WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Every Match Star Ratings

[Applause] hello there everybody Adam for what culture and yes Adam from what culture here with those star rating videos you like so god damn much oh you know the drill with these kind of things would go through the papery we've just seen in this case the Royal Rumble robe that was won in 1919 we assigned every single match a star rating based out of five just like they do in the proper wrestling but the game's changing now bit of a big news on that one while in the past this was slightly confrontational maybe a lil bit at odds with what Dave Meltzer would have put in his star ratings the video now comes 100% bonafide Dave Meltzer and dost cuz there because I made these little star kicks and I said that melter kicks and he said they were cool so now now we just best friends arm ourselves is essentially the olive branch that has put behind us all of the bad work that Adam will Bourne is doing to try and absolutely bury it dear but let's be honest stark it hmm this is every single mat from the Royal Rumble 2019 star kick rated probably 500 father so he kicked things off in a huge way for the opening match of the night which was the SmackDown Women's Championship match between Becky Lynch and a scout of course we had the man trying to rig in her a championship after losing to ask in the triple threat match at TLC last month but with everyone so excited about that match and everything that might happen elsewhere and as well the man and all of her excellence leading up to this point I think they kind of forgot a little bit about the Emrys of tomorrow and just how good she can actually be wasn't given a chance to shame in a matter that had brutal strikes with some really clinical kicks from askance and ferocious forearms from Becky Lynch this match was about as stiff as a match can get and the intensity levels were high it was so blunt there was some spots that really shook both people that I call you had a scar doing a sort of awkward fisherman suplex on at the outside which shut up Becky and then the retorted that was Becky landing a huge explora off the top turnbuckle both women were evenly matched and there wasn't really much in this one despite the crowd initially being strongly behind the man you could came here the tide was slowly beginning to turn as if Kane of started turning into a bit more of an even split than just everybody ahead of the man they were cheering for both women and as they were exchanging submission hall after submission hold even doing each other's submissions at one point there was this of tension that was building in the match between every close call in every near fall in the end or much to the shock of pretty much everyone in the arena probably definitely the people who were here watching the livestream last night it was Oscar who would get the victory with a submission of a Becky Lynch and clean as a whistle no interference nor shenanigans whatsoever we had anticipated perhaps Becky could lose the match but perhaps not in this fashion after spell of valley and submission count as by Becky the iris last kicker have managed to withstand the Oscar locked to a point but the embrace of tomorrow was one step ahead she managed to transition beautifully into a cattle mutilation submission and unfortunately for Becky she was left with no choice to tap out to the SmackDown Women's Champion this was a great match for both women and nice to see them both getting such a good reception from the fans not just the man on this particular occasion because let's be honest she's managed to steal the show from so many people at this point you kind of forget that other people involved here too but a scout getting just as much love as the man did on this particular occasion and let's face it I actually think a clean victory for Tosca in the end might just actually be exactly what she needed this warned heard Becky Lynch in the long term and I think to be fair based on what happened later on the night it's not gonna be too many complaints from everybody about the end result yes she may have tapped out yes it may have been clean but let's be honest Becky's an absolute star using her star power to elevate Oscar back to where she belongs is exactly what you should be doing four stars for this one then ask her back to her best and ultimately Becky will not lose anything from this defeat what can you possibly say about this match that isn't immediately obvious from this closing shot of the Miz looking quite unbothered and very happy is dad looking absolutely elated with the Tag Team Championship belt and Shane McMahon looking like a frog that had been hit by a car now here's the thing on the face of it you probably thinking that was really very good much because it was a bit short and weird and then all that stuff goes on but WWE might just might and I am assured by my very loaded colleague Michael Sedgwick there is a massive massive might have accidentally stumbled across one of the best long-term intricate clever bits of storytelling the company is done many many years I will explain in Dobey w/e the bar are the best tag team they have beaten absolutely everybody they are almost invincible in tag team matches but come on stuck indeed they have one weakness and that is when they cannot properly prepare for their opponent when I caught out slightly by who they're facing they always lose the hardy boys returned at WrestleMania out of nowhere were inserting at the tag team ladder match and beat the bar for the Tag Team Championships next the shield reformed seemingly out of nowhere and Ambrose and Rollins beat the bar for the Tag Team Championships then Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins was thrown together as an odd couple and beat the bar for the Tag Team Championships then braun strowman called a literal ten-year-old out of the crowd you can't prepare for that and beat the bar and then what happens who was the last team they got be off the delete is