WWE Teasing Biggest NXT Match Ever

[Applause] hello everybody its what culture wrestling's Adam Cleary here back again because I'm on news duty for the day of the world run by the wage world Rumble day isn't that exciting and well I'm going to assume that you all watched NXT takeover last night if not maybe go do that now I'll wait so yes as ever takeover was absolutely excellent the tag team match was brilliant the women's title match was brilliant the North American Championship match god that was really good what else did we have what he called riddle versus oh no that was also very good and the main event of champ of a splat was really good and we went off the air to the very poetic site of tomato Champa and Johnny Gargano holding their titles aloft as they used to do when they were tag-team friends and buddies and that was the that was the closing shot that's that one that's look there Phil put it there that's what we ended on but that is crucially not where the show ended and those in the tenders were treated to a five to ten minutes bit shall we say that in my opinion is laying a lot of groundwork for a lot of potentially interesting things first they were joined by Velveteen Dream who just sarcastically clapped them into that thing Velveteen dream does then Adam Cole of all people appeared who we haven't seen on the show all night and he got in everybody's face there was a bit of tuning throwing and all that and the next I think I want to say was ricochet no no it wasn't it was asked to blackie hobbled up from the ring and he joined in the pushing and then ricochet came over and they all got in each other's faces the three heels on one side and the three faces on the other all giving it the belt lifts and then stared down and then you don't talk to me like that it was just yeah that was interesting and then just when we thought that was finished it all spilled backstage into a big ruckus shenanigans what we're gonna call out let's call out a ruckus a big ruckus backstage in which all the referees were bare hugging them trying to stop things happening can we get a freeze-frame can we please of the lady referee hooking the big scary man champion and that being a thing that was I enjoyed that and eventually they separated and wouldn't you just know it everybody's dad Triple H separated the lot of them told down just calm down calm down was big Bearden and that was the end of it sort of then after that and if it wasn't recorded by WWE for reasons which might be very self-explanatory the three phases took to the ring and began waving at the crowd I'm a football fan or soccer for our American friends and usually when there is an elongated wave at the end of something you just saw suspect that's it for them they're leaving that's them done with all this talk about call ups for the rumble and just for the main roster in general seeing velvetine dream ricochet and Alistair black all three of them without championships in NH t doing the elongated wave that's led to a lot of speculation that they could be off for good but and I will admit this is supposed to be the news but this is not news this is just me speculating wildly because of a goddamn genius at this kind of thing setting up six men giving it the big uns against each other which WWE have chosen to broadcast even though it was after the cameras had allegedly stopped rolling setting up a six-man story a six-man rivalry a six-man thing right before your next pay-per-view after the rumble is one in which the primary gimmick is a six-man much yes I am talking about the Elimination Chamber and the potential for WWE to do a NXT Elimination Chamber match not like a separate show not like the wrong version to take over just having an NXT exhibition match in the Elimination Chamber with all six of these men competing for both the titles are possibly just the NXT championship tell me you wouldn't watch the ever-loving shit out of that ricochet in an Elimination Chamber match black chamber Gaga no and Cole in an Elimination Chamber match that would be the tits so yes just to recap the actual news here because I did admit early just get quite sidetracked by my own genius opinions there after NXT supposedly went off the air there was considerable shenanigans slush bits slush ruckuses and that's led to speculation that they're gonna do something involving all six of these men and then the faces the three of them went out and potentially said their goodbyes to developmental for good call ups for the velvetine dream for Johnny gargano and for ricochet now hmm hmm you'll have to let to know what you make of all of those in the comments below is it too early for the three of them should they still be down in developmental I think so for a little bit while longer at least until after WrestleMania anyway but let me know your opinions as ever that is what I am more interested in thank you very much for watching them of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe we'll be back to the Royal Rumble livestream later on that's gonna be me Nicolas will born possibly even Phil we're now it's a rollerball anybody could appear anybody except him though obviously but the meantime thank you very much for watching have a course but Adam Cleary and I will see you soon bye