last year we dropped the world's largest water balloon from a crane yes and now we're going to inflate the world's largest balloon stanford hello everyone look down there little balloon they know that no now we are here at rac arena today because we're going to need high roofs and lots and lots of space because this thing boys could hit the road massive and just quickly this video is sponsored by audible but more about them later let's get into inflating i have a few blower options today lads good to have options hey hey that is by far our most powerful option let's get the little one on i want to see how big that can go oh whoa it's already big isn't it this is the smallest one everyone it's already almost as big as derrick and i'm a big man we probably have to yell a lot today with the blow off so bear with us i can see derek through it oh that's actually quite clear how you going there dude that's a nice looking tooth look at that pearly white oh yeah that's a big it's gonna be so big boys that's our smallest balloon is the pop gonna be nuts or like don't say that right for the eardrum i'm right flip it next to it can i just everyone's done that yes everyone's done that haven't they did i do it i reckon the question is is it gonna here we go no no no no no no oh crap where's oh i think the pressure from the bottom is just like rocketing it up we somehow need that nozzle to face down i think we're just gonna try and blow this thing up see how big it can go yeah because we don't know this is the wonder of our videos we can find out things i know and so can you do we need your plugs in like fair dinky dinks well we'll find that after one won't we and then we'll reassess just could be quite the pop i'll grab some muffs yeah bring it bring in the ears these things are so effective we need non-verbal communication i reckon you're at 2.1 meters probably about shaquille o'neal and he's almost that wide too sorry shaq if you're watching it which clearly you would be pop pop pop [Music] surfers what happens if you let it go [Applause] that was a noise oh my emails weren't even on very unnerving like why is that exact moment when it goes slow-mo time everyone now we have had a little issue with the camera and wait can't currently save the files bizarre circumstances so literally the only slo-mo you'll see is like us watching on the screen the things we do to try and make this clip good for you get under get under the hood come on back that up back up see it reverse oh oh that's cool so i saw did you see the weak spot yeah it was boom oh yes that was really cool imagine that but on a balloon that's like to the roof up next we have a dart three balloons going from small to medium to large oh yeah i can see that this is the one we just popped so as you can see it'll be quite a visual small let's pop them that is a phenomenal experience look how high i just headed that [Laughter] [Laughter] check out how big these two are i mean just not quite that's twice your height at least already and that has got a lot to go and that's got nothing on the field three meters sixty or something [Music] [Music] [Music] we haven't really mentioned anything about the first vid back for the year but good to be back everyone thanks for being patient rock off clean slate forgiven by the blood thank you very much winner chooses who throws the dart herron is on the board in 2021 everybody um but i'm gonna let gonson throw it are we doing this gorson you're good i'm hot yeah you are don't die wondering i mean i will give it full berries that's why i chose yeah here we go folks [Applause] that was sick did anyone notice how delayed it was though well done everyone hold on hr [Music] [Music] right over our next segment in having super fun with big balloons can we kick stuff out and throw stuff out and pop it how simple is that like this stuff so we're going to spice things up a bit more spicy when the item is thrown or kicked or whatever the other two guys are going to be behind the balloon oh let's just get it over and done with haven't played tennis in a good few years could miss the balloon but we'll swing hard why do we do this because we're idiots here we go where did that go [Applause] [Music] [Music] are you throwing from there that's point blank brett i love my job i love my job yes i failed to go by my leg yes i have not clenched my cheeks that hard in my life like fair income i was like [Music] you're up last heron and then everyone the world's largest balloon we're bringing him out gonna be very big also rex's first moment of the year i can't say i've really thrown him that much on now i have actually a fair bit but um this would be good for him with a twitter twitter now rexy i want you to bite scott right on the butt cheek erection of the back's not ideal well he weighs half a kilo shout out to everyone who has a rexy actually and merch stores back open have we said that yeah plenty of these yeah we have said it can check out everyone all right here it comes oh man i did get a hit to the cup [Music] all righty the big moments here boys finale moments need big balloons they also need big blowers we've only got one balloon these are used for weather balloons we've been told that this could get to beyond 11 meters in diameter which is like 40 feet does everyone out there get while we put powder paint in there surely let's take this thing to the moon do we need to pray yes god help this balloon become very very big yahoo let's go let's go hey man come on let's go sounds like flatulence it's touching the floor in places [Music] on this side this side what we didn't take into account was that as this gets bigger derrick effectively needs nozzles yeah you can't get all the way out there can you stop growing 20. you need to be pushing straight up almost yep now that's better go on son let's see how big it is i reckon it's like two it's almost three of you it's a really big buzzer [Music] holy heck it's huge look at it battery out i need a battery ego has a stopped this bad boy going straight on to charge gaunts and the crazy thing here is we just don't know when this is going to go and neither do the viewers hear a new brave soldier i'm going to run up to the top to get a perspective from up there hopefully it doesn't pop while i can't see it go go cool level four alrighty everyone check boys we got miles to go please no pop please no pop please no pop and down arrow wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait g4 good times stop calling all right pass me your head muffs i mean earmuffs it didn't pop on my watch folks third battery gone out gee and they're not small things this could be danger you guys oh it's like i'm getting the barrel it's like i'm getting a barrel i was tash mahal did you retouch burrow yeah tash mahal high check heart check wow seven times 1.8 12.6 now the chinese tell us it can get to at least 11. they've overdone themselves by 20 technically they did say it'd pop at greater than 11 meters at 40 000 meters in height what happens when you go 40 000 it probably gets real cold the air pressure outside becomes more or is it lower pressure lower pressure the pressure on the inside is higher than the pressure you know how they talk about the air getting thinner outside you can drive a golf ball further into there so we can infer them if there's less air pressure up there up there yep there's more air pressure inside did you draw that really what that's saying is the things want equilibrium don't they all whites so it wants to come outside it wants to join where it's not but it's higher here it's higher we're putting more air in there than there should be because it's small because we're putting an envelope around it we're pulling it in we're saying ah you can't go you can't get out of here you're trapped suckers which means that i think i think i say no i don't know that's where you finish derek i mean we've been there it's a rough time like that ground is really like not soft on the bottom no a cushion wouldn't oh freaking i just genuinely need to change my jocks boom how's your ears what that was incredibly loud it pulled the whole thing out of my hand it really was as unexpected as we thought it would be just you just have not zero warning going to review the slowing we just need a dark area so you guys can see this in all of its glory that's right everyone and we will just flat out get a fandom alright let's make it happen what else do you want us to film here at roc arena might be able to come back you never know and also we need to talk to you about the sponsor of this video which is audible whoa i need to run through this merch area so audible have the largest selection of audio books and podcasts and spoken word entertainment all that good stuff when i was 10 years old all right oh man that's a smooth voice you could get people like him reading books oh on order i know and i don't even like reading so then he reads for you what a 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things which is pretty important because our ideas are getting crazy and so yeah on that we're back soon all right just another video coming mm-hmm going to be big get it pink legends big see ya