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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] since the 20th century the industry development has propelled the urbanization however munis a waste a pollution is becoming increasingly serious currently about 10 billion tons of waste is produced annually all over the world six times the global grain output 14 times the steel output however dumping LM feeling is filled the mostly used way of waster disposal which encroaches on the land staying SEM produces a large number of pollutants such as bacteria virus methane ammonia and sulfite besides the leaf shade produced by landfills is polluting the groundwater in the long run landfill is harmful to us and the later generations so it becomes obsolete in more and more countries waste is mislaid resource how to manage ways to properly and transform waste into useful products in a circular way is an important issue of considerable global concern needed to be addressed to promptly to Hendo waste in a scientific and environmental friendly way cannot only improve ecological environment but create economic benefits we have been devoting ourselves to the environmental friendly new energy by learning advance to waste the disposal techniques from best international companies and incorporating waste treatment characteristics in China and other countries of the including we have to file up to professional waste to energy techniques which can recycle and reuse the discarded materials all emissions comply with relevant regulations and standards even satisfying VDU standards or even higher standards bringing huge social benefits we deliver municipal solid waste to the unloading Hall and then store it in the waste a banker since newly delivered waste is the high moisture content it will be stored there for three to seven days during that period the huge gripper turns it over repeatedly to make it evenly scattered in a microorganism in the waste will help the organic waste deferment which makes itself easier to combust there is a facility to extract air from the banker and sent to the boiler to make sure that the bunker is always under negative pressure which can effectively prevent smelly air from releasing to the outside in the process of storing the waste mustard and organic matters in waste will filter out to forming li shade which will flow into a pole to recycle in the beginning lachey flows into the first setting tank where the precipitate and floater is removed then it goes to the adjusting tank where the effluent is regulated then it enters an aerobic tank in which the organics is removed after that leash ate along with domestic sewage and industrial sewage get transferred to the denitrification tank and nitrification tank vadhana trading at last the effluent is delivered to the ultra filtration and nano filtration recycling system discharging clean water which reaches the class-a discharging standard for daily use we themed the plant and realizing complete circulation and zero release after storage the waste is plunged to the hopper by the Graber and then is sent to the incinerator by the feeder when it gets on to the first part of the incinerator it will be cried rapidly under high temperature when on the middle part combustion begins and temperature there is beyond eight hundred and fifty degrees to make the waste to burn completely generating thermal energy to heat up steam which is transported to steam turbine generator units to contact power generation when ways to get on to the final part of the incinerator slag Falls and secondary combustion is conducted for burnout slag is finally transported to brake factories and used in recycled as raw materials of construction and paving in the process of combustion the hazardous gases will be treated professionally and environmental-friendly when the temperature in the incinerator goes up to above eight hundred and fifty degrees it only takes 2 seconds to decompose dioxin and there is no dioxin produced a game then the mixture of gases getting to the cooling tower to be cooled rapidly and then are sent to the circling fluidization reactor to be treated at every stage after the den attrition treatment by the spray denitrification absorbent the oxynitride generates nitrogen and water after the Danna tration hydrogen chloride hydrogen sulfide and other acid gases go through there through the spray treating patient generating calcium chloride calcium sulfite and other solid substances which well float down to the bottom and getting to the ash bunker after setting ization particulate to have emails and Dyson will experience absorption through a spray sort of in it the remaining gas is getting to the back type dusty collector where the powder will be filtered the hazardous remains in the ash bunker will form stable campuses after the treatment of chelation and solidification the composites will be sent to the special landfill to be treated at last the pollutant emission becomes harmless protecting the environment to the largest extent we have been focusing on investing an operating waste to energy projects manufacturing and supplying quarry equipment for waste-to-energy projects with strong technical strength and thorough service system we render our customers with package services of professional consulting project designing and engineering equipment supply investment and construction operation and maintenance professional and tailor solutions will be provided by far we have invested over ten waste-to-energy projects disposing more than eleven thousand tons wasted daily upon completion of the projects total daily power generation can meet the demands of three hundred thousand residents we actively respond to the crane development concept of China's thirteenth five-year plan continuously expand our overseas market and export more energy-saving and environmental friendly equipment developed by ourselves state-of-the-art techniques as services to more countries of regions the quality of our products and services are praised by customers at home in broad CW PC side an AP CC contract a 36 megawatt waste-to-energy project with Peterborough green energy lemonade a mounting 346 million pounds vke chain my 1 by 600 tons per day waste to energy project Island VK he busts luck 1 by 600 tons per day waste to energy project Thailand WPC Colombo - by 350 tons per day waste to energy projects in Lanka is a comb - by 400 tons per day you waste to energy projects each one China one run - by 350 tons per day waste to energy projects each one China guanlin two by three hundred tons per day waste to energy projects each one China jeonggi - by 300 tons per day waste to energy project on sunshine on Java Sea - by 500 tons per day waste to energy project kilo Jiang China relaying to by 400 tons per day waste to energy project kwangji China Sea way to by 500 tons per day waste to energy project Guangdong China Xiao Jing to buy 500 tons per day waste to energy project Guangdong China nowadays waste the pollution becomes increasingly severe classification and recycling of waste become an inevitable trend for the development of the world pollution can be effectively controlled from source to end by collecting and classifying waste from the beginning and treating it based on categories from now on we need to take care of everybody every battery and every piece of discarded paper for our shared home and error only earth every company and citizen is OP alleged to protect the environment and reduce the pollution waste and power expects to work we view to create a more beautiful green and harmonious future to make the sky clear at the water cleaner pupils lives better [Music]