We Made The Worlds Largest Lipstick

Hello friends! and welcome to another video. This week, we are going to be making a GIANT lipstick. Probably the world's largest, but this is unsanctioned by Guinness. Now, we have done a lot of bad make-up science experiments involving lipstick in the past, from mixing up custom colors, to melting my own nude lipsticks together, to fusing 600 plus lipsticks from different stores together, to see what the mid-point shades would be. And all of these experiments were born from some strange, deranged lipstick-obsessed recess of my mind. From which, another idea emerged. What would happen if we tried to make a giant monstrosity of a lipstick? I wondered. A queen bee of lip colors. A mind flare of pigments We had already made a small army of "Franken-lipsticks", but that army was missing a leader. But though, our desire to create a giant lipstick was strong and burning, once we sat down and tried to actually figure it out, the logistics of the experiment seemed, probably, impossible. At least without serious professional help. However, by happy coincidence, just as all hope was lost, ColourPop reached out to us about the possibility of doing a lipstick collaboration and when the topic of "What should we do for marketing came up?" we said, "How about a giant lipstick tube?" and surprisingly and probably ill-advisedly... they said yes. now, since our entire marketing budget went to making a giant lipstick, let's talk about the collab really quick. I've always wanted to produce, like, actual not kitchen-made versions of our "Franken-lipsticks" and other colors we've mixed along the way. So, when ColourPop reached out to us, I knew right away that I wanted to do a "Franken-Beauty" collab. Our collection has six lipstick shades inspired by colors you've seen before in our videos before. The greige-y brown Mrs. Norris. The deep burgundy, Screamer. The sharky teal, Brucy. Our OG Franken-nude, Bikini Bottom. Fred the Franken-red (Fred for short) and of course, the infamous mega Franken-shade: Berry Me In Lipsticks. You guys should check 'em out! There's little bats on them. It's pretty cute and spoopy. Do people still say that? Okay, so with that, on to the giant lipstick. Now coming into this, my wish list for an enormous lipstick was twofold: Firstly, I wanted it to be at least my size when fully erect– –that's approximately 5 feet 9 inches, so I could just walk right up to it and rub my face on it– –and secondly, I wanted it to be able to twist up and down in some fashion. Currently, there are a few other contenders for the world's largest lipstick, but they don't meet this spec. There is a giant lipstick shaped sculpture made out of lipstick tubes, but it's more like a photo mosaic than a functional lipstick. There's also an art piece that is, like, a cubic meter of lipstick on a concrete slab. And though mass-wise it is a very heavy chonk of lipstick, It neither looks like a lipstick tube, nor does it do any of the things that a lipstick tube does. I mean it's basically a candle. So it seems that a giant lipstick of the variety that I want does not exist. We've identified a niche in the market. So to realize our vision, ColourPop assembled a team of seasoned pros to help us pull this thing off. Alright, so we are at the ColourPop office today with Dave the engineer here at Colourpop, the head–head of engineering? Director of engineering! - [Dave] Director of engineering. There we go! (Saf laughing) And with Keith and Sydney who are production designers who are going to be helping us with this project. So, you guys know what we want to do. -[Keith] Yeah. -You've heard it and you're still here, so that's good. [Keith] Yeah. Dave, as the engineer, was gonna be in charge of molding and placing the actual piece of lipstick-- –or the crayon-- –into our giant tube and Keith and Sydney had been tasked with building the pieces of our lipstick tube, or component. So 5'9" that's 69 inches. The lipstick that we sell now is 3 inches tall, so we've got a little bit of scaling to do. - [Saf] A Little bit. Our general plan was to take the proportions of a normal ColourPop lipstick, specifically one of our collab shades: 'Berry me in Lipsticks' and then scale it up, like, 20 to 25 times. So the tube would be about five feet tall with the cap on, but then when fully extended with the lipstick out, the whole structure would be, like, six foot four. - [Saf] That's definitely taller than me -[Dave] Now that's considerably taller than you - [Tyler] You might have to get onto, like, a little stepladder to actually use it on your lips, Saf. -[Keith] Are you gonna use