Warriors Den Weekly Livestream May 24th 2018

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey everybody it's the Warriors den with Eric and Damian's her back we're back I'm back oh yeah I've yeah house on vacation last week big thank you to mr. Duchesne for covering for me I watched the show yesterday finally I found a caught up it was like getting getting acquainted with an old brain he did a great job I hope you enjoyed Luke filling in it's good that I can take a vacation once in a while if I need to but I'm back and I'm refreshed and I learned Damian on that show which already tweeted the way you pronounce cocaine and you say cooking for me okay no that's not how you said it you said cook I eat like a drug lord Chuck Norris movie from that made me laugh a lot because it was so genuine you weren't even doing a thing if I you you bring me on the show that's why people love him yeah so yes I missed a lot actually that was a big show last week lots of you tuned in thank you for tuning in I know there's not less of you today because we don't have a big show today but we do it's a we show it's a weekly show this is our chance to talk to you every week give you updates on what we're doing so sometimes there's big ones like last week sometimes there's less you do a Q&A not to them and they're coming I agree let's do one next week yeah I'll do a Q&A next week get caught up on some of the community questions um but yes we're on the road to e3 in a brilliant way and we were just counting we have to work weeks left basically until we heads to Los Angeles for the convention not a forklift we're getting there oh man though I am getting genuinely excited about the stuff we will reveal to people stuff not just things not just things also stuff it's really good you guys are going to be happy that's all I can say I know I'm not allowed Luke well very exciting very excited but no genuinely I'm very happy to show what we're gonna show at e3 and I think you'll be very interested to see it so that is a very short time away it's the Monday of III week is the UBC press conference set where you can get the closest peek the first peek and then the show itself starts and you know press will start doing their bits and video creators will start doing their bits I'm excited we're gonna have some of our community folks there yeah under the you B's star players program it's called that's full so we're gonna have a number of recognizable faces oh yes oh cool oh yes they'll be hanging out with us we even got them on the hook I think to do some stuff at the booth which will be fun so yes a lot of cool stuff coming up III so thank you max there's a very subtle shift in camera I can lay you back so stay tuned everybody cool so one thing that happened last week that actually I was it was a nice surprise it was something we talked about long ago and a few times since then but I didn't know it was actually happening is the faction war 41 from more than one yeah so last year when the Vikings won the season one faction war they got thirty is that what it was it was a lot if they got unique onami yeah maybe maybe it's not sir it's no it's the amount of Heroes so it's whatever was yet but it was unique Horniman there was a ton of unique ornaments and they were awesome and only the Vikings got him and subsequent seasons we kinda did then we change our rewarding elements right on a little more automatic more family all around the same theme etc and so then we had layers containing or saying yeah but it's it's not fair they had unique we didn't you did the theme for the all the next season but not the first one it we are now valuable feedback yep when we say it takes a lot of time to produce on events it does take a lot on demand because then we decided okay let's produce a season one phonetic ornament yeah that we will give on it to the Viking players and then this very really retro actively in this way and then we'll be able to to give all the season one ornaments to everybody yeah it's a movie decided I think beginning of season 2 it's time to produce the element in oh here it is yeah so what one year later say when we say those take a lot of them to be produced you know yeah hell of a drug but yes I think people seemed happy with that I'm glad that we were some people are upset because they wanted to keep them for for themselves but in the end I think is a benefit for everybody to be able to have a whatever is right this because my mom last week I don't give the same thing a lot of people I know that working videogames like our parents have no idea what we actually do and so I was trying to explain to her in like a big part of our job is the the old saying like you can please some of the people some of the times no you can please some of the people all the time you can please all of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all the time and that's our job is doing that balance of like we won't it we want to make everyone as happy as we can as often as we can it can't be all the time so for the few of you that are upset chill out now share it's cool it's share get it and always share your feedback cool so one thing that we thought would be cool to discuss today with you on and you have some of the things we've been doing in the last couple weeks is to have a little discussion about matchmaking yeah so some people noticed some changes last week those were silent changes we did a like a generic sentence to just warn