of world before my enemies turn allies you can't prepare for that then last night or possibly the night before depending on when this video goes out they face the team of the Miz and Shane McMahon you can't prepare for that and they get beat again now the reason I'm making such a big song and dance over that is because adds a brilliant clever layer of storytelling to a matter that without it is just I'll find the right word here really really really dumb super Shane McMahon that's what we've got to call him now isn't it he had one of the most decorated singles competitors just on the outside of the Ring for pretty much the whole the whole match 49 shooting star press covering his gut with his t-shirt while getting 20 Joe coffees from Cesaro pretty much did it all by himself and then at the end mer didn't know whether he was have enough peel of getting his haircut did he absolutely out of it two and a half stars much like Oscar showing everyone in the opening match of the night that there are more good wrestlers in WWE than just Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey Sasha Frank's had an opportunity to prove herself once again and remind everybody why she is the boss and that is exactly what she did against the baddest woman the planet for the raw Women's Championship from the get-go Sasha was motivated and driven and she very much looked like a woman with a point prove Ronda Rousey was similarly amped up and she seemed like she had a chip on her shoulder not just with soccer banks but also with the WWE Universe it's indeed long for the main games to start in this one both banks and Rousey mimicking each other's taunts trying to get under each other's skin and really get the advantage early on Ronda would kind of take the lead in the master begin with she was obviously angry with the do bit of universe she was looking at them while holding Sasha saying do you think I can't wrestle I'll show you some wrestling before she tried to rub salt in the wound of the boss by using well one of her favorites Eddie Guerrero's three amigos and she almost pulled it off before such a manage to counter these last suplex and that would prove to be a theme in this match is such as homework clearly seem to be paying off she managed to counter quite a lot of Rousey's technical maneuvers and was disabling here piece by piece before she began to work on the arm of Ronda Rousey hoping to disable that ever saw a vicious armbar of his brilliantly no that would open up the boss to all kinds of little striking game from Ronda Rousey and she I tell you what she comes with such a legitimacy with her MMA a background that there was strikes when she lands them to the body oh my god Sasha banks was feeling each and every one of those and you could argue that kind of subverted the whole feeling that maybe was going into this match it was now Sasha who was looking for the technical maneuvers and the submissions well Ronda Rousey returned to her resting ability and her clinical striking sash I really began to take the fight to run aroused and you could feel in the fans and obviously while we were watching on the stream you could kind of feel that the air was beginning to change and we all the starting to believe that maybe just maybe we were gonna get an upset but rather the result in Sasha banks winning this match in the throwing Ronda Rousey and completely pulling they were hauled here undefeated streak not including our tag match with Natalya that's not what we got what we got instead was Ronda Rousey offering her game to the next level and showing us that there's another bit in Rhonda's repertoire that we haven't yet seen I said on that count and one of such a suicide dives to the outside and turned it into an armbar way banks was tapping out on the outside of the ring but of course it has to be in the ring Ronda Rousey's blowers look that there might have been overwhelming the boss at one point but Sasha I managed to get her foot all back in the match and turned it into a submission masterclass to be quite honest genuinely I think quite a lot of us were thinking that maybe just maybe she was gonna get the submission victory it all to get very nasty and the dark side of the boss begin we kind of come out of it it was just vicious she had Ronda Rousey in the bank statement she was pulling at her face with her arm she's got like an arm band that she was putting in her mouth it was it was brutal to be quite honest verging on illegal in the match but it wasn't gonna be enough because just as we thought maybe she might actually win it with a bloody Fujiwara armbar Rousey managed to count-out and would eventually land the Piper's pit finish I put Charlotte Epis I put Sasha down 1 2 3 and Ronda Rousey picked up her first pinfall victory in her w/e career three and three-quarter stars for this one Ronda managed to retain her title Sasha remains the rest of the world that she is still indeed one of the best women's wrestlers around we did also get a little four horsewomen tease from Sasha which perhaps suggests we haven't seen the last of these two why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why why one oh why am I talking to you about this match in the middle of this video and not at the very end hmm now is actually really good now given that your boyfriend and all of his friends are occasionally in the comments of our video saying I don't really like women's wrestling it's not really all that good I must just pretend I think it's quite good so that girls will talk to me well one long it actually worked on two I'll give him this one for free the large part of the women's Royal Rumble match it was absolutely hopeless pretty much until bang on number 13 when Charlotte came out this felt like nothing more than one of those messy thrown together WrestleMania battle Royales they have just to make sure that everybody gets on the DVD and gets their their extra little paycheck the biggest thing they've got all year this is what I should be and I just but I get up salute