it? - [Saf] Of course! -[Saf] I think we all have to. Of course, having a lipstick that large presents many issues, one of the main ones being the weight of all of the pieces. -[Dave] We're looking at about an 80 pound chunk of lipstick. -[Dave] We don't know. So Dave's plan was to make our giant crayon with a metal core inside of it, which would hopefully help support the large amount of lipstick, speed up the cooling time and also allow us to bolt it directly into the contraption that Keith and Sydney would be building. Besides the core pin, ColourPop was also gonna have to make us a giant custom mold specifically for our crayon. It's gonna be And Dave's ideal scenario was that we would shape and chill our bullet inside the mold, and then place the entire thing on top of our base. Then we'll pull the two halves apart, leaving the crayon standing and we'll- Saf: oh... voilà. -[Dave] We will, we'll have to do that, um It all sounded like pretty standard makeup science until the word "crane." I was like uh...can I drive it? No. -[Dave] Yes But we did say we wanted to up the ante. As for the casing of the lipstick, Keith and Sydney had some thoughts. It seemed like they were confident about how to make the tube itself, which they were going to build with 3 giant cardboard cylinders that could stack inside of each other. I'm, like, very impressed by the girth of this thing. To represent the base, the inner tube, and the cap. Effectively, this is what it'll look like closed, and then imagine, you know, the lipstick will end up being, well, 26 inches higher than this inside piece, so... - [Tyler] Oh my god. - And we were gonna cover all three pieces-- (Something crashes.) Ooo! [Keith] A calamity clam! --with flexible sheets of aluminum. I'm, like, very jazzed. - [Keith] Cool. I'm jazzed is the word. The word is jazzed. But the part that Keith and Sydney were nervous about was the mechanism. Now, with a normal lipstick tube, there is an inner cup that contains the actual lipstick and when you twist the outside of the tube, that inner cup rises up and down on a set of spiraling tracks. And that works great for a three inch tall lipstick, but not necessarily for our monstrosity. First off, because of the weight of the crayon, the inner cup might just spiral back down and not be able to stay erect; and hand-in-hand with that, twisting the outside of the tube would be very difficult because of how heavy and large the components would be. Besides all that, we would have to order custom giant metal tracks and if they didn't fit a hundred percent perfectly, the mechanism wouldn't even work. But Keith and Sydney had a plan. - [Keith] So instead of, like, creating that whole scenario, what we decided to do was Saf: Oh, so it just goes straight up? - [Keith] Well, it's gonna be-- yes, no, Saf: Just... (fwip) -[Keith] Yeah, yeah. So, we added Saf: So it's gonna be like a giant, robotic lipstick basically. - [Sydney] Yeah - Yeah. -[Keith] Basically. -Basically. –and to hide the lift and the turntable, Keith and Sydney were gonna be building a stage for the lipstick to stand on, and all of the machinery would be hiding under there. Saf: Ooh! Oh my god, that's me! Saf: Yeah. So basically, we had a lot of elements at play, and many things to get before our building day, but I had faith in our squad. All right, go team. -[Keith] Let's roll out. - Keith's sunglasses are everything. - [Keith] I'm gonna have my guys work on it, I dunno if there's time but uhh... we'll figure it out y'know... (Saf laughing) -[Keith] Cut! Cut! Cut! And a few weeks and a couple meetings later, That's the–the pedestal. It was time to build the damn thing. Saf: Alright, So here we are, back at ColourPop, ready to build. ColourPop has a pretty big campus with a fair amount of–for lack of a better word– –random warehouses, so just so we would not disturb any actual makeup production, Saf: Woo! and also so we could have the run of the place to ourselves, we set up camp in this mostly empty one. Dave is going to be leading the lipstick crayon team, basically, and he is gonna start off by cleaning and lubing the mold. That's– his words not mine. *laughter* And then Keith and Sydney are gonna start loading in the pieces of the tube, the pieces of the platform, the pieces of the scissor lift, and we're gonna start constructing that as well. [K & Syd: Yeah.] -Awesome! Alright, shall we? -[Dave] Ready. - [Keith] Let's do it! All right, I'm just gonna insert myself into every situation here. In general, tasks were gonna be happening simultaneously throughout the day, but our first priority was to get our lipstick bullets started, because