Warriors Den Weekly Livestream May 17th 2018

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello everyone it's Victor Shane I'll sing the waters then for mr. Pope who's on vacation this week with Bo shall I reveal some of yang how are you leaked you know what technically damn he should be sitting where you are yes he's late he's late and I can defeat him so we're gonna try to drag a little bit the things at the beginning but it's a pleasure to be here this week it's actually my first time on this set it's nice yes and funny thing is last week I was out of the office I was in Toronto mm-hmm and around noon time had a bit of time so I I'm gonna go check the three that's when I discovered we had the new self so seems like I either didn't really nail visit with something else yes I am something that is starting in 25 days three hours 58 minutes and it's called a three so quick reminder we are going to be at e3 what for honor I cannot see more and actually if I say more I can beat myself up because yeah the one you're putting yourself in trouble exactly so I don't want to do that so the game is under maintenance right now for season six but also to kick off our season six seasonal events all the details are coming right up then just walked into the room so please somebody give you the microphone so we can join me on the couch right now some of things that will be fixed today that we had the conquerer execution problem yes and where it was not regenerating any help so that is going to be fixed today so that is a good news so that will be fixed the second thing that will be fixed is the character swap exploit that one is more important yes it is more important do you remember what it was exactly yeah so you could switch the visual of your hero basically so you would have the abilities all the attacks of another hero but you would look like I should go key doing super fast stuff like the I suddenly start running super fast exactly if you would be the flash that would be what happened that game it's like me and Pope we do that character swap for today exactly what if I do kind of similar bills it doesn't change yeah exactly it doesn't change there's a little bit bigger but the fix will change if someone has the swap it will revert it doesn't change your customization the only thing that can happen is that if you change the gender maybe the gender is changed but your customization should be the same the programmer is on player engagement team worked like crazy on weekends to fix that so thanks to them cool cool cool so the camera good you will need to read the last text I sent you like everybody saw like in the season six when I liked the video that Eric and I did when I'm looking for a Rick yeah this was acting yeah so they know acting it was real well where the fuck are you but it wasn't French I was preparing a PowerPoint presentation exactly we had a little technical issue we had to redo everything in half an hour yeah you know PowerPoint is better called now it's just messing around with Anthony stuff now it's ready so before you two talk about the tournament rewards yes we had some comments about yes yes yes you say something yeah we discuss with you in fact so we heard the feedback loud and clear absolutely so we'll look into what we can do so that people are happy basically with how we give her one third tournament I think we've shown that we listen to what the community says so it was really not well received I understand so so we're gonna think about it try to do something that people will like that's not why we're here and for me one of the key thing is if there's something like that just like yes share feedback you need to insult everyone like there was somebody super nice with Eric last week on their own on Twitter he basically wanted Eric to come in the office and say a big F why are you to everybody who worked on something on the team so I said I would convey that message but I didn't highlight but it'd just be nice same thing on the non de chat right now try to be nice with everybody it's a release we can ask when we say yeah we will find that we have already a pretty cool idea it's true that the old ornament was we wanted players to be recognized as a winner of a tournament but then there was a big debate about yes but it means that we are less cool or at least more nicer properly yeah exactly so then there were like even if those are plumes you know like I think we're pretty cool in fact and I know some players wouldn't be happy to have some blooms on their heroes I think we look into what we can so we covered all the news for today it's beginning of season six it's actually one-year anniversary of the release of the Centurion and the shinobi hey yeah already a year can you believe that it's been a year full year and to celebrate the season six we also have any special seasonal events surprise prize max you can hit the trailer since the dawn of our memories great heroes walked these forests and drank from these rivers they were not gods they were flesh and bone but their most honorable battles were almost divine Musashi decimated the finest swordsmen with the stroke of a Thousand Cranes lady bevel charged into battle terrifying all with her mask of medusa Heydrich conquered a kingdom with his army of unstoppable beast their names became myths enter the sacred arenas built to honor the brave battle crowds soaked in the blood of ambitious warriors come to a hole in merciless contest the honor of their plan no they were not gods but do honor them and may you gain glory in the right of champions it kind of looks like that thing come on so will yes of those is the right of champions it has runs from May 17 tomatoey first what so let's