We Forced Awkward People To Stare At Each Other Without Talking




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- I don't know how to describe being awkward, but I just ... Didn't answer that well. (laughs awkwardly) (squeaking) - (laughs nervously) I'm Emily. Hi, I'm Emily. I'm a socially awkward person. So today, I'm gathering a lot of other uncomfortable people and we're gonna make them stare at each other for four minutes, uninterrupted eye contact. - I've been told that I am socially awkward by friends. My mom is really sweet though, she's like, "You're not that bad." - I get very fidgety and shaky around new people. - When somebody's looking at you, you feel very seen, and I like to be very unseen. (laughs nervously) - I am not excited to stare into eyes today. I would rather not do that, but, we're here. - It's definitely really vulnerable, and I also don't know this person at all. - I think four minutes of uninterrupted eye contact will change me as a person. I'm not sure how, but I'm excited to give it a go. - Oh my God. I don't want to do this. - [Emily] We're gonna do it. We're almost there. - (whispering) Help me Lord Jesus. - Alright. Ready. - I feel nothing. - Set. - [Female Voice] Two, one, start. (awkward music) - We can blink, right? - Yeah! - Yeah! - That would be an impossible task. - Oh my gosh. (awkward music continues) Oh God, I looked away for a second, but it's fine. - It's okay. - Eee. - Look at me. - Oh my God I don't wanna look at you! (laughing and squealing) - Open your eyes. - (whispering) Oh my God, oh my God. - Alright just breathe. (deep breathing) (nervous giggling) - So what did you do this weekend? - Um. - I'm definitely blinking a lot. - I feel like you're not blinking a lot at all. - Really? - Yes. - You really aren't. - Oh. - Yeah. - I'm like, blinking a lot I think. - Mm-mm. Looks like, seems totally normal. - Stop it. (giggling) - I'm not doing anything! (laughing) - I mean we could do this again. - No, please! (laughing) Please! (awkward music continues) (timer chiming) (gasping) - [In Unison] We did it! Yay! (clapping) - Friendship! - We did it! - Yay! - Yay! (clapping) - Ugh! - Oh my God. - I suddenly became aware of every part of my body. - Same! - When we could not talk. - I'm just like, oh no. - That was actually really good. - Yeah, that was fun. - There was like a moment in time where I felt, like, a warmness even though like, we're not friends. - I feel like I had eye sex with you. (laughter) - I think I'm gonna need some time to recover, but hopefully this will be like, a new baseline, to be like, the four minutes was weird, this conversation is not. - I mean, now that I've done this, I feel like I'll probably hold eye contact a little longer than like, a second with somebody. - So like, I kind of feel like I tore down a wall a little bit, which is like, weird. - I think we've shared an intimate experience today, you know, we can't, we can't go back. We're bonded forever. Mm! (laughing) - Alright, cut! (upbeat music) (squeaking)