We Trained To Shoot Guns Like John Wick

(gun shots) - So almost a year ago I saw this crazy video online on Keanu Reeves at a gun range doing gun training for the movie John Wick Two, was totally shredding it up. I wanted to see if we could take regular people, but not just do it, see if we could actually beat Keanu Reeves' time. So I brought my friend Sherial with me out to Simi Valley. - I am a big advocate for women being seen as equals just to show that we've got what it takes to have power and be dangerous and be badass. - So we went to Taran Tactical Innovations to be taught by Taran Butler, the same gun trainer that taught Keanu Reeves to do all that work that you see in that video. He's basically the Michael Jordan of competitive shooting. At a time he had an 11-year win streak. That's crazy, nobody has an 11-year win streak in anything. - I'm multi-time world and three gun national champion. Our gun is in Jack Reacher. Our guns are in John Wick, Chapter Two. - Taran agreed to bring us out to his gun range and show us how to do the exact same gun training that he put Keanu Reeves through. It's called three gun training which involves a pistol, a shotgun, and a rifle. Once we got geared up we went straight into pistol training. First we had to work on our stance and then our draw. The draw is important because we have to make sure we do it quickly, but also safely. - Once we got that down and we felt comfortable with it, we got into shooting live ammo. We would do it over and over and over and over and over until we had it down. (gun shots) It seems like it wouldn't be hard, but you're learning all these steps individually that you then have to put together to be one solid, fluid action. (powerful instrumental music) - You're gonna go boom, boom, boom, boom, and then boom right there. - How are you feeling, you ready? - It's gonna be a piece of cake. (laughing) - Easy, it's nothing, we got this. This phase is probably the most difficult to step into right away. The shotgun is the biggest gun of the three. So when you fire that shotgun you feel it. (gun shots) Taran was such as good, yet strict, teacher with us. He made sure we got it down before we could move on to the next phase. If we messed up he would make us stop and start over again until we did it the right way. (strong instrumental music) As soon as we got comfortable with that we switched to doing it all in one motion from shooting with the pistol, holstering it, going straight to the shotgun picking it up, taking the safety off and shooting your targets. You had to do it all in one motion and as quick as possible, as accurate as possible, but also safe. So you have all these different things going on in your head while you have a dangerous weapon in your hand. It was pretty intense. All right, so we did pistol and shotgun and now we're going to do the rifle and the final course. You ready? - Yeah. - Yeah, I'm ready, all right let's get it. So first we did last looks with our gear, make sure everything was fitting right. Make sure that our holsters were tight enough because when we're running through the course you had to make sure that everything would stay in place. Then Taran walked up through the course step by step. - Once we had done a walk-through with Taran, Sherial and I then went and did individual practice on our own. - We just did walk-through after walk-through after walk-through. Because we had only one day to learn all of this we had to process a lot of information very quickly and then put it right into action. Just finished the run-through, it's a beast. We have 19 targets that we have to hit. The goal is to make sure we have no misses. Obviously we want to do it fast, try to get it in Keanu's time. But the main goal is to make sure we have no misses. - [Taran] Shooter ready, stand by. (beep) (gun shots) (fast-paced instrumental music) - [Taran] Good. Stand by. (beep) Good, get in there. Good, swing it. Get in closer. (gun shots) (fast-paced music) Holster it. (lively instrumental music) (gun shots) Good. (cheering and clapping) - I never broke 180, that was awesome. Is your heart pounding? - Yeah. - [Female] How do you feel right now? - I'm feeling pretty badass. (laughing) - [Josh] Turns out we hit all of our targets, 19 of 19, but my time was five seconds off of Keanu's time. If it wasn't for me forgetting to hit the safety I would have had another two seconds. So technically I was only three seconds off. - I think I did better than I thought I would at the beginning of this. So I'm feeling pumped right now. - Sherial was better with precision and accuracy. In fact, she was a lot more accurate than I was and had a lot of dead center shots. - [Taran] Those are perfect. Perfect, these are as good as it gets. - This experience was intimidating yet exciting. - Easily one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to do. - It really does get your blood pumping. It's kind of out of body. - Taran and his team were so amazing. Such a cool team of pros. Sherial and I just had a blast. It's crazy how your adrenaline gets pumping and you're just riding this natural high. Even though we didn't beat Keanu's time, I still think we could be stars in our own action movie. (fierce instrumental music)