WWE Royal Rumble 2019 What Went Down

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will born from what culture the Royal Rumble 2019 pay-per-view has just finished and mixed emotions really around this because it feels like halfway through this pay-per-view it felt like it could be one of the best Royal Rumble pay-per-views ever and yet almost felt like it was let down along with a few other things by the two Royal Rumble matches anyway this is what went down we start off with a rather surprising opening match for then I asked her versus Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women's Championship and yeah who saw this result coming certainly in the way it turned out there was a lot of speculation online about how on earth they get to potentially Rhonda versus Becky versus Charlotte WrestleMania and many people had speculated about perhaps run to get involved in this match the finish was of course Becky submitting sort of a sort of reverse choke with a bridge from Oscar yeah not what anyone expected at all rather confusing at the time but it made sense in the bigger picture a really enjoyable opening match though lots of creative spots and exciting spots on the outside there was a super bec black bec sploded in there somewhere a fantastic opening bout forum for the Royal Rumble and a confusing result initially but it all made sense in the end next up we had the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match between the bar and the newly formed team of the maze and Shane McMahon not a lot to talk about here Shane McMahon is 49 years old and won the match for his team with a shooting star press I realized we've seen him do it before but this is genuinely one of those Shane McMahon spots that never gets old I can't really remember the rest of this Matt if I'm perfectly honest that sort of wiped my memory of the entire thing the finish was Sheamus setting up to Brogue Kick a defenseless Shane McMahon animes sweeping in saving his partner pushing Cesaro in the way and then getting Sheamus out of there and yet then Shane climb to the top rope and we thought he's a 49 year old man about to die he didn't he in all honesty quite good shooting star press and now him and them is awesome a crown Tag Team Championships lovely moment afterwards when they celebrated with the missus dad's only slightly ruined by Shane McMahon forcing him to wear the belt the right way round for the photos but yeah an enjoyable match weird odd and Shane Ronda Rousey you face Sasha banks for the raw Women's Championship next and look we all expected good things from this match but it also felt like one of those matches that they just sort of shoved together they put someone in the top picture where you know they're really not gonna probably win the title but they're gonna get a good match out of it this was arguably match of the night and we were all watching on the stream now I'm fairly said there was a few times we nibbled that maybe Sasha was going to win she she injured Ronda Rousey's arm she locked her in submission holds Ronda Rousey took the criticism let's just say from the crowd very well early on in this match going you don't think I can wrestle oh bloody show you how to wrestle and she did just that Sasha banks as was pointed out by our very own Adam Cleary he's possibly the best wrestler in the world when it comes to getting rag dolls by Ronda Rousey she's also a rather good wrestler as this match showed it showed that we deserve to see Sasha banks in a lot more higher profile matches there was a lovely tease at the end where Sasha left and came back then did the four to Ronda Rousey I'd like to see these two fight again somewhere down the line but in terms of the fact there was no shenanigans here there was no Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair getting involved we got a really enjoyable match a decent back and forth affair I'm just so excited as we move forward into WrestleMania season regardless or not of whether if Ronda Rousey's gonna leave the company after WrestleMania a great match yeah arguably match the night for me right the women's Royal Rumble match was next up and by the end this was a really enjoyable contest but if we're perfectly honest some some rough going in the middle they're a great see loads of NXT stars getting some opportunities in there and the final five was I'm gonna remember this Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair Bayley nya jacked and carmella nailed it the reason being of course Lana limped out at number 28 she been injured earlier on the night in the rusev versus Shinsegae nakamori night hell of a sell you know it's the United States Championship match early on the nitrogen came out sooner ankle hobbled halfway to the ring before some very inept medical team from WWD sided then was the point to check whether or not she was alright to go out there at which points Becky Lynch marched out and checked with the fit Finlay whether or not she could go in in a place and he apparently has the authority decide whether or not she can hell of a girl before we get into the the whole finish of the match because it was a really thrilling conclusion and as we all sort of pointed out probably should have gone on last because of the permutations of everything worth a mention was some of the fantastic NXT stars whose name I knew was gonna escape me the American Ninja Warrior announced