We Lived In A Mansion




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- That's a lot of house. Hi I'm Garrett. - And I'm Nikki. - We're fascinated by how other people live. - So, we're going to try and find some really interesting living situation. - And live there, experiencing a totally different lifestyle. - To see which ones will bring us closer together. - Or push us further apart. - This week we're living in a mansion, finally. - The showers are so tall you're going to see it, it's great. (acoustic guitar music) This is it. - This is it. - Whoa. - Okay. You have your own cul-de-sac. (jungle music) - Hi, John. Hi , Garrett, nice to meet you. - Hi, nice to meet you, Nikki. - Thank you for having us. - We're used to pretty small things. - Yes. This is very exciting. - We're pretty excited. - We built this home in 2006, with the idea in mind that we had four kids and we wanted our house to be the place where everybody came together and the kids can enjoy having people over. - That's so tall. - 24 foot ceiling. - 24 feet high. That is... - Lofty. This is my Richy Rich moment. I don't know if I ever in my life I will afford my own mansion, but for this week I get to pretend to. - This house is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of three and a half to four million dollars. It's like the American dream, right. I mean I'm really looking forward to this. I don't see a reason why I wouldn't be. This mansions got everything. 8,400 square feet livable. It's on four and a half acres. It's six bedrooms, six baths. - Oh my. Master suite indeed. There's a fireplace and a TV! - The jacuzzi tub's on the other side of the fireplace. - Yes, yes! That's the deepest tub I've ever seen. - Hopefully one of these showers has got like a rain, what is it called? - There's three shower heads here, you have the rain shower head and then you have the two regular shower heads, and then you have six body jets. - There is a rain shower head. - Can you turn them all on at the same time? - You can. - That's, I can't even reach the shower head. That's never happened before. I've never been able to even like... The water would even fall like four feet before it even touches me. - This is the formal living room. - Look at the fans. Nikki the fans arms are fans. It's "fanception". - There are two dishwashers, three ovens, a warming drawer, microwave. - You could be cooking three turkeys at one time. So we have a chef coming to make us a fancy dinner, because I'm a fine fancy lady this week and I don't have to cook my own dinner; this man is going to cook dinner for me. This is when you fancy people over and you want to impress them with your home. - That's us now, Nikki. - That's us now. - We're fancy lads now. - Thanks John, this is my home now. - There's a movie theater, I forgot there's a movie theater. - Where you can watch three different sporting events at a time or three different television shows at a time. Or you can turn the video wall off and drop the projector screen. - What! - So upstairs we have the game room. - Whoa! - Oh my gosh, look at this variety. - Nikki which of these do you think you're best at? - Uh, none of them. - The highlight of the house in my opinion is the outside. The outdoor area features a full sport court, an in ground trampoline. (screaming) - Oh my gosh, it is a very bouncy trampoline. - So big. - We have three horseshoe pits and playground area for the kids. - Is that a different house? - That's the casita, yeah. - Mini house for the house. - I never have enough houses. The guest casita consists of a studio apartment and a workout gym. - Casita's kitchen is bigger than my kitchen at my house. - This is about the size of mine. - The pool also features a waterfall and a water slide. - I am treating this like a mini vacation. I'm gonna sit by the pool, like roll into the water and then roll out of the water. Whoa, it's warmer in there than it is out here. That's great. - The pools heated at 88 degrees year round. - Wow, is this a hot tub too, or is this the same? - It's a hot tub. Back here we have nine holes of mini put-put golf. - This place has a mini golf course which is odd, but cool I guess. - I love mini golf. - Do you really? - I do. - That's really funny because, you're a very large human being. - So excited to just get back on the links, you know. See if I still got it. - Man. - You ever played tennis? - Yes, but this is going to be competitive weekend. - Yeah we're going to so many things to... - We're gonna keep a running tally of who's going to win at the end of these three days. - What should we bet? So Nikki and my relationships, and basically the strongest point it's ever been. This mansion is so big, that I don't think we even get to see each other that much. I don't think it's really going to bring our relationship closer together. It's probably just going to keep it where it is. - I think we're both going to find what we need in this mansion, because it has everything he wants with activities, and it has everything that I want with relaxation and luxury. - If I run into her by the pool, then I'll say hi, but... - Well, thank you so much. - All right, well you guys have a great time. - Thank you so much. - I think we will. - We'll see how we will. - Have fun, and feel free to call or text me if you have any questions. - We probably will. - Thanks John. All right, where do we start? - I'm kind of frozen of choice. You wanna... - Let's just go this way first. - I wanna take six showers