Was It SelfDefense Parking Spot Shooting Trial Begins

it's the manslaughter trial that could change the controversial Stand Your Ground law Michael Drake acclaims he was defending himself when he opened fire and killed a young dad at a convenience store in Clearwater Florida last year surveillance video shows Drake uh pulling into the parking lot and getting upset when he saw a white car parked in the handicapped spot without a permit words were exchanged with a young woman behind the wheel Britney Jacobs his yelling and pointing and telling me where I said park will you concerted me at that point yes I was scared I told him do you want me to go get my man he said yes if you want him to fight the shooting erupted after the father of her four kids marques McLaughlin emerged from the store he saw what was happening and shoved Rekha to the ground Drake a reach into his pocket pulled out a pistol and fired a single shot McLaughlin staggered back into the store clutching his chest he collapsed and died from his injuries in front of his five-year-old son Drake ax is claiming he should be acquitted based on Florida's Stand Your Ground law which says someone can use deadly force if they fear imminent death or great bodily harm it's the same argument that made headlines when George Zimmerman stood trial for fatally shooting teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012 we the jury find George Zimmerman not guilty McLaughlin's girlfriend took the stand on the opening day of testimony when you saw Marquis fight for his life a tragic end to an argument over a simple parking spot [Music] you [Music]