WWE Statement On Ronda Rouseys Future Offering BIG Money To Stop AEW Departures

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will border from what culture memorandum are you from world cultures book or vehicles flying father and this is the news starting off today with an update on Ronda Rousey's situation of course the big news we reported yesterday is the fact that she could be leaving WWE following WrestleMania this year well WWE have issued a statement regarding that it's been reported in The Observer by Shia Dave TMZ sports and by TMZ sports Ronda Rousey is under contract with WWE until April 10th 2021 whether she wants to start a family is a private matter that's what WWE say and yeah Ryan satin was talking about this as well saying that he thinks that they'll probably just let it go away to start family and they hope that she will eventually come back what do you make of this and I think it's hard to read too much into that statement the wording of the starting a family thing does sound unnecessarily frosty like that's her business it's like look we've gone under contract but she wants to start a family yeah I guess that's okay but I mean Ronda Rousey's been saying crazy stuff about like going away and having Travis Brown's babies on a ranch for years and years and years it's no great surprise and she has always spoken about wrestling as being something of a temporary things so again no great surprises disappointing as her leaving would be I don't think we can glean too much from the statement I think it essentially says that what Dave said yesterday about the potential of her going away having a child or several children if she wants and then coming back in some kind of Undertaker John Cena as part-time role is very much skill on the car can you imagine the anticipation for me we got because she is hot arguably one of the greatest rookie years ever second best of all time yeah I don't think she has had really that many bad moments the entire year if you take it from well let's leave out from point in the record role of WrestleMania so the Royal Rumble any times that was prep but WrestleMania to WrestleMania she's just been arguably flawless yeah I mean you can sit there and pick apart specific lines in promos and stuff but like that is so small fry it doesn't even matter just look at the high level programs the high level matches you drive to great matches I have nayad Jack's like Oscar Bailey could do that done XT for God's sake she's she's a natural she's great she's a biggest star in the company on the full-time roster at least they'll miss her greatly I think she's really helped bring the women's division up to another level of prominence so here's hoping that it's all bollocks and she sticks around forever because I think she's awesome absolutely you know what else is awesome eglee by the king and ticket sales full they're not going so well unfortunately which is weird because it's the Royal Rumble is really highly anticipated and the card is awesome I can't wait for this no we talked about this yesterday is arguably being one of the best rumbles in terms of the Royal Rumble match at anticipation and all the matches on the card one of the best ever I'm sort of surprised and then again not surprised at this I'm stunned yeah that this hasn't been a sellout when you look at the card but then when you look at the location it is kind of understandable the location and kind of the general malaise surrounding the company why events were way down in terms of attendances last quarter in the last revenue report so it's area of the business that isn't doing so well and I've got the numbers right here courtesy of our very good friend sugar Dave who the comments-section love so the expectation at the moment is that the building will be set up for 43,000 people in Phoenix apparently the only anticipate drawing somewhere between 25 and 15,000 now got numbers from Raw and Smackdown genetics geez well NXT is expected to be somewhere between 8 and 1/2 thousand and nine thousand that is of course in a different building raw about 7,000 and Smackdown about 6,500 all of these apart from takeover are considered big disappointments now a little perspective before we dunk on these numbers especially for the Royal Rumble the talk not the Talking Stick what's it called the chase fields in Phoenix this will be one of the biggest buildings WWE run all year and even if they get 25,000 that is still gonna be one of the biggest wrestling shows of the year but as things stand they are gonna have to tape off large sections in the building and for a pay-per-view as big as the Royal Rumble what the second biggest W sure I'd say so that's pretty embarrassing it is I'm stunned yeah that they haven't done better but then at the same time like you say those numbers are nothing to be sniffed at and we are no stranger to seeing areas covered up WWE events have said all that Dave might be wrong because we reported yesterday on the Royal Rumble burger that they're gonna be serving in checks field and I think that sells 10,000 tickets in their knowledge well we saw Daniel Bryan exactly and Seth Rollins was Peroni as well on a burger for god sake yeah what a gimmick moving on to our next story for today and it surrounds WWE's TV deals and W ease contracts WD years apparently told its staff and it's obviously these wrestlers more importantly other than that this is according to shagging daily observer you again that when the new TV