WWE SmackDown Preview NXT Invasion Cancelled Or Heating Up

[Applause] hello everybody welcome to the smackdown podcast myself Adam clearly Michael said you and Benjamin Richardson here to talk about all the major issues ahead of Friday Night Smackdown but of course before we begin if you're a big fan of what culture why not subscribe to us on either YouTube iTunes Spotify wherever you get all your content from because what do we do well what don't we do boys we Revere or if you smacked down as the Wednesday night Wars this interviews of discussions as roundtables we all lose a viewer views as well and previews and it's all complete with the bloody good quiz arm-wrestle culture at the end of the week but as I say I am joined by Michael Sedgwick and Benjamin Richardson to discuss Friday Night Smackdown emanating from Manchester United Kingdom a city we've presumably been in at least once in our lives gents before we go into the major talking points can I just get your excitement level for Smackdown being in the UK this sorry this is like an indictment of the times but my first thought when I remembered are Christ it's a Manchester this week is oh you might get loud crowd for once making a drunk crowd they yes they've ritually killed off North American crowds by doing a big sweep and load of bollocks in every single town they've been in it's not being a great 20:19 for WWE in totality that's not being cynical that's just being completely honest there's a huge novelty factor when it comes to the UK I still think we're watching the same show it's not different in England it's still crap so maybe there won't be as much excitement because what kind of famous for being sort of like molten crowds maybe there won't be quite the same volume but there'll be some volume at least are actually surfer in this famous pink reserved but like a disposition but your wrestling shows are unbearable I think it's a memory dress fizz misconception that the problem is dead crowds problem is a dead product I didn't say that no no I know I'm just saying thank you I was gonna actually bite your face off the fucked up this crowd will be mall and just proves that it's only in exceptional circumstances oh yes he asked the actual show itself sorry by exceptional circumstance do you mean like tens of thousands of people piling into the nearest Wetherspoons before going to the arena I do make sure yeah yeah basically it's a night out yeah depressing period political history if as for sure itself so last week's was sort of a Jim born and bulls-eye edition of SmackDown psych is what you could have won on a regular basis and now this week it's just back to normal and we're basically gonna get what we supposed to get last week and it sounds good you don't even written that that's such a good line you've not even written that down that's not even in your nose it was like these guys quickly chop your head off right in my ass on occasion so I'm not necessarily expecting I would propose me an event of king carbon and rum rinse to be on an equal keel to last week well I'm glad you've touched upon that because that's my first set of notes we were supposed to be getting this last week and obviously several issues in Saudi Arabia which were highly mechanical problems and nothing suspicious are out of the ordinary forced them to have a rethink and we are getting that again as the main event this week so the question has to be asked was last week just a complete Pocket episode are they not going to carry this forward or we're just gonna get back to what weg does best and that's not good theoretically the phone karke the bottle now so that if you have to go along with the NXT envision the continued it on a next day this week what given this is to be de rêve very likely it just forget that let the concept of lineal time and go back to where we're gonna go last week well next week looking at the cross air card on paper they've done precisely that my favorite thing about doing this main event again is that literally everyone on every comments section I've ever read or every social media website I went on said oh thank Christ they're not doing woman Ranger Corbin and then thank Christ there was a near international incident in Saudi Arabia to avoid that main event one week later same again just yeah what it's worth given the improvement bearing carbons made this year and the fact remains is a very good progress look it could actually be okay the match itself I'm sure will be fine it's just the interest in seeing it's just the characters with the concept of a much principle yeah the concept of the match is a problem one thing I will point out was I think was it fast lane that did the shield triple threat against M was a Corbin Lashley Andrew yeah the highlight of that much beyond Rollins that wasn't the dogs of war that was strowman Ziggler in McIntyre yeah this is McIntyre's although just went through yeah it says McIntyre's other heel pals but the highlight of that match beyond Seth like lunatic bump at the end with the exchanges between Corbin and reigns and this was pre king Corbin they look great so this really could be like a good WWE style March it's just it's Corbin and reigns it's not Adam Cole and on your brain yeah exactly the problem we've had the malaise for longer than just this year right so well yes okay this could be fine if exactly it's going in a absolutely okay but just this is what I'm interested in seeing this is not what's gonna make me tune in I may find out like afterwards hey they are an absolute buying it but it's not something that's gonna make people want to tune in to the product on the night sort of retrospectively good which is tends to be the only time wek I think this we've got really good written last week I'm coming off the back of EFS one disaster and what really made people cheering in last week I personally think was the element of chaos the element to be on not the fact they don't know it's just gonna be a prosaic Roman reigns main event it's gonna be just another drusy got a podcast and it's gonna be a combination of a revival in the new days we see every week you know well good might take in my heat yeah just basically you know the same stuff do you expecting to see much from NXT tonight at all nor because I think it's based on weapon have travelled over okay good momentum is