it was gonna need a fair amount of time to solidify, and as we mentioned: prepping the mold was task number one. Saf: How do we lube? -[Dave] Well first we're gonna clean, and then we're gonna use some, uh, food grade silicone. Saf: Food grade silicone. To lube. Ow. That hurts. [Tyler] You look so devious with the latex gloves and like, the lab coat. (Tyler laughs) Saf: So team crayon leapt into action -[Dave] shoot away, Tony - and sprayed down our mold with alcohol. Saf: Mmm– The funny thing is I didn't like, recognize it as a lipstick mold until I just looked at it right now. I was like, "Oh, yeah, I see it!" -[Tyler] We have one of these at home. -[Saf] We have one of these. - [Dave] Alright, that constitutes the cleaning part. Now comes the lubing part. -[Saf] Now comes the lubing part! Which we did so that the lipstick didn't stick to the insides of the metal casing, and once it was greased, it was time to put the pieces of the mold together. -[Saf] Do you need me? (Saf laughing) A resounding no. Surprisingly, the team of professionals did not want me to handle heavy objects, but they did hand me a drill so I could help fasten the mold together. Alright Ty, you want to see me screw this thing? [drilling] Wooh! Alright, that's it! Now, I think this is as good a time as any to provide a brief safety disclaimer. Obviously, I'm not being perfectly safe in this experiment, so in general, do not use me as a template as to how to use tools or what you should wear around tools. I'm coming for you. Are you ready for me? Overall, this is more of a mad science fair project than actual makeup production, and it does not reflect how ColourPop usually manufactures their products in any way. Awesome! [turns on drill] Alright, someone take this away from me before I do something bad. But nonetheless we did successfully piece together the mold. Oh Ty look! That looks like a lipstick! You can see the slant for the, uhh- lip application. And once we had our casing assembled it was time to lower in our metal core pin, which we were gonna pour the lipstick around. -Yeah, this is looking pretty military-grade guys - and we wrenched it into place -[Tyler] It's like extreme IKEA - just so it wouldn't rattle around in there. -So we have the mold constructed, basically. We have the core part in also. Now we're gonna heat it up and then we're gonna pour the lipstick in. I'm pretty sure. Do I sound sure? I'm pretty sure -Then, against all reason and judgement, I was handed one of my favorite things in the world. -[Dave] Hold on (Saf: Oh, my god!) A blowtorch. I guess it's just a rule of the universe: where there is bad makeup science, there must be blowtorch. Saf: Oh, all right So basically, Dave and I were gonna use our blow torches to heat up the mold from opposite sides. (Dave laughs) With the idea that if the mold is hot when the lipstick is added, you'll end up with a more uniform surface on the crayon, because the lipstick won't solidify immediately as it goes in. And our goal was to get it to 110 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal lipstick pouring conditions. Unfortunately, though I feel like we were torching it pretty hard, the mold was not getting or staying hot enough. Am I doing it bad? -It's just too big to keep hot. Is that the problem? -[Dave] Part of it, yeah. - Oh no. Ideally, Dave had wanted to heat the mold from the bottom as well, but we were all afraid that the mold would literally crush any hot plate we tried to put it on. But it was seeming like we had no other option. Oh, my sideburns are out. They get- they get excited by blow torches. So we decided to delicately dangle the mold above the hot plate with the help of the forklift that Dave had brought into the warehouse which, amazingly, worked. And then finally, after roasting it from every angle, our mold started gettin' real hot. (Saf laughing) Dave was not talking about beauty guru gossip, but our giant kettles of molten lipstick that we were almost ready to pour in So I continued torchin' while team crayon brought over the cauldron, and then it was time to pour. D: Here it comes! Oh, sorry! [mild panic] [worker: Woah, woah, woah, woah] [D: Okay. Watch yourself, watch yourself, watch yourself] It smells amazing! Now I've poured a fair amount of lipstick in my day, but nothing could have prepared me for this. Sounds like a pool drain, doesn't it? [T: Yeah] It sounds like we're filling up a pool. Is this helping? Am I doing this right? Our one vat only filled up our mold like three-quarters of the way. -[Dave] Oh wow, we got a long way to go. So we had to put away our first kettle and go get