WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Every Confirmed Entry So Far

[Applause] with everything else going on at the minute like that other promotion just sort of being there and all the contract talk and half the roster asking for their release and the last is taking their kit off again for some reason I will forgive you having forgotten that it's the Royal Rumble next week in fact even if you've been watching WWE televised product religiously the announcements about the rumble have taken a pronounced backseat to well everything else that's been going on got a new Intercontinental Champion we've unveiled the Women's tag team titles we've got a shock number one contender for brawn at the Rumble and then braun strowman just sort of pulled a car door off and flipped it over that was good but this is still the tail end of january so as is tradition since both 1988 and literally just last year respectively the conversations about the rumble traditionally should dominate the topic of conversation so that's what we're gonna do right now we're gonna have a conversation which is gonna be me just talking at you about the rumbles and specifically who is in them so to do to do an intro for this yeah my name is Adam Cleary and this is every single wrestler in the 2019 Royal Rumbles all of them I told let's start with the lads Rumble because I want the show probably will won't it the lastest after main event again this year don't they because they've got the best stories by a mile anyway yes r-truth was the first person to be entered into the rumble because he won the mixed match challenge and with that came the number 30 slot as well as his little holiday to Stanford if you've not watched all those skits on YouTube then cool you don't have to next up was Drew McIntyre who on the Christmas Eve episode of Raw announced both his participation and his intention to win the Royal Rumble now a funny story I once actually had to check him into a hotel room for a wrestling show and the receptionist thought we were lovers so there's that going to lump all of the new day in term one entry here because that tends to be what dummy w/e do with them in the rumble but interestingly Xavier woods said that all three of them would be competing in the mat and that remains to be seen it would be quite weird if given the size and the depth of the roster they give the new day literally 10% of the entire thing so yeah waiting saying yes now that he hasn't got an Intercontinental title to defend anymore and is apparently gonna be the recipient of a massive massive push CrossFit Jesus is going to be in the Royal Rumble and is already one of the big favourites to actually win the thing yeah after a surprisingly well booked 2018 a home hands up here I thought once they split the Hardys up they would completely completely waste the pair of them with him him especially Jeff Hardy is going to be in the 2019 Royal Rumble they announced this in a tweet on the EE w/e Twitter account but then deleted it so I don't have to like a met a joke about his brother or anything but no apparently still in it big meanie Dini weenie was the next to throw his hat into the ring on the January 7th edition of Raw which did slightly Telegraph the fact he was about to drop the Intercontinental title but there you go actually I mean I'm saying that he dropped it to Bobby Lashley who was already announced as being a part of the Royal Rumble match he did it at a house show in in Fort Myers somebody some one of the crew had a ringside phone going and he just buried Apollo Cruz and walked up to the dude of the phone and said you know what I'm about the main event or something I'm gonna be in the Royal Rumble and they posted that and and he's in but now he's in the continental champion but I think he's still in because they haven't got much yeah one very random outside shout to actually win the Royal Rumble and do you mean about his outside shout as you can possibly get at this stage given how they booked him last year is Samoa Joe he is definitely gonna be in the rumble and is one of the shorter odds to actually win it the must have had that conversation at some point not happening is it now here we are the Romantics choice there was a growing lobby of wrestling fans who were pitching the idea that John Cena should definitely win this year's Royal Rumble coincidentally all of those pictures start with the words please hear me out so ya can't see it but he's in it ladies and gentlemen Elias is in the Royal Rumble after quite the year for Baron Corbin he was announced that he will be in the Royal Rumble next week now I'm not quite sure how you get somebody over the top rope with a rest hold but god damn you I'll give it a go only now this is getting exciting now isn't Jinder Mahal announces he too will be taking part in the Royal Rumble after he lost the mix-match challenge final and just announced that he would rather be number 29 the number 30 in a really weird sketch they put on they thought on Facebook so there's that speaking of slightly awkward backstage segments filmed for Facebook immediately after a mixed tag team match that's precisely how Apollo Cruz announced that he would be in the match as well not only that he announced that he was definitely going to win it it's a bold strategy cotton let's see if it pays off slight twist on the formula here and the artist formerly known as I'm vera de CN al masters spent all week apparently telling people don't come to WWE because I absolutely hate it now loll awkward announced on Selena Vegas Twitter account that he too would be in the rumbled remember that talk a few months ago that they were thinking about letting him win it can't see that now nor can you imagine that had rey mysterio win the Royal Rumble would not just be will not be really nice but not just tell you