We Hung Out With A NASCAR Champion

so I'll press the button on the steering wheel and then it'll push water into out there a mountain Dew filter old power today we're watching a NASCAR race oh my god I'm so excited my heart is already like the only thing another NASCAR from like movies and pop culture don't know a lot about NASCAR I expect a lot of fun and I hope that you can give me a beer all right like there will be loud noises and here at hotdogs actually can someone give me a beer did someone say beer oh my god let's go my Johnson I grew up in Southern California I race in a monster energy and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and I Drive the number 48 Lozier oh I can't believe my action is turned into a career when do you start racing my grandparents on a motorcycle shop in Southern California so I started as an infant with my parents do you have any advice for like me as a terrible la driver when we believe that being the aggressor is the safest situation Jimmy was really nice I'm glad I didn't know what a big celebrity was as much until like later because I think it would have made me nervous to meet them Jimmy gave us a turd through the camping ground and it was just cool seeing like all the family they're doing barbecues linking since 8:00 I am like those are my kind of people I really wish we'd stayed overnight yeah cuz I think that's like where the real yeah party happens you have to go on a garage tour where we met Jimmy's team and they showed us their in the scene stuff how heavy is it can we push it yeah I was so happy to push the car at the beginning I was a little intimidated because I saw like sixth guy pushing the car I just love like the energy that was there cuz like everybody was part of a team I'm touching something that's going to be raised come on we're standing in the pit box which is basically like a transformer like a hit song and I think our stuffs they changed the wheels bitches anything that is wrong with the car and like they do everything like in 30 seconds or less and there's a world like Mission Control yeah they've got computer screens they've got everything they need in this one little compact car I've also amazed like it doesn't look like a race is about to start and everyone just kinda like knowing about it walking on the track it's amazing how like relaxed and casual this whole thing I got my ear pads in I've got my TV where I can watch Jimmy and listen to the radio of Jimmy I guess we're ready to do this very clever we got to sit in the pit box that was the closest you could possibly be to the racetrack we got excited every time Jimmy's car would go by because we felt like we knew him now it made me feel like I was invested in the race because I knew somebody and have like a relationship with that person that means the whole thing like way more exciting the coolest part of being the pit box is like saying that pit stop cuz I went the cars stopped I like all the team went out and actually like change whatever that needs to be changed the car in 11 seconds the level of commitment and energy like I think that was like the best part of it it looked like someone pushed a fast-forward button when they were changing the tires I cannot change the tire at all there's a lot more relatable than I thought it would seem it reminded me of like conventions I go to a sense of community was really interesting I think if I was watchin a TV I wouldn't have getting to know Jimmy I wouldn't have getting to know the driver the backstage it definitely feels more disconnected than actually being in the race being at the NASCAR race is a lot different than watching it on TV it's huge it's loud everyone comes from all over and camps out and gets together and shares the special events together I would totally go back [Music]