a genuine story it's getting people interested can they afford it like just this is yet another micro illustration of a macro problem this company feels threatened yeah you dropped Rosie it's a company it's had endured institutional rot for years and years and years for various reasons one of which is just the schedule and the schedule here might make them come a cropper because I spent from points out not gonna fly the whole NXT roster out a great expense to Europe for this specific purpose so there'll be a handful of people which to be honest might work out in their favor you can't just do a rinse and repeat of the exact same every single match or all show gets interrupted they can but want to keep a lid on it for a look for at least a week and build up some more anticipation possibly this narrative where's explanations for up ahead of last week's smackdown can't be asked to fly well that's what the literally said that couldn't do in a statement so there's precedent I've been wondering realistic whopping wind remote is Paul him and Roma last week way said if Rey Mysterio is to cross after Smackdown and he'll be in breach of contract and the network or Fannie Mae you'll get found by becoming new whatever so Triple H was backstage watch that promo and you know what point do you think I got a minute I've got all my NXT lads - yeah come on you it is this a good idea to like get them all fired but you did it anyway so you got fired no we didn't get hired no no repercussions but you could say this week without a word and network said we're not very keen on this so you don't just keep them off for a week but but it betrays the wild-card rule but then they got ratings so there's a moral crisis within Fox which is the sentence I never thought I would ever say because they have no morals clearly beautiful before we go on I want to read what W is hyped description of the Corbin vs. range matches the king has been demanding respect but the big dog is not one while appearing on WB backstage on fs1 woman Rangers blindside attacked blindside attacking you want for me by King Corbin and now that you were collide on Friday Night Smackdown can the BigDog retribution on Corbin or will the King reign over reigns find out this Friday known smackdown on Fox's beat central can I just say as like I don't know who in the world ever reads deliveries previews but whoever writes most ever idk my Wellborn whoever writes Maz a real flair for the pun I think they're having a lot of the people who write have a lot for just enjoying it so good well speaking of doing a difficult job is just enjoying it Tyson Fury's back on Smackdown this week runs in his hometown in his hometown now look it's good obviously get him or it's gonna get a cheap pop I can understand that however surely the whole purpose of bringing him in was like a quick segment to build up a crown jewel he gets away and he moves back in a boxing strowman gets his heat back somehow surely by bringing him back in after the March Zhanna undo all the good work because either good work he's determined contact with good work in that like surely whatever momentum he's got off beating strowman he can't then continue to build on on this show and if strowman gets his heat back it negates the whole premise of doing this play so what's the purpose of bringing it was taught before hum flips this is throwing me off but just this time just this same being confident the purpose of Tyson theory was to build up his fight with Deontay Wilder in February yes that's why is it three months away so we'll be seeing Marvin that's Fox one mr. happen and the SPM one missed happen like he also needs to be repercussion by our fallout from crown jewel which was presumably doesn't need to be but that they want to keep them relevant you know I mean I've got no interest analysis nobody has any interest I can't sort of life me understand what you do with him rot like save for like a Wayne Rooney at the barricade quenching Wade Barrett in the face moment where you bury somebody else just to get him a tiny little pop I don't understand how you use this effectively lighting the wind the way they pitched it as well in their incredible little opening analysis ends with our fury and strowman headed for another epic collision I missed the first one but like this would be I might have it you know come on here we go right what does ww8 do all the time and no it's fine Barry yeah who was a guy that would love to see push but is kind of presented as a pissant who gets his face punched in by legends of stuff George Jamison Sami Zayn Tyson Fury is gonna Sami Zayn's gonna noise Tyson Fury for about three minutes with his a hyperactive spiel and then get punched do you know what it is that makes so much sense I can't see them doing it I think that fits in with I want going to deal but I think that fits in with Tyson theories general world for you as well given he's a hometown man isn't he good isn't he likely to get berries I cannot like get buried in this because the whole purpose of like them using a missed as you say to people at this fight with Wilder yeah so he has to go over every single time he's on television between now and February however often that is and if they're gonna repeatedly use him is they're not just a danger that he becomes the most pushed man in WWE to build up a match which isn't even in WWE yeah oh that's a great diamond of this most recent crown jewel as much as it wasn't totally terrible effectively for not only is that an advertisement for a regressive regime but it's also an advertisement for a completely different spot it was ridiculous it's genuinely upsetting this yeah with the gypsy king is slated to appear in the blue brand broadcast from the lineal heavy champions hometown of Manchester England with fury in the building braun strowman shouldn't be far behind as the two brawlers have unfinished business is braun strowman yes well he says he can't be far behind so I don't mean Monday shoot how do they have unfinished business they're a wrestling match oh because they did this thing where count-outs don't count I mean nothing counts and why does the bell ring but well that's the freshman up and asking for three and a half years the thing in my capacity is a Content producer for walk culture I don't know in Tyson Fury's world as well he not be