players that were changing some stuff but without going into any detail yes matchmaking is one of our top priority right now right I'm sitting almost everyday at the desk of the people working on it right now when I look at at negative reviews on Steam or things like that it's it's a subject that come up very often now that the stability is better at the house now subject go back to balancing and and matchmaking and so we we have several things around matchmaking going on right now first thing we have a new tool found you a new feature if I can say that for us in the matchmaking feature is what we call backward relaxation and I'm going to be technical here but but the idea is that before yeah before that tool how much making works that we look for players that are exactly like you and when I say exactly like use it same skill same reputation level and then we expand and then we say okay we look to a player that is one more one less reputation level than you one number higher one ever lower MMR then you etc anyway expanding we expand until we reach a certain point with early or region within your region within the people you can play with that I have accessible acceptable connectivity on you and now back relaxation what it means is that when I expand the parameter so when I say okay now we look to reputation levels to above you and to below you I can backward the other parameter so I can say now I will look for all those guys but at the exact same skill then you not at plus 5 and minus 5 skilled and you for cool so now each time we expand the look the search we can be more accurate on the other parameter and then you expand it and then expand that one and then we look for the exact same reputation then you bet within a higher skill range e to the I theta cool so we can play with those automata so that's the first thing were playing with right now also trying to find the right balance second thing we're doing is that our matchmaking is pretty fast right now two weeks ago so we we start making the where most of the player find there how much is within the first 50 seconds of wit and and we we discuss with the team we said okay how can we improve matchmaking and one of the biggest area is to say okay let's take more time to much make player so that's we we give us a bigger opportunity to find the right player to play against so part of the change it's a slight change of philosophy to say let's not make the the fastest matchmaking impossible but let's try to give it a bit more time to find the right tail so that's why the matchmaking last week was much longer yep it's like we crank it up much like we're more way more strict in the in the search during the first minute were super strict so if you match made in the first minute it was like just that good quality matches and now we're trying to find the right balance so now we're going a bit back so now it's 40 seconds 45 seconds it's down so that's the other thing water third thing we're doing is that right now we are not releasing to all so one of the thing we're doing before is that after three or four minutes of weight or whatever we're saying okay now finally whoever you can add if the connectivity is good you will play with that person now we're saying now we're saying it's it's we will relax to a certain point but the the extremes player will never match make together okay so the best player or the highest reputation player will never play against the lowest player or the lowest reputation to you okay never ever so it means that if you don't have enough player of your same rep or skill or next to you within a pretty big range it means you won't find any match and so it's also something we wanna test so so yeah so for all these things you just mentioned when you say we're working on them does that mean they're all live right now or they're all alive right nowadays updated so we did that we did the first released last week he pulls matchmaking and that's why I match my team that's why for example carousel of Def was super long and now we're redoing a new update where we are bits less restrictive yeah because we looked at the data of course and we saw that some parameters were working really well where we had a lot of match fun and some other not that much so we were removing those steps so to shrink everything a bit back and one last thing we're doing this week that was released today as well is now we have different relaxation per game mode type that's that's the wrong thing to yeah and that's also a big thing so based on the learning we had last week so now for example we give more quality time to find good matches in Dominion for example than in chaos out of death because we have or in deaf match or in skirmish because we have less players playing there right so now or the direct session is is faster it's like even faster than two weeks ago on the the less popular game modes and it's still more based on quality for the minions so we try to find the right balance and and we will wait a week see the data so now if you want to find the back you cannot sell of deaf matches go on I think should be much easier starting now than then a few days ago or even a few hours ago so that's what we're doing n-no we're also working on how draining progress works yes which is another thing that was on on the patch note and this is more kind of a bug fix or or an improvement of our our tech is working one of the thing we noticed that at the data it's that the