WWE Superstar RELEASED Title Change On SmackDown

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will Warner from what culture and I'm extremely bold this is the news and first off we start off with an update on the Dean Ambrose situation regarding WWE yesterday reported that he's gonna be leaving the company in April when his contract expires and WWE have issued a statement basically confirming it say they say Dean Ambrose brackets Johnathan good to hell the name will not be renewing a contract with WWE when it expires in April we are grateful and appreciative of all that Dean is given to WWE and our fans we wish him well and hope that one day Dean will return it to WWE now we don't know any more details on top of that but that looks fairly country or the best work ever I think it kind of sounds like a work doesn't it because this isn't usually something that they do now obviously they're not used to the stars of Ambrose's level just kind of walking out of the company it's been a while since we've seen anything like that happen but yeah they don't genuinely do this for people who are leaving and also they didn't mention the wonderful future endeavors lying either I mean I'm not saying for sure that it's a work but the fact that they've released a statement kind of wings in that direction for me either that owv years suddenly being very nice very amicable they've turned into lovely lovely boys which isn't exactly the way they do business that being said like yesterday the report from pro wrestling torch was very very straightforward this guy's leaving we've heard it from three sources blah blah blah I still think he's leaving by this as soon a seed of doubt it's intriguing Michael said it yesterday pointed out that Dean Ambrose came out and the number fourteen spots in the Royal Road yes and we all know what that means yes it usually means bad things at what just to come off the back is what you reckon happens next with Rene even though they're not you know they're not joined to the hips you couldn't very still just keep working the W degree and Dean goes off and does something else really tough one because I think really young isn't one of the most underused people in the whole company she is a better broadcaster than virtually anyone else on their boots she's better than WWE she could go work for any major sports network and be a major asset to them so I think that they should do everything in their power to keep hold of her she's been pretty mediocre on common trait but that's not her fault that's the overproduction and stuff but she is a potentially huge asset now with Dean slipping away you have to wonder if perhaps when her contract comes up she might be thinking the same obviously she made no secret of her frustrations when talking smack was cancelled and she went back to an interviewers role I can't imagine she's too happy about this what do you think no I thought that cum tempted to think the same way I think she's gonna judge it as and when a contract runs out I don't know when a contract is up but it would make sense especially if Dean goes to work for another company and aw for example what we'll get so by the way we'll get to his situation a little bit later on with some of your Twitter questions yes and if that happens my concern would be WWE would punish Renee for D what Dean's doing yeah just gonna become very toxic yeah I can see that happening we've seen with rusev and Lana in the past now another person who is also on the verge or who is actually left WWE I in the past 12 hours Hideo Itami he's gone mate and so he wrestled the Kira Tazawa on last night's 205 live and was defeated he was obviously today the Royal Rumble in that four-way match for the cruiserweight championship so he news broke yesterday that he had asked for his release and it was granted WWE picked up no fight to keep the guy which is unusual considering how desperate they are to hold on to all kinds of people but at the same time Tommy and WWE hasn't really worked out he's not the performer he used to be he hasn't come off well in this sports entertainment lens and honestly I think this is probably the best thing for everyone involved yeah I think that's the case I think that's the reason why this is all got sorted so quickly I'm writing about this I described it as both disappointing as do we do a tenure but more than anything just frustrating really isn't it signed in 2014 he was in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal at WrestleMania 31 he you know was tipped for big things as big fanfare when he was joining the likes of NXT then he obviously had that shoulder injury they took him out for over a year yeah came back had some good stuff in an XT with another injury Bobby Roode alistair black then got moved to 205 live I think more than anything though a its injuries and like we said not being able to quite adapt to the WWE star I mean there's so many things going into this it doesn't help that he showed up and in a few months later the infinitely more eye-catching finn bálor showed up and development on kind of stores funder there's also things like like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan basically stole all these moves he couldn't do the go to sleep for a couple of years he could even Daniel Bryan to kids like single leg drop kick the beside Cooney kick and also you know ask Kenta he was this guy who built his reputation in Noah and Ring of Honor as this brutal brutal stiff ass kicker and you obviously can't do that in WWE where it's a bit more safer and a bit more Derman dad turned down his charisma