on the PowerPoint max so I can I show everything the right of champions so it's a new event that we're doing inside the lower of four that's cool so that's really cool and the idea with this event is to celebrate the champions of yesterday's of within the lower of foreigner and so to reveal some of those and also want to celebrate the today heroes which are the best players of the game with different I'm not me so not you sorry that's what you won't have any water left but you can maybe try because there will be many different ways to get free ones drink that event so here is the little backstory honor the vaillar of yesterday's champions and earn your place amongst today's heroes learn more about the myth of the foreigners world by living the story of 18 brave heroes and three legends that are told through orders and customization elements Sonic at the same time you're much better than me to that yeah so let's go a bit more into details so we'll go through the change of the atmosphere of the game thanks to that so will that be when the game comes back from the mainland yes now as yep the even events are starting yeah that's exciting we kick off the season six with that we'll have fanatic orders and I will go into those details we're doing some new things with hero trials and all that every single limit the time cosmetic loot some weekly content and special game modes that I will Baalak check their account so we did each one of us come late yeah it's like next one's a visitor in English I don't know how are you running the show in your enough French people tell to English people in the chat how do you say that yeah so a woman do you want to say anything about the lower that we are doing on that event so I think you say a little but the goal there the radii gbri is celebrates one great hero of each faction that has been almost is that is almost perceived no as a goal as an origin yeah is a legend he did some crazy feats of arms and no people refer it as almost goal of Attraction a little bit like you know River you okay moving on that's how you call me every morning because it's a Singh so if it's not good yeah can all start laughing at me on the chat that okay I can live with that so new atmosphere for that Savannah will have a new music that music should be trigger right now but they are amazing the max it's also the music that will keep for the whole season six because it fits within the the lower of the game will have a face of celebrating those free legendary champions and we'll go all sewn statues in yeah and we go through that a bit more into details which are those champions and and what we you will be able to earn in an and loser linked to that and we have some new soldiers but I'm not showing it the picture I want to keep it as a surprise because we're very very cute and we're also celebrating you know you doesn't fit but like now it's all girl they're puppies you it's it's cute little soldiers with their I don't want to see it okay then we have the roadmap that we reveal the last week us and but it's also a way for you to see how we will do the different orders so we start with Belleville the Medusa it's the night hero that is a now like legend and has a backstories like Medusa backstories and things like that cool and this is the kickoff of a new type of order that we're doing I can't remember the name but this petition order or I don't know it's faction something I don't remember the name and because we have def names we have anyway so we have you type of orders we have your names yeah the game director and the brand director then we want your name to the real name it's not faction competitions faction something but here the ID is that it's it's not the first faction to reach the goal but it's the faction that have the most number at the end of the time of data and this is my seventh day to 20 verse 1 p.m. and and and at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time we look at which faction is leading which one has the best motive match is completed with a knife action challenge yes yes thank you very much and so now the what's the real name not that is the official language the official we have a live feed back from the game it is the upper something that's amazing the team is watching the short known actors wrote or so faction challenge the best faction at the end of the time when the other ends wins the best reward and we have a different type of rewards basically one when you're first its it up moving on like fiction Russia and we will do and we will do one for each faction celebrate the hero of that faction so musashi the cranes the shitter crane and this one is from May 21st 3 p.m. until the 27th and one yeah so far the Sun right yes and then you pronounce the I direct the water thank you a man from May 27 3 p.m. Eastern until May 31st 8 a.m. because I guess that's when the event will close exactly in two week from now and that's not all one more also doing tell me more contract orders one for each hero ok because we have a backstory for each hero as well of the game and with a weapon connected to it and we'll go through that a bit later on so we'll have 18 special or contract orders that we bound every day or every two days okay I think it's to free contract order spawned every two days so based on a hero specific so you will have to play that hero ah that's a good year order ring to that that's interesting so if you never play the hero now it's a very good opportunity to like try a new one exact completely order exact way to discover all the heroes and we have 18 of them so exactly and your your and what we go through what do you get out of it also he wants oh thank you for the question and what is amazing you