We Tried To Cure Sleep Problems With Purple Products




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- We're gonna do the egg test. - I don't wanna risk crushing an egg all over my hand and mattress and sheets and everything, so I kinda split the difference. - Pushing down on the egg. It's all the way down! (plastic crinkling) (laughing) We're going to be using Purple products for a week to see if it helps our sleeping problems. (light plucky music) - I have a little bit of sleep trouble. I have lots of old basketball injuries and stuff, I've broken both my ankles before. - Seven years ago, I actually fell through a trap door, and I caught my arm on the stairs. Basically I have whiplash and pinched nerve in my check. - Like my back will hurt, my neck hurts. And I wake up a lot and I just, I'm achy. - So the first thing is when you actually get the mattress, it weights a million pounds. It's so much heavier than it looks. When you get it actually on the bed, it's like in this cool shrink-wrap. It's growing. It's so weird. (rustling) - Okay, this is cute. Oh my God, this feels amazing. - The pillow is very comfortable. It also weighs 40 pounds and is made of materials that you would never expect to see in a pillow. What is this? This is so trippy. So weird. - Oh, shit. Oh my God. Oh, I am sweating. Oh my God, Pete, tell me, what do you think? The pillow feels like a butt. (laughing) It feels like a butt. So it feels like you're just napping on someone's butt. Last night I tried to go to bed at nine o'clock. And it worked. - My back feels better than it normally does. I did wake up a few times during the night. But nothing too crazy. - First night I had a really bad crick in my neck. Maybe it's just getting used to the pillow? And I think it was also too tall. It came with these pads that made it taller and thicker. And the first night I realized I didn't like that. So I took those out and it was much more comfortable. It was perfect for my neck. - Part of this video should be that we get to stay home and be on the bed all day. That's... That would be a good test. - When I did open it, mine had powdery stuff inside. I think it's from the rubber a little bit. When they cut it or something? There's kinda like a natural, I don't know what it was, it wasn't a big deal. But it was kinda weird. And then after that, I was like, every time the air wooshed out, you kinda smell the rubber a little bit, and I was like (sniffing) am I inhaling that white powder? (laughing) What is this? I woke up this morning and my hip is pretty sore. So I'd kinda hoped that the purple would make more of a difference on that. But seems like maybe that's just unavoidable. - This pillow, since it was so iffy for me, I just used it as a pillow that would accompany my current pillow. I'd just switch back and forth. - It wasn't a miracle cure. Like I would still have some back soreness in the mornings, or if I slept on my wrong side, then I would have hip pain a little bit. But it drastically reduced how many times I woke up during the night. - I mean this could also be my anti-anxiety medicine, but I also felt a lot less anxious. It created a space where I could just really just relax. (light happy music) (wooshing) (squeaking)