another one. *loud crash* -[Dave] It's down. - Don't worry, nothing broke. -Are you guys okay? -[Dave] Yeah. - Alright, we're all good. That was just the kettle snapping back into place. She snapped. Saf: It is So we poured in our second kettle and as the tide rose, I started getting berry excited. -[Dave] Okay, we're getting close we're getting close. Slow down. -[Dave] Slow down. - Yeah, I hear it. Oh, wow. And after topping it off just a hair, our lipstick was in. (Saf gasping) -[Dave] Alright. -That's so cool. What a quantity of lipstick. Dave, how do you feel? How do you feel Dave? -[Dave] Uh, gosh, I think I'm pretty happy, actually. - That's great! So we trimmed off some of the excess with a spatula. Saf: See this is, um.. the real version of the Rosanna Pansino frosting spreader that I usually use. And then cleaned up the outside of the mold before we let it cool. Alright. I have successfully smeared lipstick all over it; Is that- is that what we wanted me to do? Oh. And lipstick on the forehead. There - that's what I like - well, I'm not seeing it but that's what I like to hear. And to help it harden, we were gonna be using a chilling table. -That might be it. -[Dave] There it is. -There it is. -[Dave] Speak of the devil, the cooling table appears. And our next big challenge was to get the giant metal mold on top of the cooling table. Put Tyler's face on it. Which required chaining it back onto the forklift and raising that sucker up high enough to stand upright. We let it cool like this for a while and then used the forklift once again to help lower the mold onto its side [Dave] Perfect. Perfect... Down... Alright! [clapping] And even though it had been chilling for a little bit, it was actually still pretty warm, especially inside of the core pin. [Dave] Holy cow, yeah! Feel that? Clearly it had a fair amount of cooling left to do. So we left it for a bit to check in with Team Tube [Sydney] People to help lift this thing over this. Great! I'm so pleased that I showed up at this moment. And they put me to work right away. Saf: Oo! [Sydney] Yes, you're definitely involved. Handing me a myriad of power tools This looks serious! I was just handed a saw That was a choice. And descending me inside of the platform to help adjust the lift. I'm coming in. -[Sydney] Alright We're- we'll cut that part [laughter] Specifically, they needed me to pass some cords in and out so we could plug in the lift. (This is my new house) And to make sure it worked, I gave my body to science - -[Sydnet] No, it's not gonna go horribly - and acted as the first human test subject of the lift. It was one small step for me, one giant leap for lipstick kind. [Keith] Um, okay, stop. Cool. So I went back into my cave to finish off a few other tasks. -[Saf] Goodbye -[Sydney] Alright And once they had closed me in, [evil laughter from inside the table] they loaded the turntable onto the lift, [Saf, from inside table] Down below. It's me down below. as well as the pipe that the bottom of our crayon would lock into, and then they lowered it all down to me in the dugout. [clang] Saf: Oh! so I could plug her in. After that I begrudgingly left my den so we could prep the tube to put onto the platform. -That's all I need to do. Are we sure? -[Keith] Yeah -No more tasks in here in the dungeon? All right. I'll get out. Because next up we had to add the Franken-branding on to the pieces of our tube so it matched the normal sized ones. Using these giant peel-off stickers of my name, (Oo! that's pretty cool) and also of the large flock of bats that populate our lipstick cap. And, once we had straightened out our winged colony, it was time to put all of the pieces together. Starting with plopping a podium on the stage. Look at that - We built it a podium. that was going to hold the base of our lipstick tube in place, which went on next. I feel like I'm a high school boy polishing my car. After that, we screwed on a wooden mount to the bottom of our crayon, which would hopefully puzzle-piece into the pipe that was currently sticking out of our base. Saf: So now this... goes in there, too. [Off camera: Right.] Then came the daunting task of lifting the entire mold situation - -[Keith] How heavy is the mold? -[Dave] About 200 pounds. - high enough so that it could be placed delicately onto the pipe. [Dave] All right, all right. All right. And this was the forklift's true moment to shine. Oh my God. [D: It's a fair amount of potential energy right there.] Whoa! It's gettin' so high! And then it was all hands on deck for Team Crayon to help ease the wooden mount into place. [Dave] Okay, you're looking good. It's tilting