are doing a amazing bridge to the hero trial concept and it's not like I've seen the slides before no you wanna tell that you walked in the show hosting it with a usually believe so for the first time to celebrate the fact that for doing an event on all heroes of the game and those three legendary heroes were doing what we call a hero trial it's not that if someone doesn't have the season pass if they didn't buy any of the Eero last year they can play and they can play all heroes are playable and we're doing a sale at the same time so we are accessible at at the cheaper steel price and rest and you can play any role they can progress but you can't customize this yeah it's it's like if they were recruitable okay so you can play with them you can't customize them like you need to unlock them to customize them but you can play with all heroes and they're on sale and one cell so seasonpass heroes are at 10,000 steel during the duration of the event instead of instead of 15 good so the for the people who bought the starter engine PCC the the older heroes that are not from your faction and even though he was from your fashion in fact so all the heroes that are an honorable or that are playable will be axion lockable for 5,000 to 8,000 so all the eros from the season pass on all the platforms there 10,000 steel instead of 15,000 steel and if you have the starter edition yeah you can unlock orderly rows with 5,000 steel yeah incorrect of eights instead of 8,000 and you have the hero's bundle that is also on the starter edition it is also lowered okay 4,000 St so now it's a very good very good interesting elements to try one of the arrow and then if you like everybody can do the orders on so we got restricting anybody for the orders exactly I think that's very clever to allow everybody to do all of the orders and put all the rows even if they don't have those euros and it's also a way for them to discover all those cool Europe yeah except for the bundle for the starter edition of course if you have unlocked previously any rope that is present in the bundle the price of the bundle is interested good of course price you can get anything for the vendor good points and will also kick starting the new champions Terrace as soon as the game gets back on so now it's 40% HP boost instead of 25% its 20% HP oh ha so the one you give to everybody as efficient instead of of ten and no and it's working with loot event so now that we're having an event maybe it's cool to have it and it's we did the why often in program yes and so now everybody will get the two weeks of that new champion status and so they will be able to loot faster the invent loot fan - thanks to that and more save agent of Madrid City huh and to celebrate also the new champion status for so for the people who didn't for having done the training program or one I have more time of champion status while also doing a discount during the whole event on the champion settle prices that will be a - 40 % interesting until like May 31st 8:00 a.m. yeah one thing is that mean before you move forward we want fast on the all day the rewards for the faction challenge yeah we didn't mention what the rules were yeah true so the rewards for bill falda medusa first place it's a toughened steel and to create second place 500 steel and one crate third place 500 steel same thing for doing three orders in two weeks so if the same faction is winning alpha value they will get sixth grade and 3000 City which is pretty cool are you good at math so yeah it's impressive enough miscue better man I have to you need a shirt man so what that's a that's a good finger we have a bunch of people really talented watching us I would be like like I want you to design a costume of data man for you yeah you want that I'm not sure when I why I want that you will wear okay I have to that you have to wear every while then everything okay I'm making that commitment if we have a cool outfit of data man for Alwyn you're wearing it he's gonna wear it and in you know ask you what you think but we're doing anything is October 21st that's every year I know yeah yeah I could I could maybe let's say maybe he will so reputation 51 so it's also one of the thing that we want to do is to celebrate the heroes of today one of the world's players if they wish specific milestone into the game so for example we be giving to everybody who reach at history reputation 50 on a with any of the hero will give them this amazing emblem up line and also giving other stuff but I didn't have time to put it in the on the PowerPoint so we're giving it an ornament when you reach rep 40 okay we're giving an outfit when you reach 30 while giving xp-50 we're giving your dad back on the show to make sure you not well giving it a boost as well that's rich rep rep one bo why don't you join my business next to me sway like yeah we'll stop Danny from you have a Mike you know I don't know by heart everything if you can copy paste to us maybe so it's will give this outline for have 50 we're also giving one week of champion satisfy remember well remember you gotta have XP boost and champions time spending on the high level heroes you have at the end of the event yeah so what you want to do is to boost your characters and you're gonna get some rewards the loading numbers exactly my remix peoples for each rep one yes and it's the it's dechambou status I don't you but yeah that's yeah the more you play with which one of you hero the more rewards you will really get and champions that use is cool because the new champion service okay again so limited time cosmetic glute I don't think we've seen that in the video that one and I don't think we have a video for that one either so we'll have