Casey Casey Casey the surname Kingston yes she did the can Zara thank you guys hell of a name yeah I think she outdid Kofi Kingston in terms of non elimination spots fantastic from her we had yoshi i in there we had just a whole stream of NXT people putting their faces out there and really showcasing their talents when they get caught up to the main roster they're gonna do fantastic things for WWE but yes let's get on to the finish as mentioned we had nyah jacks in there just destroying people goods oh we had the ikonics in there earlier on bloody brilliant mayor that we also had yes Charlotte fair Bailey Bailey putting a good little performance in there as well and in the end yes it came down to Becky versus Charlotte of course it did but before Becky could climb back into the ring she was attacked by nya Jack she injured her knee and we all thought oh no not again nya Jax has injured Becky Lynch because that's want Becky niche sold the knee brilliantly she was being told by medical staff and referees that she shouldn't go into the ring they were just gonna call it off and we feel they're not gonna they're not gonna do that are they no of course they didn't Becky Lynch climbed in she she caught brilliant in-ring promo just saying fight me effectively to Charlotte Fleur and that's exactly what Charlotte Flair did just targeted the leg tried to take her out as much as possible and in the end went for a big boot on the outside - which bekanich eliminated her amazing scenes well deserved it then of course explained why oscar had submitted her own and I also kind of make sense because she was submitted so she wasn't really you know completely knocked out or taken out in that match she just had to submit because she couldn't escape that she not a choke hold that she was held in by Oscar Becky Lynch is going to Wrestlemania that is the big takeaway here look the overall the women's role and watch wasn't as good as last year had a hell of a contest to live up to but all importantly Becky Lynch is going to Wrestlemania and that is fantastic news why this didn't go on last I have no idea with Becky Lynch opening and closing the paid viewers our very own Phil chambers insisted this should happen I have no idea but all in all great news just rough going in the middle so how do you follow the women's Royal Rumble match with Eric Rowan apparently Daniel Bryan versus AJ sales for the WWE Championship look they were in a tough spot after that a phenomenal high point closing out the women's rumble and they adapted pretty well the crowd obviously were exhausted they also I think working the match quite slow deliberately to start off with Daniel Bryan strategy here was less sort of technical wrestling showcasing his talents more just sort of beat the piss out of AJ Styles when he had the opportunity but we know at least you can do in a ring together they are fantastic the finish though yeah how does all a bit puzzled I think no one in the world saw this coming if you thought even if you thought there was gonna be some sort of shenanigans you probably didn't factor in Erick Rowan in a flannel shirt yeah so stars dr. Nancy GUI Brian took out the referee be prior to that Erick Rowan and just wandered out to ringside because yeah at which point stars took out Daniel Bryan but the referee was down so it Rowan came in picked AJ Styles up by his face choke slammed him and then Daniel Bryan covered him for the slow count from Mike Keota I don't know what's happening a really no idea I'm fine with Daniel Bryan remaining WWE Champion I think that's what everyone expected to happen I'm intrigued I'll watch Smackdown to find out what the hell you're doing but yeah a new Wyatt family but just with Daniel Bryan and Eric Rowan okay David versus Goliath was next all no not the version that Vince McMahon has read because that story doesn't exist yes Finn Balor versus Brock Lesnar for the universal championship and we were placing bets on how long we thought this match was going to go around 10 minutes was the general consensus and that is what happened but to be fair Finn Balor looked decent in defeat here maybe not as good as say you're AJ Styles and you're Daniel Bryan's have at Survivor Series but you can tell that Brock Lesnar was keen to work with Finn Balor and sold really well for him you had the spots where Brock Lesnar took finn bálor to the outside and finn bálor managed to reverse by throwing him gut first into the announce table several times as a man who's had diverticulitis I mean Shane McMahon hadn't got over it quicker but anyway Brock Lesnar yes has had I think a third of his colon removed if you hell of a colon so yes that worked really well into the storyline we'd already had him suplex in Finn Balor all over the place this presenting it prevented him from suplex and Finn Balor finn bálor reverse an f5 brilliantly in there somewhere and gotten some yeah really good offense in there the close of the match was Finn Balor hitting a coup de Gras going for the pinfall and then as the Brock Lesnar kicked out grabbing the arm of Finn Balor locking in the I think it was a reverse Kimura lock and getting the submission win over Finn downside to this I mean it mates that make sense in terms of building Brock Lesnar this as this beast this evil character ahead of WrestleMania was just the absolute beat-down of Finn Balor afterwards Brock Lesnar going back on numerous occasions