deals come into effect with all that extra dollar dollar their contract are going to increase and see if wo you needed any more excuse to throw more money at their talents yeah things are set to change yet again yeah I mean this is all again very very good news because it would have been quite easy for the company to just stash this money or fun some outlandish stupid business deal like I don't know the XFL and but no this is very encouraging if they're going to transfer this money over to the wrestlers apparently they've all been told that when these deals come in your new contracts will be mega and so it's good and it is also probably another sign of increased competition like what WWE have done this if it wasn't for like aw coming along and throwing loads of money about as well it's pretty interesting do you think also it not only in terms of guarding against talent going to aew I know we're reading a lot into this but do you think is also possibly that if they sit there and say look even the lower tier talent will be on really decent wages about they're betting that some people will go yes I probably would have more creative control and more opportunities aw but also I've got a family I want this to be the easy life and I'm getting paid a decent wage in WWE white wine up sticks and then move well that's it that's the big question when probably when wrestlers are deciding these things it is money versus creative WWE is never ever ever going to offer them the same level of freedom individually whether this is good or bad as something like aw but they can offer big money now another interesting facet of this is that the guys in W are funded by the can family are multi time billionaires they are literally buy and sell Vince McMahon so it's gonna be interesting to see how it all pans out WWE are a financial powerhouse but the Khan family eclipses them so battle of the scrooge mcduck s-- scrooge mcduck in and indeed clocking anyway our final story go hang okay oh right i get away yeah good news you powerful wrestling have a upcoming US tour next week they are running free dates across the country and well the cards came out the other day and they really suck so basically these cards have no real well they've got one Japanese wrestler great Oh Karn who is currently on excursion in the UK he is the only Japanese wrestler on these cars the rest are all US and Canadian talents guys like Trent Barreta Chuck Taylor rocky Romero a bunch of guys from the new Japan dojo over in Los Angeles at Carl Friedrich Sally caught Alex Coughlin and they are not really what people expect it now there's a good reason for this and it's the Democrats Democrats are the reason behind this tell us why Andy Murray I'm not gonna tell you why the Democrats are gonna behind it I'm gonna tell you why the US government shutdown is apparently behind it so great news basically new Japan wanted to have guys like Yugi Niigata Tom material Ishi Haruki go-to and a lot more come over and do these two sleepy authentic New Japan shows however because of the government shutdown in the USA they were unable to secure visas and they've issued a big statement here I'm not gonna read the whole thing but it says at the top it is with great disappointment that we must announce that due to the ongoing US federal government shutdown we were unable to obtain visas for our Japanese talent who were looking forward to seeing our US fans in the new beginning in the USA so while they've set matches together like juice Robinson versus beretta mm-hmm it's not exactly what you think about when you think of New Japan no exactly I think that's a fair point and shall we move on very swiftly so the comment section and talk more about the Royal room our Twitter questions then you know Donald Trump which is always fun on the Internet yeah let's move on to our Twitter questions they don't forget you can send them to us at what culture WWE our first question comes from Matthew Rubin today he says out of all the Royal Rumbles which one do you believe was the best oh my that is difficult for me to answer objectively because my first ever wrestling show was the 1992 Royal Rumble when I was just a wee bairn up in Scotland I think it's one that I still think it's the best rumble of all time and how does that sentiment applied open you also get like Ric Flair's Austin performance Hulk Hogan just need a massive Bell end at the end and all these weird wonderful characters that you just don't get in WWE anymore 2001 was great 2018 was awesome as well yeah 2000 2001 I really enjoyed films 2000 the two cool one yeah yeah yes it was that was it classic for me I think that's one of the first room was I really big sure in the rock at the end it's really distinct a fantastic but yeah at last year's Rumble though the men's Royal Rumble and the women's Royal Rumble last year were both fantastic there is gonna be at least list going out very soon is that I have ranked every Royal Rumble the help of my you made a list on our chat room that from work odd to best so I'll be going I'm gonna enjoy people's thoughts on that one um let's go moves next question from paradigm couple kind of lega cap cap a Laguna pal ago PC thank you anyway for your question actually they say who do you think our entrance one and two for their respective rumbles and who do you want to see in those spots I was in the men's one I want to see I'm dragging and remus Tina exactly what I was going to say wouldn't have a bangin little