effectively knocked braun strowman out so that definitely is a win I don't I just look yeah but he's in another world to promote his world couldn't care less go on move on move on yeah okay so the revival of defending the SmackDown Tag Team Championships against the new day now this match would be I'm sure a grave given enough time and given the scope to do it but with the tag-team titles being on the line we've already had announced that the raw tag team champions NXT tag team champs in the smackdown Tag Team Champions will be defending their belts while not defending belts but they'll be in a big melting pot of action now I'm gonna get onto asking a slightly different question after this but is there any chance the revival might be losing their belts heading into Survivor Series because they want to put another tag team B than anybody else in this match I don't believe so because I think this is gonna be part of a greater storyline for coffee Kingston to eventually turn on Biggie now this is the first time I know it's separate but he actually spoke for first time this week about his disappointment yes so it was an element of that frustration actually maybe seeping into the product because was for talks boy in fairness it was for talk sport but it still happened and he was still allowed to say that permanently it's been very peculiar where he's handled fester feels like he's just pushed it to the back of his mind and request the what was truly a terrible night in his career I think it would be that squash we said at the time if they use this to inform some massive change in Kobe's character then to be fair could actually be a genius move but it's not he's still dancing around giving you pancakes a power of positivity and all that and again if that is building it's something they go alright fair enough there's a long term element to it but I don't think like the crack starting to show an interview a talk sport is really how they lay the ground he's done something with pancakes her a call correctly where he's crumbled a pancake in his hand so it has sort of this character shift is kind of canonical at this point but again if it's not if it's canon at this point what does that say about two months later so I don't know an answer to your question Cleary I kind of hope not because there's a neat kind of intro sort of complexion to this NXT w/e smackdown tag team title match that I would just really like to watch the person right in the previews has indeed had fun with this almost mocking WWE's history of long-term booking year the new day best at the revival an eight-man tag team competition two weeks ago and now they will reap the rewards you see interconnected the new day will challenge the revival for the SmackDown Tag Team titles on Friday Night Smackdown the showdown of the last team smackdown tag team champions promises to carry a lot of the bad blood that has defined this blue bond drive blue brand rivalry not really buying the story history in all of this although they do tend to have good matches I don't think there's gonna be a title change with this one but the question I wanted to ask was we've heard a lot of talk that the reason they're doing the mid card triple threat match is because they want to have North American champion versus United States Champion versus in the carnet which I mean not necessarily AJ Styles as schinsky Nakamura versus Roderick Strong nothing at the minute is scheduled for a styled or a Nakamura title defense but if there's gonna be a belt change anywhere to change one of these Survivor Series matches is that what you could see it leader Daniel Bryan that seems to be the obvious one yeah is that a better match having Brian in it yes because Shinsegae Nakamura is a shadow of his former self and Daniel Bryan many much was a bit much Reverend Daniel Bryan oh yeah Brian's just the best he's the best post in that entire company and I would include NXT in that assessment early agree well sorry I should probably give that question of why the context then is Survivor Series best served by putting down your Brian in that match as opposed to giving him something else to do yes yeah that much sounds so good I don't think anyone would possibly complain notes in effectively in the mid card because Brian and AJ Styles chemistry was wonderful saw some of the best of Italy matches in recent memory ahead at the turn of the year the Royal Rumble one was the wrong match but was brilliant but for the wrong Stadium crowd they wanted em TLC was fantastic if you want to mitigate what they did at the Royal Rumble then the inclusion of someone is propulsive and is incredible as what are as strong as the perfect way to do that that is got serious w e main roster much of the air potential schinsky nakamura man I used to love this man so much we were all there any other matches you see change at the minute the Women's Championship match oh Jesus Christ I would love it they're not gonna do it I would love it if Bailey wasn't in that match it's all and again I used to love this woman this is what happens when I saw that wonderful Bay's libecki Lyn showdown I just thought that's the match that is the matter I agree do you just do you think this is the time for that much and oceania business obviously I know so much prestigious iris huge chance to throw up these opportunities where things tend to I mean we saw last year like that was we were never supposed to get a women's main event at WrestleMania Becky Lynch wasn't supposed to be in that equation but the fact she had to miss that match made them realize precisely what they had on their hands my problem with this the reason I didn't want them to do fiend versus Brock versus Adam Cole which was ridiculous for a start but you look at that and you go straightaway I know that whoever wins is pinning Adam Cole and then look at this the women's championship match and I think that would be great but I know whoever wins is either tapping or pinning Bailey whereas if you had maybe Sasha banks of a month ago in that match or somebody else you would think well there's possibilities for every single person to win that and it's the same with as it stands with the mid card championship match I think while you probably say Roderick Strong the man Derby degree would want to do that if you're actually booting the match he can't