Ways to Keep Your Family Safe at Home

we know bill Stanton is the guy we turn to for advice on how to stay safe in an increasingly unsafe world so who better to give tips on how to secure your home he spoke with Inside Edition producer Allison hall bill how do you keep your house safe well before they ever get to the front door you want to stop potential bad guys at the curb you don't want to make it too obvious but you want to get the message across so these signs are yes I do have a trained dog and yes there are cameras where those cameras are on my business not yours the goal deter bad guys before they even think about breaking into your home besides the signs I also have motion lights why because darkness is the friend of the bad guy the first line of defense your front door this is a high integrity pic proof slam proof lock right here and this is a two inch front door in his new book prepared not scared Stanton also recommends putting a shatterproof protective coating on your windows as well as an alarm sliding glass doors can be a weak point which is why it's critical to have more than one law it's drilled into the floor and it locks like that all sliding doors should have something like this and this is pennies on the dollar for your peace of mind and if you find yourself caught in a home invasion everybody thinks this is a cabinet but as you see it's anything but oh wow now where's the whole room and there's a whole room in there Stanton says building your own safe room doesn't have to cost a fortune this book is like a black belt for your mind it gives you common-sense solutions and teaches you what to look out for and how to be prepared not scared you [Music]