that 2019 was gonna be lovely and wholesome and really nice things we're gonna finally happen to two really nice people they announced it on the the official Twitter page I want to say the show G is big Baldy he'd from hinds he couldn't see his face and he put his mask on he said he had a plan and part of that plan was he was planning to win the Royal Rumble he won't but it would be nice no here's one for you mr. Ali a man with a legitimate legitimate claim to be challenging WWE Champion Daniel Bryan because he pinned him the other week on TV that's a good reason to give somebody a title show he couldn't win it surely surely couldn't win it could he anyway he's in it and he announced it on again I want to say Twitter just for the avoidance of doubt not happening women's Royal Rumble now and we also start with the winner of the mixed match challenge Carmela who is very obviously good now as I've been saying for months and months and months and months and when she gets the coveted number 30 spot but I have fantasy booked the whole thing in my head a hundred times on every single eventualities Becky somehow gets this spot so let's see what happens next up is Bailey who I have to say was really underwhelming he booked in last year's Royal Rumble which he should have been one of the stars of Elly just came out at number 29 good number but then only got like five minutes in the whole thing it's not too late WWE to start using a properly and so maybe start here please ember moon was the next to throw her name into the the hat into the ring and what we're gonna call that into the her ring after she debuted in this on the main roster this time last year but again another one who wasn't really booked all that strongly in it given it was her debut and they had all these big plans for she came out at I think 20 and then asked her threw her out not long after I should have double check that before I came on but I think it's right so go without anyway she's in Natalya is also in but I couldn't find when they actually announced that or or how they did it so Natalia is in just because just because she's in and you need to do something with her here's a pitch for you at WWE I know you're always always watching everything I do make the riot squad like the he'll new day of the women's Royal Rumble I know they've all said they're all gonna be in it and you probably do need all three of them to pad it out but just just have Ruby riot in and then have the other two stop they're getting eliminated all the time you strike the refs or catch her and throw it back and just do like a bad guys version or the new day that's that's my idea you can have it at least your Fox is in so that's that's good that's a thing that's it's definitely happening after losing the mixed match challenge final she said she would rather be number 29 than number 30 because it's divisible by 9 I'm just gonna gonna let you think about that one just for a second yeah you remember the thing you just said about her out there we did the thing on Selena Vegas Twitter how we just saw like had the phone and was like yeah I'm gonna be in it and I'm gonna win it and that was like what he said on her Twitter well he just sort of like gave her the phone and she was like yeah I'm gonna be in it and I'm gonna win it as well so that was that best of luck to them last time by no means least we have the eternal Mickie James who has announced that she will also be in the women's Royal Rumble now I think already when I said blue they're lowered their that's a very poor choice of words they've already spent themselves over that moment with Trish they had in last year's drama but I would imagine they do it again just cuz I mean they're not got much else now are they so yeah I'll be fun so yes they have advised every single entrance for the men's and women's Royal Rumbles 2019 expect that to change by like Monday or Tuesday but also don't expect it to change too much because they're both nearly 2/3 full of the shock sleet surprises you need all of that so there's not really many more announcements they're going to do we're not certainly missing any massive big names so probably won't change all that much I should be back inside the frame for the outro forgot about that anyway let's know what you make it all in the comments below don't forget to Like share and subscribe until next time have a course being interchangeable SOI cook number two from what called your high redis and I'll see you soon hello what culture my name is Simon Mannering today I have an announcement so big so huge it's gonna shatter the very foundations of your life to the point you may need to phone up a friend and say I don't even know who I am anymore I have just heard the news have you heard the news I've heard you out there I've seen you've been commenting I've read your tweet and I can now officially let you know that if you do enjoy raw ups and downs if you do enjoy Smackdown ups and downs that now you'll be able to set your watches to them you'll be able to make notes in your calendars because we're gonna have an official time for when they're gonna go live I know massive so ups and downs for war will go live at 2:00 p.m. GMT that's bridge time every Tuesday and they will go live at 2:00 p.m. GMT every Wednesday just like this you don't have to be aimlessly walking around anymore go what do I do I want to know what going up and what got down what Seth Rollins little what AJ Styles is up to now you know 2:00 p.m. GMT Tuesday 2:00 p.m. GMT Wednesdays ups and downs coming at ya in the face I realize what I just said retract neck keep moving on and I hope to see you there soon and I hope that we build an audience so big and if I ever wanted a marching army anywhere in the world I could and we'd call it the ups and downs army because I haven't come up with a better name