We Got A SixPack In 6 Weeks


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thinking about my future yeah futures another set previously Evan and I trained like superheroes now we're back and we're getting abs I gained some inches on my shoulders on my biceps I did have a little bit of ass showing but it wasn't like raging six-pack so this time I'm really excited to see how far I can go I think nutrition is gonna be way more stretch changing my eating habits was hard the first time around I can't even imagine what its gonna be like now so our trainer Steve Sam he was gray he taught us everything you need to know about fitness we're going back to him to get ripped again abs core muscles I think it's gonna be hard core hi I'm Steve zoom and we're here in my gym a tighter you fitness studio in Culver City for the next six weeks I'm gonna help Kelsey and Evan get their dream abs this time there's gonna be seven days of workout two of the days are just cardio I was kind of hoping it'd be very similar to last time we took it a step up you've got to put your time in it's gonna be at least 2025 minutes of ABS every time you come in we're gonna have to do full workouts - this isn't just average it's part of the story we've got everything's gonna fit into place when it comes to ABS you got to think of it in four parts we've got upper middle lower in size everybody likes a muffin top an ab where they just a lot of crunches well that squeezes everything down we don't like to open everything up very important if we teach you how to control your abs and lean them out and not bolt them up and we don't just do sit-ups without weight you need to add weight you add weight to everything else we do in the gym why don't we add weight to the sit-up with Kelsey what we're trying to achieve are the Elevens she doesn't want to over develop the muscle in her stomach but she wants to have that nice line that separates she's got a flat stomach but she wants to take it to another level with Evan he wants to get those hot abs where you go WOW boom boom boom and that is a different kind of workout and with Evan especially he's gonna use a lot of weight on his abs abs are three layers of muscle people don't realize that so we have to really work it as if it would work another month we used the Hollywood sucks BCAAs and melatonin this keeps your body from cannibalizing muscle when we're dieting really hard a lot of times what happens is muscle starts to break down we can't have that happen the melatonin helps you sleep be could be for you sleep the more recovery you get your rejuvenated you're ready to go again this is the way we do ABS let's get to it by the end of the first day of training Steve straight-up told me we're gonna have to stop here because you're not gonna be able to get out of bed tomorrow we continue going you won't even be able to kill your ass and I was like Steve we've done this before like it's not gonna be that bad oh yes the first week was painful again I literally rolled sideways out of bed he really challenged me the first week I was feeling like hot fire ants all over my ass and I thought all the exercise for the ABS would be similar to the ones we did before reading is different stretching is different we would add a waist you made me do a lot of crazy exercises it was like doing a circus giggling it's hard when your abs hurt and I do a lot if I go out like have some wine and like a meal with my friends what night is that gonna ruin it I swear to you if you drink tomorrow they won't look the same and one day you're one done you'll blow it's really important that you stick to the food you stick to the water you stick it everything I give you because otherwise we're not gonna see what you want to say I'm not really sorry I'm just being honest to get abs you have to be really tight on your nutrition no processed sugar sugar is our number one thing we want to keep our carbs to vegetables and fruits water is your number one best remover fat from your body we have to drink water we want to keep our proteins up we want to make sure we're eating enough calories that our body is not losing muscle but it tearing down back because when you go solo your body starts to eat its own muscle and when you eat the muscle it's not going to develop into a six-pack all we're doing is gonna get you tiny do not starve yourselves please then you're not gonna make good muscle I knew that diet is the way you can mess up getting out food is very precious all the food that I didn't finish all the snacks I hesitated to eat and I never knew I was gonna miss the smell of alcohol you know a lot of people hate the smell of alcohol it smells so good what is happening to me so last night I had a dream that I kept eating these airhead extremes I'm having dreams about my time there were so many company events that were happening there's always booze there's always cheese there's always snacks no the answer is no the answer is no it's absolutely crap the social aspect was really difficult it's really hard when all of your friends are enjoying meals together and you want to participate they all look at you like crazy why are the best things in the world the worst for you so it's week three and unfortunately I injured my ankle it's been in pain for the last three days and hard to use my body wasn't looking as fit as it had been before it felt like they were backtracking and I was getting really frustrated and I was allowed to eat brown rice so I thought I was a lot to eat brown rice but our diets are different because the results were looking for were different