to dilute it to see the Indy Taser or maybe we can shoot in game afterwards so we have an outfit decomposed outfit so we have an ornament a radiant seal we have the distant distinction outfits with specific color swatch and we have as well an amazing effect that I love is really like I can yeah I didn't see that but like I said like it's a nice jingle attached to it it's a radiance radiance effect so it's like a lens flare attached to your weapon and that's really cool yeah it's sponsored by Michael Bay and I really love her I really loved that one and she depends on me so all of those are lootable so you get them by playing any matches I drink events okay so this this is true for that and we its roof on that as well it's random so it could be on your hero or on any other specific hero good good boy you play the more you get and it's almost like if you play the minion it so much at each end of match we'll get one yeah it's around that okay it's like we did for the yeah like we did previously cool so that's the Louisville event and then we're also having legendary weapons not legendary in the India Harvey tea also there in there in there look and I think many players will be happy because those are less on the golden side of look you are really more simple but but very well crafted and we have and without going with the backstory of each hero of the game of so here for example we have the warden one or the conquer one and I think we can and we should show them in game right now can we yes is that when we bring okay that's when Anthony's coming in that's when a cake is coming in oh man you can stay if you want Tommy oh man you switch inside Anthony come next to them yang come next to them in view is gone she'll be back he will be back so we're gonna do now like a boil Antony is getting ready it's something we've done before in a bunch of water then max maybe you can put the camera on me and not on a screen thank you so hey another man's on my right so what we're gonna do Anthony I met love texture artist under project is going to come in you're going to go in a map and show you a bunch of different assets for the event we've done our poor times before and it's something we know that you liked so this way we can really go up close and personal with some of those elements in the game and we want to quickly come back on the elements that you say welding to the player based on their progression so yes the ex exclusive emblem outline is automatically given when you reach your reputation score 50 or more and this is true even after the exact a but prayers also will be awarded seven days of Shrimpton statues for each hero that as a reputation score 50 or more of cool and then XP boosts ticket is awarded for each hero is a reputation score between one and 49 okay these two rewards will be given between June 4th and June 8th for all players we qualify so for those two rewards it's at the end of the event we look at what you've done and then we bring to you you know I and the other guy needs forever here and you get this reward even if you are not logged in in that time period you don't have to log in between June 1st and June 8th to get the reward if you qualify you get the reward but the moments you love you but we check between June 14 June 8th I just had a quasi feeling when you said June 8th because thank you because this is actually that they were flying to LA for e3 so it's kind of telling me at e3 is coming super fast anyway ok moving on because I'm gonna start freaking out okay hello what video are you I guess I'm good good good good so Anthony like take it from here you're driving you show us what you got no problem so as always we got some new weapons this season maybe soon so here we go the first one with the wardens sword wow so pretty interesting the mattock this season we went for something legendary let's say so we purified the designs to give them more more appeal that's cool and so each one of those weapon has a name in and it's a comedy the backstory of the each hero and each other we are doing you're doing that you vent I like that all the weapon almost of jewels and them cool really cool yeah very elegant weapons this season yeah and they must stop very well very dangerous also you know all cool it's amazing and no gold no gold on this one yeah so I know many players asked me that on Twitter I'd like to have a weapons we found ago they were like yeah yeah the weapon yes all rarities say legendary that's the way we design them it it's they are not specific to the legendary developer and what is great now is that because of the visual collection that also ships a beginning of season 6 now you will be able to delay right when anthozoa you will be able to to keep the visual and apply it on the better gear if you progress your hero and get a better gear that's amazing sorry that one is yeah that's a big thing so by purifying the designs on this one we have no readability there's gold let's plug it all on this one yeah for sure we try to keep a good balance because we need to have a lot of materials on these objects so for sure some gold is gonna come back but we're trying to get more and more rid of this material go towards other materials look at the grip on it like everything is so detail I'm always amazed by the level of like the beauty of all the art that we have right so the artists are really doing a great job on these I like the look I get yeah Kitana are dangerous for real trust me I just cut myself with one I know and then I had to find an HR report thing I injured myself while working I work I look like really dumb and he said amen the phone off James now you got it you go key boom a batting someone with that would be amazing a