We Tried To Survive Tom Brady’s Diet

- I think NFL quarterbacks during the season try to eat somewhat healthy. - Probably like Schwarzenneger. - Definitely a vegan. Probably eats a ton of vegetables. Ton of water. - Just like raw eggs, tons of eggs, like 20 omelets and steak. - For the next 24 hours, I think I will do fairly well. - I'm totally into it except for the caffeine thing. - I think I can definitely handle that for a day. - Sounds like all I can eat is just grass in the morning, grass in the afternoon, and maybe if I'm lucky banana flavored grass in the evening. - I have a baby. Does Tom Brady have a baby? Ah dammit. I woke up and I felt good. - That's not toast. - I made sweet potato toast with avocado and egg on it. I don't know if it's going to be toast though. Yeah this is delicious. I am killing this. Doing such a great job. Yeah. - Alright so I woke up this morning craving an amazing breakfast. I'm talking hash browns, eggs, sausage, pancakes with the works, maybe a little syrup and then I realized "Oh Yeah" I'm on Tom Brady's diet this morning. Old fashioned rolled oats. I don't even think I've ever opened this up. I'm so over this diet already that I'm not going to even put this in a bowl. - So all the things I want are right here. Cheese, yogurt, and the only thing that I can have are those two right there. Carrots and hummus. - I didn't have my normal coffee, tired. - Usually around 10 o'clock I have yogurt and granola. What does that contain? Sugar. Because of this stupid diet. Some carrots and some hummus. When you're used to a certain routine especially when it comes to eating, it kind of sucks to switch it up. - My salad was as basic as it could be. I like putting like you know chopped apples on my salad. Couldn't do that. You know even I think balsamic I couldn't have dressing on it because it has a little sugar in it. And just chicken. - Yup. - And that's about it. - I just had a plain salad with olive oil. Okay so I got my salad and I'm pretty sure I did everything right but it's like it's kind of impossible to know so. - It doesn't look bad. Salt and pepper chicken. However, after lunch is going to be the real challenge because after lunch I always, always, always eat candy. Those three large jars of candy in the canteen. I went down there and just stared at them for ten minutes. This is what I resorted to. I don't think I've ever had more carrots in my life. I really really want Snickers so bad you have no idea. - No snacks here are good. I had like a couple of seaweed things. After lunch I usually have like a little bit of chocolate or mints or something sweet but today it's seaweed. But then I was like this has salt on it. I can't have this. Nothing packaged was good and I didn't prepare enough. At noon until I ate dinner at 8 o'clock. I didn't eat anything and I was very hungry. - I've been waiting for this all day finally salmon and brussels sprouts. Tom Brady diet. - Last one. - And I also had tender greens for dinner. The exact same thing, basically salt and pepper chicken and like a teaspoon of like dressing. See, there's no way anybody could follow this to a T. - It's Friday. So, back at it. Missed you. It's like those little things that get to you. You're like oh, I don't know if this salad dressing I like it doesn't have sugar in it so I guess I'll just have olive oil. - I think the diet is perfect for Tom Brady. I don't think again it's sustainable by the average adult. - The life style that I have. I don't see myself being able to sustain it for more than a week.