We Took Care of Furbys For A Week




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- [Woman] Riku, let go of his tail. I'm sorry Kwame. (jazz music) - They look so cute and loving. And I don't have any pets so I'm like, give me a fur baby. - Beanie babies, who? Like, get rid of them. - I don't think I ever had a Furby, but I remember just really wanting one and really like envying my friends who had them. - I was just so in love with them and they were $70 and we just couldn't afford a $70 Furby. - Oh my God, I'm excited! - Oh wow, oh wow, look at this sweet little box. That is not how they feel. (laughter) - Oh my God is this how soft it's gonna be? - Look at it's eyes, oh my God, it's so cute. - This isn't nearly as creepy as I remember. - Oh, it's so tender, his little feet. Look at his little nugget feet. - This is always the part that I don't know. Do we have to screw it back in just yet? (screams) - Oh, uh oh, this now feels like I'm doing something very bad. (Furby babbling) - This is actually kind of annoying. So okay, I'm, hold on just one second. I'm just gonna do one quick thing, cool, okay. (Furby babbling) - Oh, my Furby's drunk. - Hello, what is it, Quill? - So now he can't (mumbles). (laughter) - Wake up! So my Furby's broken, I'm very disappointed. So we're gonna get a new one. (piano music) - What? - No way! What the (beep)? - Alright so me and my Furby are hangin out. He will not stop talking. Let's introduce some people to my Furby. - Can you make it curse? - [Woman] I don't know, this is what it says, this is it's language, it speaks Furbish. Try saying something to it. - [Furby] Stretch? (beep) - So I just turned my Furby on at home and my dog immediately got up to look for what the hell was going on. My Furby actually fell asleep. Furby, Furby! Do your thing, girl, everyone else in this house does their own thing. - Wheatie! Boo! Boo, it's not even listening to me. Oh, when you pull his tail he farts. - Every night I come home to get ready for the next day, I look at it and I prepare for the gym. And this little guy, this little Satan thing over here. Like I wish that he would wait to be spoken to, like I wish, he's like that friend that interrupts-- - So today is bring your Furby to work day for me. (Furby singing) Kwame won't shut up. (speaking foreign language) - [Producer] did you ever have a Furby? - No, I never had a Furby but this is creepy. No, no, no. (Furby moaning and laughing) - He has actual eyes. - I know. - Look at it's (beep)ing eyes. - [Selorm] Maybe he'll bring yours back to life. - Wait, this is so annoying. I'm happy that I don't need to be taking care of this thing. - I actually had Furby in my gym bag, and, he went the fuck off. I think the mask fell off in the bag. So he woke up. And he's been talking, for the past 44 minutes. - [Selorm] My dog and Furby are not getting along. He was just biting Furby. Oh my God, Riku! Aw shit, Kwame, Kwame. - [Kwame] Oh, there you are. - We're all friends now. - Y'all, it has been four days with this thing. (Furby babbles) - [Furby] Challenge accepted! - I'm feeding him right now. Uh oh, he fell asleep. Same. - It's been fun, I've learned a lot with the Furby. When I was a kid, I really wanted this toy, and... Can you, can you stop? But now I realized that I don't really need a Furby in my life and I'm very good without one. - Super annoying, but I do love him. I'm gonna give him to my little, like, nephew so we'll see how it goes. (Furby snoring) - Whoa, my God, it's over. (jazzy music)