that's little spikes on it amazing I got a little like all the details on the blender and you can really see them in the menu like when you select your weapon you can really go around and throws your weapon and see them yeah these are well detailed also it's pretty cool and the Viking ones as always a beauty to kill people like we're not talking much we kind of speechless I guess yeah can you fill in like whatever you want because we're like I'm kind of like those heads yeah Rock'em down on the arts also concentrating on there moving around we will you will come back and we're also doing something with the heroes don't point their weapons I don't want to spoil bit we have more between something with you yeah yeah that's pretty well look at the as a detail German it's pretty nice yeah it sounds great it's almost a period you have to kill people with that so J is 1 as a question are these weapons limited editions yes you can only loot them during the event so that's the last one guys Wow what again just one yeah yeah and so you can loot them by playing matches as we said they're also suitable in scavenger just give enterprise Avenger crates nice yeah yeah very nice very nice very nice weapons and the other thing the things I want to show it us or that was it no that was it wasn't yet for this Wow thank you very much thank you guys thanks lightning Q and lootable only drink even when we have more weapons yeah for this season some we already revealed so we wanna grab Sigma this is for the rights of Champions yeah right I love an angle right we can go back to the point max maybe in Kyoto thank you very much thanks guys so one of the really other cool thing is that we are having new mascot feats linked to those free legendary heroes and do we have a video for that we should have a video with that so let's show this like a look at a visual mask outfit with you [Music] so ready pretty insane really cool and of Shahbandar come on with that mask the battle swine where it's the best it's when you're playing Islander and you have it equip on the island there and you play the guitar emote with the Islander very the baton swine that triggers and I'll tell you it's fucking awesome more talk it's funny because during watching the video and we're saying like warthog is and then they're like warthog in French is Becca Shia so like you lose all the virility a speck of warthog Becca shy not the same thing Plex well it's a complex word but it's like doesn't scare me like I'm like oh sure that's gonna work duck I'm starting to run Beca shy no no no it's like a puppy so those masks will be available right now each one of those is celebrating the legendary hero of the faction so that became a legend and in the end became like something that didn't really exist in the lore but that people are thinking that got died if we were godlike because we were so strong fighting against other heroes cool cool cool and as usual during the duration of the event were not at 20,000 still but at 15 15,000 still in that for next week that's only for this week because we have something else thanks we yeah that's only for this week so this week about 15,000 next week we will go battle back at 20,000 and we have something else next week where we have a video as well yes we use let's roll it yeah so yeah this is really this never will have the help the chosen one the new emote like Daniel the chosen one that is called a sword in the stone well it's coming from a very legendary yeah with pretty mother for example do you have to be to be the chosen just risen one item I print he not not like anyway yeah Ryan yard yeah stays on might succeed might not know and so this remote will be available next week week yeah but it will be as well time limited yeah so only available during the second week of the event then it's gone then it's gone yeah so to recap the first amount this week the mascot finish up this week 15,000 still 20,000 20,000 damn in its going no then it stays good feed okay but D Modi money next week then it's gone okay weapons to loot outfit to loot all of that only during the duration you get cool cool cool cool and will have also to get everything so if you didn't get the time to get everything or you want to get in just one one press of a button you can I will also release the bundle of the event next week 30,000 still it will be only here for a full week for the full next week and will allow you to to unlock all the content that is in the event so the mascot feeds the lootable items not the weapons but all the guys are lootable items anything else you want to mention before we move on to our next segment on the event yeah don't look at the time below the price because it's wrong it's the time below the picture that's good I wonder we did that PowerPoint but uh yeah oops not very rigorous before you move on to the we have the game and you would be fwm have to get you want to host the show and just want it over before it so we're gonna wait for you so what's next so while we're getting ready for the next segment max maybe can run the trailer again for people missed right of champions trailer we're gonna get ready for the next you guys when we talk about the game-mode with Guillaume Cuchillo thank you very much my man I have a good day I'm gonna see you later we'll probably have two meetings together later or not since the dawn of our memories great heroes walked these forests and drank from these rivers they were not gods they were flesh and bone but their most honorable battles were almost divine Musashi decimated the finest swordsmen with the stroke of a Thousand Cranes lady bevel charged into battle terrifying all with her mask of medusa Heydrich conquered a kingdom with his