We Became Instagram Celebrities For A Week


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I'm tired and now I have to go home and take pictures of my clothes on the floor [Applause] so recently in the video a few guys learned how to pose like Instagram models this week we're gonna try to become Instagram fashion bloggers we're gonna pose the same amount that Instagram bloggers post post the same items on the same time of day mommy song is here she wrote a New York Times bestseller about Instagram hi guys its army from song of style and I've been on Instagram for about five years hopefully some of her magic will rub off on us my Instagram I always describe it as stay-at-home mom by beside post a lot of pictures of my nieces and healthiest this week for fashion bloggers in order to gain more followers I think you should cut down on the baby photos people are tired of seeing baby photos no offense but all the babies kind of like the same unless you're dressing them completely differently but my Instagram is so random I just have a lot of different colors I would do variation of poses so if I look at your top nine a lot of them are like face shots and upper body shots and there's only one of you standing and one of you sitting I would like to see where the dress pants hit and like people want to know like what kind of shoes you probably wore them with so after this photo I probably would do like a shoe shot whysa gram at the moment is just people taking picture of me and you laughing or smiling absolutely random my tips for you crop photos slightly differently so that you're not always centered I think it's nice to be asymmetrical my Instagram consists of selfies my family I like your screensaver the shattered screen with Brian there is absolutely no cohesive theme obviously loves to take his selfies really good job as a fashion blogger you don't like photo bombers there's like a guy shopping in the dead space I see a photo of you at Denny's it's really low light and fuzzy you want to have flash or friends who will flash you my Instagram feed right now is a hodgepodge to just mismatch and everything I really like our description they sexy with glasses I see some popular Instagram poses follow me - I would hatch tag follow me - kiss your girlfriend yeah in both photos she's wearing a black shirt I would make that different good time to post it's like in the morning bad time to pose Friday night we're always out so we're not really on the phone I try to pose two or three times a day one in the morning for eight something around like lunchtime and also one in the evening I can't wait to see all of your guys's be in the competition that's the first official day kind of stressing out because I just realized I have to go to brunch tomorrow so I can get breakfast I could take photos why breakfast dinner low light breakfast sunlight took some photos here at my apartment and it is exhausting especially cuz I'm doing it by myself I didn't go to buy anything and it didn't crazy like this is my partner that's the wall that I use there's my evil cat I got the most like photo I have ever received I think the photo worked because I tried to embody my inner fashion bloggers and people really appreciate it I had no time for brunch so we're gonna sneak out go to a breakfast place to take breakfast photos Jane has been stepping up his game he had like a coffee with like a fancy leaf drone in it sort of pastry I don't even think he ate it I have a ton of food now and we didn't actually have time to buy my coffee photo he like freaked out and posted nothing photos a collage of him mid couch and then everyone skied was just flooded with Jeremy's elbow and chest hair and leg in sleeve grad that decision if you post that way then you can only post in three 6s or nines and it completely messes up your feet if you're supposed to one it's important to have a nice background we're not always on exotic locations then I find like pretty walls awareness outfit if it together I saw this cool wall they just built and I took some pictures people love couple photos any time I posed with my boyfriend they loved it and it's fine if you don't have a couple even if it's with my best friend knowing that you're not antisocial and you have a nice personality and you attract other people but I decided take photo with jazz she is super unique and other presents she said to post couple photos and I posted two and they actually happened to be my seven year anniversary we saw like this cool brick wall and a couple of photos actually had some of the most liked also the most commented last night I posted pizza and I made it look all artistic I be taking all my photos by timer so it's been kind of a struggle my phone has fallen a couple times but my screens already shattered it is too stressful knowing that you have totally create a new photo every day like I am having such difficulty everywhere I'm like okay ruling for domain the photo that I struggled with the most was an overhead shot of clothes laying on the floor I'm feeling sick and I just finished setting up for a big shoot tomorrow and tired put clothes that weren't even mine fold it on a ladder money hey wait so miserable so been cheating lately first I was moving out I've been extremely busy the last thing I wanted to just take a picture of why I'm sweating moving furniture going through my old Instagram pictures and I see the ones that did well and I would be post them and I would just hashtag throwback he's been editing this photo for the past two hours I got most of the time eating lunch almost done with my meal hours ago I should have taken a picture you always want to credit your outfit photo tag it even if you don't want to put in the captions the brand season and they like it and you have an opportunity that they regram your photos I got a notification on Instagram that my forehead we posted my photo I got featured on their Instagram and they under than 68 K followers these blogger tips are legit am being dressed up as a fashion blogger you do feel more confident you're kind of representing like the best parts of yourself today is the last day that I can be at the house that I grew up in instead of looking at it in a negative light I decided to take some photos so that I can take the memories with me a house doesn't make a home you carry your family in your home with you my overall experience was stressful the first thought I'd have when I wake up in the morning is oh my god what am i posting today do I post these three photos are these interesting is this look like a blogger a Maya blogger like eat breakfast not really eating breakfast coffee countess breakfast posting anxiety I used a spoon to fix any like weird dents on the table Tommy told us about the Snapseed app and it's like mind-blowing and amazing I used nap seed to brighten parts of the photo that was too dark so like the fruit on the route card so I tracked the progress of my photos through an app called command which lists top most liked photos my post has an Instagram fashion bloggers were definitely in my top 10 most liked photos ever but my friend Davey recommended an app called unknown which was my secret weapon throughout the entire it lets you bring in photos that you might want to upload and organize them in the grid form I can make sure all the colors complemented each other poses were buried I was able to make it look oh he Sivan the grid before you upload the photos you guys tagging me and a lot of the photos probably increase that followship as well as the hashtag yeah I abused like a mother so the week after posting like an Instagram fashion blogger actually went on vacation and I got to use all the tips that I learned I think I learned that past the superficiality of all the likes and all the followers it's a nice way to document your life and when you look back ten years from now you'll have nice memories and a story being told that's what I mean was trying to say is that your grid tells kind of a story of like your past day of your past week of your past month of your past year rather than just like a random mess of photos which mine definitely was it's nice to look back now and see a story of my vacation or see the story of this week's experiences we really hope that you learned as much as we did throughout this whole experience and maybe can apply some of this to your own instagrams Instagram game improves like a hundred times across the board just up arrows it's gonna really make people think differently about how they see social media [Music]