edge to start things off right two minutes just go mental or a minute whatever I think and I think he's going to win as an Iron Man I think he'll be safe for all it and you can throw any random goober in there can you call Ben cook a big banner why ever throw him in game the lemonade in 30 seconds for the woman bit tougher and if you want someone to go coast to coast go the full distance I think they'll probably pick Charlotte because that's what they do Sonya the Ville either why not I'm gonna go what if we're gonna do rayon and draw in the men's I'll go Naomi Mike entrance but they can make a nice little scene out and then of course money rose number two and just have them go I know straight away go and do the bit you know a bit bit getting a man these open sea which is like whispers I mean and there we go yeah there you go Prabhu you shall write a question what does they really like this question a power peanuts the nerd sent it to it that's awesome it says should the WWE upon adult spots of the g1 climax contract and have the Rumble winner be challenged for their championship match I would give the paper use of Romania another hot match Irene I yeah I've been that was pretty cool I mean the g1 climax thing they're walking around carry in this briefcase around it is pretty much a money in the bank yeah visually at least but they're not like they're not threatening to cash in on every show is very much a contract for a match at a specific time I think it'd be pretty cool if they did the same thing with the Royal Rumble but you'd have to obviously worry about cross over with money in the bank because it's a similar concept and I don't know if W w go for that maybe you'd have to get rid of money in the bank which would be kind of a shame yeah I think I think it would I think it would arguably the the pay-per-view in between was Elimination Chamber Fastlane that sort thing rolling walk ended yeah raw dad it would add an intriguing nother match to that pay-per-view and give you a reason to watch but I'd guess 99 times out of 100 you're gonna go wolf they're not going to take away the Royal Rumble winner yeah but I like it as a concept I think I think it could work Oh as you say I think maybe maybe not with the Royal Rumble win but certainly with the Money in the Bank contract they don't do that a lot where people put it online unless they need to take it off someone cuz they're injured yes stuff like that I think perhaps makes a little bit more sense and it would avoid diluting money in the bank and I would have avoid diluting the Royal Rumble by do you think that's a very interesting suggestion Evan Owens and Warren strowman last year for example they all went we all went well broad summers gonna retain money in the bank what if he doesn't yeah yeah I'd be very interesting something to try out yeah be quality and finally today I'm doing it for ya yesterday if you were hanging around on the internet and you probably are considering you're watching this video on YouTube and you like wrestling and though I have two days ago sorry there was a mean going around to this Twitter user called Orrin posted non-wrestling fans who are wondering what's up with wrestling check this S word out and it's a clip of Daniel Bryan's awesome pull more from sweat there's a lot of funny responses to this that went viral bloody baby boomers Orang the tomorrow user has found the best one and this is an absolute banner so of the right of the five Cs of people who have responded to or quote tweeted the Daniel Bryan thing this is the only good one and as a reply from Stephen a spliff very good at the real trees us who says dude in the ring looks like a rollerblader what the hell happened to wrestling and is this picture of AJ Styles vincey's dice games giving up roll up like he's still popular right yeah we can make up a hardcore what the hell happened resting I'm really good go better to be fair I've always kind of father AJ Styles as good disease does kind of look like a massive dork that had flowing back if you rollerblades to the ring would I pay money to see that they'd have to change his music up if it's not AJ Styles I guarantee in the next six months to a year we're gonna see a rollerblading gimmick in NXT if not AJ Styles who do you think the biggest rule there bleeding fanatic in WWE I could see module mojo I guess exact Rider sad trader yeah good do you think the best rollerblader in WWE is I bet eat someone weird like braun strowman or something okay yeah can't wait for the carbon steel and we're gonna get the rollerblading comment we're gonna get a little cold Cox cuz you want a bloody spices it's gonna be great very happy Friday look the Royal Rumble is just around the corner all ready with these I see a bunch of Bella's there your thoughts I mean the best roller bladers in WWE and these thoughts on all today's news stories in the comment section below and hey no one gets followers on Twitter you can follow Andy Murray at Andy page Murray you follow Phil chambers at Phil my chambers you can follow maybe learn speak at Adam will police off mic we won't miss it it's good it's got lovely jumper on today as well you can follow me at Adam well weddings of all is all at what code should WWE and make sure you check out what coaches for new podcasts by searching for what coach arresting on either iTunes or Spotify my thanks to professional rollerblader Andy Murray thanks to you for watching and we will see you soon [Music] [Music]