the joining progress quality was degrading over time because the draining progress is what based on the average of the skill of the play on the average of the reputation of the player and so the more you Hydra in progress the worst the average got in a way and so the worse it got etc and we had also the relaxation was based on the creation of the session which means that if you drain progress like a match that we match twice or three times then it meant you would be full relaxed for that match not a good quality theta so now we will change the philosophy of drying progress and now it's not you that row you are looking for a match it's the match they saying hey I need a player like that so now when you will join a match in progress you should it should be way more accurate and precise and in a better quality but one of the side effect we could have in something will monitor this week is that it could be too restrictive so we could have nobody joining the session in the end flow for example because it's too restrictive so it's something we need to fine-tune so maybe you will play more matches with butts than before so it's something we'll see in the coming days but that's also something we we improved on today today yeah so a lot of changes on making the really the key so yes you will meet you might wait a bit more a bit less answers specific matches a bit more other but what we're looking for is to have better quality matches so we're looking so that you have a smaller gap on reputation level so right now let reputation levels we have way more buckets of reputation levels since last week right than two weeks ago so you should have closer reputation level players playing with you and we shouldn't impact too much this queue so and that's what we want to know is like do you feel the matchmaking is more balanced now than before and also we set the MMR at the beginning of the six okay so that's why during the first week it was a bit crazy you were being a very good player and very bad player against you because we wanted to reset it so that to refresh it okay as well it's something we did season four as well but something want to do once or twice a year right so that's also had an impact but now your MMR should be more accurate again with the new parameter so cool I also want to give a shout out one of the ways so as you may or may not know matchmaking is one of those things that we really only can test in the live environment yeah yeah you design it the way you want to design it but then we really don't know the exact effects until it's out there yeah in one of the ways that we did some investigation was with our rift guys so we've talked about rift before this is our private fight testing server that we do with a small number of community folks that are very very good at the game and I know as soon as I say that people in chat or like top players I know everyone's better than everyone else I get it but they're very good but they also are very very helpful in giving feedback so we went with a group of them we tracked them for a few hours of play score brand is one of the guys who kind of organized it because he and his friends play a lot as a group they noticed a lot exactly they're saying yeah yeah our rep is the hundreds or whatever and we're up against zeros and ones like that's awful and and and I can explain why that happened so I don't think and I will be very interesting but I don't think it would happen again now only if we have a bag but ever you say things like this yeah yeah yeah but better each that's with the fact that we don't feel x2 all yeah because those guys when when they play in group and because we are the extremes I don't think they are when we even need to read acts fear really acts here relax here and and and the other extreme is the same situation they don't find verified don't find prey of a non-fan player and in the end they find each other because we never found player the maximum why because the players that are in the middle of the curve because for way more numerous yeah the funny jurors are super quickly so those guys don't find those guys so in the end they finish to find the player don't find anybody else and that's where the extreme find each other so now that we don't relax to all the extreme shouldn't find each other I'll be very wealthy and we'll see if it's if it works or not it's really interesting because it's it's sort of similar with what the fight team has to do with the gameplay balance is finding the balance on matchmaking between time and quality yeah exactly some people might just want the fastest time possible and don't care about quality but a lot of people prefer the quality like I don't want hey I don't want to be matched to against new yeah it's terrible for them it's not fun for me or if you're a new player I don't we magic entities and I think in a game like ours like phono which is relying a lot on skill I think matchmaking is even more impactful that in a shooter or so that's where you can have lost bullet etc yeah you will never as a newcomer you will never win against early never the character there is no luck it's your skill so yeah for honor pure skill video yeah subtitle game so that's very cool thank you for that update so apart from just the data that we're going to see from these changes you do want to hear feedback from folks if they do see improvement yeah so go back in Kevin said of deaf were also enabled journey progress in rematch so this will help as well to find matches so yeah tell us tell us if you think it's better or not cool all deaf match modes have way flexible relaxation right so I don't think the quality of matches will be amazing but at least the matchmaking time will be five or ten minutes got it and that's the intent while the intent on a more famous mode or popular mode like Dominion here you will wait a little bit more than two weeks ago but you should find a better quality matches that that's where we are excellent so as you mentioned we did this maintenance today and that was the majority or I guess that we covered everything huh I think I try to check but uh yes there was there was an issue with carousel of deaths specifically that wasn't the four player that we run disbanded yeah so yeah the when you don't have enough player in a session we kill the session because we don't want it to end just with you playing with but or just one guy quick let's imagine tiger in there and and you don't want to have a pair on the join a match that only has but Sophie's like that so weekly session where we don't have enough clear then you go back to matchmaking and it also and it's something that were wasn't happening on the cable cell death and now that we Nabal the on our site yes so there you go yeah so you can also now join carousel of death matches during the rematch phase which was not the case last week so that's I know some people pointed out they saw like low activity on that mode so there's another big yes so it's a back we fixed but the trishal I think is too high yeah so it's something we need to update but yet if even if you through activity try it because it could go fast I'm not sure the threshold are our what he said it's something we need to work on but we focus more matchmaking parameters and then as soon as we have time we will try to a bit that sounds cool yes and then you covered the joint and progress change in today's patch already doo-doo-doo-doo and optimizing relaxation rivers okay cool so that is it for the basic news of the week and then now we'll roll into some updates on our ongoing event right of champions we're now in week two so we'll kick this segment off with the trailer because it's super cool and I haven't had a chance to watch it in the den yet myself so hit that Max and we'll get right back to you since the dawn of our memories great heroes walked these forests and drank from these rivers they were not gods they were flesh and bone but their most honorable battles were almost divine Musashi decimated the finest swordsmen with a stroke of a Thousand Cranes lady bevel charged into battle terrifying all with her mask of medusa Heydrich conquered a kingdom with his army of unstoppable beast their names became myths enter the sacred arenas built to honor the brave battle growls soaked in the blood of ambitious warriors come to a hole in merciless contest the honor of their clan no they were not gods but do honor them and may you gain glory in the right of champions is that your mass okay so I hope I hope hopes I hope people are enjoying the the event so far I saw a lot of appreciation for the yes well but also the 24 hour contract orders yeah well like that pretty cool so speaking of orders one of the things that's central to this particular event is we have these special event orders every of them fear of them in two weeks first one belleville the medusa already completed a completed couple and when i what I love about that one is that is the the Knights won it the Knights won Accra Belleville the Medusa is the night that's really cool I really I don't know if that motivated them more or if they're just pissed I don't know action court so we see from especially the Chinese won by the Samoa all nuts so yeah I can grab you to the Knights all Knights now get all Knights who participated get 1000 steel in two crates you got second across all platforms this is cool so all three places were the same across all platforms some Vikings I'll get 500 steel and one crate and samurai haha samurai third place with 500 steel yeah I mean - maybe not step up world is that more you need to step it and Musashi the claim you need to win that one that began Tuesday I yes begin Tuesday with 27 yes I think we have an image of it Musashi the crane so that began Tuesday it's underway right now it is the same rewards I believe to be completed so yes step up samurai represent from Musashi please and then on Sunday begins our next and final special of order of the event and that's Heydrich the Warthog there it is when this one will be for the Vikings so hopefully let's hope all this my if this is a misstep so that one starts Sunday and runs till the end of the event next Thursday yeah yeah maybe a samurai will win both who knows who knows or maybe the nicest I think the Knights seems to be pretty because as soon as you don't have to fight for the volcano yeah then it's easier to win it any let me ask you this off-the-cuff have you guys talked about removing the volcano because everyone puts all of their assets on it no we're discussing the contrary yeah it's provoking how can we leverage that special I run that volcano well that's a good that that sounds like the right move rather than taking it away but come on Knights God so this is we just have a ton of reminders if you saw it last week's shows the ten reminders if you didn't this is all news to you and I wasn't here last week so pretend that this is all unused to you so it's to me so as we've talked about in a couple shows now a few shows champion status has been reworked yeah for season six so the news the new champion status is in the game now if you previously bought it it's it is the new champion status like if you had like yeah sure were those people about a year's worth which is awesome it's not the previous one it updates yeah but as we thought as a way to celebrate that put it on sale yeah so it is now 30% off Thank You max there you % off until the end of the event next Thursday it's a good deal because we deal with the boosts 20% of boosts the aura yeah even roots you get even good nor even good with those it's tough so it's really really cool I have noticed anecdotally so I think part of the reason we did this change we wanted people to care more about champion status right like yeah yeah I think you know we we've used it a lot and giveaways and things like that giveaways on the stream compensation order we have outages and I think people didn't find a lot of interest interested in it and but I've seen since the changes a lot of people that I'll cool this this makes a lot more sense now so it seems to be a success so let us know if you're liking the new champion status okay next up with the reminders this is a very cool thing that we haven't done before until this season a thing that we're calling hero trials yeah and it's not trials like in the arena no yeah it is we're let it's a trial mode a trial period State yeah yeah for Heroes I don't own yes so all heroes are playable basically so even if you want to start your edition on pc or heroes or play ball if you don't own the season pass all season pass heroes are playable yeah and on top of that we've put a discount price in steel so if you want to unlock those one by one or or only interested in one specific it's the right time yes it's a good time so those DLC Heroes we call them the kind of post launch heroes they're normally 15,000 steel in the game they're discounted during this event until the 31st to 10,000 steel so that is a really good opportunity if you haven't and you've been thinking about picking up a new hero now's a good time to do it and what is also cool as well is that thanks to that try off state you can do the orders that are specific yes yes something wanted to do a good point good point so that's cool if your starter Edition owner those are 8,000 for Heroes and discounted now to 5000 yeah cool okay hey another reminder masks outfits yeah not last week yeah as part of the event the medusa and all that pretty cool the discount on those has ended yeah no it's it's now at their normal price of 20,000 steel I wanted you to be aware but if you want to get it there's still a good way you can still get it which we'll get to which the doll is about it now No because in the bundle is this next thing you want there's a method to my med students so starting today an RD some folks have seen it on reddit the limited-time emote we call it in the sword in the stone the classic story everyone knows from King Arthur the sword in the stone emote it is available now it will be available only until next Thursday yeah so you have one week to get it so let's check out the video of it if you don't know what I'm talking about and we'll come right back in chat [Laughter] sorry we get distracted at the end there twitch Prime no big dragon big dragon is thinning yes at 4:00 on our game Damian so it was you licked like you licked some revenge receiving a death on Twitter can you please say something about it this is something very risk wasted by players Thursday so country member what I should matter because I'm replying to players like a hundred times a day but just revenge something we're looking at I don't know if it will be before what's not with something while working at and we haven't any theater no no so yeah it's something we were looking into also to insert the dev wall meta why we think it's a good tool we really don't want to go where revenge was in season one and we think that that would be awful because it made some player totally immortal but we think there might be opportunities where we could upgrade a bit the revenge so more to come still something under investigation in the fighting ok yes come on so yes we are transparent announcing what we're working on now I was shaking it to do so yeah let us know let us know how you would like revenge to be changed we may or may not listen to it but it's a it's really what we're looking at is not a revamp at all revenge something like that it's more a quick win something we could change easily that he hadn't break the whole game and that would benefit those specific situations right he's what we're trying to do excellent yes so just as I mentioned sort of the stone you can only get it for this week but there's a bundle that is also available right now yeah as we usually do as we do with these events so the bundle I look at that it gets you the mask if you do if you haven't already got them it gets you the masks from last week three modes the lootable emote Sauron lootable effect I always swap those and all the cosmetics that you can loot right and the weapons right yeah and this week's emote exactly is also so those are all in the bundle and as usual if you already own one or multiple pieces of that bundle the bundle price decreases dynamically based on what you already do on yeah and oh actually put the image back up because actually I was told the bundle lasts yeah the bundle goes until June 4th yeah so even though the sword because we wanna it's it's always the same reasoning we wanna have there to have the chance to loot as much as we can until the end of the event and then if they didn't manage with the stuff to get the the content very clear so that they don't think they couldn't access what they wanted to the cool alright oh one thing I didn't mention but I wanted to give you a shout out last week so I was out we on Thursday you did your whole thing people started playing and there was some very strong feedback about the pricing again the visual collection yeah and before I could even check my Twitter you had solved yeah so within a day fix you guys huddled up you said okay hey maybe there's a bug here maybe we just didn't do court math maybe maybe we should rethink this and then by the next day yes so so there were some bugs or design bugs I could some things that were not intended and at the same time we also change some of the based on the feedback some of the price poor intended right so yeah we we saw the feedback we heard it loud and clear we sit down with the designers on that subject did several meetings on it spend part of the day on that and then all the like team agreed to do an emergency maintenance based on that etc we wanted to fix it as fast as possible because we don't want it to have a lot of tear and locking those content with the wrong prices yeah so that's the way we did that what I like about that I like your clarification that it wasn't just that it was a bug or an error it was actually was literally here's what we wanted to do here's what the community told us it was reasonable so we went back to the drawing board Andrea yeah yeah I think that's that's it's that the cool thing is the same of both things I think the community perception was worse because of some of the things that were intended but we're like okay by changing those unintended things it's the opportunity for us to to reopen the door to everything else and look back at what they are saying and and adapt while keeping the same direction of course we still think it's monetary for you too if you don't own the item under Hawaii you want to apply the visual that that it cost a bit more because then if we don't do that there is no interesting new to loot anymore that visual so like you have it in grey you don't care anymore because you will be always able to apply it yeah so for those reason for population reason we fought that it's still meaningful to do it but we reduced by a lot those values so we sticking the the logic makes sense but some some some values were wore off yes so will players who paid the original prices get refunds from it's a case-by-case so I would say that via contact us reaches and then we see what we can do we don't have said you know G courses pay more we can automatically refunded cetera so then if we have players that that spent a lot at I think we can go back track down what they did so don't try to light with us refund because we inside history and see their history and if it really make sense then case-by-case we could maybe maybe to something okay cool yes that's a good job on that I had no hand in this you don't need me you don't need me anymore did you inspire all of us so the the post written by Alex for example was a have inspired by yeah your ticket the community developer feedback loop thrives thank you thank you guys okay so one other thing that is part of this event which was a cool idea from Bo actually was yet to involve a community contest yeah so actually next has a transition for this I won't preempt his transition let's do the transition I don't I don't know that was the season 6 background right that's what Damien asked me during the break he looks like she's in failure oh yeah and 6 and firmed sorry series so we're doing it a fan art slash fan fiction contest yep with the community and we have a little image here maximum well nope didn't want to do that what's that what was that first I wanted you to show that the contest image yes so we posted a we posted up off and for our game.com I think maybe they just dropped the link in the chat I saw Alex do that you can go there to read all the rules of the the contest but mainly if you are a writer or you're an artist or if you're neither of those things but you want to try I highly encourage you to so create a story create a poem create something great if you do and we're not doing videos if for fan art we're asking for static images okay can be hand-drawn can be beautiful illustration paint whatever you like but yeah still images or fan fiction and like I said all the rules are on that page so like you have to if you really want to be considered you actually have to email the address shown in the article which I guess Alex maybe is also dropping the email address in there which is nothing that picture like we saw a bunch of great things on reddit yeah yeah even before the contest yeah so now yeah a they weren't emailed to us I think we've reached out and asked those people to send emails be the fanfiction ones way over the word limit way way over we asked for a 500 word limit because people here have to actually read them to judge them and on top of doodles in those books there are some that are awesome but they're just very long so we can't consider the ones that are really long guys so so if you did a long one thank you that's awesome try to find a way to encapsulate it a short version CliffsNotes version or whatever because we do want to base it up a little now that said we saw the full week left in the event what is the end date of the contest June 1st so you still have till the 1st yeah that's still week two art in fanfic so the reward did we tell them no we said it yeah so we're doing some customized notebooks and sketch pads hmm customized for honor notebooks or sketch pads I don't know what but they're there they're gonna be really high quality for you to do your sketches on or do your stories on and we'll send those out to the winners pretty cool yes now I thought to inspire people to do more because we've seen a lot of fan fiction which is awesome haven't seen a ton of fan art yet but I assume it's because that takes a long time to do it well I thought I'd show some of the submissions we've had so far and just to inspire folks so starting with the fan thick let's save the fan art let's do the fanfic so I only printed out two because like I said a lot of them are long I thought it'd be fun to read them and I'll do and maybe you can do the other day memes okay you have music perfect perfect thank you max do the long one you want it okay so what is a poem and one is a story I'll do the poem and the the writer of the story gets a graced by the beautiful dulcet tones of Damien Kiki okay we did this once before with Airy and it was I remember was we've the nightingales Yoshi was much better than air to do that okay oh I like this is like a news show I've got the thing here the Battle of Rose Hill Rosa Collis by Commander Melander named flowers bright that dot the field the place called Rosa Collis another army either side with death the only promise called across the land to judge and cause the crows to car cause the crows to car that is a tongue-twister they may run but not outpace the long arm of the law the burden of my weaponry is nothing to my duty advancing on their swordsman as their archers hold to shoot me with a loose their hail begins and glances off my armor an example for my forces I stand composed and calmer our men-at-arms are many dead and still their numbers large planted feats that do not yield until they meet by charge impaling them upon a spike I swipe and shove and swing a path so carved their broken line to life a few do cling and as the corpses lay atop the roses for their hearse I dispense swift justice and last rites book chapter verse and though my efforts travel far their efforts travel further I spare a look upon my troops a speech to rouse their fervor the views of fire we will not lose we will not stop curse every man you slay I stand with me stand with me we will not fall make death or just make way I move to rush their second line despite my injured gait till death at mortem I will fight and breach through Heaven's Gate the battle fought the battle one their forces rout retreated I refuse to let a man escape and refuse my wounds be treated as badass despite the pain I soldier on the way to sake my soul to hear each man confess his crimes and lay his head to roll that's pretty good stuff also probably over the word limit but also very good not sure I don't know either but whoo Damian are you ready I'm ray but not sure it's to the benefits of that person sorry we while we were while we were what's it called what's the name of it well we it's called my love bringer story he has a side note yes that I need say it's not that long but enjoy blood blood never fails to quench the first of men but for God's it requires millions I was assigned to the soul fern flank of Rosa Collis a deaf sentence as the Montaigne path was narrow and pinched between the territories of our foes I could almost feel the eyes of the samurai staring me down they were not there to fight however merely observing the proceedings but besides we had no quarrel with the semi their swamps were far too dense and if the elite warriors did not cut our numbers down the pestilence would do it instead but further we marched rain poured from above a dark day of blood and death would soon ensure but as my men looked worldly around I soon stepped into a muddy field so quiet that's the ships of crickets wrong throughout my ears that word something was not right shadows where there shouldn't be ice pierced through the brush that's me but before I could order my men into formation blood blood came upon us like roaring beasts they descended we were helpless before them like a flood we study against it too many were washed away in the tide but as I stood breathing I looked around and I was pleasantly surprised to see no beast at my feet bats men Wow goosebumps max comes through the black and white at the very end so those are just two examples of the great fanfiction we've gotten please send more we love it everyone loves it thank you very much and I'm the fan art side of things we got something to share here that we've gotten so that was the thing max spoiled earlier oh yeah oh good to me stylized can say enough can say yep and it's already with the yeah the crane yes and this is by Vidal Dakini the conquer all yes I think he wrote descriptions for these but I forgot the mower yeah that that's by the same guy Vidal everything he likes can kill I think so yeah and last this one is super gelled super super detailed so great job to all so far but I want to see a lot more this week so please send along when you can because we love seeing