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[Applause] hi guys I'm Anna will born up from what culture and I am a dollar store Simon Miller action figure from walk culture and this is the news oh very nice so we've got some very nice stories for you today number one story number one WWE may have just spoiled their own Hall of Fame 2019 class headliner unquestionable bunch of silly sausages what they did yesterday was someone's game fine someone's getting their ass kicked their wig split Mark Henry all that is not Mark Henry it's not a definitely wasn't market I mean he's really hard and get away with it they circulate an email yesterday advertising the new well the old episodes of superstars that have been uploaded to the network in that email was mansion of the Undertaker as a Hall of Fame inductee now they have since corrected that email while these emails are you get like a basic one you click on a link and all the stuff is there they've changed it now so that the Undertaker is no longer there obviously you can't delete what thousands and thousands of people have received so do we read into this do we think that the Undertaker is the inductee given that he hasn't retired and they don't really end up people who are still active yeah I mean I can see it a lot of people have been asking for it a lot of people have been speculating this could be his year at least either this year or possibly next year yeah I just love the image of the sort of staff employee wau just said things to people we aren't supposed to slow into the wrong slack Fred but I could just imagine so we're getting a little phone call afterwards and going all the favor of we yeah we're not yeah I think I think it's probably that for the best the intersections going to all the fame out dodgy I think we all but we all want to see him at WrestleMania if you're going to rest on my knee this year you want to see me if you've never seen him like before but we can all tell it it's very much winding down for him and you want to just wrap this up and then it's appointment to the Hall of Fame is the best way to do yeah he deserves their diesel legends he's been there for 400 years he's got the most famous gimmick in wrestling history honey is the second-best big man in the sports history seed you go mate you know next a story for you another legend could be missing the Royal Rumble John Cena could well be out of this Sunday's Rome comics are gonna be really annoyed with you for calling John Cena legend I mean with that hey yes he's a legend enough none of his self and he's got JBL another legends hair on his head legends the banner and the rest it deeds that line if Esther could have cleavers line if it's could've cleaned house at this year's robber ball but he may well be missing it because he suffered an ankle injury on last week's Monday Night Raw although just like love this could be a word 42 P W inside of the couth John Cena is off to film a new movie from the start of February to the first week of April which will be done just in time for Wrestlemania so who knows maybe could be at the room yeah or they're just making this stuff up yes I think Mike Johnson reported it was gonna be the 4th of February until the 1st of April something like that obviously that doesn't overlap directly with the Royal Rumble which is the 27th of January this Sunday the Royal Rumble is this I can't wait it's the best pay-per-view of the year and but it makes sense the Cena wouldn't want to risk injury before perhaps going off and filming a big movie that is gonna be the next phase of his career when this wrestling thing is finally done the one thing about this is that they've only announced 19 men for the match if they pull Cena out they'll still have 12 spots to fill that's a lot now obviously they'll take a few of these boxes on Smackdown this week but that's a very high potential for a lot of surprise I like that I'm not a huge fan of them announcing a lot of people you could sort of assume various members of the roster are going to be in a doubt Seth Rollins saying I'm gonna be in the rumble shocked anywhere I just like seeing people we haven't seen in ages turn up to mix it up a little bit I think you know it's awful when you have sort of 26 members the current roster and then the odds died like yeah not just old olds wrestlers to come back but a lot of NXT talents get rid of a showcase at the Rumble and speaking of someone who's gonna get a showcase at the rumble making her in-ring return for the first time since October 2018 as announced on last night's Raw Alexa bliss so she's obviously being cleared to compete again after her car issues and she announced it on her moment of bliss talk segment after a big brawl featuring almost everyone in the match and then like Lacey Evans came down and said that she'd be in it too but the big story here is bliss we haven't seen her wrestle on TV or pay per view since Hell in a Cell that was the mid mid-september pay-per-view when she did two house show tag matches but she didn't actually wrestle with no so she was technically in the match but she didn't take any bumps so this has been a long-running thing we've seen her slotted into a number of non wrestling rules which of course she was very good at but she was always kidding one to get back to this yeah the end the day of bread butter is in between the ropes fantastic to hear her being in the room and match I still doubt this is gonna change the betting for who people think is gonna win this it's still gonna be between somehow Becky Lynch to use big chair yeah and big chairs and of course that means Alexa bliss is now gonna get to play with nothing yes fantastic news it's just gonna be back for the Royal Rumble and it means not exactly the safest place to come back to but it is he's gonna get a huge pot when her music is yeah it does mean she's gonna take at least one bump I guess they could do it in a safe way maybe she's on the airport and she just gets knocked off by someone it's it'll just be good to see her back I mean she's probably not gonna win it because of what you've just described but the division has kind of missed her you know she's not the best wrestler but as an all-around performer it's kind of missed her personality she's a great heel she's a great antagonist for super serious types like Ronda Rousey obviously we've seen that feud before and maybe the likes of won't be so keen to get back in the ring after those concussion anyways these boys can use yeah let's hope this is a catalyst to build to a great match at WrestleMania I'll find our new story of the day concerns all of the disgruntled WWE talent we've been hearing about all the people we've all been speculating basically could be going to a e W and shagger Dave Dave Meltzer is reporting that apparently WWE are gonna push all the talents were not all this out at the same time but push many of the stars that are unhappy with their position on the card to make sure that they well it's trying to stay with WWE of course there's a lot of talk about contract situations and frozen contracts and holding them out until their contract just basically runs out but also WWE want to push their stars across the board to make them look like the big hotshot company and everyone else looks