this weekend. - Alright. And, we're home. - Man, this a big place. - Where do you wanna sleep. - I mean, I kind of want the big bedroom. Do you want the big bedroom? - Of course I want the big bedroom, everyone wants the big bedroom. - I'd say we should play foosball for it, but your finger's broken. - I'm not a handicap, you will bend. - So, you wanna flip a coin? Can you do that with that busted hand? - Yes, we can flip a coin. Oh, heads baby. Yes, you flipped it. - I hate this house. - Sorry, I mean will you fit in the other beds? Of course not. I won't fit in any beds. - Will you fit in this bed? - No. - Okay, then I fit in this bed. - I'm going to take a shower in your bathroom. - Fine. - Yes. Right now. - No. Master bedroom for me. - Okay, well. I guess every room's fine. - And, I have my own fireplace, and my own TV. Yeah. Fancy people who live in homes like this, like what do they even do with their time? - Yeah, it's not about the bedroom, right? Despite all the activities outside. - We should get massages. - I don't like massages. - What! - I don't like, I don't like being like touched. I think it doesn't, no. - What! - I don't like massages. Special built in racks for my pants. It's the good life. It's my life now. I don't know if this is a good vlog or not. - Look at how much space is in this mansion. Look at it. - We still have plenty of time before night time, so I'm going to play a little bit, of mini golf. I don't know what Nikki's doing. - My toilet has a bidet. Just press down, and see how it goes. I'm in the theater, like a whole theater all to myself. - Five holes in the mini golf by myself. It's fun, but like, it's some kind of sad about mini golfing by yourself. I'm starting to get the hang of like how to operate the house. - It's bath time, so let's see how this baby works. Oh shit, oh shit. - I don't know how to turn off all the lights in this place. Like, I don't think I ever will turn them off. - The house is so big, the only thing is that it's like a little spooky, because I'm alone. - Nikki and I spent most of the day exploring, like different parts of the house, and the backyard, and the front yard and everything. But, we didn't actually end up seeing much of each other. - For most of the time, it's Garrett and I have been roommates. I'm always like just hoping for a little bit of quiet time and a little bit of, like private space. Here I have like all of the private space I ever need. - We did a lot of, like very nice opulent lifestyle stuff today. Tomorrow it's going to be over the top. He's got The masseuse coming. And, We've got the chef. Oh, it's going to be awesome. Maybe, like, even like, we'll get sick of each other by the end of tomorrow. Goodnight Nikki. - Goodnight. - Morning, it's the second day. It looks nice out. I have to go to the bathroom. - Garrett, coffee's ready. - Alright, that's another bathroom down. Wow, look at the steam coming off the pool. Ah, today's gonna be a great day. Thanks for coffee. - Mm hmm. Let's make some eggs. - Did you see the cutting board anywhere? - No. - That's a problem, is that we don't know where anything is, it's too big. - Where are the utensils laying? - They're around the other side of the island. - This is a huge island. It's gonna be a very long time to get around it. Yummo. - Where's my coffee? Everything's so far away. What do you wanna do today? - Should we do some mini golf? - Yeah, I played a little bit yesterday. - And then we should swim. - Yeah. - This just feels like we're very unhappily married couple. - That's more of what the series is. (laughing) - Okay, so this is where our competition begins in golf. - What do you want to bet? - Like 20 bucks. - 20 dollars? We're rich now! - Did you really just spit? - Let's do 150. - 150 dollars! What are the games that we're playing? - Horseshoes, and pickleball. - Pickleball. Maybe like free throws. - I don't know how to play basketball. - Perfect, okay but I have a handicap, so you also need a handicap. So give me your pinky. - How does this do anything for you? - It holds my knuckle in place. - Alright. Alright, let's pick our clubs. - How does mini golf work. - I'm going to win 150 dollars. - (whispering) Shut up, I'll go play regular golf. You play golf regularly? - No, not anymore. - But you did? - Yeah. - Shit. Ah, so close. - Pretty close. - Dang it! (laughing) - Nice. - Yes. No. - So if you make this, we going to sudden death. If you miss, I win. - Okay, thank you. - Oh. One game Zero. It's like we're getting pretty close to 150 dollars. - Game number two. Free throws. So, I guess the first one to five free throws wins? - Okay, this is going to be pretty embarrassing for me (groaning) - Okay, so this isn't really working, so I guess just the first person to make it. - Let's play first person to make two. - Okay, two instead of five. Two free throws is all I need. - Two free throws. - There you go! - Alright, that's one. - Dammit, did you hustle me? - Did it look like I hustled you? Did it look like I was hustling? - You were all, "I'm so bad at this, instead of five we should do two." And, then you made two in a row, what the hell? Okay. (laughing) - What do you want to do next? - I don't know. Horseshoes? - I have to go. - What? Where? - I think the massages here, so I have to go let them in and set up for a massage. I was going to take a shower in your room. - You're gonna tell me? - I can't figure it out. - You've been in my room the whole time? - Surprise! - What did you do? - It's