cluster but even when they got in balloon out there near the start the spots they were doing and the bits and the eliminations and just the rivalries that having the ring everything was just sloppy and unthought through we just had a ski versus Becky which was really good really technically accomplished we had Ronda versus banks which I think genuinely was match of the night and then just fall over Misha clothesline kick in don't get anywhere near it it was just occasionally you say it but that first third that was pretty much all the reasons why people said they should never have done this in the first place not even going to talk about Selena Vega I mean the the hiding under the spot in the ring is a bad spot genuinely it's not really that good it's quite it's never been done well has it for them repeatedly poking your little head I wouldn't be like hey hey and then the Hornswoggle bit way chase their around just if you're struggling to understand where that's bad why in 2019 that's not something you should do or you answer the following question what would WWE trying to say was going to happen if he'd caught her there were some positives about the main bulk of the mat Kacy Catanzaro the big one for me she is a star in the making she will eventually when she arrives on the main roster even when she gets a good run in NXT be absolutely incredible what I think Sonia Deville and Mandy rose despite the problems they've had both look ready for decent singles pushes for their own kind of storylines reason we should invest in them and there's got a bit of criticism but I think the lack of legends the fact that we didn't have all these stars from the past coming in like we did last year was underwhelming I can see why I would disappoint people but it is a positive when you think about it like for better or worse for for good or bad that much entirely stood on its own two feet it was the product it was the women's Royal Rumble of the current women's roster that was the women they have now the women they booked now past present future it was their humble and let us say for better or worse it will get judged on purely the merit of the current roster just largely for worse everything that was wrong with the first two thirds every little bit of that that didn't quite work they absolutely smashed off the face of the earth in the closing segment Bailey amber moon even nya chucked bliss coming back Charlotte Becky they were all carmella now that was Carmela's actually could have been saying it for months they were all absolutely brilliant in the closing stages of this we just booked Wow we got the exact ending there pretty much every single person wanted and the argument for never getting this normally is that well if everybody wants it it's not surprised there will not be any good everybody what if Becky to somehow get into that match and then win it and that is precisely what we got and it was no less impactful no less spectacular no less brilliant for it being what we wanted you CWA it's okay sometimes to give us what we want it gave me a moment I genuinely craved as a fan and that is what we tune in for it is perfect I just can't believe that was at the end of the show it was a five-star finish to what was otherwise a two-star at best Rumble in my honest opinion like rumbles are made of these big moments because I mean the matches are an hour long it can't be good from start to finish so a two-star room with a very bad Rumble up until that end point is it's not the end of the world so long as they give you the moment and by God did they give you that moment if I mean this is where the pair of you came this started to use a little bit because of what in my opinion was sort of a weird match order we had the women's Royal Rumble just before this match and then we were expected to have this much which was obviously there was so much anticipation so much excitement that went into the women's room with so much energy we had the euphoria of Becky eventually getting the win and well the majority of the fans getting what they wanted as the end result from this and he just needed five minutes to catch her breath so the match that followed was always going to be a tough one to sort of do anything remotely that the fans were going to be interested in which begs the question why did the women's rumble not end the pay-per-view I don't know I don't book the show but nevertheless someone had to follow that match and it just so happened there are some ones with Daniel Bryan and here Jess tails they skirt off in the WWE Championship match and while everyone was probably predicting quite a technical affair from these two maybe it was a hard sell for an audience who were absolutely exhausted from the previous mats from the where draw the fans just fell flat they were not interested in this match at all like I said I don't know if that was exhaustion or just an it no interest in the type of match because this felt like a very it was a very new Japan to stay on much they were going hold for hold they were going strike for strike it was all it was slow it was methodical rather than a hundred mile an hour sprint the perhaps the WWE Universe I used to sing in the ring you can't really follow it was a technical master class two guys with ring IQs that are much higher than anybody else in the company pretty much and to be honest it might not have fit in that more there but you can't take it away from it it was an interesting match from two of the best wrestlers in the world arguably but nevertheless you got your nice fat slice of sports and determine because ultimately despite all that this match will be decided by a lovely interference by drumroll please to knowledge I'm not I'm gonna put a drum all in here when I do the Edit afterwards I just quite like the idea then it doesn't even deserve a drum roll because the person who came down to the ring was none other than Eric ruined I mean we'd had 20 plus minutes of technical wrestling yes the fans may not have enjoyed that they might not have been up for that it might not have been interested in that at all but that's 20 plus minutes to then just throw all that away for essentially an interference by eric rowan sales was kind of getting the upper hand he'd had a couple of cost craft pusher attempts and then we reached the point where you kind of had brian was going for a kick he ends up gooood Mike Keota and then from that point snails at the snails flash maker I was obviously on the floor couldn't count it and then in qiyam Aragorn picked styles were by his fierce and did like a a fish chokeslam I don't know but apparently that was enough to be tedious tails one of those no knees for Brian nothing like that just to one of those and make you a diamond rockiest he came back to life and Daniel Bryan would get the cover one two three and that was the end of the match and on the topic of three that's exactly what I'm gonna give this match three stars for it because ultimately despite them baffling part of the match I'm gonna the match itself the rest thing that was involved in it was good you can't argue that these two are proficient they are excellent and what they do maybe which is wrong place actually Vaughn place and wrong time altogether but ultimately that part of the match wasn't bad it just wasn't suited for what they needed I'm going to give all of this era true and stuff the benefit of the doubt and here's why because Daniel Bryan the new Daniel Bryan has been excellent and if this leads ultimately in a long way down the lane if this leads to Bryan having his own stable Allah the Straight Edge Society Bryan is the leader and a bunch of hippies and plaid shirts his bidding and sort of Bey in general heels and working the last annoying people in general then count me in because that will be great and Daniel Bryan I've got full faith will manage to execute that well still very weird very underwhelming at the time and I'm hoping there's a bigger payoff the kind of makes it feel more worthwhile good old man's appeals quite nervous about this one Brock had let's just say sold or at least doing his job as he was expected to in his two previous title matches especially for Bryan was getting a third in a row gonna be too much for an idiot dreamer moron like me to expect apparently not apparently this is where it peaked from the fact that Brock and apparently handpicked finn bálor was very obvious right from the start of this match because he worked his little weird contrasting coloured eyebrows and purple face off for that man alright so straight up we've seen this before the the plucky challenger takes on Brock Lesnar and it's despite being really really good at wrestling really much better at wrestling Brock Lesnar is just such a force of nature they can't quite get the job done but they book it in such a way that you elevate them in defeat we saw with AJ Styles first of all where he looked absolutely phenomenal if you'll excuse the pun in in defeat to Brock Lesnar then Daniel Bryan not so very long ago at Survivor Series looked insanely good even it was a little bit of fortune and how he got the upper hand they made me believe they made me believe he was gonna tap and that's that's all I want what we wanted here was something similar for thin without it simply being a repeat of those two matches don't forget they were a year apart there was time for things to change in all of that but only been a few months removed from the Brian one who got a repeat it was gonna be gonna be quite bad and we actually got a fresh take a fresh take on this genre and it was good link I mean watch your back Finn Balor dominates Brock Lesnar he attacks him right from the offi bar as if he's quick he's relentless he counters all the big moves he get these the Merl the gorilla table spot or in him a good pointy bit right there was good who saw that coming well I mean Bala did cuz he booked it but apparently WWE didn't know anything about it because if you're hitting a man in the gut who has lost 1/3 of his colon and was beaten in a UFC match by a man using this in strategy mentioning because that would have put it over huge like we got it when we were watching on the live show oh my god he's using the thing I've forgotten the guy's name didn't watch UFC he's doing the thing doing the thing thing he didn't he might actually win like WWE have to put that over to their audience surely it was a massive thing for Lesnar at the time he got a dude it was : removed and the first thing the guy didn't UFC was just have that in your gut and props up oh god that's terrible bowel is doing that which gabe's gives him a legitimate chance of winning that match and it didn't didn't put it over on commentary anyway if you're watching it all when you know that story then God you believe didn't you didn't you just believe that finn bálor was gonna be impeached for the for the tiniest bit i did it was really good but as ever with every Brock Lesnar much use too much for these mere mortals to overcome and II couldn't do the German suplexes or the f5 so we trapped him in I think it was a reverse Kimura lock not an actual Kimura lock and bala tapped very quickly really about eight minutes long this match and I could very happily have gone for another few minutes honest love I swear to God that happens to all men doesn't it anyway we comes off the top does the coup de Gras I was like this should be the start of the finish not the actual finish I think Brock did it ain't no half minute I think Brock offended about as much as we could expect him to do realistically it was quite good I can't give it just Brock and AJ was really good Brock and Bryan was really good Brock and Finn was it just a nice twist on the genre but nowhere near as good as the paragon combined was it I'm ranting now aren't I I'm rambling Trina coy and finally we finished things with the men's Royal Rumble match now a lot of people myself included probably yourself included had Seth Rollins pegged to win the whole damn thing from the very start looked like that the foreshadowing seems to have been that way and in fairness almost all of the betting sites before the match had completely suspended betting because Rollins was the nailed on favorite for this one so where are we gonna see them veer away from that and give us something different probably not we were expecting but the fact they decided to put the men's Royal Rumble on last suggested they might have had something a bigger finishing shot then Becky Lynch winning the women's Royal Rumble and preparing herself to go to Wrestlemania or so we thought what we got was arguably not that at all actually but gee Christ did we get some weird and wonderful things in this Royal Rumble and let me just try and break some of them down for you we're hoping the night with Jeff Jarrett and Elias in the ring together of course two men who love a guitar but ultimately it would see the form I get smashed in the back with a guitar by Elias before swiftly being eliminated from the rumble he was in at number two didn't last very long for all gg Kofi Kingston did his usual traditional spots although this time he did two of them one was just like a little head spin thing way kind of managed to get back in the ring the second slightly more impressive where he and Xavier woods managed to do some counter balancing sort of stuff Woods was the powerhouse who walked with coffee on his back and managed to get him back in the ring before both being eliminated by drew McIntyre we also had a whole list of surprise call ups from NXT the likes of Johnny Gargano Alistair black we also had people done who was in there some great names who we very much welcomed into the fray and that was noticeable it was it was nice to see they weren't relying on legends and nostalgia for this one so much obviously Jeff Jarrett aside it was more about what we have now and a who's who let's be honest of names of quality wrestlers at their disposal but none of these compared to the absolutely bizarre bizarre thing that happened with the number 34 atom I here you see our truth was number theory how could that possibly be a surprise or a shock well let me tell you something brother despite our truth having earned his position as the number 30 in the Royal Rumble he would then be beaten up by non other then nyah bloody jacks who can beat truth up and decided to end herself in the 30-man Royal Rumble oh my god I was equal parts flabbergasted confused infuriated and just generally sitting probably right around here somewhere in utter disbelief what on earth was this but despite how ridiculous this might have been and my mind being absolutely blown off by the whole thing it did actually have a payoff in the end nothing of it to do with nyah jacks I should point out all she did manage to do while she was in there really it was really pissed me off because she eliminated Mustafa Ali I mean what does that do for him but forget about that forget about that item because you got something that was we're much better than that you got rarest Tyrael giving our six one nine you got Dolph Ziggler giving our super kick before Randall Orton young Randall gave her the biggest Akio of the night and I couldn't honestly see a hand on heart wherever the heart might be these days hand on heart that I will be watching that video of Orton giving Naya Jackson our key or for a very very long time and dining out on it because it was lovely overall the match was definitely tailored for the inevitable Seth Rollins victory and my feeling was only really made stronger when Bobby Lashley was eliminated by Rollins and then dragged out and Rollins got beat up and smashed through the announce table I think me and everybody else in the whole universe suddenly realized yes this was definitely happening and the foundations for the architect to get the win were very much lid and despite the potential of maybe a drew McIntyre win or possibly even a braun strowman win a Seth Rollins victory was exactly what we got we got a few interested names who made it to the final for the final six kind of thing Dolph Ziggler came out and managed to get a modicum of revenge on drew McIntyre he eliminated the Scottish psychopath or whatever we call him these days and he put him out of the ring saw in the final four that was Dolph Ziggler we had and Ronnie we had brawn and we had Seth ultimately it would boil down to Seth versus brawn and after a little skirmish on the outside we had a little echo as towards maybe the Benoit Big Show kind of thing where it was dragging him trying to get him over the top Rob they both ended up on the outside of the ear print and finally after a big tussle Seth would land a curb stomp which would see the architect take the victory and booked his ticket to Wrestlemania 35 presumably to face Brock Lesnar at the big sure of the air or maybe he goes against Daniel Bryan who knows I think it's gonna be Brock it must be but you never know that's quite an intriguing little match as well Seth ultimately getting the victory was very predictable but I don't think it's a bad thing Seth needs to be on that top stage performing at the top level he's been at the Intercontinental take the level for too long in my opinion as a massive fan of Seth Rollins I'm never gonna turn away him in the top spot against Brock Lesnar yes and no people are seeing Seth might have hit a plateau but potentially this could be the one thing that leads him on to that next level so there you have it guys every single match on the 2019 Royal Rumble you star rated as best as we are humanly able thank you so much for watching of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe keeper to know what culture throughout the week because there's so much to talk about so much and you know we will because I'm nothing else own to be fed it's our job it's our job that's our job like the one you know and the meantime no thank you very much for watching of course spit out him from what culture this has been Adam from what culture I will see you soon soon bye good good what