so I kept kind of minimizing what I could eat to the point where I got really frustrated in the middle because all I was eating was grilled chicken with nothing on it and broccoli that was all I was eating I'm going insane kelsey is going through a period where she's getting stuck on her food she's not feeling good about herself she hurt her ankle her abs they look good she hasn't done the cardio so she has a little layer it's more puffs it's not really Pat she's depressed about that we went over a whole new food thing we revamp der we're getting her excited and we're gonna figure out another way of doing cardio until her ankle is better we're gonna use the row machine and other things to use your upper body so that we don't get her stuck what Kelsey's going through happens to everyone I promise you don't go crazy really start to think slowly but surely passed by that plateau it's easy to look at yourself in the mirror everyday and not see the progress and to get frustrated for me progress was a lot better by third week maybe started seeing abs on my body and it was crazy everything was going smoothly my diet was good exercises were good I was getting enough sleep until I find out I was losing weight and because I started at such a low body fat it's not ideal for me to lose weight because if I'm losing weight that means I'm losing muscles and kind of freaked out because I really really did not want to shrink with Evan what we're noticing is he's coming down maybe too quick we have to say whoa let's slow down a second whatever we need to look at maybe we should add a hundred calories to your food maybe we should come down a little on the cardio you have to self adjust as you're going on because I don't want you to do it a 100 miles an hour a lot of people they eat very little once again they do too much cardio and yes we see the ABS but yes the muscle starts to go away we want to make sure his proteins are at a high level so we don't break down the muscle it's so important so finally the middle ground bruh I'm not eating too much but not starving myself was very very difficult for me thankfully as the time went by I figure out what to do and I stayed on the right track week five I was planning some cosplay I decided that I was going to wear a crap top like walking around with your midriff exposed it was scary I've been working so hard I wanted it to look good and I got pictures back and was super surprised that my abs were showing and it was so crazy all my friends like blown away one of those things were sometimes you have to step back and you don't see the progress but when your friends don't see you for a little while they see the progress I am changing my body is changing I'm working hard doing the proper diet that's healthy and getting the result I was so excited for the final day because one I could to eat fried chicken again and two I was eager to find out how much I changed I was so anxious about the results because of how I had the plateau and I had the injury I didn't feel like I had done enough like I could have done better you look good to begin with let's get realistic we absolutely got the eleven we didn't want to make them too muscular because that's not what she was looking for I like that we can see you're that complete yeah it's crazy I just get used to my own body all the changes were so small but they all build up into this great thing just sometimes you gotta look back and say wow look how far I've come gotta keep perspective it's really easy to start losing perspective on your growth and your change and getting hard on yourself it's easy to get discouraged just like you had a flat stomach when I first started I was kind of afraid that what if I don't get it at all it's a path back you got the 8-pack of it you got to bonus not only did you get your abs that your serratus came in which is the checker board up in here so when a guy it's different because you want to set up the pecs and the serratus into the app I just totally forgot how I looked before then seeing that side-by-side I was completely mind-blowing I was really really happy to see how much I achieved I'm also really glad I didn't get any smaller because getting smaller was my biggest fear throughout this whole training it really hit me that this journey that's been very personal to me is gonna be put on the Internet and people are going to look at my body and be able to judge me and you have to be really confident and really secure with your body in order to just put it out there and be like this is all the hard work that I've done to my physical self can you see it and seeing the results and celebrating all the hard work that we put in for six weeks she made it all really worth it this one was all just a mental game you know a lot of people when they go to gym after they go to gym they would think like oh because I went to the gym I deserve a pizza for dinner you will not go far with that mentality if this is not enough no this isn't healthy you know that exercise wasn't hard enough that's the kind of mentality I had throughout this training this isn't something you can't teach someone and I think that's why it's so important to have self-control everybody is different not everybody's gonna get the same results and when you do it at home just know that you're gonna get different results but if you work hard you're gonna be the best year the best part of my job honestly is that you feel comfortable in your own skin and when you're that comfortable you feel empowered when you peel them powers there's nothing that's going to stop [Music]