to suplex him or to f5 him and just leave him in a crumpled heap and say back down to the mid card with you but aside from that yet an enjoyable decent match and it could have been a lot worse for Finn Balor that's why I say to finish the night we had the men's Royal Rumble match a lot to cram in here let's start at the beginning we opened with Elias versus Jeff Jarrett okay there was a duet that they had there and then of course Jeff Jarrett got a little bit of a taste of his own medicine with Elias smashing the guitar over his back and the match itself I think overall the match itself was probably overall better than the women's Royal Rumble the finish arguably wasn't so but yeah a lot of standout performances in here the less said about Tyus the better let's be honest and oh god I've just remembered I didn't mention in the women's Royal Rumble Hornswoggle popped out and chase Selena Vega I mentioned it now have fun with that in the comments in the men's Royal Rumble match though we had yes loads of fantastic stars of NXT in there you had Alistair black you of course had Johnny gargano huge reaction here when he came out you had Pete Dunn involved in it as well look they just showcased what amazing town that had the amount of times watching that match where we sat here and said how many of these guys could you see in a main event Feud for WWE in the future was unreal really enjoyable overall match I'll get to the finish in a second because I almost forgot when I was looking back over my notes for this almost then at number 30 out came r-truth everyone was happy look we had all the stars in the ring we had your braun strowman's out there Seth Rollins had been taken out on the outside and and put through a table and we didn't know whether or not he was gonna be coming back in you had Andrada you had Randy all and you had Rey Mysterio who saw nyah Jack's attacking our truth as being part of this not anyone I don't think and not only did she do that and steel arteries earned number 30 spot by one in the mix match challenge she got involved in the match and eliminated who'd she eliminate this stuff Rowley you've been putting in a stellar performance one of the iron men in there jose was really good in there as well yeah and it was just really really surreal then she ran she attacked Randy Orton then she tried to eliminate my best friend Rey Mysterio it was weird and then everyone including us here if we're perfectly honest cheered when Dolph Ziggler super kicked her Rey Mysterio six one mind Randy Orton RKO de weird end for the Royal Rumble I don't even see that again jerry lawler probably enjoyed it though so yeah that was the end of nyah jacks the final few competant Enders in there were brilliant though Dolph Ziggler getting far more of a reaction than he did coming out at number 30 lap last year and draw and draw day getting showcased yet again but of course as we all sort of thought it probably was going to we had drew McIntyre in there early getting eliminate the shock elimination from Dolph Ziggler which means go good therefore you get to continue the finish yes though came down to braun strowman and seth rollins lots of awkward spots on the outside who's gonna go who's gonna be eliminated in the end Seth Rollins curb stomped braun strowman on the hardest part of the ring the april braun strowman forced the outside Seth Rollins wins the men's Royal Rumble match he is going to Wrestlemania and overall I think mixed emotions I had with this on the one hand I'm sat there going it's Seth Rollins we all kind of thought it was gonna be Seth Rollins Cleary was looking at the betting odds and said they got suspended halfway through the play for you so we all assumed it was gonna be Seth Rollins and yeah in a way that finished really did make me care about Seth Rollins again you did get reminded throughout this match again that he has got the talent look people will not be universally happy as they were last year for example when she in skåne a Kimura won it's over to WWE now to build a decent story between presumably Seth Rollins versus Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania I don't think the fan investment is there yet and let's be honest considering their track record of Seth Rollins versus Dean Ambrose heading into TLC they really need to step up their game but Seth Rollins versus Brock Lesnar there is a great story there they just have to build it properly and paint them the right way overall then the pay-per-view was a bit all over the shop but unforgettable for numerous reasons I'll never forget Naiya Jack's getting RKO'd I'll never forget Selena Vega being chased up the ramp by Hornswoggle its 2019 and that happened I'll never forget Shane McMahon shooting star press but possibly most importantly of all I'll never forget Becky Lynch winning the women's Royal Rumble match oh and by the way what culture are off to WrestleMania let me know your thoughts on the Royal Rumble on all the winners on all the losers in the comment section below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe if you want to hear more about our thoughts on the Royal Rumble make sure you check out what cool teresting only the iTunes or Spotify for daily podcasts our review of the paper will be going up in the next few hours my thanks to Adam Perry thanks to Becky Lynch for just being bloody brilliant thank you for watching and we will see you soon