you want to see return for this year's Rumble mean one man turns to that question Phil Chambers behind the camera Molly Holly obviously we're going we're gonna be doing a stream again this year and the part is ready think what happens when Molly College because music oh my yeah grab a Kleenex and that was disgusting sorry Phil and I think really you want to look at people who they haven't already brought back I mean they might get your Michelle McCool's and stuff in yeah but like you know Victoria she said this is gonna be her last year she was one of the better wrestlers in the division when she was around that'd be a good addition and milena it seems weird that they haven't brought milena back already given how big a part of her uterus she was she probably deserves a spot as well and I'm very very I really liked our new evolution I'm gonna go with Maria Kanellis okay half the time when people ask for their release they go yeah we remembered about you what you put you back here two weeks and you know B it'd be nice to see her back in the ring and speaking of people we haven't seen for years and how WWE managed to screw things up at the very last second Santino Marella okay let's move on to today's and finally Lavina and speaking of issues around women's wrestling you may remember last week on Monday Night Raw there was a segment involving a lexer bliss coffee and a lack of clothing I want you and Amari to guess how many views in just under a week that video has done on WWE's YouTube channel for context by the way Cena vs. Balor versus McIntyre vs. Corben the number one contender's match to face Brock Lesnar the Royal Rumble that has done 1.6 million views the Intercontinental Championship match which saw Bobby Lashley crown new IC champion has done 988 thousand views so how many views has and I'll give you the title Alexa bliss is rudely interrupted in her dressing room done on WWE's YouTube channel well it's not that the title is not very salacious it's not like Alexa bliss topless backstage and it was a very short segment so I kind of out in the video is that long so with that in mind I'm gonna say 1.2 million 1.2 million views I can tell you the video is 46 seconds long yeah and has had 6.2 million I think that combined with the Mandy Rose bedroom segment from Smackdown basically done 10 million beard I mean really a lot of wrestling fans have never seen an aerialist no not exactly surprised but I mean we've been guilty of using questionable thumbnails in the past I mean team came it that's what it's all about let us know your thoughts of that and all of today's news stories in the comment section below and as I said make sure you check out what coaches podcasts by searching for what called wrestling and I choose the spot by that interview with Booker T is gonna be going up later on today my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon