Was Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide Easy to Accomplish

geoffery Epstein's mansion was a hive of activity today amid uproar over his suicide behind bars what's her relationship to Jeffry Upstate do you work for him the 66 year old financier hanged himself in his cell at the federal prison in Manhattan less than two weeks after being taken off suicide watch heads are gonna roll yeah in one way or another former federal prison warden Cameron Lindsay says he's flabbergasted that Epstein was taken off suicide watch he receives clothing items like t-shirts and bedsheets and that kind of thing so he had all the tools he needed to kill himself it would have been an easy thing to accomplish Andy says surveillance cameras are unlikely to be of much help to investigators there was not going to be any camera footage that exists that shows what happened inside that so Epstein was in a special unit inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center because he was such a high-profile prisoner and the target of other inmates he was supposed to have a cellmate and a guard was supposed to check on him every 30 minutes but published reports say he was alone inside his cell and no guards checked on him for several hours before they found the body Attorney General Bill Barr spoke out about Epstein suicide today I was appalled and indeed the whole department was and frankly angry Epstein's death is spawning a slew of conspiracy theories whether that launches a million conspiracy theories or not this attorney general and this president have a lot to answer for actor Alec Baldwin tweeted the Russians killed Epstein they're in charge of everything now you [Music]