army of unstoppable pieces their names became myths enter the sacred arenas built to honor the brave battle grounds soaked in the blood of ambitious warriors come to a hole in merciless contest the honor of their clan no they were not gods but do honor them and may you gain glory in the Rite of Champions and we are back on the wars Dan now join with the young Cuchillo a game designer on the team secure and Damon will talk about the game mode and during the video I was telling them you know I might be the one playing and he was laughing yeah I also left you can yeah I wonder why the game mode is not what you expected Oh No what because everybody is expecting right now to fight those village and every heroes and they want in a PVA game but they won't that's not that's not the game mode is not based on the heroes of the past nope no game mode is for the heroes of today oh so we wanna see who's the best you know see who's the best we present you carousel of death which is the little but the right way to educate go back shelygin carousel carousel carousel of death and and so we could say it's the little brother of a very popular mode that is dance of death so here it's and I will I will say the bullet points then you will show it in the game sure but the ID is dense of death on cocaine so it's for before it's for before on an errand a map yeah onion arena map everybody of the opposing team needs to be dead so that you win the round is two rounds best of three single peak oh yeah so you can only select one character of each and so know if Tim fisherman team of full center and team or whatever no fits so pure skill and no guest ads so it's really like an arena a gladiator arena where we put everybody next to each other and and you have to get out to survive even win as a team it's a very cool mode it's a very hectic very well tell the story man it's like I have reputation of being a bad player so I need to tell the story when I play the mode when we're doing a review here and at the end of the game I get me against to the other team can we won yes I kill the last two guys yeah a 2v1 and that's so impressed that's a cool story let's play yeah so and it's on just from a duration of the whole events yeah oh let's die at the same time it's on the same PC so the knee will get this done so which controller is it should be this one I don't know so now we're going to play against AI air in in our little studio yeah VI is not gonna be super high you can see also the hero trial if you can come back you want fast is he oh yeah I can see that we don't have this and fast here on that version but you can play any of the season pass heroes you can see the discounted price you know I'm old school though I play Berserker all the time yeah it's not just because of the rework and and and you know what we knew that so that's why we gave you oh god it's so thoughtful of you guys if you executions new face stuff is amazing I don't know Oh too bad I'm asking because basically the only way to get your health back in this mode is with executions and if you have a longer execution then you have more help so that's pretty interesting so as you can see it's a it's a big team fight yeah so he was that a good in good fight or really stronger that know that I can say yeah you know the bush-cheney I think is strong also in for me for she's not what she's used to be with the persona attack but it's still a pretty good addition you can have yeah so a nice thing to notice in this mode is that at first you start playing a bit like you're trying to finish you do all a bit like a nation used to be but as you play you realize that the the most important thing is actually getting these other people that so their their uh their respawn the time is actually higher because so every time you die your response yes yeah so first time you die is five second IV to respond yep it's five second every time you die again that's even more yeah so a bit higher than what it was in the original events of death and even in the 2v2 version sometimes the the match show it would be really hard for coups I didn't see that one coming it would be like oh if the last walking so not one is back up so to do one of your AI is that like a 19 seconds responded the timer when they will get back to the exactly so aim it brings a lot of anyway for me I love it I think it brings a lot of stress in tension when you see the timer and you're almost yeah and so this is also this is playable in community of course matchmaking and it's also playable matchmaking yeah like like that yeah like here like you're with four friends right now he's playing alone with a whip bus again right yeah and so it's really you know that were there is a so it's like dance of there is no motion of honor and honor it's the rights like you have to kill all of them to win so oh my god the result is what matters okay yeah and that's that's what I like here there is no confusion you need to get rid of I see the bus not our three guys down if they kill that guy it's done come on my hair and get five seconds to kill em yeah yeah that's only get credit for that nice job and so it's playable in the three different arenas so one of its affection this is the bit I remember when I don't actually know the name of the arenas I call them like a 1 & 2 & a 3 yeah all the difficulties because people don't know that but on on the team we always give names and sometimes all yeah it's this map it's this map yes this actually see there's be this like give me a name I can relate to like I mean I want to be able to say like when we do that when we give names during development then the name change for the player they're all very confused yeah exactly like what we had with