We Made The Highest Basketball Shot In Minecraft WORLD RECORD

oh snap and i did it we need shape how do i kick it i'm calling it yeah minecraft today boys yes i've got a great task for us i saw mr beast played mini golf where he like whacked his sheep with a shovel thought it was quite fun so i think today we should try and build a huge mountain cliff waterfall thing and try and make a basketball shot off it like we did in real life so boys the tasks are going to be build the hoop i can do the who we need to build the huge cliff with a waterfall off it and then we're going to call in tech support toby who's right over there to help us figure out how to in good or maybe we can all have different animals and then it's the first one to get it should we just get into it yes all right i'm gonna build my mountain here then we're gonna get an animal and we're gonna try and use the animal as a basketball don't build the hoop too close to the mountain just like a basketball hood stanford what are we making a mountain out of i've got some coarse dirt what about some polished granite like a bit of a yosemite vibe i think we just got to go nuts early and potentially also go nuts late water bottle thank you siri now we are making good progress here stanford it's an abstract mountain oh well the boys are really gone for gold yeah it's exciting so which way is your mountain going boys up how far away should i go maybe concert's gone to the horizon oh they're very good on a good base everyone is there a max height we can build oh but we're really good at this game now i've decided a little bit of dirt a little bit of grass well that should be enough of a bit of a basketball court to draw off people are probably going to absolutely slam us for how randomly we're doing this but i think random can be good i'm going to play some sponge sponge bunch heron can i just say something i'm going to see how high i can go on a single brick oh the basketball hoop looks sweet from it who put sponge in me that is whoa i'm in the clouds here and from this point of view it looks like one of those um independence day lasers coming down let's go birch it's safe it'll go it'll go yeah always done is this too high what do you think that's good whoa because if you if you if we drop down a bit hey gorson how do i get the windows browser off me screen toby toby toby toby oh the sound is not coming through the headphones no as few things happen um aaron i'm just putting a bit of greenery on i felt like a mountain needs a bit of green yeah i'm a bit over the gold now i'm gonna mix it up i never did think i'd build a mountain [Music] processor wanted to build a mountain it's looking kind of tower-ish is a mountain not just a natural tower how do i make them join up i guess you normally can't decide where a mountain goes derek whoa heron we've got some blue levels oh please don't do that to me minecraft not today what are these pillow things what good is a hot bar what are these people on what are you what's going on over there scott pop bars i tell you ah these ones stick this i feel like just doing it because you can is minecraft to a t right what i give you is not efficiency but quality i really appreciate the jut out that i've done for no reason that is glorious excuse me a cobweb net i mean can you imagine the swish the spiders aren't gonna know what hit him [Laughter] i don't we need to start thinking what hey what's this little offshoot down here so i reckon we build a cliff face because we need to get a waterfall what's the top made out of velvet oh stanford i did it yes heron well done me we have a waterfall can you add another light side to it you guys progress faster you're [Music] well done that is the best thing i've done on minecraft thanks brett what the heck was that all about i'm throwing grenades mate i'm gonna try and make our waterfall flow a little more fun more fun yeah more fun didn't it flow fun it's flying but i want more more fun clean up on isle mountain gordon can you see our waterfall have a look my i'm just head down bum up i know but can you bring your bum over to the waterfall i just want you to just check it it's pretty sick what i created it derek lord thank you good sir boys i'm going to the movies tonight i'm done boys so everyone that's the hood i'm pretty happy with it baby we need shape oh boys i feel like i'm back in lesotho what a time all right so that's our shooting platform stanford i really like what you've done yeah to be honest it looks actually very much like what's that white thing down there toby we need you to help us to figure out how to launch what animal do you want scott we need to know chicken you always think that kfc oh maybe i want something bigger than a chicken chicken might be hard to see can i get a horse there is actually heron's playing rocket league is he gonson's creating this oh there's something one team and toby's hacking into the mainframe like nothing else over there that's not the worst [Music] who knocked off the side well i thought i was trying i was trying to get a horse but instead i knocked it over there's a little button right here yeah i'll put a sign on it i'll put a sign on it hello disney wolf how do i kick it horse plays how do i throw the thing it's different oh i sent it jose you have to follow each one go go left click oh oh first one to get an animal in the hoop get in oh it's you're falling short of the glory of the lord oh that could be in mine all going the same length oh bang that's a heck of a moose get out there oh come on bang oh that's the closest so far go sheep go oh get there poor heron boys i think i've done a good thing double prizes boys all right i'm gonna run up so i'm good pete sheep and then runner bang oh i missed it and bang go get there oh what we can build the mountain who removed my button have a go at a horse okay here and it is time for you to get your own your own animals now i believe you killed my button so i'm going to use your horses oh oh that's freaking gone oh [Music] your wolf ate my sheep [Laughter] thanks for picking a predator heron control w there's a lot of meat on the ground boys get in oh that was pin high this is so funny oh go that way a bit it's annoying when they just my horse is racked off starting to hurt me pinky ah all i want for christmas freaking three-pointer so funny when you're coming up and you just see them fly off the top stanford i think you've got to be closer you got to have your animal closer to the edge mate you can change the wolf to a different creature yeah we flip it handy scott can you right click on the middle um round block the funky looking one don't matter do it yeah wolf block yeah that one is there anything i'm doing no be the one there's no more wolf's boys heron solved the problem and i'm also going sheep just fyr um this one's in i'm calling it yay [Applause] ah that was a hundred percent in boys look at him this guy here hold on stanford hold on i killed it oh trick that was good at that was good fun my pinky hurts from holding control thanks everyone that was real fun um if you haven't seen it we did make a world record basketball shot off a waterfall took six days in real life was very fun as well no jim and then bang oh that's nothing but net this is like the gopro [Music] that's in yeah that was it that's a swisher karen filmed it well too have a go with that one no look at this boy oh do you see how far that went stay there there you go hit it oh i think i got it it didn't get okay