WayVariety Limited Lucky Draw🎲🎨 TEN X YANGYANGs Enjoy The Challenge Ep1

oh yeah we have like five minutes to figure out how to introduce ourselves because this is very important yes we do whatever we want EGC oh my god I'm in göttingen so okay let's try it one okay so isn't it take one five six seven eight hello what's up what do you want to do hey what's up yo what's up wait me first are you prisoner to get it wait five feet say hey okay hi it's a sin hey hey I thought you were gonna say that okay wait no wait we say hey what's up okay okay young okay can you clap for us please this is 10 this is yum-yum welcome to enjoy the show oh my boys enjoyed the show challenge challenge okay now okay okay really it's got okay hey this is 10 this is Cheyenne EGC welcome to enjoy the challenge so in this series we're gonna challenge ourselves with all the things we can do in our daily routine yeah and we're gonna change ourselves to a different kind of things so if you guys want to see anything please leave in the comments Wow however that retractor like 20 times so what are we going to do today so basically it's a challenge that we're gonna do on a wallpaper for you guys like a phone wallpaper and I had any digital digital device that you want yeah put it on it but there's a challenge so in this much say in this candy machine you know is there's like a lot of like objectives that we have to give in our wallpaper so for example if I get maybe if I have to draw like enough okay this thing it's not have to draw Bella so but there's gonna be like different like weird things on it that we don't know you know so that's I think that's the check yeah and then doors for example if I pick this paper and it stays on you three colors so I allowed to use the only three colors that I choose in one paper yeah okay so challenge start your Hornstein now ha right away yeah okay why are you know before they I want to explain one thing what how is this series happen we're we're the person who like to challenge ourselves and to have fun so we create this series we challenge ourselves it's like we won't do these things at home we won't draw a wall paper and like paper so now we're doing a wall paper for you guys yes yeah let's start so here you see like there's papers and iPad so this one is like tens personal iPad and this is like yeah paper but you're not gonna use their iPad today why because every but how we gonna decide we're gonna use two iPad I decide why why you're the one who's deciding because I say so no like isn't it like fun more fun because you always draw so this time you draw on the paper how you draw on the iPad because you don't know how to use that yeah that's why that's why I say I'm really used to I pick okay okay so today yeah I'm gonna use my iPad to draw off the wallpaper and I gonna use a paper to draw a wallpaper okay but now we need to decide this okay let's put it down oh wait let me see yeah how you open this do a young boy don't know how to tear the tape okay your brother gonna go Bunya wow you re always can't give it to me you gotta hurt yourself okay I think don't oh don't wait you have to wait huh oh we have to do it together and you don't wanna do it together you want to do it by yourself let's do it again okay three two what wins it let's ring oh right I love that too as your wallpaper huh I'm the boss I changed the rule what no it says I need to write things on my no it's a love letter so you have to write a love letter as I walk okay you say so yeah nice oh my god I have to draw in animals what just an animal not nothing else yeah that's it that's it yeah you have to do like any animal but you can't change my rules should I know but something relate any more not just say Joanne I draw a virus huh you know what wire is this it's like ah this thing like you know you know like under when you do this all this that was like viruses it's like you know that's the one that eats penguins so this thing what do you call this yeah it's called Wireless really yeah just like sea lion I peed on just write that thing yeah only that yeah because I like people don't draw that thing people throw cats Lions okay wait so is it the only one that we have to do yes you have one chance now okay how do you say that in English trying to draw a Hydra a new lot oh yeah I like this one it's very strong wait I have like two limitations that way yeah I have to write a love letter oh and flower think okay so yeah I have to write a love letter without risk on flowers on it so I'm like my style today's like romantic yeah romantic it all Romeo I choose my face I decide my own destiny no one else okay let's see in G boy why stick icing so yeah the draw a wires with hearts but just one more thing this is our objective right yeah you guys see there's like pencils like pens and pencils okay the same thing okay I'm just trying to like five more but we're gonna have them taste okay let's go okay let's go do it wait so by fine ah it means that I can only use five colors for my love letter no limit no limit Oh like all of it but it's not names like myself like no limitation I can have no limit in everything like it