didn't really translate on w/e television either he was a bit bland unfortunately and it's just a real shame but not everything we're excited not everyone is made for sports entertainment and you know it'll be cool to see Cantor returned to smaller state yeah he's 37 years old now they said that all disease he still got a lot to give I reckon and yeah this speculation about him going to New Japan to Ring of Honor to aw I think wherever he goes it's arguably gonna be more beneficial than if he stayed and done W a because like you said he just wasn't quite working up everything often people overlook how difficult it is to adapt to the W divisible scholarship especially for a guy like him but best look for him in the future now to move on to events on Smackdown live we'll get on to the fallout and looking forward to Elimination Chamber in a second but there was a title change on last night Smackdown liven not what I was expecting no our troops defeated the new United States Champion Shinsegae Nakamura and then subsequently defended his title against rusev as well who is now a heel again all of a sudden bit weird what yeah yeah yeah hey I I don't quite know I mean there's quite a bit economic I love this obviously it was a nice surprise and it was really good to see like after taking away our troops number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble one minute he's rapping the next minute he was napping what he said that's what the big man says top-level big Edie banter and yeah it was just nice to kind of see him rewarded he's a company pair and he's the head very very entertaining as part of the fabulous truth but at the same time like rusev was being in like a minute or something Nakamura looked like he couldn't be arsed in there much and it was where there's kind of it wasn't that decisive his confusion my key idea was the ref said he was a three can they watch it again on a replay I very confusing my little angle with gutenbad but yeah I don't know what's gonna happen in the future with that the United States Championship but congratulations to archery yeah big Roy we've been having to go in for the last few years here at what culture and he's been doing very well yeah that's what's or six days and find him and Carmela are one of the most consistently fun things on Smackdown that's right yeah yeah I'm not doing that okay ah also coming out of Smackdown we have some big big big big big Elimination Chamber news so at the end of the show after Daniel Bryan has unveiled his wonderful new title belt can we get a picture though yeah we could lose it all bloody thing the hemp Bell has wood carved from natural oak and it has some pebbles on it now I'm not a fan of fat I've got a little joke kids belt young WWE that my other are for me but I'm not a fan of fans buying a $300 belt and carrying them to Wrestlemania we're going to Wrestlemania and I might buy that belt about five pounds off the show so they were he was doing that thing with Varrick ruined in the title blah blah blah how comes the EJ style says hey goddamn you can't just do that to the belt play we're doing smoking that little windy Styles as you're better not to me they were followed by Jeff Hardy Randy Orton who stopped ally who's Randy Orton absolutely destroyed by seeing didn't you get thrown out of the Royal Rumble by a girl bit weird a lot he's come back which is just over yeah semaj the module came down and ruined everyone with a great promo triple h appeared on the tron announced the all six will be competing in the Elimination Chamber match for the belt very exciting big brawl close in the show pretty awesome that they've given the immense Elimination Chamber match to Smackdown yeah I'm excited about that look and I'm kind of hoping nothing really changes ie Daniel Bryan leaves the Elimination cherish w/e champion I think that's what most people expect but those names mean it's gonna be an amazing chamber especially go like are we flowing around this week's become painful speaking of the chamber we should mention the ongoing developments regarding the women's tag title you may notice the simplifies on Monday Night Raw apparently didn't realize that you could just announce that you're in the match that's what Sonia Davila Mandy Rose did last night on Smackdown live they just added themselves to the matter that was easy I mean you're not gonna argue with the legend though you know so yeah fair enough and also speaking of their tag stuff we have number one contender's for for Miss and marker Martin is wherever the heck they're called the Usos won a four-way match also consisting of the bar the new day and our boys that was a fun match you souls are gonna face them yeah cool I'd be much slightly surprised that I assumed you were just gonna be the bar we're gonna drop the titles back yeah move on from that rabbit back and forth thankfully they've given him an even better arguable tag-team to always pull out yeah just I mean that bar match of the Royal Rumble was surprisingly good so I can only imagine that the users will be even better because those guys rule absolutely let's move on to your Twitter questions as always you can tweet the matters at what culture WWE let's start with at octet hezron haven't got that right good name they say since did we don't really have confirmed the cameras won't be renewing his contract what are your thoughts on where he could head over to next and will he be given a farewell send-off of some sort and if he leaves and I still think he will ah I think there's a good chance he might just retire you know hmm cuz like he has