a massage. - You don't like massages. - That's why I'm not getting one but, you are. - Hi. - Hi, I'm Jenna. - Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you. - You did this? - Yeah. - You ordered this for me, even though you don't like massages? - Yeah, I don't. That's why I ordered for you, and not for me. - Well, thank you. - Yep. - That's very nice. - Okay, have fun. Nikki's getting her massage. I wanna do all these dishes. - I am here and I'm naked and I'm getting a surprise massage from Garrett. This is the nicest roommate thing he's ever done. Okay, you guys can leave now. How's the water? - It's so nice. - Thank you for that massage, it was amazing. - Yeah was it good? - Yeah, it was great. - How do you feel? - So good. Pool time. (guitar funk music) - Ah, I love this swim up bar. - Hello. - Hey. - Hi. - Got two drinks ready for you. - Wow. - Thanks. - I Have a Shirley Temple for Ms. Nikki over here. And, I have a good gin and tonic for you sir. - Awesome. - Thanks. - We're having a private chef come. Pretty exciting. - We're going to have some strawberry base for these scallops, with a strawberry base for salsa. We're going to have a cucumber, which is your salad. Tonight we're going to have lamb. Lamb loin. And then we're also going to have wild rice, and we're gonna have asparagus. And dessert is going to be a chocolate lava cake, with raspberry compote, and vanilla ice cream. - Wow! - That sounds great. - I'ma go and get dinner ready guys. - Okay, thank you so much. - We are fancy. I guess we already cheered. Alright, there are knobs over here, and knobs over there. Whoa. Okay. Alright! This is awesome. (jazz music) We look fancy. - We do. - We really look fucking fancy as hell. Ready for a fancy dinner. - Yes. Hello. - Hi, welcome to dinner. - Thank you. Oh, thank you. - Our fancy dining room. - Oh, Okay. - It's very good. - Yes, that sounds delicious. - We're rich now. - To good health. - Yes that's what we're always toasting to, to good health. - To good health. - We've conquered everything else. All that's left is good health. - Good health, great. - We're going to do fancy things to wine. - We've already screwed it up. - First course we have scallops, with the strawberry based bowl of salsa. - Wow. - Thank you. Which fork do I use? - Outside in. - Outside in, but that's a salad fork, this is not a salad. - That's true, so skip that salad fork. - When in doubt, pinky out. - This feels dumb, being this far away. - Yeah, you seem... I feel like we're in a board meeting. - Yeah. - You wanna move closer? - I'm gonna move over there. - Move over here. If you'd like to sit here, sit here. - Decorum be damned. There goes my phone. Dinner was unbelievable. - It was really nice to just like get dressed up for a fancy dinner and sit next to each other and have really great food. - It's like being at a restaurant for yourself. Chef Michael was so attentive to just like us. - I think we both enjoyed the property more with each other than we did on our own on that first day. - Do you wanna play air hockey in these fancy clothes? - Yeah. We played a lot of games today. I'm barely in it with that air hockey win. Stealing it! Got two more games to play tomorrow. Maybe I will not lose 150 dollars, but maybe I will. - I spent so much more time with Nikki today, and it was so much more fun. - I think I'm starting to figure out that mansions are great because you can fit more people that you love in them. While it is fun to enjoy it on your own, today I think was really, really fun spending with Garrett. - She's got to win both of our challenges tomorrow. I don't think she's gonna do it. I don't think she's gonna do it. - Waking up to this master suite is still pretty sweet. - Oh no. Morning of the third day. My head is killing me. Wine is the worst. Good morning. - Good morning. - You're ready to finish this? - We have lived in a mansion for three days, and man It was action packed. - Alright 150 dollars. - This mansion was really, really great to experience and I'd definitely come back, but I don't know if I would live in a mansion. All right that's two games to two pickleball. Kind of like tennis but smaller. - It's so big and there's so much to do, but I don't need this much space... Four to two, game point. - I think if I lived in a mansion every day, the appeal would kind of wear off. It kind of makes you think twice about really like, what you need in a home. - If we could put a shower like they have here, into a smaller house... That's the idea living situation. - My apartment in L.A. is a fraction of the size of this property. Sometimes that can feel like a really, really small place, but at the same time it's got everything I need. Also, my wife is there. - The best part of the mansion wasn't like the enormous kitchen or it wasn't even the shower. It was like when Nikki and I were hanging out, enjoying all this space together. We had no obstacles, right. With all this space and all these things to do, we like still threw like a bat in there to make us sort of compete. But I think it brought us closer together. 150 dollars! - Ugh! - And, I brought my bank account closer to solvency. - So mansions are great when you can fill them with people that you love and have a great time with them. Other than that, do we really need that much to live? I don't think I do. - Okay, bye mansion. - Bye mansion, and cactus. - Bye cactus. - That theater room though. That was cool. I like theater rooms. (acoustic guitar music)