like mine minor leagues yeah I believe Dave's exact sentence was something along the lines if they want to look at the major league and they want to make everything else seem like an indie which is kind of weird because like new Japan IEW Ring of Honor are objectively not independent promotions they're funded by like multi-million dollar media companies in a double use-case billion so it's kind of a weird little image to be projecting but there's a lot to unpack with this we could probably spend about ten minutes talking about this but I think it's a dangerous move anyone who says they're unhappy could not be kinetically go up to Vince McMahon and go hey I'm unhappy and go sure pal here's a push and like lot sets a dangerous precedent there's also the idea that they're just going to throw all this money in this car positions that guys for a false idea of what the company actually is and I'm not too sure that's particularly healthy well let's look at the revival there complains they allegedly hit us for their release last week and now they've got a big money feud against Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder yeah can't wait for that I don't know if he caught last week's just real quickly last week's two or five live but they're sorrowful owning the disgruntlement in a really weird way so tjp tweets something like I'm not gonna do what I'm told but that's how he speaks and then apparently try to get himself fired did he do this segment where he was like hey Drake maverick whatever man like brush him off and stuff and never react Canales did the segment where she complained to Drake maverick about flying her and Mike in every week but not using them what the hell are they doing and the attorney isn't your shootout notes we probably let's just be honest this is WWE the end today right let's move on to your Twitter questions of course today navigating into each other's at what culture WWE we spoke about the Undertaker earlier Alex Swanson asks who will the Undertaker face at WrestleMania this year Oh hopefully nobody I mean by I just want to see the guy wrestle again ever like he deserves the Hall of Fame I think he probably will wrestle for what he's the Undertaker he's a Wrestlemania institution I knew he's not gonna be around to March in the build but probably John Cena after last year's forest yeah I was gonna say John Cena if you're gonna have him I'm gonna say let's just get this over and done with do the match pass the torch the Undertaker versus the demon yeah I mean that works as well it would be a better match as well no I think I think VIN could sell very well for him to help him as much as he's much accountable I'm just really worried I've WrestleMania xxx free like Roman reigns say what you think about him as a performer I think he's a fantastic aiming performer he could not make the Undertaker look good and I do worry about Fame as well I don't I honestly don't think Finn Balor's as good as Roman reigns for all the flat shoes that muscle gonna be popular set about for all the platitudes people said about the Undertaker following that match I just couldn't help this overwhelming sense of disappointment very I just want to kind of wrap this up and yeah big showcase match either against John Cena where they have more than two minutes or whatever it was or against Finn Balor as a as I said passing and so it's like people are like volume with that right the next question comes from Harrison Naylor who says do you think I'll be an us-versus-them mentality from aew fans towards WWE talent who eventually joined them in promotion yeah her hat like perhaps and I think there's already an us-versus-them mentality from WWE fans towards aw like a lot of people only grew up with WWE as a monopoly they don't know what competition is and they have this bunker mentality as far as WWE wrestlers coming in I think most eaw fans will be very welcoming of them I know look at guys like the revival who could potentially come across and go well we know you're very good you just haven't been able to show it within Vince McMahon's organization we will give you that chance I don't think they'll be too dismissive of them put it that way as regards to people coming in my thought is initially they won't be but my concern if I was a fan of aw and there was a constant stream of people making the leap is that people are just seeing it almost akin to WCW is an easy payday of jumping ship demand more money and then just sort of coast once you get to aw that would be my concern but initially I think aww fans will be happy to see especially if they can pluck talent rather than as other organization used to just pick up the scraps I think they'd be welcomed with open arms final question comes from at shields children on Twitter who says will they do another Titus World slide moment at the robot just announced their titus o'neil it's gonna be in this year's men's Royal Rumble match yes definitely a hundred percent michael cole mentioned it on commentary on this year there it's his thing now yeah it's definitely his thing they obviously did the the comedy immediately after the grace royal remor he couldn't get into the ring if my only concern with this aside from the fact I think titus O'Neil might win this year's Royal Rumble is when they did that accidentally it was hilarious as we all know when they tried to recreate it on Raw it was blatant yeah not as funny yeah and the only previous spot that titus O'Neil has had in a Royal Rumble he was meant to have the fastest elimination ever and it took him four seconds to get out of the ring so thinking about respect big things but don't anticipate the W EE or Titus are possibly going to be able to deliver it it worries me to say that ya won't be good yeah anyway excited for the world run will nonetheless Ryan let's move on to today's and finally and it's it's that's a jokey story today and more a fact of the day for you can take this we never do that again I have not researched this fully but I've taken it from ready square circle which is gospel to me did you know Andy Murray that Oscar thank you the Oscar versus Becky Lynch at this this year's Royal Rumble is the first women's title match on pay-per-view since they drop the word diva to not feature someone with blonde hair that's what is a hot fact of the day for you so wrack your brains the first winners title match not to feature some with blonde hair on paper Amin says they thought the word sounds made-up but the more I think about it it's clearly not if I'm wrong correct me in the comments section not my father just looks at ready squared circle before we came in here but I liked it and I thought it was something well yeah we were Pepi your day with so let me know your thoughts on that and all of today new stories in the comments section and of course don't forget to like share and subscribe and check out our new wrestling podcast by searching for what coat dressing only the iTunes or Spotify loads of great stuff up there including yesterday's interview with Booker T all about the Royal Rumble ae W and his thoughts on the Hulk Hogan situation when thanks to what was it dollar store Simon Miller haha interchangeable so I something sjw words youth my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon