We Tried An Insane Anime Workout

(upbeat music) - One Punch Man is this Japanese anime featuring this regular guy who kills this super hero and he's so strong he can defeat anything with one punch. - We'll be doing a workout where we do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10 kilometer run every single day. I'm most nervous about getting injured six miles is no joke. - I'm excited to test my endurance with this workout I wanna see if I can run a 10-K every single day. - I'm definitely giving my all to let it go through the whole challenge. - I'm all in even if I'm in pain, even if I'm kinda hangry I'm gonna go all the way through with this. (upbeat rock music) It's around 5:50 right now. Just finished all my push-ups, sit-ups and squats. It's still a little dark outside but I'm hoping I get to see the sunrise this part of time I'm done with my ride. - So it's about 5:18 a.m. I'm on my way to the gym. My legs are still fresh. I'll still be running that 6.2 miles throughout the whole day. - I feel pretty good. It's only going to get a lot easier or it's gonna get a lot harder from here. - You guys wanna see how serious I am about winning this? I actually went ahead and bought myself some new running shoes. - So week one actually went pretty okay. My 10-K times were pretty consistent. - Push ups got a little bit harder just because I don't know if my arms are weak but I was getting more fatigued trying to get as many push-ups. What made it really easy was that Pokemon GO announced like 80 new Pokemon and Pokedex I like how so many eggs hatched. Gave me actually motivation to go outside, and run certain amount of kilometers that's how to keep going forward, you know. So that gave a me a lot of motivation to actually run outside. - Week two was really, really hard. I think this might be the first day that I feel pain. I'm gonna take public transportation today 'cause there's no way I can drive. I was having trouble running all the way through. My body was in pain stopping would be the intelligent thing to do. Am I going to stop probably not because I'm really competitive. - My legs are fucking killing me like I had no energy. I felt so slow I feel like they're super tight. - 10-K times were starting to get slower and slower I would have to keep getting up earlier and earlier. I can't really go faster than a slow jog otherwise it's kinda painful which probably isn't a good sign. - Mentally the biggest struggle is probably going to the gym or finding the time to do it I did not go to the gym yesterday. Just doing like everyday stuff was starting to become painful. I couldn't do it I gotta listen to my body and take a rest. - I definitely did not want to lose. It's still raining, I'm still doing it. I got my poncho, I got my music, I got a little plastic baggie for my phone so my phone doesn't get wet. I definitely think I can finish this challenge. So today's the last day. I'm so excited to finish this. My knees feel like they're about to fall off. I'm really nervous about this weather 'cause it's the hottest day that LA's had in a while. Hopefully I hydrated enough. (upbeat music) I'm glad it's over. - How many days now? - [Male] I got you a gift. - Oh my gosh, you're my favorite person. I recommend this only if you do this in bits. If you have rest days in between I think it's great. I don't recommend that anybody do this 21 days straight because it's really taxing on the body. I've had zero body transformation so far. I look exactly the same. Even though this challenge was pretty hard I don't regret doing it. (upbeat music)