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okay well um wow what a difference a day makes here let's back up I don't really know how to break this down me and Anthony pettishness time to him landed what looked like a straight left uh put Wonder Boy down I mean the fight was over right then Pettis did follow up and I think landed one more shot if I'm wrong it was two but listen let here let's back up a bit understand - I'm looking at this fight differently don't forget I believe my next fight is with Machida I believe that to be true one thing about fighting Machida is it's a different style right I call it weird but I mean that the positive way like unique it's a unique style which means it's hard to prepare for I can't I don't have teammates like that I've never fired a guy like that I don't drill as far with guys like that seen it on TV and I thought in different style well I think the same thing about Wonder Boy so what I'm watching this fight I'm thinking I'm thinking about my own near future I'm thinking okay pet show me how to deal with this guy let me tell you what pedestal to deal with this guy okay he walked him down the first round it cost him the round the second round it was costing him the round a pedestal like he was okay took a few jabs to the face and he had a little bit of blood on it so they look like he was okay he was never rocked he was never in danger but they did add up a little bit but he took a lot of kicks if you're looking this from a point system when he turned to the judges ultimately you are looking at a point system he was for sure losing but he saw something he started to figure out his timing though pedis was getting through as well not as many times how does often it's a dance wonderboy was leading the dance but pedis never change medicine to go to a plan B which made me think as a viewer and a fan okay Pettis is seeing something here regardless of losing moments in exchanges and even around that he likes there's a reason he hasn't changes there's a reason he's not starting to do lateral and cut what her boy off there's a reason he's coming straight at him taking the taken two and three shots to give one or two back I guess we just found out the reason I mean it would appear that pedis as calm as he was as much power as he's still hand as quickly as he struck and follow-up it would appear that he was getting his timing down I hate the term feeling a guy out that is a made-up term from boxing that's a broad stroke that's a broad stroke statement there is times are you gonna feel a guy out well you've never felt a style like that before I think that's what Pettis just went through I think that's what I'm getting ready to go through very interesting that he walked him down very interesting all the shots that he took very interesting that he finally got that timing one lunch one sprint one explosion into the night is this welcome to set 170 Anthony Pettis or is this a one-off I don't know he just took out the former number one contender former two-time number one contender swiping welcome to welterweight Showtime