in. All right. All right. All right. And once it was on we had to strip off the extremely heavy metal casing like a banana peel. [Dave] All right. Now we want to unbolt our two halves guys. All right, here comes the last one.... Oh, there it goes. Okay. And this is when our butts really started sweating. [Dave] Ohhhhh.. [nervous exclamations] [Dave] Okay, you're free Tommy. The main concern at this point was that we didn't want the mold to swing back into the lipstick crayon and completely destroy all of our hard work. So we had to very carefully take one half of the mold off of its chains and delicately bring it down But once it was off, our giant crayon finally showed its face. Saf: Yoooo... (Saf: That's wild) And I gotta say it was a frickin' ginormous lipstick. It was quite the sight to behold. Almost like the velociraptor hatching scene in Jurassic Park. It was magnificent. From there, we took the other half of the mold off with the forklift. [D: There you go... You're free] And just like in Jurassic Park, things quickly started to go awry. [Dave] Okay, we are definitely leaning guys. We're definitely leaning. Mainly, as we tried to lower the lipstick further into the tube - - [Keith] Okay, we're going down. - the surface of our beautiful crayon started to crack. [Dave] It's kind of like a chocolate bunny - like a hollow chocolate bunny. I think from a combination of the weight of the lipstick pressing against the core pin, as well as the rapid temperature change from when the mold was removed So speed was the name of the game for the next couple of minutes. Everyone was pretty nervous that it was moments from full implosion. - [Keith] I was like "IT'S OVER!" So to get to the finish line before utter disaster, we gently placed the inner tube over the crayon. - [Dave] Oh, God. -[Dave] Sorry, I just- I looked up and there it was -[Tony] Oh, shoot. And then once it was all put together I gave Tyler back the camera and hopped on stage so I could try to massage our lipstick back to life. Saf: I feel like we can just shmooth it a little bit It starts looking a little nicer and I think some combination of the warmth of my hands and the semi-molten lipstick I had been given to act as a mortar was kind of working. Saf: Kind of like the ramen hack for your kitchen, but in this case it's.. lipstick on a giant lipstick And although I couldn't fully fix all of the cracks, it was looking enough better that we figured we should film it now or forever hold our peace. You know, in case it fell to pieces. Saf: Alright, so this is definitely the largest lipstick I've ever seen. I mean, if it isn't the tallest lipstick in the world then I'll eat my hat or this entire lipstick. And since we had a few things we wanted to do with our lipstick, we had to move quickly. Alright, so I think we should apply this thing to my face, right? I'm a little nervous to mount it and like get in there, but I did originally want to just kind of like put my mouth right on it. You know what I'm saying? My lips - No, I didn't wanna french it. Okay, I'm not an animal. I was a bit nervous to step up onto the podium - - but my dream was to put my face on its face, -so I had to be bold. -[Keith] Have no fear. - Oh my god. Have no fear, the giant lipstick is here. I know I'm like leaning in for the kiss. What I will say about trying to apply giant lipstick is that it's not really the right shape for anyone's mouth except for maybe Heidi Klum from Ella Enchanted. - But I felt like going for a corner of the tip would give me the best shot -[Tyler] Wow! - [Keith] Honestly? [Keith] Honestly! It's on my teeth. I can feel it. But besides that I'm feeling pretty good about that. Oh, and I I think I smoothed out a little crack there. I think I've discovered a secret talent: applying giant lipstick. Oh, wow, not a half-bad application to be honest. Try and fix the Cupid's bow a little bit. It's a little wonky but it looks pretty nice. No, there was no tongue action whatsoever. Okay. It was just like a Dementor. After getting a few posing shots of me and the lipstick - (It's like a.. my-size Barbie, but it's lipstick.) - it seemed like it wasn't really continuing to crack. So we felt comfortable enough to try and twist it up using our machinery. [Keith] Let 'er rip! With me holding its waist as it rose into the air in case anything fell off. It looks like a ballerina. - [Tyler] It's amazing - Yeah? And we were all amazed to see that even with some fractures, our lipstick was stayin' alive. -[Keith] She's cute -[Sydney] She is cute. - Now once I felt more confident with touching and posing next to the tube our lipstick human