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Forthcoming,me and your mom will going for a travel instead of honeymoon Phong at home remember to management the store for me About vu remember to study carefully to help out your brother, Ok? Yes! Mom and dad should compassionate for each other! Everything at home will be taken care of by me From now on we are a family You two should concord and take care of each other Yes! Do not worry! You should go for a rest to be comfort About the restaurant I will take care of it I finished eating Now, I will go out for a little bit I... I finished eating too! What are you going up here for? I... Even if you do not like me You hate me But... I will treat you well I will still treat you like my brother Then... there will be times... when you will treat me like your brother treat me like a family ... About that... Even in the dream... Don't expect it would become true! Even... If you do not like me... You hate me ... But... I will treat you well I will still treat you like my brother Then... There will be times... when you will treat me like your brother Treat me like a family Remember to taking good care of your brother Phong often work without regard to health You are a little brother, In the face of learning is not difficultis,when you are free remember to take care of him a little! Dont worry about Phong, He's a grown up now, everything is managed I'm just scared that Vu will be bullied Hey Vu! when at home if phong dare to bully you, then call me! I will punish him! I know! You should go soon before to late! "Phong!" "From today" "I will take good care of you" "Please prepare your spirit to receive brother!" What are you doing? To ensure for your health to work well From now on I will be responsible for ensuring your daily nutrition Consider me like a chef Do not think about it, just sit down to eat Are you crazy? My task is to take care of you... Help you complete the transaction arrangements... So that mom and dad could assured of love So what? You think... I will eat the food you cook? You can hate me... But... You can not hate foods You will have to eat it anyway If you are not comfortable... I will not appear while you eat It's not really hard to eat Phong! You... Remember to drink before going to sleep! Listen up! This is the second time! You absolutely will not going to my room while not allowed If you dare to do it one again... Do not blame me! "So..." "We are starting a life..." "With only two people?"