the detection finish exactly but thankfully Mariana was there oh yes wow that was quick yes very quick if you really synchronize well with the full team you can generally that was you don't have the defect I'm surprised I'm on your spare are we good to go with that I like to do another one but whatever why did you wish what does Chet say about this she we did another one chap then we want the hoppin always our game but do you need to play this game mud to get even three words not yes so did he want to hop in in any game mode during the okay you don't have to play this mode to get the memo yeah cool I'd recommend yeah it was another match yeah we should play Danny or myself if it reads dumbbells after all I'm either yeah look quickly look you want to go I want to see that oh you plea can't say I'll try to play Kenzi yeah but you were worried on me and you know what word kitchen are you I'm just doing that and I'm meeting after that me and so this is the outfit you can loot I think yeah I mean you all we pull another color like before like all you people watching like I have a reputation of being a very bad player so do not judge me I think that will judge you anyway yeah that's too bad alright he did they cancel yeah get spots though it sir it depends you don't say you know enter your mind games so interesting story about this when you were trying to think of an event for this season yeah at first I the the pitch I had was just dense of dead but 44 yeah in like elimination maps but but I I realized that these maps were way to ship their the maps are way too small too way too big to play this because someone can just run around and escaped and then someone told me you know what the arena's are actually gonna be released once this event is up and then it was a no-brainer for me yeah and any were a bit concerned like would you dismiss a game fast and but in the end it spreads really well and because everybody is on everybody if you're alone against four guys it's either because they're your whole team is dead or because you didn't fight I really do know though I'm just saying like don't do that my best right now know when you spawn back yeah that's something that tends to happen more when you play against bots so just to be completely open about this there's no special tactics for this mode they just and play the seek and destroy type of thing so butts are extremely reactive they see someone they try to kill it against theirs against players the the feeling is a lot different and it's actually quite it's somewhat mentally exhausting to do like a match where it's evenly balanced you have to be aware of everything that's happening around you at all times and it's it's really cool just want to say we lost but then they are the controller so you have different type of tactics you could like keep using players all of them at low life and then maybe you try to - finish it - finish them at the same time or you can like no no I would just kill them and in a row and then they will they will be all that at the same at the same time yeah you want to build up that restore appends on the tactical you you wanna something interesting I'm not sure if anyone asked this and chat but I got the question a lot of when we're play testing it here in the studio and is is their execution penalty in this and the answer it's no but the respawn timer of the respond you mean yep so the answer is no there's no execution penalty but the timer only starts counting down when the execution is over so you want to time that execution and make sure you actually need it and the it's basically the penalty is applied before you die so that way we can have like a nice and even respawn timer for everyone that increments at 5 seconds every time so I recommend using executions and making sure you have a short one a medium one in a long one if possible I know know if anybody knows what that means playing right now let me know just saying okay listen at this we have be awaiting for the last segment of the show because this week the DEF talks and the committee corner are taking a break the other thing you've seen enough my face I think you can't have a community corner with Eric and without Eric right how would you yeah he did yeah first time he was out knows that this week was a question of time yeah just became question of time so Ron three and then bo shad will join us to talk about something really cool something really cool and she's laughing in a background yeah yeah you guys said this as if like you didn't know at all what she's gonna say I assume it's gonna be you would be surprised how I discover some time oh yeah it happens all the time I don't know everything is happening you alright nice job what cuz it always a there are a level one that's why they don't pair here yeah basically you just got break from you troll and they won't that that's hard hey do you read to say that because I was looking the Canadian in front of everybody before they're really easy to play with yeah they don't even activate revenge big nine that's why a lot that's how you learn it's fine exactly as long as you keep at it that's how we show up you know it's never like that with everyone but me on LinkedIn in the show I was waiting and nothing to do I was like I can't believe I don't have Luke on LinkedIn just I don't know Lincoln what yeah that's what I do I know Oh was interrupted it's not oh you're gonna we're almost there thought that was over oh okay you know they're all against you one you're okay he's back so another four so yeah the four quarter number three comes back oh you can finish this oh yeah that's gonna one down on the note they all came back yeah it can be a pretty long depending on how yeah