buddy cop comedy Started turning into more of a rom-com or maybe even something raunchier. -I'm going like under under the lid right now. You see this? -[Tyler] You're getting a little inappropriate. -Yeah, this is a little inappropriate (laughter) I'm really just fondling is the- is the word to use [Keith] Yeah So to get me away from the lipstick for a second it was time for everyone else to get a chance to put it on and try it out. Saf: Oh! You know what, that looks pretty precise from here. It's pretty creamy. I've been massaging it for awhile. So it's nice and warmed up. *laughing* Like the Color Pop team, our wonderful production designers and also our editors, who were on set with us. A little on the chin but otherwise lookin' good. (Saf laughing) Yes, Emily, yes! See, the color looks good on anyone. And everyone. Could be yours. And I will say it's not necessarily the most sanitary of makeup products, so germaphobes look away, but it is very fun. Like a Vanity Fair spread. Vanity Fair, but make it sweaty. So after a while of messing around with our giant lipstick and it still being here, we were feeling bolder than ever. Now when we had first put everything together, we had sacrificed some of our original plan because of how nervous we were. [Dave] Oh sh*t But at this point we felt confident adding all of the bells and whistles like boosting the height of the base up a little bit, which would hopefully enable us to get the crayon far enough inside it to put the cap on. This is what we wanted to do originally, so I'm very excited about it, but there is a small chance that the cap is smushing the tip of the lipstick. We're all about to find out. So we attempted to showcase the full functionality of our lipstick with the cap coming off - [Saf gasps] -It's fine! Alright, here we go. - [Keith] Let 'er rip! - and then a twist up with the added height. (Ooo. The claw.) And I gotta say it was beautiful. (That's perfect. Pretty legit looking, in my opinion.) It was definitely more of a Monet. Like better looking from far away. There are a lot of finger prints on it and a lot of, uh, lip prints on it But sort of like the Liberty Bell, the Venus de Milo, and the giant Sphinx's schnoz the cracks almost showed what a masterpiece it truly was and all of the trouble it had gone through to finally reach its highest height. Okay, so, uh - That is a lot of things to do with a giant lipstick. Overall, I'm very pleased with how this lipstick turned out - from the batty design, to the twisting up and down, to the faceplant application and though there were some emotional highs and lows and about 10 minutes there where it seemed like the whole thing was just going to epically fail I did, in the end, get to fulfill my dream of taking an awkward prom photo with a six-foot-tall lipstick. I will say it was also kind of spectacular to see how a team of professionals would approach this project and take our bad makeup science to the next level. Besides that, it was kind of a trip to see our Franken- lipstick color that we made in a gumbo pot in our kitchen more than a year ago presented in such a huge and magnificent way. And, once again, not to be cheesy; This shade and these five others could be yours to own if you click the link in the description below. Besides the 'Berry Me In Lipstick' shade, which you've seen enormous quantities of today, we have our whole family of Franken-lipsticks; 'Mrs. Norris,' 'Screamer,' 'Brucie,' 'Bikini Bottom,' and 'Fred the Frankenred.' Don't worry, you won't be getting any of the stuff I groped, but it will be this color. A truly ginormous, Kraken-sized 'thank you' to everyone who made this possible, like the entire team at ColourPop and our squad of production designers. [K: Did we do it?] I think so. [high-fiving] Yeah! [T: For Dave!] And yes, pour one out for Dave who had to leave after normal business hours but was still an integral part in making this all come together. Also another 'thank you' to ColourPop for agreeing to this insane idea. My personal philosophy is that makeup should be about experimenting and having fun and they were really down with that which was pretty cool. As for what we're going to do with the giant lipstick, we are still figuring that out. But right now ColourPop just has a giant lipstick on their premises, which I'm sure they're jazzed about. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you liked that video make sure to SHAMASH that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to SHAMASH that subscribe button. A big shout out to Andrea for watching. Thanks for watching Andrea, and I will see you guys a-next time.