We played Dodgeball in a 5 Star Restaurant things got messy😂


Team Edge


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hello and welcome to edge of the cart the new five-star restaurant created by team edge we want you guys to come but you never will because we're stopping it today what happened what kind of service is this we created a five-star restaurant for one reason and one reason alone to give people food because that's what you do with a restaurant where am i going with this i'm not entirely sure we're gonna play dodgeball in it let's start [Music] all right the rules are pretty simple the table is the middle of our court these players cannot what are you doing trying to get through cannot interfere with the game once you grab your ball you have to make it all the way back here touch the end of the line then you can throw your ball like so good heavens my fendi that was british grandmother [Music] good luck i hope you lose i'll see you in the finals i'm gonna make all of you losers today i am hungry but also violence right now i want a five-star meal and also to deck someone in the head with a ball can i get the soggy bread with extra soggy just the fact that josh is by [Music] himself oh i got i got two i got i'm a little intimidated because i'm worried that a ball is gonna fly and hit me in the face like immediately waiter can we have a waiter can we turn the ac down a bit go forget it [Applause] [Music] i'll have to make oh them cute let it go that was going right for my face that was aggressive jordan hey jordan give me a ball bobby give me a ball baby good job oh he didn't get you oh damn okay here we go hey okay take your time let's take our time take your time all right we do it all at the same time okay one two three man where is what where's the service service this is taking forever um i will go with the cold spaghetti this morning come on jordan how did i get out so fast it curved up into like hit my bulging triceps come on bobby again on three ready ready one two three let's go yes we're eliminated bobby and kevin move on to the championship round i was counting on you i i'm so disappointed in myself [Music] all right marv is serious go for marv first mars got some strength behind that throw that's the truth what's up fellas hey guys [Music] nobody wants to commit come here oh he's in protection [Music] [Applause] what kind of distraction move is that you want to join my table oh i would love to yeah join me hey look up i'm out of balls oh man somebody get ahead of us i think my foot slipped i'm not gonna lie jordan i was impressed he hit you point blank or you just looked at me like this you guys want to check out the channels from everybody that's showing up in today's video links will all be down below they helped us out big time showing up [Music] dude i'm going to get decked again i just don't want to get [Music] oh come on wow why is it going so hot i'm so nervous cold spaghetti i didn't feel anything it almost worked who got me in the head no he didn't who hit me in the chest that scared the crap out of me where's my butter [Music] i can't i'm gonna eat it oh this is actual drinking water can i drink this watch i definitely don't like this game time in well yeah i love this kind of bread is this farm fresh water don't hit it by the way he's got all the balls i gotta catch that oh get him wow i'm alive i'm alive oh [Applause] i don't know who threw the ball but you guys scared the waiter no i i flinched and i bumped up oh you and all the water spilled and i'm trying to stay serious i see kevin doing this all right that means kevin and joey are going to the championship round versus bobby and kevin dang i gotta sit in the middle again [Music] yo where's our food i'm upset i'm really glad i'm on the end you guys ready three two [Music] [Applause] one oh [Music] i'm tired man i'm gonna dip my bread in water oh so much this water dressing is really good [Music] the best part is jordan's hair just goes it goes cockatoo go oh yeah joe go [Music] oh [Music] oh [Applause] my my water dressing on my salad is really good nice to meet you what's your name again oh brian your name is brian cheers cheers [Music] oh you hiding bobby come on it distracted me so much that bobby just got me because i just looked at you just do it i kissed a straight face though where'd you get it in the face right here game one ghost two bobby and kevin switch sides oh shoot free bread dude sweet got some free bread uh brian brian there there's a ringing sound you gotta lower the speaker or something you don't hear the ringing do you wanna hear the ringing go follow team edge's instagram at it's team edge [Music] [Applause] oh cheers everyone cheers [Music] oh gosh hey why are you yelling we're in a restaurant calm down hey bro do you want to date me instead he's yelling a lot oh dude that scared me he's too close to my face [Applause] oh all right guys check out everybody's channels down in the description down below they were a big help in making this video possible and make sure you watch this video that youtube recommends for you right over here peace