these creations yeah who is the fashion one yeah no fair enough piranhor oh yeah those are amazing yeah yeah the contest no for the contest boy and there's some good darkest dungeon ones also which is one of my favorite games of recent years she'd be ones too yeah yeah there's a lot of good stuff going around lately yep so that's that's it that's it so far for the the right of champions section of the show we're gonna move to the community corner I don't know if have to run to a meeting I have a meeting in ten minutes and I need to eat so yes I know me too that's your life and it gets my food so much okay I have to abandon you that's fine but I really worry much Damien and we'll be right back with community corner and you'll be back next week great [Music] [Music] it's me look at this I like the horns here and it's time for community corner community corner if you don't know is when we show fun clips or good clips or interesting or well-made clips from the community involving for honor this week there's a little bit of a trend another thing that I must have missed while I was on vacation so you'll probably see a trend emerge in a few of these videos but first off let's get into this video from soccer CN game-ending kunai this one is it I always like watching these o hear my own voice delightful Oh an impossible shot that was an impossible shot I don't know how that that landed okay so this is the this is the beginning of what I mentioned as being a bit of a trend from sweet love bringer here's a video that's though great through great skill la bringer makes his last stand against other factions yeah girls born [Music] uh the Nobu she's stealing that that last kill there gets me so yes the bomb bringer the bomb bringer is the trend that I'm mentioning I really don't know what I missed in the past week but clearly it was a big topic because there's a lot of videos that people made with bomb bringer montages and they're pretty funny I know that I know that it's a discussion people don't particularly like the bomb bringer going up against the bomb bringer but it makes for good videos so we're gonna show them so this one is from frequent guests of the community corner long dong of the law long dongs in-depth video guide to la bringer [Music] [Music] well then mr. of the law that was good in this next video is almost the same template but different music this is from along 26 Bakura to a-bomb ringer montage [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] I don't know which one I like better that one is very fun okay rengar Sam these other moments of great emotion and that make me come back every day to play for honor yes tents ok teeth penguins got a video called pure skill fuel oh that's got to feel good okay snipe with a baseball tinged one one two three strikes you're out in the old for honor game [Music] [Music] [Music] victory [Music] beautiful all right it's a pretty good one Danny you Sagi thought you could just bleed me run away and emote don't get cocky until you're sure that you won come on all right this one of the best usernames I've seen in a while strength of 10,000 babies shaman isn't the only one that likes to drink blood victory [Applause] Victorine it's pretty brutal pretty brutal but good timing oh I threw in a second long gone with a law video this week it's a short one better luck next season warden so dumb so dumb he does such Devon videos and I love them uh but really wardens hang in there hang in there wardens we love you that goes for the other other ones too okay that one real guy the ledge giveth the ledge taketh all right here's a Poppa Revolutions when you try to gank zerk but he's been practicing the Flex all day this one goes pretty quick I think we'll loop it maybe no sound yeah yeah this goes really quick let's show it again look at those deflects my God he's just bouncing back and forth like a pinball well okay from dark donek a good parry to lead to a perfect ledge victory face nice okay and our final video today this is the only long one - these have all been very short clips this is from hyper soles okay so first of all he has a couple things wrong he calls it Royal Rumble in a nutshell he's talking about carousel of death it's not Royal Rumble and also in the video he calls it season seven so it's actually season six so maybe not paying a close attention to the details but still a fun video to showcase carousel of death which is my personal favorite mode we've ever done it is so fun I've never had so much fun playing this game it's so hectic and fun so we haven't shown any cares love death footage on this show so this is our chance to do so now so this is what he calls Royal Rumble in a nutshell [Music] yeah [Music] it was at this moment that he knew he fucked up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh No [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] stop it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] victory [Music] subscribe for honor alright great video hyper solo thank you for all the folks who've stuck around this whole time and the raffle has already ended so that's our show for this week we will be back next week and do not forget we are getting so close to e3 and we're even going to do a Warrior's done for me three spoilers so that should be very cool get hype and I'll see you on reddit I'll see you online and I'll see you here next week thanks everybody [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]