hey I forgot to mention there's something so the tiebreaker in this so for example if the the ROM timer ends and no one is one it goes by a number of kills first so the team that has the most skill is gonna take the win if those are equal it's gonna go by a basically average help for all the team members so small tiebreaker I never reach it honestly it it's really rare that it happens but it's there so if you're wondering why you lost or one after the timer now you know good thank you very much young my pleasure thanks again for a good event cool cool cool so we're gonna move on to our next segment and it is a committee contest and Bo Chad will talk about dance for max runner transition and now thank you I'm out too thank you thank you young get out of the studio now Wow there was a smooth transition yeah just palm here it's not comfortable I feel like I am my Viking cuff oh yeah I have you right yeah thank you I don't like surrounded okay so you're back you actually saved me the beginning of the show she joined me because I was alone on the couch yeah no he wasn't so then he was late but he was working a very nice PowerPoint so like barely any mistakes in it like my dad I think it's gonna become a new meme yeah barely like sometime a February to March what we're not here to talk about that no what about the committee contest yes so I think we have an asset for that and maybe you have emails right we're a video the images what it says there but we all talk to me so what is it for the event like you all said before we are honoring the heroes of the past for honor and the legendary people that are in the lore of the game but we also want our players to give us their version of their own heroes of the world so what we are doing is a contest of fan art and fanfic fanfiction so frightening about the heroes of the past interesting thank you thank you so it's gonna start with the event on May 17th and n in June 1st so what you have to do is to create a fan art or a fan fiction based on the heroes of the event so there's a cool document that is called the ero guide if I'm not mistaken in which you will see for example like this the look of the over she but is a specific over G of the event with a story and the unique weapon that's related to it so we asked you guys to create more stories around that or a fan art that represents their story that is written here to be able to win the contest I love these apart same time and like any singers I imagine him singing while he's killing people yeah it's very romantic you see people who just don't want to fight him because it's too creepy so yeah so to participate just send that very weird it's a bit harsh mechanic clockwork our yeah so all the rules will be online if you want to know how to enter the contest but really I'm looking forward to see all those fun items that fix and I did one myself either one yourself so you gotta be dis guys we'll see if you're able looking forward to it can you beat it can you do it hope you can't oh can I tell you that my 11 year old I will actually ask my 11 year old to do one well let's see if your daughter could beat me ah she go okay and by the way men inches over on Xbox one and PC still going on PlayStation four for a bit longer but Xbox one and PC you can go in and play start to think that awesome customization yeah so that's it guys but don't forget that it has to be on the heroes of the past that are in the event so it's really important that's not any thing really to foreigners really about those heroes what was their story what do they look like for you unmask them if you want it's all good but we really want to know what they were for you all so you will be part of the lore of water that's cool so we reviewed them ourselves I will judge them I will yes and I will be fairy vandal my my my warden is a strong for me it's stopping my performance and general some of them it's probably as good I think my job is better than your carousel of death we just establish a new standard YES on the chocolaty of quality you carried one light attacks thank you very much Bo Johnson mentioned this over on PC and Xbox one right of champions is starting today for the next two weeks and eros March season six is also starting today so come back in and yes I forgot one thing in the beginning and no people are asking wire training program rewards two week of champion status there started rolling out this morning it's worth eight thousand steel so people thank you very much for participating in the Warrior Training Program something super cool with it during the free weekend when you teamed up with new players to show them all to play for honor and out to be their really good warriors I should have joined you so you should have teach me out to be better at the game so thank you very much I hope you didn't miss mr. poke too much he's gonna be back next week until then have fun on the battlefield and in the right of champions thank you very much everyone I have a good week since the dawn of our memories great heroes walked these forests and drank from these rivers they were not gods they were flesh and bone but their most honorable battles were almost div behind Musashi decimated the finest swordsmen with the stroke of a Thousand Cranes lady bevel charged into battle terrifying all with a mask of medusa Heydrich conquered a kingdom with his army of unstoppable pieces their names became myths enter a sacred arenas built to honor the brave battle growls soaked in the blood of ambitious warriors come to a hole in merciless contest the honor of their clan no they were not gods but do honor them and may you gain glory in the Rite of Champions [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]