spoken about this in the past you don't yeah he did he's pretty beaten up and he has also said that when he does eventually leave you'll just disappear forever I think that honestly think so that's the most likely outcome from all of this and I don't think that WW will give them a send-off they are not really nice and I think they might just bury the brother he'll at his first WrestleMania I think I saw this on squared circle was it in MetLife wasn't nothing so be a nice sort of cyclical thing I hope they give him they're a decent match at WrestleMania or something like that Jimmy havoc tweeted that he sees Johnny tweets and the other lines have given me Moxley is a match I'd love to see whether or not he'd want to go into a war with Jimmy havoc we don't imagine that do we have it House they're great but they are rather painful some light tubes and intention in aw I mean he'd be a huge asset to W he is a guy who they will almost certainly go after I think he'd be very tempted particularly if they offer a more creative freedom than WWE did I certainly wouldn't rule that out and I think it's a lot more likely than say Ring of Honor or a new Japan where he'd be kind of an odd bit mmm Matthew Pritchard ascends our next question today he says with Charlotte most likely being added to Romney versus Becky do you compare this match to Benoit versus Triple H versus HBK 15 years ago at WrestleMania 20 I mean there there are certainly a few parallels you can draw certainly in terms of anticipated match quality that HBK Triple H Benoit match was incredible and I think that this triple threat would be of a similar standard the key difference I think that Benoit was still kind of an underdog figure at that time and he kind of grind his way in to the main event seen over a several years Charlotte is portrayed as this kind of silver spoon character and rightly so and that's the key difference but for sure in terms of quality I think it's right up there amazing reaction that not only Becky got on Smackdown opening the show of course but when Daniel Bryan was trying to cut this very good promo yeah and it wasn't a bad promo really was a heel promo definite chance for Becky yeah the great opening segment with Becky in big jars yeah absolutely and just don't wait for that I don't really mind either way though there's the triple threat or not I'm inclined to hope that Charlotte versus asked her but yeah I'll be happy with anything final question comes from Mike Neil this was asked after the Royal Rumble I think it's possibly even more relevant now Mike says after recess have lost to Nakamura on the pre-show and no royal Mont Royal Rumble match appearance and of course we should mention here now he's lost on Smackdown while challenging a man who'd already had a match here for the United States because to the bold brothers might Niall asked can we expect expect to hear potential steering's for the Bulgarian brute to leave WWE soon for green AHA yes it feels like we hear stories about rusev leaving WWE every six months anyway so I don't see why this would be any different I think he's always felt like someone that w/e aside from his initial push haven't utilized well enough yeah and you look you know you see it on that documentary that came I'm easily after the room was it yeah the wrestlemania document yeah they had it's just there's little seeds of that they like that they try and presently like oh he's Lana you know running through money to watch our last match neglecting to mention that Jinder Mahal inexplicably won that match when it was so obvious the reception of one here yeah I think if someone comes on especially an AW that can showcase personalities more yeah it'd be very easy if he can get some decent money which he will be over there I'm the two of them together rusev and Lana are on money act and I think that if he does become a free agent he will be in very high demand just like Dean Ambrose it's just we do hear this rumor a lot that Russo's upset he doesn't like where he's going he's gonna ask for his release from that perspective is difficult for me to buy into the idea that he will actually leave but it's certainly not I with the realms of possibility no I think they do need to give him another Poosh though what right let's move on to today's and finally anthem we've been talking a lot about Dean Ambrose today and you'll be pleased to know if you're a fan of Dean Ambrose you can now cosplay as him Phil is gonna put up this photo on the screen right now you can dress as Dean Ambrose simply by shopping at Zara yes it is jacket unfortunately I don't think the gas masks comes with it but yeah Dean Ambrose apparently Shops at Zara for his gimmick yeah interesting that I mean it's a pretty minion jacket let's be honest I think there are probably two men on this planet if we pull that off number one neither of them are Dean Ambrose number one is out of Nicholas of course man who could probably wear a bin bag and still look sexy as hell number two is James Hunt's the lesser seen with James Hunt so I'm not sure he could fit that arm into it that yeah be a bit of a stretch yeah but if you want to dress like him and send us those photos feel free shop at Zara this was not my response of my bizarre I should point out there's just we're just a fan let us know your thoughts on that and all of today's news though in the comment section below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe and check out our new wrestling podcast by searching for what cool trustingly the iTunes or Spotify my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon bye