WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Predictions

I can feel it it's in my bones I love the rumble so much sometimes I wide but when I think about it my head is just going to explode and yes sometimes it doesn't live up to expectations and we get really crappy ones and the winner happens you're like really we went with that guy won't we go with that one but the best thing about the woman's will run with debuting last year is that even if one of them gets screwed up you can just turn to the other one and go maybe that one will be better instead unless of course they both turn out to be absolution live my life that way my positive guy and I believe the 2019 Royal Rumble and the rumbles together are gonna like my world up with fire but my name is Simon Miller you are watching what culture wrestling you know what we do before big pay-per-view events we go into our brains and we observe everything this happen on Raw anything I'm gonna smack down and everything that's happened on social media and we decide who's gonna win who's gonna lose and what kind of shenanigans got all scary fingers are gonna go down at the paper abuser sit down strap yourself in get your eyes ready get your own predictions in that comment box let's predict WWE Royal Rumble we do have to start on a down note and if this was ups and downs I would be giving it round down in fact I did on the most recent episode of SmackDown ups and downs but one of the pre-show matches issuance gain that Kimura versus rusev for the u.s. chairmanship what why are we doing this it makes no sense for so many reasons one the match when rusev won the belt was actually damn good so why note that we have more faith in them to pull that off again on a big show like the Royal Rumble to Shinsegae Nakamura rusev may even appear on Smackdown anymore so that's no good and three we all know what dub Uwe things are the pre-show you saw happen at the Survivor Series team Smackdown beat t more for the end of the night we weren't even talking about it before we doing we're just crap it over the u.s. belt like rapping over rusev with crap below his shins game Nakamura it makes me sad also on a little tangent a the English is now a commentator on 205 linemen look I'm sure he's enjoying that I'm sure he's gonna do a damn good job but why do we break rusev day up I don't get it it makes no sense to me it makes me want to cry and maybe I will go to the right now maybe I'll walk up over there get away from the camera lens the camera shot and I'll just blob it also means when it comes to trying to guess I don't know what's happened neck and more did that thing on smack then a few weeks ago when he beat rusev down after the whole oh no you crushed Lana that went nowhere but I'll say rusev retains just because that's what I want and also I'd like to after this so yeah proper rusev push so that we get to WrestleMania xxx phonic he can have a moment like he did a few years ago when he came out on a damn tank what happens to Shin's day after that I don't know WWE doesn't seem to care about him either now it doesn't man the cruiserweight championship is also going to be defended on the pre-show and that does kind of make me a hypocrite but because I now expect this from 205 live I'm not as upset it should be I should be ranting I should be raving because especially a match like this with the quality that's in it should be on the main card and it is gonna be Murphy defending his title against itami kalisto and Tazawa and really that's probably gonna set the bar for everything else you're going to expect throughout the night cause who's gonna top that everybody involved is like a tremendous pro wrestler and they can fly around the ring oh no but there are helicopter helicopters weren't really flying did nobody wants to get on because they're terrifying to begin with but trust me this will be really good if you have been watching 205 live as well you know that bunny Murphy is actually coming into his own to the point you should really be called up to raw Smackdown much like Mustafa Rowley was recently so I'm gonna back him - that does mean I've gone for both the championships in our opening contests but I just don't believe that WWE is gonna move any belts around before the official show has started I'm just that kind of a guy we will then get into the pay-per-view properly and who actually knows what's gonna begin it because do you have one bull runbull to open and another ripen to close or not too close together I assume that you would I guess we'll start with the woman's real rumble that seems like bad seems untoward it feels like I'm not doing it the service it does that for a man just go it with it it's so really tough one as well because your obvious answer is going to be Charlotte Flair but it depends what the plans are because you could always have Ronda Rousey come out like you Lynch come out or whatever else everybody's planning to chuck her out the rumble cause don't forget you can do that you don't actually officially have to be in that match - then throw other people out and can be the course to head into WrestleMania 35 where fingers cross we are gonna get rodner versus Charlotte versus Bank what do you go because we take that idea I've just had that kind of shows up the raw Women's Championship which means Oscar will likely be the Women's Champion from Smackdown going into mania so who's our poses of no means it many roses it's on you too bill so what I'm going to do is hope that WWE really meant it when they said that 2019 is a new year we're going to new things and we're gonna push new Superstars and I'm gonna put all my money I'm gonna put all my stock behind and outside entrant and then I like an idiot when it doesn't happen but amber moon you might go and yeah that does mean at some point she's gonna have to shift over to SmackDown but that's really easy to do if you do when you say oh by the way I want to challenge Oscar she's on Smackdown so now using the magic that's been presented to me I'm going over to Tuesday night's also she ain't doing much on Rory she despite the fact she's really talented and we should be pushing our talented women's wrestling again I'm looking forward here but at WrestleMania 30 fine if I get that triple threat for the Ross belt and I'm getting Oscar versus ember moon for the SmackDown one I ain't gonna be upset I'm gonna be the opposite of upset not upset well then move on to the bar defending their Tag Team Championships against Shane McMahon of the Miz and I am so confident about this I am going to guaran-damn-tee it Shane McMahon and the Miz are about to come the Smackdown tag team just got a look at what happened on Tuesday night to make that assumption Sheamus and Cesaro absolutely whipped the ass and Shane McMahon they absolutely whip they asked of them is absolutely the only reason they did that is because they need to stand tall it's that classic WWE thing it does change every now and then they do pull the wool over your eyes but if you do well on the TV and you've got a pay-per-view on Sunday it's likely you're going to lose also there has been a long built-in storyline when it comes to the Miz and Shane there now the best day team in the world has been going on since WB woke up or W crowned or whatever the hell they're calling it now and it is ridiculous so don't forget this was all triggered because Shane McMahon won the best in the world trophy he's the best wrestler in the world nobody's better than him but look it would be quite cool or a nice moment maybe if they do it right if the Miz and Shane can walk away with the title I don't think it's all kind of dry though again to the future I think these two are probably gonna fight WrestleMania 35 as well and they'll implode as a tag-team because the mids will really want it and Shane will eventually realize yeah I don't care that much and it's all brought together by daddy issues it could even be clean as a cucumber - we'll probably see a coast to coast paper elbow drop through the table The Miz will hit the Skull Crushing finale and if you like it you can't get mad about that big trophy anymore because that was the catalyst and this is where it's brought us to miss Shane McMahon your new Smackdown tag-team champions baby isn't this point you start realizing what a great car of WWE's put together cuz yeah now we've got to talk about Becky Lynch going on for the SmackDown Women's Championship against her new rival Oscar I don't know which way it's gonna go it is gonna tie in forever the Amma's of Ronda and Charlotte I mean you could have worked that out before I said it and that's why given every other prediction I put in place you got to assume Becky Lynch is gonna lose but it will not be without shenanigans I don't know if somebody comes out maybe Charlotte I can see that actually it popped into my brain mid-sentence Charlotte cost Becky here that ties into everything happen on Smackdown so Becky goes all right I'm gonna go in the rumble and I'm gonna cost you or you can reverse those depending on what the lineup actually is on the night Ronda can even get involved after she's done away with Sasha banks and yes that is a spoiler but I think all that would work it sets all the raw stuff up Oscar will still be champion we enjoy that and you know they're gonna have a good match Becky Lynch is just brilliant right now Oscar she doesn't know how to have a bad fight it's almost impossible so I look forward to this genuinely especially if the narrative continues that's the best thing but respect downs blue division not just the match quality but the narrative the story the tails are really fun to watch them they're really fun to what to unfold so I'm going with Oscar but there's gonna be stuff to talk about when all is said and done or at least I hope so the Rumble is meant to kick off the road to Wrestlemania so let's do it let me start seeing where we're headed and I can get all pumped about that as well Oscar don't do me a favor as we are on Smackdown we'll talk about their WWE tail because we're getting AJ stars is a good guy taking on Daniel Bryan as a bad guy insurer last time they thought we kind of had that but now the roles are absolutely set in stone Daniel Bryan's been killing it on promos I cannot wait for this I think maybe just quite unsightly it could steal the show I also cannot see any scenario where Daniel Bryan doesn't hold on to his belt because it is simply not the time to have him get rid of it he is on the roll of his life right now at least the best he's been since he came back from his injury hey J spells doesn't mean it he was the champion for over a year I haven't got that inside me I'm not desperate does he stars the champ again but I'm absolutely want to see where Daniel Bryan can take this character and who the hell he would wind up fighting at WrestleMania safe I know I did maybe it's Batista he was there to have a match against Triple H with Triple H Torres pick we do Batista versus Daniel Bryan reversed those roles tubes at WrestleMania hey Batista was the bad guy and that could even be the catalyst oh I'm so mad about five years ago Daniel Bryan here I come that ain't gonna happen for the record I'm just saying either way I don't actually care you want to give a break to AJ I shrugged my shoulders a little bit but I'll be happy again I've already stressed what I think about Daniel Bryan just give them time allow them to have one of those wrestling matches where you put a finger to your face and go we don't usually see this kind of wrestling just kind of style in WWE and allow people on social media to talk about it let's drag some new fans in and let Daniel Bryan let AJ stars do what you know they can do no nonsense like since gain a car more at WrestleMania I don't want to see anybody hitting the penis Daniel Bryan wouldn't do that anyway because he's all about protecting things although actually he does hate the people he thinks the fans and the individuals that go to watch the wrestling shows are idiots maybe he does want them to die out a good way to do that is you know to ruin AJ Styles is thing and it become we don't procreate then eventually the human race will die out I mean it would take more than AJ Styles but then you Brian only one man you got to start somewhere maybe that's the story not gonna happen let's move on let's move on we've gone we've gone way I've tracked Daniel Bryan will win let's move over to Raw now and talk about Ronda Rousey your Women's Champion taking on Sasha banks to come a bit out of nowhere if you do enjoy the wrestling rumour mill you know this wasn't exactly the plan is cuz things change with Charlotte and things change with Becky but look Sasha has her chance to shine here to prove that she should be being used better as she has been in recent weeks and maybe even months but ultimately really wonder around Z is gonna win she just is I also fitness because in a few weeks we've got the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and we're going to crown the first-ever WWE women's Tag Team Champions and surely that has to be Bailey in such events I mean it just has to be if we are going to do all that nonsense um in 2018 where they hate each other and they don't know each other and they're up and they're down and not have some kind of payoff where I can at least enjoy them being a pairing I may actually diary I won't because that's not a cause of death but again I'll be really upset also you ain't gonna have Ronda lose her title now when she's on the cusp of going to Wrestlemania 35 doing the main event saying it like that because I keep repeating myself but it's true the cool thing about this whole card I don't look down there the card isn't there but the cool thing about this whole card is it does all like intertwine and into wine or another what Charlotte does will affect Becky which will affect Ronda and vice versa they're all going to come together especially again if the triple threat is what we're going to do you have to set up here you have to plant the seeds because he still got some brand popping to do that take some time family has done a good job in remind you in the bank statement is a pretty devastating submission though and given that Rhonda has the armbar that sets your foundation up for these two two absolutely smashed it unfortunately setter base you are going to tap out to set armbar I just hope you get a good showing you deserve it you can start climbing your way back to the top which will culminate with a tag-team win with your best friend in a round about four weeks it's another obvious one because I don't think anybody in their right mind actually thinks that finn bálor is gonna beat Brock Lesnar for the universal championship and my word do I hope I'm wrong just because of the conversation it would spark but for now before we get into it yes I think Brock Lesnar will retain that does mean I don't think any belt is gonna change hands at the Royal Rumble but that's true I don't that's as far as that one goes once again it's all about what WWE allows Finn Balor to do in the last few weeks have been great the kind of Finn that we enjoy seeing he's got a real edge to him he's got attitude and he's not just a guy that comes out and smiles all the time go and watch that NXT takeover ucation that's the kind of guy we want to see lighting up raw and lying up smackdown if he ever goes over there and now here we are we can do it we can trigger it but you gotta let him have a good match with Brock Lesnar apparently