We Bare Bears S01E09 Jean Jacket Pt 4

Grizz! The jacket. It... it chose me.. I must protect it. It wants me. It's mine. Grizz, no! Remember what it did to us. You're right. I... I can't think clearly. It's the jacket. It won't release us. There's nothing we can do. No. There is something I can do. Forgive me brothers. Wait, what are you doing? I love you guys. No!!! Grizz, stop! Don't do it! At least his music will live on. I miss him so much. Grizz! Grizz, we thought you were a goner. Ice bear cried, but just inside. What happened in there? Doesn't matter. That jacket will never bother us again. Let's go home. Well, I'm just glad things will finally be back to normal. Me too, guys. Me too. Get out of my way. We're the best of friends, man. Nothing will ever come between us. Whoa sweet jacket.