really see who's the obvious winner and who's the obvious loser so yeah who would you put in though for we're talking about the women's one if you want to get Bailey out who would you swap before I was being facetious it's just when I saw that showdown on Raw I thought I wish this wasn't Survivor Series I wish this was a brand-new call up and that was how she was introduced because it was so perfect potential do that laughter this ya know there is there is it won't be quite the same basically mark what I'm getting at is I'd rather see nobody but yeah realistically if there has to be someone this yeah I guess but this new Bailey character which is Landon was some if not all people I'm kind of in the not-me camp but regardless I think the way her character is operating at the moment where she's just banging off the idea of work in house shows she could slot into a triple threat match I think and it would be in character quite well so yeah if it has to be anybody Bailey but I just wish it wasn't anybody but those two no I have no problem with barely been and to be perfectly honest not for the visco I think it's fine well the fantasy booking of Knox's return continues Sasha banks speaking of which returns to face Nicky cross on Friday Night SmackDown how on earth you write the preview for this one I don't know but it managed it get back to work the boss is back in set for battle against Nicky cross it's pretty much that it's pretty much all that was I mean this other stuff tells you they are Sasha banks last competed in a Hell in a Cell showdown against raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch since that devastating defeat the boss is rallied behind her close friend Bailey by lending a hand to the SmackDown Women's Champion nothing that means she cut her hair I don't really know now cross seeks payback with the boss's involvement and the role she played in costing the former women's tag-team champion a chance to win the title will the boss make a splash in her return to the ring or will Kraus make banks long for a return to the sidelines I've got an I'm pumped I've got an unsub or false questions yes and no she'll beat Nicky cross and that's the only four matches they've announced thus far you expect it you see anything else of note stem X T invasions I guess the original potential I know they couldn't be bothered to fight them out obviously it's a waste of probably their intuition to do it on a separate flight but of course you remember three members of the undisputed era did not appear on NXT this week there was a clip show beforehand which explain why they were in there wouldn't be beyond the realms possibility through the OSI they wear the same clothes three days in a row who knows when they filmed that I got Garner wasn't on the show either there's a few big names you could potentially have been brought over with all this without thing though it's more likely to see an inversion from raw but they're not be working the house sure on the same night like this is part of us were not prepared but generally they like to work these people to the bone yeah literally in the case of ours it's just pushing the concept of this brand new office off a book but today it's basically just been NXT one thing we get to see announced for survivors use is a pure raw versus fat down much obviously rock and rage on me between things Teddy mates our raw versus raw and we imagine the fiend will get something to do at some point we're yet to see I think when it was first announced we thought it would be sort of a triangle struck we thought the obvious matches to announce with the ones that have been announced tag-team warfare mid car champion warfare women's warfare but then think from there one sort of fantasy moved it were a handful a bit we had some raw versus Smackdown some Smackdown versus NXT NXT versus raw and it was sort of a you know give everybody an equal amount of matches to see who accrues the most amount of points on the evening but right now it just feels like NXT versus main roster a raw invasion would be perfect tonight for Smackdown because they look this is brown warfare like main roster isn't a brand we are the dominant brand especially lean swept you all especially as we've already announced matches which hit Smackdown vs. raw and yet so far other than the fucked up a pay-per-view exists but no real reason why they should okay yeah could is that gonna happen though I think at this point I realize the circumstances and forced the NXT invasion first but if you were booked in this realistically you'd absolutely do that is a like not last-ditch measure but you do raw versus Smackdown first because it can only feel like an afterthought now because the NXT stuffs been so exciting but I think that was probably the original plan for last week yeah and I think this sure is effectively gonna be a redox of last week's show what couldn't give you last week to preview because at this stage we'd know all about the travel chaos and yeah mechanical issues yeah unless we've got any other major talking points any special guest appearances no Vinnie Jones this time Darren Fletcher Scott McDonough Scott Mitama near could be the Fred Fred Fred West wait hang on Fred Fred the mascot of Fred the player well there might as well be in the outfit tag team turmoil yes economy yeah let's know what you make of Smackdown coming up this week in the comments below cause I get like Sharon subscribe while you're here subscribe to what cultures podcast wherever you get your podcast from as iTunes a cast there's all the good and bad outlets as well we do previews reviews raw Smackdown Wednesday night war NXT pay-per-views like very she reminded me interviews roundtable discussions and around up there we complete with a bloody good quiz of course on wrestle culture which of course we will be back for it later in the day but in the meantime my thanks to both Michael Sedgwick and benjamin richardson where can they get you on twitter you can get me at em Sidgwick you can get me at bt l Threepwood i am adam Cleary CL ery the entire wat culture wrestling team available to you at walk o2w a but in the meantime enjoy smacked out and i and we will see you either next week or you guys in tomorrow yes ah night waiting Saturday for fuck's sake we'll see you later on goodbye I'm working there for a tub