Brock is on board with a healin picked Finn and said I want to fight that dude but we can't book this like any other macton bawdy books with the Beast we've got to come up with something new because I hope they be stars that help Daniel Bryan if we can do it a third time it won't matter that Bala lost you can come out the other side and feel like a main eventer in a few months when kind of time gets there you can put him in the main event you can even put the universal championship back on him and everybody's gonna be happy and I thought that's what wrestling's all about happiness go the other way though and absolutely job him out and you may even kill Finn Balor in the WWE forever he can't go back to doing what he did before we've seen that and really nobody liked it at all so please let's use our brains here let's be smart Brock can win he can go to Wrestlemania 35 and probably lose the belt to Drew McIntyre or settle and whoever you want to push throughout 2019 look at the situation realize what we've got to do and let's do it all so I doubt that we see the demon character here I mean it doesn't make sense within kayfabe if Finn knows that he has to beat this insurmountable monster of course you would go and get there but if he's just gonna lose let's not do that and again we can get there in a few months time at the big show and there may be a twist in the tail Booker's year gone strowman may get involved so one he could distract Lesnar and then actually cost him VIN title or two the worst one it comes in beats everybody up and there's not actually a victor at all but don't do that that always sucks it's really boring and also wre you push the distraction stuff too hard anyway we explain this let's make that ups and downs you go watch your nail just to underline it though yes Brock Lesnar keep your belt which brings us to the men's rule Rumble and I actually don't think it's as hard to figure out this year as it has been in the past but maybe that means I'm being a right buffoon and I've fallen the WWE's red herrings on I hope so because when they do do that and then they surprise me well that means I'm gonna have a great time it's gonna be a good show it's gonna be a good a bit but if somebody put a gun to my head right now my first pot would be a white broke arm doubt is just a wrestling pay-per-view it don't matter that much and I would have told you anyway without the weapon yeah I've always thought Seth ones is gonna win so I stick with Seth Rollins and that's mostly because of what I've mapped out in my head he wins here everyone's gonna love it he's a huge fan favorite he goes on to Wrestlemania 35 he breach Brock Lesnar full at universal title and then when he comes out the other side guess who can be his ready-made bad-boy opponent it is a course drew McIntyre the other person that people are saying could win the rumble you've already got your hand in Brock Lesnar that needs to be overcome first when I do not want drew to win and somehow go through this massive transformation before April where he becomes a good guy that would absolutely suck and I'm sure there's some people outside of his field that I'm not thinking about but I'm sticking to these two just cuz it makes sense and it's kind of a good sense it's not one of those expectations right but don't want to see that no I don't want to see it I just want WWE to do it in a way that but yeah bring it down to Drew and Seth and just let them have a really good match before Seth throws drew over the top rope much like the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels did back in 2007 whenever it was and how about hell was that 12 years ago but ending the rumble with a guy that everybody likes and everybody wanted to see when is always a smart move it's gonna make you feel all warm and fuzzy you'll probably go on the internet and rave about how good the show was cuz you got what you wanted and then we get said versus Brock at the big show in April and I want that too I think it would be brilliant I think it would be excellent I think it's exactly what anyway point being they are my real rumble predictions but we want to know your will run were predictions too and that is what that comment box is for then you like the video share the video you subscribe to what culture wrestling so you can stay up to date can you go read more articles about that we'll Rumble over on what culture calm you follow what culture on Twitter at what come to WWE and go watch more raw Rumble themed videos right here on what culture wrestling slap your head all sounds good my name is Sonya from what Kelter thanks for watching and if nothing else make sure you enjoy that war Rumble it comes around but once again it is the best match that WWE does so let yourself go don't whine it's like a roller coaster like own towers or thought part the UK ones Disneyland it's like Disneyland enjoy the Disneyland or world of WWE known as the Royal Rumble I only had a jetpack I can activate right and zoomed off I mean I woulda crest in my roof but what an exit that would have been instead I'm just gonna gonna go this way I don't make it off screen I live in a small place work in a small place