just seemed like today's my day but I didn't important feels thick neck no limit okay okay okay this one this three there's three colors you gotta draw a virus with heart like three colors so yeah so basically I'm gonna use the iPad but like I don't know how to use it but we only have ten minutes okay so I'll you know why why is your ten you know all this stuff when you're like you kissed your tip oh that sounds like it's awkward right here a little voice it's kinda cute everything haha right each other you try to serve it wait so I have two colors right what do you want right right black-clad yeah orange and pink fish pink like poco pain like baby baby pink huh what do you my baby pink detect me no baby what what these are my five colors red black what orange yellow and pink this is what my love letter and this is yeah yeah yes okay and then you can choose your pen okay okay no I'm teaching art you know I know I like my Edmond 3t critique Tommy will love using it's like it's like this is paper you know basically you have to take a pen you ready to draw on it yeah yeah so like no I can't you you have to choose three color sets do you know how to use it yeah I had one you thought more rules for you what so in your love that you had to write ten words ten 100 hundred letters so I in this essay after a hundred words yeah but I'm not doing it I say it's the same thing okay this do I know you can't start no I'm just like looking at things okay okay these are colors so please use my ready hmm really you sure hmm think you don't want to like a creepy lay okay you know what it looks like choco mint ah and then like this I don't know like we're still others I kind of create a creepy aside see that know what hot so in ten minutes you have to write 100 word essay essay and you need to complete it or else and then you guys can't decide the punishment okay oh no I'm gonna decide the punishment what so so you're sure that you're gonna win definitely you matter 100 words and had to makes it not like I love you love do it yeah that's what I do you know I guess I know what I can read minds okay let's go okay yeah yeah promise yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah flowers yeah and great you need to put your soul in in my soul okay good kind of sound like it so easy nice why does it look like quick food you know what take for this on Jasmine joining right you have under it was two right I think say it's not the day for me to draw I'm very bad drawing today I told you you draw you draw like a Nietzsche can't say something wait quiet you I have to write counter words and talk to you but this is a very show you're dying you know well wait wait no you're done wait I'm gonna couch banana shake mine so that meets my so basically I told him to draw a sea lion but he drove Bigfoot no it's not big for insisted I am it looks like look do you guys want know what big for this let me show you that new in Brazil but I was 18 yeah he drew a monkey human with two hearts guys it's time that I was waiting so we're gonna read out young young love letter wait this is also a word okay okay okay so this is yah-yah-yah-yah I finished it in ten minutes so I didn't even know wait do you give this to me ten ten what oh my god this hi it's my first day bro look dear ten to me maybe it's nice Oh yang yang it's mine yeah now he's ready blushing right now I'm rushing no they say I feel I feel ashamed that you feel that this is no he's like nn-no it's okay so say the attenti love you three the husband oh I've always be by your side and whenever you feel down I always hear you up so what are you writing a can't even read yeah you gave me ten minutes to write other words what can you read his writing that's 2 min wait always here you up so baby please accept oh except and do do you wanna me to and okay so okay so what you saying this hey it's in my heart let's meet tomorrow so you don't let but you need hundred work here no but love is always there between me and you for the very start from the very very start I know you are the one for me so let go and let's talk face to face yeah so basically I want to hang out with her you know what we as I you say that love is between is that between me and you so you're the one decide that love is between it's my love letter okay that's not yours key we're let's go on let's get to know each other better I want to be by your side oh my god wait so this is my yeah so he spell his word how many doors to have a TV for me 86 87 89 90 91 93 92 so he still fail his test so we're done with our challenge okay guys so now we're done without was challenge for today so later I we gonna like upload is on our Twitter oh yeah on our social media so me yeah we're done our first challenge yeah so I let's have a challenge one more challenge yes so whose picture do you like the most anyway he I gotta give him punishment because he fell his challenge what was my Joey I don't know I'm gonna be silent and tell them late next time yeah next time so next time they're gonna be more challenge for us for the next video so look forward to it and he's enjoy the series alright goodbye see you next time