We Mixed Every Cake Flavor To Make A Giant Cake




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(screaming) - We're gonna take every flavor of cake mix and we're gonna make it into one giant cake. You're Dr. Frankencake. And the cake is called Frankencake's cake. - Mm hm. - It's a cake! - 18 cakes. - 16 frostings. - One delicious thing. - One delicious thing. - Maybe. - We got some interesting flavors, we got some carrot. - Mm hm, we got some spice. - Angel food. - That's gonna mess stuff up. We have to take the big bowls and put a little bit of all 18 in a few of them. - And then we put, we fill up these, and we're gonna, like, stack them and it's gonna be a giant six-layer Frankencake. I wanna start with Funfetti. My fave. - You know what's a bummer? I can't like, test any of the raw batter. - Just do it when she's not looking, she won't notice. - [Kate] I wanna keep it on one side, you know? - Red velvet, done. As much as I want this to taste good, I'm going to put some lemon in this. - Lemon tastes good all the time. Squirt of lemon, mm, fancy now. - We're at six, we're a third of the way there. - [Kate] Geez. - Whoa, it's like melting it. - [Kate] Uh oh. - [Alex] Weird. How do you swirl it? - You guys drive. I don't know, I don't know what to do. - [Alex] Oh, now we're smooshin'. Now we're swirlin'. - That looks nice. That's beautiful. - Like that foam is just, hmmm. - [Kate] I know, it's like really bubbling. - This could be a sitcom. Kate, two cakes again? - No, I'm baking three. - Awwwwww. 10 mixes down, eight more to go. - I'm gonna throw in this packet of carrots and raisins into the mix. - Don't. - I have to do some weird stuff. I need to get hot water and put my carrots and raisins into it. - Ugh, god I'm losing steam. (screams) - What happened? (screams) - Don't worry, I'm just freaking out. - You're just freaking out, no big deal. It's making cake too long. Oh no! Sorry. (laughing) - Swirl it up. Whoa. - Whoa delicious, whoa that flavor? - Just like... Yeah. You can just set that right on the ground. (laughs) - Don't step on that by accident. (bell ringing) - [Kate] Ohhhh. - [Man] They have a bit of a jiggle to them. - Hi. - Cover the pans with tin foil, so they don't keep browning on top. - [Kate] Okay. - And I would lower the temperature, and just let them go in there longer. You don't want to burn. Good luck. - I predict it's gonna be great. We've been baking cake for seven hours. - Yeah. - We made cake. - We made 'em. It actually smells pretty good. Now we're gonna stack these and frost 'em. - It's gonna make things look much prettier than they are currently. Let's cover this up right away. Oh great it's beautiful. - Whoa! - Good job. (laughing) - Oh no. At least we're consistent with burning it on the sides. (upbeat music) As much as this cake has hurt me, I feel a little bit proud. Wow. Look at this. This is amazing. Get some lemon in there. Enjoy the party lemon. This is becoming an art piece. Oh my God. Oh my God. I'm so proud. (upbeat music) - (beep) (laughs) - [Woman] It's cute. (laughs) - It's really very good cake. - Very unique flavor. - Cinnamony friendship. - It's like a peanut butter apple cake. - Kinda like licorice. - Kinda tastes like banana peanut butter. - Not bad, not good. - Taste wise I would say 10 out of 10. Looks wise, negative three out of 10.